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I hate losing Graham because I think he's a great Vol. Before we go bashing him, we need to hear his reasons for leaving, which might never happen.

If a coach has to leave this is the best time for Graham to do so. It's a few weeks after signing day and a couple of weeks before the start of spring practice. The next RB coach can hit the ground running at the start of spring, no pun intended and will have plenty of time to build relationships with the backs UT is trying to recruit.

I'm glad Butch is comfortable with all of the guys that have followed him from other schools, but this is the time for him to step out of his comfort zone and hire a running backs coach with, if not a SEC background, a background from a power conference. We need to get a WOW coach in to handle the running backs, someone that everyone knows and the recruits will want to play for. If that means bumping him up the pay ladder past some of the guys that have been with Jones a while, so be it.

So we need to hire a wow coach, and pay him likely a wow salary, quite a bit more than we're paying the coaches that have been with Butch for awhile. Then they feel underappreciated because the new guy is making more money or as much and has just come on board. Surefire way to sew dissent among a coaching staff that apparently likes working for Butch. We need to let Butch hire whomever he wants. He's got the job, he's got the salary, he's got the responsibility, he needs to make the hire using whatever criteria he decides.

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Look at Bray with the new bod and all business buzz cut instead of surfer dude mop top. I know it's an observation about superficial appearance (the hair not the physique) but I hope he has grown up and does well gong forward. Good luck to all the guys who wore the Orange. Even DaRick. Vols in the NFL and their brothers (Eli ) are my only interest in the pros.

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Jim Tressel said, "Butch, we have to protect the integrity of our game. It’s not pro football,"

Jim, your tatoos are showing . . .

If I were Butch I might avoid the Jim Tressel references.

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The two preceding posts are the best ad for TOS.

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We were extremely selective and we will continue to recruit,” Jones said.

Bell, Lawson, Ford, Bellamy, Boyd,and Levenberry were selective as well.

I checked and I've been following this thread since 2007. Lotsa posts, lostsa reads. But a few months ago I dropped ten bucks a month and went to the pay site 247 vols. Amazing. Ten bucks keeps Camacho alonzo and those of his ilk away. I see some voices of reason like CollierVol, SA Vol and a few others, but many have left, given up or gotten tired of reading all the blather about Fulmer got Johnny fired, Fulmer shouldn't have gotten fired, Hamilton sabotaged the program, Cheeks and Hart are really Florida or Alabama spies and are being paid to wreck the program etc. etc. ad nauseum. For those of you who are interested, Go Vols!

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You better watch what you say on this site. If you don't blindly shake your orange shaker and sing rocky top as loud as you can regardless of what is going on you will be called a troll. I have made saveral observations which were never refuted by bivolar and the like but was called a troll. The reason was I didn't toe the company line and recite the typical we will win the NC next year BS. Watch it, just sayin.

Not at all. I know we are in dire straits and it will take a lot and awhile for us to get back. But this "inside info"is much ado about nothing. To suggest that CBJ is disingenuous because of statements he made a month ago is a stretch. . I have a friend in Memphis who swears Calipari told him he'd never leave Memphis. All coaches engage in coach speak. Many who don't are now excoaches

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Am not claiming to be a prophet, seer or even a weather forecaster. Just telling you what a guy who is pretty well connected to the powerful folks there, whom I have known a long time, says.

And I realize some coaches say a lot of stuff that may not be true. . . which is my point, exactly.

I just don't believe in guaranteeing them to be rich beyond belief to do it in Knoxville---and I certainly do not believe in guaranteeing anybody of midiocre (at best) track record that they can fail for several years,

but UT will dump enough money into your bank account to keep your family for the next 200 years,

That is what the University's leadership has been doing since Mike Hamilton's stupidity was unleashed upon the Vol Nation. All those presidents and chancellors, devolving into this one and Cheek, and now Hart as A.D.

UT fired Phillip Fulmer, whose record was better than the last four years, paid him $6MM, plus Dooley's $5MM, + Hamilton's high dollar bailout---running the department'$ re$erve$ into the dire to do it.

UT's annual Athletics expenditures are almost $125million. That is 1/2 a BILLION $$$ each five year; more than a BILLION dollars each decade.

