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2 words, 1 name.....Rick Byrd.

Is Mr. Byrd someone all the Martin naysayers will support? I don't know; just asking.

He makes around $750-785M; we could afford him. Yet, if we pay for what we are getting and not what we expect, or what the program we claim to be should be, he will be underpaid and a target for a better job if he excels...even after one year. This is the treadmill we find ourselves on: hire cheap, not support, fail to act decisively in a timely manner and now....starting over again. Have we learned anything?

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From the "program's" standpoint, this appears lose-lose. Martin's supporters will likely either say, "Traitor; he said this is where he wanted to be," or, "Who can blame him, after the way he was treated"?

His detractors will just say, "Good riddance; never should have been hired in the first place." Either view, UT loses. Detractors will find out and supporters will have their view confirmed that we will not capture a "Big Name" or even a "Recognizable Name," offering 11 out of 13 ranked salary range.

We may never know the inside workings of this situation. If Martin was going to be retained, it should have happened even before tournament time and in a decisive manner. Since Hart vacillated, correctly or not, it implied questionable support for Martin.

I hope there is a silver lining; I just do not see the light right now.

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How much food could he buy for the cost of the tats? How much could he get for the amount he pays for a cell phone?

I had no tats, no phone - at all, shared a room in a boarding house with another guy, and a toilet and shower with 12 others, and worked as many hours to earn the money for my tuition, books, rent, food, clothes and recreation as athletes do working to earn their scholarships. They get free tuition, free books, tutors, food allowances, a free dorm room, or housing allowance. Sorry, I do not pity them. There are more people like me than like them.

Also, how does one determine who gets what money? Do the Stokes of the world get the same amount as the Lopezes or Cheivoses? If not, and the stars get more, will that not lead to say point guards like Darius Thompson keeping the ball away from the stars and shooting in order to pump up his worth and paycheck?

Nope, if you do not like what the college is offering, go to Europe and learn your craft there. I will not miss you.

There is nothing wrong with this logic; it is factual, historic and depicts one side of the equation: the player's. It sides with the status quo, and suggest athletes be happy with their lot. They signed on.

What is does not address is the other side. For starters, why should coaches be paid more than professors? It was said Woody Hayes refused to be paid more than that. (Rumor; I have not verified it.) But that was clearly in another time. Why should a college coach earn more than a high school coach, who, exists on a teachers salary plus a (usually) small stipend. One could argue a high school coach, who might labor in the same place for a lifetime, contributes more to society than any college coach. As in most industries, we (fans, society) just place more value on the college coach than the high school coach...and that value has increased out of proportion to the players'.

I happened to have washed the first dish in the newly opened student center at UT; I worked up to full time to get by. I was paid minimum wage. My managers and supervisors were paid more....but not much; it was porportionate.

The situation now, between the workers (players) and the rest (coaches, media, marketers, university giving efforts, tied to athletics, simply out of proportion.

There is a strong argument that athletics do little, if anything, to further the basic purpose of a college. Some argue it promotes interest....and contributions....that help all facets of university life. If that be true, it cancels the argument that players should just be thankful for their room, board and tuition. If fans, alumni and the public will not support their school "without" athletics, they obviously do not value that schools purpose on its own merits. So, why should players?

Again, there is no balance. Can't argue that players should be content and look the other way while all the rest help themselves to the take.

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This issue will not be resolved in my lifetime; it is going to get messy.....ugly and nobody may win. However...

In a long ago time, the General rounded up players, gave them a chance for a college education, took care of them as best he could and that was about it. The Vols...and most teams...probably rarely broke even. The system worked for everybody.

That same opportunity works for players now. And, that is no small opportunity. However, the player's situation has not changed much in the past eighty years; only the coaches, schools, marketers, merchants, media, fans...the list go on; every one else involved has been rewarded exponentially by work of the players. Players, under rules as they exist, really are boxed in and helpless; all the rest have just sauntered up to the trough and helped themselves...with no rules prevailing that limit the take. The NCAA, while fattening itself, writes rules to keep the status quo. Players stay broke, unless daddy can help with date money while the cash register rings for every other segment of the system. Most major changes in society, or revolutions, for that matter, come about because of an unlevel playing field...or the excess of one part of society vs. another.

Stokes's well stated case should be applauded. He simply states a glaring problem in an objective and non-bitter manner. Good luck to him.

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Okay; encouraging. But, I ask someone to research: did any team ever retain four hold-over quarterbacks and start the year WORSE than the year before?

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Another detailed article by Adams with lots of new information. What a waste; can't we ship him back to LA? Why do we have to be stuck with his slop? Seems like every other writer for NS passes through, but Adams hangs around. Can't wait for his next article - bet it is one of his lame attempts at comedy.

