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Written on Strong bench is 'biggest thing' in Cuonzo Martin's third season:

If I had not watched Cuonzo (Read Keedy) basketball for the last two years, I would really be excited. As it is, I'm just hopeful. The replacement of Golden, McBrick, and Hall with Barton, Hubbs and Maymon has got to be a huge help.

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Worley is a below average SEC quarterback. He has a below average arm, no mobility, and delivers the ball consistently off target. Naturally, he was the star recruit of the worst UT coach of all time. Anyone miss Tyler Bray?


Written on John Adams: Like its players, UT coaches have something to prove:

I really don't understand the JA hate that surfaces constantly on this board. This article does nothing more than state facts. If you are a Koolaid drinker , the facts sometimes upset you. Facts are stubborn things. They don't go away just because you don't like them. But JA didn't make them up.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer takes responsibility, likes UT Vols coach Butch Jones:

I accept full responsibility, but it was someone else's fault. Working like heck to put the blame on someone else.

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ut will miss golden's scoring ability, but it's good to have barton on board.

I think he will be every bit as good as Golden on offense and can't be any worse on defense.

Written on Commitment CJ Turman will help UT basketball fill sizeable gaps down the line:

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Look, there is just no way to say that the 147th-ranked player is MEASURABLY worse than, say, the 100th-ranked player. Given that there are tens of thousands of HS basketball players coming out every year, it is just not possible that every single one of them gets enough scrutiny to justify ANY "objective" rating. The differences in competition, publicity, overall team strength, system of play, relationships with coaches and teammates, etc., etc., are just too great and have too much variability for every player to be rated fairly on the same scale. IMHO, you could cover the difference between the 50th-ranked player and the 150th-ranked player with a dime. And tiresome as it is to keep repeating, many of the highest-ranked players have already reached their physical peak, think they already know everything, and thus have less room or incentive to improve by the time they get to college, and all but the merest handful have to get better to be key players on good teams. I guarantee you that if UT got the RIGHT four top-150, 4-star players a year, they could compete from now on at the highest levels.

PS: My step-son and his family live in Spring, TX. My wife was down there visiting them last week.

Good post, John.

Written on Tennessee basketball ranked No. 8 in attendance in 2012-13, slight increase in ticket sales:

Another 20-10 season of Gene Keedy basketball will empty more seats.

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

That is great. Holly deserves it. She did prove last year that she can handle the job. The girls were aggressive and disciplined. And won a bunch of games. They'll win more this year.

Written on Vols' secondary using criticism as motivation:

The defense will be much improved because
(1)the coaches will have them lined up properly most of the time,
(2)they will have been taught their assignments and
(3)they will be disciplined enough to execute those assignments.
None of those were true last year.

Written on Chiefs envision Eric Berry as pass rushing and defending threat:

I was hoping UT would be mentioned in this article but no such luck.

Written on Illinois point guard Larry Austin commits to Vols for 2014:

If he can really provide some defense at the guard spot, this could be a great get. Whether Cuonzo can figure out how to use him in that awful Gene Keady offense is another question.

Written on On Tennessee's pre-camp depth chart, QB race is wide open:

A coach considers many factors when he publishes a depth chart before the first fall practice. Its not all about who he thinks is best at the position. He uses it to motivate players, etc. I hope Worley wins the qb job, just because he seems like a good kid and has been here longer. But, if Peterman beats him out, so be it. I'm really looking forward to the season although I think Butch should be coach of the year if we win more than 6 games. I've never seen a more difficult schedule.

Written on Vols to face UTEP in Battle for Atlantis opener; Tusculum, Morehead added to schedule:

Tusculum?? Good grief. There are high schools that can beat Tusculum. Cuonzo is really hurting for wins, I guess.

Written on Antonio Barton says he will graduate Aug. 11, report to UT :

The picture is a summary of one of the Vols' weaknesses last season. It shows Skylar a step behind the man he is supposed to be guarding. Neither Skylar nor Trae could guard effectively on the perimeter and we lost several games as a result. I hope Barton will be of some help in that area.