For THIS??? For a Basketball Coach who lies to the NCAA? For a Replacement whose team is 0-3 in SEC play. For two screwballs as Head Football Coach,before this new guy whose background suggests he is a great promiser---but may not be able to handle the traffic in the SEC as a Head Coach. And we guarantee him that his family for a hundred years---unless they really screw up the investments---will be "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?" Just because he is adept at promising some Vol fans what they want to hear?

Who the HexX is running the store in Knoxville? Whoever it is needs to put down the crack pipe. (They can, now, because Kiffin's players are gone, mostly.) And Dooley's are to lethargic after 30 minutes on the field to do much damage, regardless.

So your axe to grind is Hart /Hamilton/Cheek and the administration. I'm pretty sure the folks in Tuscaloosa were questioning Mal Moores hires of Fran, Price ,Shula and, yes some probably questioned his hiring of Saban. Its alway an inexact science..Cleveland thought hiring Belichik was a mistake. Everybody has20/20 hindsight. You seem to place a lot of emphasis on a statement from a spurned Cincy supporter that CBJ said he'd stay, just like every incumbent coach has said since Pop Warner. But mostly your negativism is just a real downer in January. Hope you enjoy your crepe hanging.

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I can't say BP was wrong for offering Selby and Kraft ahead of Steele, but the man can play. No doubt he would have been a welcome addition to UT's team with no sign of a PG in sight.

I dunno. Wasn't Kraft or his old man the one that got BP caught in the lie that got him fired? If so, and I think that's the case, I wish we'd never heard of Aaron.

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And speaking of Charlie High and local players, what about the Howell kid--I think that's his name--that Charlie threw to? I believe he set the Tennessee HS career record for pass receptions. He too has been called too small and too slow, but the kid can get open in a phone booth and has great hands. Some posters have made a good point that college coaches feel they will be unfairly penalized by fans for recruiting marginal players who don't pan out while getting a free pass for signing guys who everybody says "can't miss", even though some of them DO miss all the time! But when all is said and done, a coach has to have the courage of his convictions and live with his decisions whether they work out right or not. As someone else said, in effect, if Butch is going to sign 2-stars, why not take a chance on LOCAL 2-stars who grew up bleeding Orange? Maybe that kid's coach will remember that, and when he has a 5-star, he'll do his best to steer him to UT.

HOF receiver Steve Largent ran about as fast as an offensive lineman yet he was such a precise route runner and had such great moves. I have seen him get DB 's so turned around that they fell down.

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Maybe we could give the scholarship that was just tossed in the can by alphabet Watson to this kid who would , no doubt ,give his all for Tennessee. We'll look back on this kid and wish we had. I'd like to see a few more Andy Kelly , Dale Jones, Larry Seivers types in the place of Janzen Jackson, nukeese Richardson and Da'Ricks

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

No. We all have our driver's licenses. Is that when you'll be able to get yours, if you can pass the test. Big "if" on that.

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From what I've read Peterson is dual threat but I haven't seen either. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of the dual threat thing. This atricle is seemingly based on the 1 team that managed to beat beat Bama. That same team managed to lose 2 games as well. Vick never reached the NC. The only "shining" dual threats i can remember bringing home the crystal is Cam, Tebow, and that kid Osborne had at Nebraska a while back. The consensus "most prolific offense in college ball consistantly is Oregon and as fun and flashy as they are, they won't bring home the crystal. I know that it was "Cam" that beat em, but the true story of that game if you remember was Auburn shutting down a team that avg'd like 50 pts a game, i.e. NFL style defense found in the SEC. And these players don't convert to NFL well either. Cam was all anyone could talk about last year. RGIII is all anyone can talk about this year and neither are producing results. RGIII is already hurt. They definetly are fun to watch, but not effective in getting W's. Tebow is sitting on a bench. Vick has never seen a Super Bowl either. We want the guys that leave here to live on in the NFL and continue to represent Vol nation. Not sit on a bench or have mediocre careers. The closest thing to a dual threat with success is Big Ben and he isn't a dual threat, he just gets lucky on some un planned scrambles. Again, all these blogs are is opinion. I'm a Manning guy. Loved Ainge, loved Casey, and overlooking maturity, loved Bray. I like an avg 300 lb line that lets us sit back and rack up 3500-4k yrds a year. If we are talking tradition and CBJ doing all he can to continue our tradition...... We are Wide Reciever U, which constitutes having a pocket passer. This past season should show that. If we had a defense worth a bleep, we coulda beat anyone.