I thank you for displaying a kindred spirit. We often get criticized for taking Adams on; usually, the charge is that we do not want him to, "Tell it like it is." With me, it is never that. It is because, as others point out today, he tries to be funny, but is not; he states the obvious, his offerings are high school, at best, and KNS readers just deserve better.

As for the QBs, what is there we do not know? Worley has played with poor teams and the rest, have either not played...or played with the same poor teams. Jones task is to select the best of the lot and hope the chosen one, as well as the team, improves. Case closed.

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Mr. Smith had two great plans, and in the correct order: degree, then the NFL. If he wishes to reach out and help others, perhaps he would have no greater platform than college football players. The chances for making the NFL are so slim and the opportunity for a degree so great, it is hard to fathom why so (relatively) few make it. He (Smith) can always show others how it is possible; perhaps, to achieve both,

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I respect Jones for taking the high road, regarding Kiffin; political correctness, however, takes a back seat to facts. "Respect for what he has accomplished"? "Great football coach"?

He flunked at Oakland, showed his true colors at UT with mostly negative painting and flunked at USC. If he was a first round draft pick in the NFL, he would be touted the biggest bust ever. He has been paid the most to accomplish the least of any coaches one can name. What he may have or might yet accomplish wearing the headphones can be debated. Head coach? Nada.

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Sounds like Tyler will one day be coaching at UT.

I am not quite getting that noise, yet. He has not won a game.

But, if he is successful, it will be out there. Let's just pretend he has a winning year at LT and Vols only win a couple in the NCAA: I hope we don't start coveting our neighbor's wife. If we are already good, we don't automatically become great just because we hire good. Time will take care of time, if we leave time alone. (Waylon)

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I believe that the point of an editorial, any editorial, is to elicit responses. Adams seems to have done a pretty good job of that in this instance, wouldn't you say?

Backed into the corner when only yes or no is available, yes, of course. It would just seem more productive if we were "responding" to an original thought, fresh news, in-depth insight or something worthy of debate. Rehashing the obvious seems a worthwhile hobby for many; I simply wish we were directed toward something more productive.

You point, however, is valid.

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I supposed it would be only gracious to allow JA to change his mind; we all make mistakes. A few weeks ago, the record will show he proclaimed NCAA success or no, Martin must go.

After all, who is to hold Senior Writers accountable? They, who set the tone for how we should feel about coaches...and yes, players, wear Teflon when it comes to their own shortcomings.

Hey; the world ain't always fair. Guess this is as close to an about face as we will likely get from JA in awhile; we should enjoy the moment.

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This could be win-win for everybody. How could he do worse than LT did this year? It also makes an interesting point: A position often taken by UT fans has been our coaching hires should (always) be "a proven, big time, tournament (or BCS Bowl) experienced name individual. Nothing less, or fans raise their ire. But, the catch is: where do these coaches start? LT, which has known "big times," is willing to take a chance on Tyler; he has obviously made some positive impressions in the last two years and Lord know he has the pedigree. But, if someone is unwilling to take that first chance, the Sabans, Summitts or Woodens of the sports world would never exist. Kudos to LT for this choice and Kudos to Tyler for paying his dues to become a good choice. I would tend to bet on him.

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I see many comments here chastising John Adams for being too negative or not supportive enough, and cannot help but laugh. Having moved here from the Philadelphia (Pa.) area. I can honestly say you have no idea what a negative press really is like. I can also say the Knoxville area is incredibly supportive of Tennessee teams. People were disappointed, of course, just like the team was. That is a mark of passion and is a good thing. I have been a season ticket holder for the last several years for Lady Vols basketball, and think the fan support is fantastic ..... best in the country. There is no better place to play except perhaps U.Conn where they can guarantee a spot in an ESPN commercial.

That said, it is one thing to be blindly loyal as a fan, and another to honestly assess the performance of the team, as long as one remains respectful. We have gotten our share of highly touted recruits, but it is hard to know which high school players will dominate (Brianna Stewart) and which may not. But don't blame Adams for essentially pointing out the facts.

Your points are well taken, and I agree Adams should be neither a "homer" for the Vols nor avoid the truth, if the truth hurts. Perhaps I draw too fine a line in often taking him to task.

Today, for instance: Everyone understands that, from a results standpoint, the LVs need a player who can take over, be a game changer and dominate. That understood, what is the point of the article? It is neither news, original nor instructive as to how we attract such players.

And, as I pointed out, his outlined needs for the LVs are no different than the needs of most teams not still standing. Probably far fewer of such individuals are available than the need for them. We have a great history. Tennessee really has not slipped that much; many other teams have just caught up. Sure, we expect...and hope we can out compete the Notre Dames, Conn., etc...for such players, but in the last several years, those programs offer as much "history" to eighteen year old high school girls as does Tennessee. We just hope we get our share. It is not news that we need them. Hence, nothing informative in this article today.

