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Written on With Tee Martin out, where will the Vols turn for WR coach?:

Might get Joker from FL except that he can now get a BCS ring after going 2 - 10 in Lexington.

Written on Tennessee to pay Jones $18.2 million over six years :

in response to jack4444:

The cost of all these buyouts is absurd. Seriously, aside from Kentucky, is there an SEC program in worse shape?

Get Fulmer as AD.

I don't care if they hired Neyland, the place is a mess.

UK has several programs competing for championships, BB, Women's BB, Women's Volly Ball, Baseball. And, they owe very little money. Football is a work in progress, as usual.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

You folks down there get Petrino and ten wins next year. I expect you'll be proud and happy.

Written on A season that was a loss ends with a win for Tennessee, 37-17 :

Well, I'm a CAT fan so I have a high level of pain tolerance. I kind of watch this site and I remember five years ago when Joker was named, "Coach in waiting" some Vol fan made the comment that in four or five years Joker would be 2 - 10 and would be out. I thought, "Old Feller, you sure hit that'n on the nail head". We knew five years ago what was coming but we could not do a thing about it. If UK could have gotten 40,000 people to show up for the Vandy blowout we would have had him another year. UK & UT have had some good games in the last ten years although the Vols are on the long end. I hope we can both put these nightmares behind us and enjoy some football.

Written on The highs and lows of UT's 2011 football season :

Folks, why continue to denigrate UK? We are awful. We know that, we know that.

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