You make very good points, but Manziel is an exceptional athlete. His acceleration from the dead stop is jaw dropping and unique at least among most QB's. He will take that team a long way and as for taking licks, he almost never gets hit. Always moving and doesn't present a stationary target. You mentioned Casey and he wasn't a runner but he could get a few first downs with his legs. Ainge and Bray? They couldn't run past a junior high defense. Clearly we need a qb that could run a little bit, and neither of them could run a lick. Unless you've got a running game and an O line like Alabama, in which case a mobile qb is unnecessary. But few teams ever assemble that good a line with those great backs behind them.

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Hyams was on 104.5, The Zone, in Nashville yesterday (Monday) morning. He said CBJ had not offerred Clay. He said they liked the size he had grown into, but they were deciding whether he had SEC skills. Since CBJ can't comment on recruits, I'm going to guess they decided he did not. I'd say he took the best offer he had.

Uh oh. Here's trouble. A potential factoid that could explain that the guy really DIDN'T turn down an offer from Tennessee in favor of a D II school, thus rendering this article and a mountain of drivel from Hector Alonzo Prune Face, Rumblefart, Glenn Fords Dribble and RunthruIluv69's ridiculous posts irrelevant. As if any of there comments were relevant anyway. I wonder how many of these people castigating Jones for his "poor recruiting" which hasn't even been determined yet, and shouldn't even be evaluated as he's had all of a few weeks, half of which is the "dead period" are really Vol fans and how many of them are a) trolls masquerading as "concerned" vol fans b) chronically depressed people who's glass is always 1/3 full or c) KNS employees who are trying to keep the pot stirred.

I almost look excusively at Vols247 now. Amazing how a few bucks a month scares off so many of the pests who pollute this site. Everytime I come back here, no matter how briefly, it convinces me the few bucks is money well spent.

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You are absolutely the dumbest person on here.

That is one bold statement, my friend, when you consider just how many extreme dumbos there are that post on this thread. Very bold.

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You've seen a bad boob job?

He might be a boob job.

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VolFans, Hellooooooo...

Jones got the new WR because of relationships with former UT players, including the guy's dad. The players did not like Doodley, but Phillip Fulmer has taken a behind-the-scenes interest in this new coach, because Fulmer realizes that UT is in such a deep pit athletically,

due to the Prez's, Cheek's, Hart's, Hamilton's (and the presidents' for the last six years) mismanagement---and board of trustees' majority being on the wrong side of a lot of decisions---

that UT will be a bottom-dweller for another decade, if something is not done. So Fulmer is working behind the scenes.

Note what happens when all the factors would indicate that Jones can close the deal on a recruit that was leaning to UT---kid wants to be a cop, Jones' father was a cop, loved UT, had great visits, etc.

The former Tennessee lean made decisions based on the new former Cincinnati offensive line coach, Jones and the fact that a very, very good offensive line coach was fired by Jones, to bring in this "Best Staff in the U.S.A."

Oh, yeah...

Go Vols! (Thank goodness Fulmer and other long-term VOLS are working behind the scenes to help this new coaching staff. Jones had said he thought he could win in the SEC with State-of-Tennessee athletes. Fulmer explained to him---publicly that UT had to recruit nationally.

Hopefully Fulmer & the Vol Family can help this bunch get ready to coach and recruit in the SEC.

Otherwise UT will could more 2-star rated players from the Cincinnati metro. Maybe that's what they thought Coach Fulmer meant by "recruit nationally."

Optimistic that behind the scenes help---consistent with the NCAA rules, unlike Kiffen---is going on to help this bunch.

Looking at a few of your posts back in the archives, my advice to you today, unsolicited though it may be, is the old axiom that "Brevity is the soul of wit."

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couldn't have said it better myself, great talent, but no discipline, heart or dedication. He is a disgrace to the #8 vol jersey. If Andy Kelly had his talent he would he would have been a hall of fame nfl Qb.