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Very insightful. This story should be picked up by about a dozen or more other teams that are not in the final four. Baylor, Texas A & M, whatever teams lose tonight and a few others should send this scoop to their hometown press and share the wisdom. Sure, Vols need to recruit "take over" or "game changing" players, but there are not enough to go around. And yes, Conn and Notre Dame have cornered the market in recent years.

Everybody wants to win. But, as with the boy Vols, the negativism toward losing in Knoxville might scare off some of those game changers.

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Most posts are objective and simply state what the entire world has seen. Can't fault an article that just points out the obvious. When facing top talent, if we do not score, defend, handle the ball or hustle....the result is predictable. Talent, coaching....take your pick. Talent usually wins...with average coaching and I think we have that...or better.

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I think Strange and Adams need to have an editorial meeting. A couple of weeks ago, Adams said Martin must go, regardless of NCAA results. The Nashville guy said at least two NCAA wins would be necessary for Martin's redemption. Now, Strange jumps the editorial board ship, and votes for Martin to stay. It's confusing, as we allow ourselves to be led by these print media pied pipers. Fact is, (I think Strange is the straightest of the lot) these guys just pump out a few paragraphs every's their job, of course,..... without a clue whether their views are viable, make sense, are possible/practical or if many really care. The shame is we all too often use it as an excuse to spew all kinds of rubbish that is just as off base and ill timed as the articles we begin the discussion with.

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100% agree.

125% agree. Anyone is entitled to their opinion; no one is entitled to "their" facts. The only sensible course of action is a prompt extension for Martin, and vocal support for his program. Less just sets it (the program) back .....maybe for a long time. Next year's team may or may not be big winners; Stokes coming back would be great. All this anti-Martin stuff sure does not help that. Players coming back next year have shown promising talent as role players. They should improve. For those many predicting gloom and doom are just piling on their dis-like for Martin. As has be laid out in other posts, Martin's three years have been a plus over many, many other UT years. If we do not show more support and intelligent reaction to what we now have, we could easily slip into the 300+ Div I teams that never have a shot at the Big Show. That is called unintended consequences.

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The call may well be debated forever; it is what it is.

A writer being objective would have simply headlined, "Michigan pulls one out," which is closer to what happened. Pointless to debate an out of town, non-Vol. Not a good first half; we beat them the second. We just came up short, in a good effort, great game.

Written on Tennessee's tournament run comes to an end after rally against Michigan falls just short, 73-71:

Great comeback; no quit. Others will frame this game and what might have/could have been. Seems we just could not defend the perimeter and in the paint at the same time. Our movement on defense was not up to the last three games but I think Michigan had a lot to do with that. They just won the first half a couple of points more than we won the second. Hats off to Michigan and great game, Vols.

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It is nice to hear about our players exhibiting the kind character that any parent would hope to instill in their son or daughter.

The last time we were in this tournament the focus was on recruiting violations and our coach lying to the NCAA. Some of our players from that "successful" season had been involved in an incident involving guns and marijuana. It is easy to forget that Cuonzo Martin chose to come to Tennessee despite the negative press, questionable team culture and pending NCAA sanctions and restrictions. It is also easy to forget that Bruce Pearl lost his job for displaying a lack of character and professional integrity - by lying to the NCAA and asking recruits and their parents to do the same.

We now have a coach and his players trying to do things the right way. So, put away the petitions and be proud to be a Volunteer - with good reason.

Good post. This view, and others in the same vein, put this entire situation in perspective. Moaning for what might never have been (anyway) and ignoring what we already have is so much wasted energy. Crying to bring back a cheater to replace a good man who has developed a good team defies logic.

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Why can't UT fans balance their angst over all things basketball, by weighing this story, and the positives of this team against the fact we may not make it to the final four? Guess what: we never have. Few teams do; we are in the mix and have our shot. Something is drastically wrong if we can only be proud of coaches and players wearing Orange, if they win thirty and are the last men standing.

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So, they've made this a free site again. Good move KNS. Now we can listen to the trolls' B******T again. Thanks for screwing this site up. (As if it needed help).

I have sent an e-mail to KNS asking about this; seems fishy when 171 jump in with all this negative phooey and the most response (as of this moment) to any of the other, several articles is 12. I will take this measured interest...or no a better gauge of reality as opposed to 171 freeloaders who really have no dog in this fight.

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It is so sad that our University of Tennessee, Knoxville, administration ignores our fans & refuses to consider hiring Bruce Pearl, while Auburn ignores what the NCAA & SEC thinks & hires him. Auburn wants to win & fill their arena. UT simply doesn't care. We need to replace our Board of Trustees, our President,our Chancellor, & our Athletics Director. All are failing in responding to their constituents. Even though Auburn was last in the SEC this year in basketball, they will beat the Tennessee Vols basketball team next season with Pearl at their helm, outcoaching Martin easily.