Written on UPDATED: Cuonzo Martin to receive $50,000 raise:

I don't see how anyone can say this raise is justified. Two years of Gene Keady ball (boring, boring) with mediocre results. Every one thinks he now has enough talent on the team to have a good run in the NCAA tournament. We'll see. I hope so. But I'm still thinking 20-10 and a first round NIT loss.

Written on Vols picked fifth in East by SEC media:

All the information I have on Coach Jones and staff leads me to believe that the Vols will be much improved this season. I don't know how many wins and losses we will have but I fully expect that, unlike last year:
1. The players will know their assignments;
2. The players will be disciplined enough to execute their assignments; and
3.The coaches will have well designed game plans and will make the necessary adjustments as the game goes along.
If these things happen and the recruiting continues to improve, the wins will come-maybe not this year, but in the very near future.

Written on Rocky Top return? Vincent Yarbrough wants to move to Knoxville:

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Some pretty good players came through the program in those days. I was always amazed how well O'Neil recruited in his last couple of years. Everybody should have known what an intense guy he was by that time, and he certainly didn't have any reputation for freewheeling, high-rising offense to offer them.

If moving back to K'ville would please Vincent, I'm all for it. I both loved him and hated him as a player. He had a rare grace in the way he moved. He seemed capable of swooping and gliding anywhere he wanted to go on the court. He was a conference leader in steals, yet I hardly ever remember him hitting the floor. He had a decent shot but seemed to be a reluctant shooter. His long arms and great leaping ability made him a good rebounder, and he was otherwise a stat sheet stuffer, but I don't think he had many double-doubles. I along with many others always felt he could have been somehow MORE, but that may be just our projections; he was just so smooth and economical in his movements, you couldn't see the effort. Vincent is a remarkable guy and a respected ex-Vol and should be welcomed back to the community.

I totally agree. Vincent never played up to his potential. I blame him and Jerry Green for that. Green got a lot less out of his players than he should have. Had he not inherited a bucketful of talent he would never made it to the NCAA tournament.

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

John Adams is a good sports writer. He tells it like it is, not how we wish it were.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols defense may be worth watching:

We can say with almost 100% certainty that the Vol's defense will be better this year than last. Probably significantly better. We still have serious problems with speed at the corners, but a decent scheme will help that a lot.

Written on Vols freshman Robert Hubbs shrugs off expectations:

The part about needing to improve his perimeter defense worries me, because that has been a glaring weakness the last two years. If he can improve and if Cuonzo can design some inbounds plays, teach the players how to beat the press, teach the players how to press the inbounds plays and full court, and all those other things that good coaches do, we'll be okay. If he keeps teaching the Gene Keady game, we'll be 20-10 and lose in the first round of the NIT.

Written on Bruce Pearl steps back into coaching for BMaze Celebrity Game :

I miss Bruce. His brand of basketball was fun and exciting. On the other hand, Cuonzo's brand is boring and guaranteed to produce a 20-10 season and a first round loss in the NIT.

Written on NCAA penalizes Mississippi State for recruiting violations:

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As far as I know Mississippi State has always pretty well followed the rules. Jackie (heck, I hate getting old and not being able to remember names) was the only one who even caused some rumors. I appreciate the schools who seem to be able to do their thing without any violations. Good Job MSU. Look forward to playing you again soon!

Jackie Parker?

Written on Texas A&M gets commitment from No. 1 QB Kyle Allen:

At least he didn't go to Notre Dame.

Written on John Adams: Reasons for football, men's basketball, baseball teams to be optimistic :

Most seem to agree with JA that our basketball program is in the best shape for a successful next season. That may be true, but I'm afraid we'll be 20-10, again, and lose in the 1st or 2nd round of the NIT. Gene Keady style basketball might have been marginally successful 10-15 years ago, but that stlye won't cut it now, if that's all you have, and I'm afraid that under Cuonzo that's all we've got.