Andy Kelly led Tennessee to more big wins over big time opponents than any QB with possible exception of Tee. After the comeback at South Bend he'll always be my favorite UT QB.

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Butch Jones and most of that staff don't have a clue when it comes to competing in the SEC for recruits. Witness #48 current ranking and the decommits. It was very telling at the end of the Rose Bowl when they were talking about the Stanford coaching staff's background. Specifically they stated that the head coach and many of the other coaches had NFL coaching experience. They also stated that most of the 18 year old recurits were looking for that type of background in a coach. No wonder we have not even made a dent in the 4 star recurits much less 5 star. Also, it explains the problem they seem to have connecting with the top recruits we have.
It would be great to think that they can coach up a 48th ranked class to compete with USC, Georgia and Florida. Kink of reminds me of the prior Michigan coach. Nice guy but out of his league.

I think we might let Butch and his guys get a few weeks under their belt, maybe even a full recruiting season before we throw him on the junk heap. I think the school and the conference carries some weight. Obviously Jones and Tennessee are now in the position to recruit a different category than would be attracted to Cincy. Let's give the guy a chance before we make a judgement on him. Miles, Saban, Meyer, none of these guys were born coaching in the SEC.

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I don't like Franklin. I don't have to give a reason. I just don't. I don't like Vanderbilt. Went to school there and at UT so I can make a choice, and I do. I choose UT. Vanderbilt will almost always be what they are. If Franklin is smart he will leave this graveyard of coaches while he still has a career left. He was the beneficiary of knocking Mizzou's QB out in the first quarter, and the weakest Tennessee and Auburn teams in over 50 years. With all this interest they couldn't sell out their opener to South Carolina. Let's let them have a couple of years success instead one flash in the pan. Unlike others on this thread I do not wish them good luck. I don't like them and I don't like Franklin. There, I feel better. Happy New Year.

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All humor must have some element of truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Happy New Year John.

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I supported Dooley until I was convinced he had no grasp on the program...same with Fulmer (Wyoming game)...I'll do the same with Coach Jones...the most liberating aspect of a true fan is the realization that we know less than the people paid to make decisions...if it doesn't work...we're smart enough to withdraw support..
really?...YEAH!...c'mon in the water's fine...don't miss out on the fun because you want to be the first to say it's freezing....GOVOLS!!!

I think it grossly unfair to judge Fulmer or the team on that Wyoming game. You are familiar with the term "body of work" aren't you? Fulmer had been forced to quit just before Wyoming. That upset was entirely predictable.

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I guess your ready for us to dump our stud QB recruit Ferguson since he is all tatted up. I can't understand why these guys get tats but it seems to be the thing they do and its becoming accepted by most as normal.

No I'm not ready to dump Ferguson because he has a tattoo. But if he gets arrested by the police for stupid conduct, if his name start showing up at the headlines the newspapers for things other than football, then he develops a persona. Bray developed one And he had to live with it.

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My thoughts:

1). Back the Vols when they're down. I did just before Dickey. Inthe mid/late 1970's, in the 0-6 start in the 80's, and now. They'll be back
2). Just because JA points out things you'd rather not hear, it doesn't mean he's a idiot, a bad writer or hates the vols. Writers have to tell the truth at least occasionally
3). For you well-heeled fans who are also golf nuts, go out to the game and either before or after take a side trip to Bandon Dunes for three days and play some of the most spectacular seaside golf courses on the planet and that includes Ireland and Scotland. Expensive but not as much as traveling to the British Isles and worth the money. Walking only no carts. Weenie golfers need not apply.

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My thoughts:

1). Back the Vols when they're down. I did just before Dickey. Inthe mid/late 1970's, in the 0-6 start in the 80's, and now. They'll be back
2). Just because JA points out things you'd rather not hear, it doesn't mean he's a idiot, a bad writer or hates the vols. Writers have to tell the truth at least occasionally
3). For you well-heeled fans who are also golf nuts, go out to the game and either before or after take a side trip to Bandon Dunes for three days and play some of the most spectacular seaside golf courses on the planet and that includes Ireland and Scotland. Expensive but not as much as traveling to the British Isles and worth the money. Walking only no carts. Weenie golf ears need not apply.

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Are you sure it was not the news media making far more of it than there really was. I went to a real live game and watched him play quite well and when I returned home, I found that the media had a camera on him constantly and the announcer was putting his own spin on what Tyler was doing. Even Coach Chaney came to his defense for mis-construed body language. Did you go to a game? Some of his hand-action was part of the play acknowledgement system but the media made up their own interpretation. He sealed his own doom as a freshman with the early-on hand jestures and the media then had a storyline and they never let up.

You make a fair point but the gangsta tat all over the net , the throat slash in the loss to UNC, the golf ball/ beer bottle fiasco and the jet ski incident only served to fuel the media fire. Realistically, bray didn't do much to alter the perception. Oh, and he lost pretty much every big game he played in. In fact he almost universally failed against the kind of defenses he'll see at the next level. Good luck but I fear his relevance as a player is very close to its end.

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Many good points. The problem is most people on this site don't know what Rome is. Just sayin'

Hah! Everybody on this site knows Rome has a sports talk show on ESPN.

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And Fulmer won a national Championship while Chavis has won National Championships at two schools. Cutcliff coached Peyton and Eli Manning to the NFL elite status. Trooper Taylor won a national Championship at Auburn. Kippy Brown won a National Championship nad coached in the NFL playoffs last year. Much better than any of these coaches yett they all have one thing in common, they were sent packing by the University of Tennessee.. How is that working out for ya? You now owe 9'6 million in buyouts , you are broke, you are at the bottom of the Conference, went 1-7 in the SEC and now are praying these guys can somehow match what you already had. Lack of loyalty has decimated a once decent program. Karma has come home. Vols for life? Ha ha
.. Ask T martin why he siad no way after watching Chuck Smith get run out of town also.

So you're going to continue to beat this dead horse are you? Phillip Fulmer has put his hat in the ring at several places and been rejected, reportedly even by Kentucky? David Cutcliff has retired in Durham NC where he can endure 30 point beat downs at the hands of FSU, go to the Weedwhacker bowl and as long as he doesn't embarass Mike K or piss off those idiots that sleep in tents to get Duke BB tix, can stay there making millions till he decides to finally quit. Trooper Taylor is a great cheerleader who is looking for a job and a lawyer as he is soon to be exposed as the bag man for an Auburn program that is under investigation for numerous NCAA violations. Chuck Smith has never been able to work for anyone on a football staff and is the genius that cost us the LSU victory in Baton Rouge because he couldn't get less than 12 guys in Orange on the field. And you and your act are getting old tired and boring. Maybe you could go join all these guys you mentioned and just go away.

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People keep thalking about Bray throwing for the homeruns.Keep in mind that Bray ran the play that his coach called. Blame the messenger,not the message.

This is about the third post saying Tyler only executed the play called by the coach. I disagree that TB had no part in the decision. Based on my limited knowledge of the game, there is usually more than one option on a pass play. Just because a fly or flag pattern is in the mix, on say, 3rd and five, there is a progression the QB goes through, and many times, from my seats way up high, with a vantage that you can't see on TV because they focus tightly on the ball, the checkdown to an open back freed up to go out because of no blitz protection, or a slot receiver or TE dragging underneath wide open with a linebacker ill equipped to cover, Tyler went for the long ball. Many times with a safety over the top. Sometimes he did this on a series immediately after the opposition had scored, when it was imperative to keep the chains moving, to give his defense a rest, to improve field position for the punter, and to keep the opponent from scoring in two straight posessions. Sorry, but Tyler did not make good decisions. With his talents, his biggest challenge was to remember he wasn't in HS anymore and that Alabama, LSU and Florida's defenses weren't the same as Akron's and MTSU's. Tyler had a lot to do with the execution, and to Dooley's credit, many times when Bray chose the wrong option, Dooley didn't throw him under the bus. Bray had the arm to make jaw dropping throws, but he also would make choices that made you say, Why the heck did he do that? You do that enough times against big time SEC defenses and the turnovers and the three-and-outs eat you alive. JMO

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Keep in mind Mel Kiper had Ryan Leaf picked over Peyton Manning.. also said Russell Wilson was a reach in the third round.. remember.. he never played or coached... i never understood how he was considered to be an "expert."