Written on Dave Hart pleased with progress of men's basketball:

20-10 and first round NIT loss.

Written on SEC eyeing St. Louis, Tampa, Atlanta to host hoops:

I went to the SEC tournament in Tampa a few years back and really enjoyed the city and the basketball facility. Better than Atlanta and closer than St Louis.

Written on Tennessee at Oregon to kickoff at 3:30 p.m.:

To have a chance in this game, UT will have to score on every possession because the Ducks will. Our defense will be much improved but we are way too slow, especially in the secondary, to keep up with Oregon.

Written on Josh Dobb's calls now will be with Tennessee Vols:

Based on very little evidence, I think this kid is going to be a great qb for us.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones didn't need a meeting to figure out the SEC:

One of the things I really like about Coach Jones is his apparent excitement at having the chance to coach the Vols. Makes me feel good about UT football for the first time in a long time.

Written on John Adams: SEC basketball could use a Bruce Pearl or a 'Funny Sonny':

John has it right, and we have the most boring, robotic one of all.

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

We need defense on the perimeter and imagination from Cuonzo. Maybe we get the defense with Barton but Cuonzo's lack of imagination will result in another 20-10 season and a first or second round lose in the NIT.

Written on After draft, some former Vols know their destination, others still searching for homes:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bray will never start a game in the NFL. Big arm, little brain, bad attitude.

Written on Mike Strange: Jarnell Stokes' return means high expectation for Cuonzo Martin, Vols :

Jarnell's return will not make much difference. The biggest problem we have is lack of defense at the guard position. Way, way too slow. It doesn't help that Counzo isn't a very good game coach. I'm guessing 20-10 just like last year and no trip to the NCAA tournament.

Written on Poll: What round will Tyler Bray be drafted in?:

I don't know what round he will be drafted in, but he will never start an NFL game.

Written on Jordan McRae still going through the 'process' of getting ready for NBA:

I'm glad he is staying and we'll be a better team with him. But, unless Cuonzo learns to scheme a game, we'll be 20-10 next year and go out in the first round if we make it to the dance.

Written on Jordan McRae announces he won't enter NBA draft:

Good. But it won't make much difference. 20-10 again next year.

Written on Vols' defense backs up talk with big performance in scrimmage:

Its early and we don't have a lot to go on. And, we have new quarterbacks and a new offensive scheme. But, my guess is that the defense will be much improved this fall. Sunseri and Dooley were not very good defensive coaches; actually they were unbelievably bad. I felt sorry for the kids. Most of the time they were put in totally impossible situations. The new staff will do a much better job coaching to the talents that the kids have.

Written on 'Test of maturity' coming on how UT football players used their spring break:

Our defense will be much improved, even if we start nothing but walk-ons. Dooley and Sunseri were clueless about defensive schemes. Kids were constanly put in bad positions.

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee has resources but no Final Fours:

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Basically... empty arenas (would rather have a full 12000 seat arena than 20k with empty seats) aside from the last few years and moves like firing Jerry Green to hire Buzz Peterson.

Look at recruiting and there have only ever been three periods where they had rosters to make it possible.

Firing Jerry Green was one of the better moves made by a UT AD. He took some of the best BB talent UT ever had and let them play totally undisciplined street ball. Hiring Buzz, not such a great move.

Written on John Adams: Another celebration for first-year coach Holly Warlick:

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Is it just me, or do you resent the Pat Summitt dis? Why couldn't John have made this a true tribute to LVs? I anticipate the worst when John puts ink on paper, so I don't know for sure how to take him. I know he is misunderstood, but his negative light on Coach Summitt seems to define him as far as UT Sports are concerned. He is out to drag us down...the typical Wolf in Sheep's clothing approach. It really is sad that the proud UT fans have this guy to relate the UT sports scene...sad....very sad.