I always thought he'd be a better spokesman for Just For Men than ESPN.

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in response to FanNotSheep:

If you know Bray personally then I defer to your opinion, but I've talksed to two guys who played with him and they say he is a good guy who just has a really dry sense of humor -- and to them it's obvious that local media types are too old to get it. Plus it's no fun when you are the QB of a team that is losing, you get no help from your defense and your coach is more concerned with trying to save his job than anything else.

Now Tyler did do some stupid things but when I think back to some of the smooth moves I made when I was 19 or 20, I realize those things don't make him a bad guy. And boy, UT has had some real bad guys that didn't get all the hatred because they were on winning teams.

I'm absolutely positive I wouldn't have wanted a TV camera non-stop recording any 3-4 hour period of my life when I was 19-21 years old. You could probably jack that up to 19-55 years old. We expect an awful lot of these players and often forget they are just kids.

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in response to albert63:

Gators hope he stays.

I know you do. And that is my main knock against Bray. Look at his performance, not against Akron or Georgia St, but against SEC competition. He was always found lacking against top flight defenses. He fattened his stats against the schools that had 1 and 2 star athletes. I wish Tyler well, but these other two guys, Peterman and Worley will be fighting and working hard to see who is going to be the QB for the next couple of years. I'm looking forward to their battles.

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in response to FanNotSheep:

Bray has more talent than any UT QB other than Manning. It's hard to say he would benefit under a new coach, especially if he loses his receivers. I think more highly of Bray as a person than most of the people who post on this site, but he has a different sense of humor that people around here don't get.

I'd like to see what Worley could do and it seems like he is being wasted if Bray comes back. So for all concerned maybe Bray should go and try to be like Brady and keep a chip on his shoulder as he outperforms other guys who will be drafted ahead of him.

My guess is that many UT fans will be surprised one day at how successful this young man will become on Sundays.

I think Tony Robinson has to be in that discussion. A terrible waste of superior football talent, Robinson, IMO was the guy with the biggest toolbox of anyone who ever played at Tennessee, including, gulp, Peyton.

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

Maybe you don't get it; maybe you don't want to. Obviously you are not a Southern Californian.

Parts of L.A. (SoCen, Watts, some of Anaheim, etc.) with racial tension are not big areas. In Knoxville, they would seem large.

Los Angeles metro is over 10 times the size of Knoxville--- TEN TIMES THE SIZE.

Martin makes more than $400,000 per year plus bonuses, cars, expenses & other benefits at private USC, that public universities cannot pay.

Tee Martin Drive was only named after him after ill feelings. Black leaders suggested racism in NOT naming one after him, following the 1998 championship. Peyton already had a street.

Dooley ignored him, when he wanted to come back to UT---ignored one of the best young recruiters in College Football---despite almost a lily-white coaching staff & only marginally good recruiting.

Martin would have had to start over, for far less money, in an area with a fraction the opportunities, where many people think he did not get equal opportunity in some respects. ( name the street, turned down as a coach, etc.)

Martin's wife is a singer, who can find more work & exposure in a month in L.A. than a decade in Knoxville.

He is building a motivational speaker business as a 2nd career. Exposure, contacts in L.A. & other benefits are at least 100 times better than Knoxville.

U.S.C. will always be a national brand; in seven years Hamilton, Hart, Dooley & Kiffen destroyed what Dickey, Majors & Fulmer took 25 years to build, here.

Martin & his family can live years & never hear much about race, at his standard of living, in L.A. But in Knoxville/East Tennessee, that is simply not so. & everybody---especially blacks---are aware of it.

So in Los Angeles, Martin has far more opportunities & so do the members of his family. & race will almost not be much hurdle.

You & some others posting about him have no clue about what it is like to be a minority. Most of you do not know what is at play with two sets of children, either.

Some comments, frankly, are red-necked, ignorant & offensive to minorities like Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, & others who did not grow up on some mountainside near Knoxville---offensive enough that if his children read this newspaper or other online Vols' chatboards,

red-necked comments---or ignorant ones like yours---will prove to them Martin made the right decision in not coming back.
He has an older child here is from a previous relationship. Obviously he is not as involved as if the relationship had worked out differently. There have even been horrid comments about that.
I’ve been called a “Hitler lover” in this thread. Just so you and others will shut up: My family is minority, from California...& a mix of Jewish & Hispanic, Black & Native American.

Please be quiet; your ignorance is showing. The kind of comments from some of the ignorant on these sites help to underscore that Martin would be taking a step backward to return.

Visited So Cal about 15 years ago. One of the biggest disappointments of my life. Some nice areas but largely an armpit. Beaches.....there were needles in the gutters of the streets right beside the beaches. Bars on windows everywhere and parking lot tire traps on every parking garage, right outside yacht clubs at Marina del Rey. The area had been under a drought so unless something was irrigated, it looked brown, dusty and barren. Too much traffic, too many people, dirty, crowded, not a nice place. Thanks but no thanks. I've seen lots nicer homes in Brentwood, TN than in Beverley Hills. I don't get it. Hope Tee is happy there. I wouldn't be.

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I dont have a problem with straight criticism, and I have seen John Adams make some very good points even if it is against our team. But I HATE the sarcastic digs that he takes. Like saying that fielding 11 men on the field would be a "nice twist."

That is the mark of someone whose real intentions slip out once in a while. Adams is trying to act like he is writing unbiased articles, but hidden among the facts are signs that he is clearly biased against UT.

I heard someone say that for something to be humorous there must be some element of truth to it. I think that applies here. I thought it was pretty funny given how inept our defense was last year.

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I just don't understand hating on John Adams. Certainly more truth than fiction here and if you can't understand it I don't know what to think about you.

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i can't wait to boo him and hart when they are announced at the next basketball game. i know, i know. all of you hollier than thou fans will say that makes me a bad fan. when in fact most of you that will say that won't be at the next basketball game because they aren't playing well. that makes you a bad fan. i pay thousands a year to that place and while it is nothing compared to the big donors, it is a big chunk of my yearly income. so the way i see it i'm entitled to voice my anger on the hire. boo.

I have an idea all the good fans around you at the basketball game will tell you what they think of your act. I don't think you're going to like it.

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True. Was he critical of Dooley at the beginning? Was that because of the love of PF or was it because of Dooley. And do I really care? In the end everybody hated Dooley.

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yeah...but he thinks he knows everything, and everyone else knows nothing. does he know if BJ is taking (convincing them to transfer) any of the 3 kids he recruited out of the Big33 game? There is one WR that's 6-5/205lbs (think Hunter prototype) Think his name is Alonzo, or something.

You see...he wants to come off as the almighty. That's cute and all...but there are other folks on here that actually know their stuff. Needs to grow up a bit.

I think I'll take Mg22 a guy who has actually coached and played over a guy who just reads rivals a lot. And also don't think it shows a lot of integrity to poach the former schools commitments for your new school. I hope Jones doesn't do that. I believe he can recruit a much higher caliber player at Tennessee than he could at Cincinnati. I do hate to see people berate posters with former playing and coaching experience. I'd much rather hear what they have to say than another armchair QB like me.

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big three what big three..... bray(head case never a vfl) hunter(playing scared cant catch runs backwards good decoy in the nfl will stay hurt play 6 to 8 games for 2 or 3 seasons and b rich) cp(great with the ball terrible without wont juke anyone at the next level...mccullars is the best out of them he will b good with better coching..... check and see if utc has football and cheer for them we dont need you... and good ridance to YOUR big 3

Don't know why you wasted words on this idiot. He doesn't know the difference between University of Buffalo New York and the Colorado buffaloes out west. To your point I do wonder since this guy favors the spread if that won't absolutely make Bray move on. The only thing less mobile than Tyler Bray would be an anvil. That doesn't bother me if Bray leaves. I think we were very limited as long as Bray was the quarterback. I'm told Worley ran the spread offense in high school with CP as his main target. I don't know if that would have any sway with Patterson as I understand he's already quit going to classes and therefore has packed it in for the league. Don't know how he got away with that with this whole Dooley volunteer for life deal. I guess he looked the other way just this once. Since we don't have the big dominant running back a spread offense may work better for us with our personnel.

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I love Butch Jones.

Don't doubt my love for Butch Jones.