It's just you.

Written on Mike Strange: Another NCAA near-miss ups the ante for Cuonzo Martin, Vols in 2014:

As long as Cuonzo is the coach, we'll be a 19-11 or 20-10 team. We may make it to the NCAA tornament once in a while, but most times we'll be in the NIT. He gets a lot of effort from his players but he apparently has no ability to make game time adjustments.

Written on Holly Warlick thinking No. 3 seed for Lady Vols:

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I think this team has really excelled this year. Holly has done a wonderful job. I hope we keep our assistants this off season. TN has a young team. Injuries have hurt us this year. Recruiting is strong. The girls won the SEC regular season title. I am already looking forward to next year. GO Lady Vols!!!!

I agree with you 100%. If we can stay reasonably injury free next year, and that's a big if given the rash of knee problems in the women's game, we will be in the hunt for a national championship.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

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Talk all day about the Bama game but if UT makes an inbound pass to a wide open Kenny Hall for a dunk against G'Town we are talking seeding. Can't remember UT scoring off a timeout in the CCM era.

That's because they haven't. And, sadly, under Cuonzo they probably never will.

Written on Tennessee left in the hands of the committee, but Cuonzo Martin thinks his team deserves to be in:

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Very well said. Let's be interested in what happens next and not be concerned with what the over bearing 'thru and thru' and 'notsofunny' know it alls rattle on with.

Other Vol fans, we've in the past made some comments about Jimmy Dykes appearing to be overly critical of Tennessee. IMO, lately Jimmy has been pretty complimentary of the Vols. He has repeatedly said in his opinion the Vols were in.

Maybe, maybe not. The committee on the other hand just might look at it like 'what have you done lately' and consider the unimpressive 2nd half against MSU and the Alabama game. Then again, throw in the love affair with Kentucky and that may be their choice.

Basketball is a zany affair. Maryland blows a 16 point lead to UVA and loses, Duke loses to Virginia, then Maryland turns around and beats Duke in the loses to UNC.
In the big picture this year, being # 1 was the kiss of death. Next game for those rated no. 1 turned out to be a loss.

It's nice to be in the NCAA tournament but at some point every one will lose except for the ones climbing the ladder with scissors in hand.

Don't know if a compliment from Jimmy Dykes is a good thing or not. He is an idiot. I'd almost rather listen to Vitale.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You called Liberty a fool? Now, that's funny.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

I want Cuonzo to be a good coach. But, he just isn't. He is average, maybe a little better than average, but that's it. Yesterday, if Grant was the coach of the UT team, and Cuonzo was the coach of the Ala team, UT would have won. Cuonzo is good at getting his guys to hustle and play hard; he just doesn't know what to have them do. A well coached team would how how to:
1. Beat the press. We don't.
2. Apply the press. We don't.
3.Score off the in-bounds play. We don't.
4. Defend an in-bounds play. We don't.
As long as Cuonzo is coach, we will be a 20-10 team, winning some games we should lose and losing some games we should win. We will never be close to winning the NCAA championship, or getting to the final four for that matter. Makes me miss Bruce.

Written on Mike Strange: Win over Missouri brings Vols all the way back:

I was afraid #1 was going to eat our lunch, and instead he gave us the game with that airball late in the game. Good win!!

Written on It could be bubble or burst for Vols against Missouri:

I hope Cuonzo has a plan for containing #1. He is quick as lightning, and we don't any one who can stop him by himself.

Written on As Tennessee opens spring football under Butch Jones, 5 storylines to watch:

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Good article refering to Jones and some his recruiting history:

Good article. Thanks.

Written on As Tennessee opens spring football under Butch Jones, 5 storylines to watch:

The defensive backs were certainly a factor in last year's defensive woes. But the major factor was Sunseri, and he's gone thank goodness. We'll be much better defensively this year just due to his absence.