UT '81

Uh oh! Walt likes Butch Jones. I am really worried now.

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Tressel and Davis are lowlifes first of all with very checkered backgrounds, Tressel was a cheater at Youngstown State, Davis has been dirty whereever he went. As far as Bray, CP and Hunter, I hope Bray stays, he can use another year, CP probably will leave as he was a one year mercenary, Hunter is over hyped, he doesnt want to take a hit to catch a ball, cannot begin to count the number of balls he " short armed " passes when he saw the safety out of the corner of his eye. Regardless, O line will be good, running backs OK, young guys need to step up at WR if Hunter and CP leave, Defense needs to be cleaned out, all the coaches have to go, Butch Jones need to figure that one out fast.... NOBODY knows how he will do, the measure will be in Wins and recruiting. NFL guys are out of touch in recruiting, Kirby Smart would have been a huge risk, never been a HC, remember, Nick Saban is the DC at Alabama, Kirby Smart holds the clipboard for him. Strong is a quirky guy, I live in Florida and when he was at UF he had a big chip on his shoulder about being passed over for jobs because his wife is white... please spare me Charlie. By the way, Butch Jones recruits heavily in Florida, he knows the landscape down here with the HS coaches. He got a RB out of Orlando last year that all the Florida schools wanted because he worked the kid harder, it takes a good salesman to sell Cincinnati over FSU and UF, give him a chance.

I don't usually make thisstrong of a statement on this thread but you are a liar. butch Davis was not a cheater everywhere he was. In fact he's been accused at this juncture of nothing at University of North Carolina. He was accused of nothing at Miami. You need to get your facts straight.

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and while you're singling me out as a dum****....why don't you take a look around?--i'm not the only one thinking he is a bad hire.

oh you have a crush on him or something already? gross.

You have to take people at their face value on this site or ignore everything that's written. The man says he does know Butch Jones by coaching with him. I think that's a lot more relevant than some idiot spewing a bunch of stuff that he has no knowledge whatsoever about. there's a lot of that on here.

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Hire Petrino! NOW!

I agree. Hire Phil as HC and Petrino as offensive cooordinator. Give Petrino a year or two in the penalty box so he can prove he can be a good boy again. He won't be able to hire bimbos half his age in that job. He'll do what he does best. Coach offensive football and regain his bonafides as a football coach. He won't be under the bright glare of the HC position but working in the background developing a high scoring offense. Oh, and hire Johnny Chavis to coach the defense and trot out to every recruit in the south how many kids he's put in the NFL in the past twenty years. We'll be back "in the mix" in 2-3 years.

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Well, exactly what did happen at North Carolina?

Too long for me to text on the smartphone. There were charges of an assistant coach putting players in touch with agents. None of this was tied directly to Davis. Of course Davis is the head coach and supposed to know everything. A few days later the president fired Davis. To this day there has been no linkage between Davis and the violations and no accusations by the NCAA As of this time Davis has been accused of no wrongdoing by the NCAA.

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Butch Davis? Are you kidding me? The former NC coach had recruiting violations even worse than Kiffen...

That's incorrect. Butch Davis was accusesd of no recruiting violations at Miami OR UNC. There are no violations that have been directly assigned to Butch Davis. Do your homework.

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Wow. There's some really ugly stuff on here. If Strong got wind of any of this I'm pretty sure he'd stay put.

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Better Strong than Butch Jones , Al Golden or Larry Fedora. Just for purposes of argument how would you rate Strong if he is the hire compared with Malzahn and Beleima at Auburn and Arkansas?

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Well, I for one really liked the line about there being a better chance of the SEC moving the championship game to Mars than of Kentucky ever even playing in it. So, so true.

Speaking of Kentucky....Did anybody see their basketball program just set another record? Yep, they just keep on breaking records up there. This time, it's for the biggest single-week drop in the AP poll in history -- from #8 to gone.

I hear there is a rash of broken ankles in Lexington. People are jumping out of windows there owing to the Wildcats back up back losses under Cal. Turns out those windows in horse barns just aren't that high off the ground.

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Does Franklin get golf privileges at Belle Meade like all his predecessors?

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It's been 32 years since Glenn Ford dropped the rock against Georgia. Don't you think it's about time you let it go?