Let's see: "UTK administration ignores our fans and refuses to consider hiring BP"? The majority of "fans" showing up to post here take that as a mortal sin. Further, those "fans" believe "...we need to replace our Board of Trustees, President, Chancellor and AD..." As opposed to hiring Coach Pearl. These "fans" tend to ignore the other facts pointed out on this well as all our drawn out past events: Coach Pearl was caught cheating, lying..and has been accused of other moral transgressions. I am not the judge. However, the fact that others will hire anyone with a talent for coaching a sport...regardless of proven moral deficiencies does not mean the University of Tennessee needs to. Pearl did good thing for UT and the Knoxville community; he was well paid for his services. I would love to have him as a neighbor. But, if I must choose mass dismissal, and my choice was the Board of Trustees, the President, the Chancellor and AD, or Pearl, on the basis of unquestionable evidence, Pearl walks the plank. We need to support what we have, not pine for what, actually, might never have been. We have players who will give their all this week, and hopefully, beyond; to weep, wail and gnash our teeth rather than support them, without all this garbage, simply separates true fans from nay-sayers.

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What if they win three and look terrible? What if they play a near perfect game, but get beat in the second game by one point in overtime? With every coaching move made correctly?

This guy is just parroting Adams' proclamation a while back. Seems to me we need no out of town typist making decisions for UT. Stick to Vandy and Belmont.

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+1 Cut him loose and hire Marshall before it's too late!!

Isn't Marshall in the same conference Martin came from? I thought it was beneath our dignity to hire a coach from a "lesser conference." He has no "big time" experience. At least, that has been previously opined here. Based on Marshall's results this year, I think it will be too late when his caller ID shows "Tennessee."

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JA, since you have proclaimed Coach Martin must go, regardless of NCAA success, do you think UT should pull out the axe now, or let this simmer, as in the Coach Pearl caper?

After all, perhaps we could then "win some for the coach." Or, disgusted with "your" decision, the players might just not get on the bus to Toledo.

You are the self-appointed great decider: when do you choose to look Coach Martin in the eye and tell him to turn in his keys and playbook?

You see, John, the Devil is in the details.

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I don't get what the beef is with this column. I think it is a fair analysis of the Lady Vols year and their performance this year in the SEC tournament. Consistent perimeter shooting and perimeter/dribble drive defense against opposing teams 2 and 3 position players have been a problem all season. Burdic plays more like a 4, and Jones is a defensive player with limited demonstrative offensive capabilities. Simmons is hot or cold on offense (she was cold during the SEC tournament) and her defense is spotty as well. (I love watching all three of these players play).
These limitations all showed up in losses with Vandy, Notre Dame, Kentucky, and to a lesser extent LSU, and Stanford. The Lady Vols have really overcome these deficiencies with ferocious rebounding (best exemplified by the Ga. Tech Game), superior post play (except maybe the Stanford Game), and team guts. It seems sometimes that Harrison has to have a double double every game to ensure that the Lady Vols win.
This means that the Lady Vols will not match up well against Notre Dame, UCONN, Baylor and maybe even North Carolina now that their Freshman have some experience under their belt in the Tournament.
I think this view is supported by The Lady Vol recruiting efforts. The addition of slick shooting wings Janna Tucker, Jaime Nared, and Middleton at point will solve some of these issues. (Aja Wilson could solve most them all by herself). This will allow Carter and Reynolds to move to the 2 guard position where by my eye they are better suited. Next year Holly will be 2 deep at every position, with Jones available for defensive assignments, and a sweet three ball shooting in coming freshman wing Kortney Dunbar for three point shooting situations.
A final 4 is possible for this years team with the right matchups, but it is hard to see them beating either Notre Dame or UCONN this year.....and I hate that!!!! Go Lady Vols. I have enjoyed watching you all year.....

The beef with this column is that yours is better. I just think readers deserve something other than the obvious...and that often served up sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek (Often foot in mouth).

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My; what breaking news. The Vols made this change for money.

Written on John Adams: Riley Ferguson's unknowns make him intriguing at quarterback :

Adams column is about what he and no one else knows: what might Ferguson bring to the table. Since he does not know, just a column of speculation. Most comments accurately depict what we know about the other three; each is a year older, has some experience and should improve. Would appear we have much needed depth, variety and the best guy will likely play. Adams just leads the trite parade (implying) that the most popular QB is the one on the bench. Let it play out.

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in response to STLVOLS:

OK-Change is good only if it is positive and not lateral or backwards.

Do any of you folks have a replacement name in mind other than Pearl? Specifically, whom do you hope Vols realistically might hire if your dream man Pearl is not hired?

Now, this comment hits at a most important point: who do we think is the savior?

Adams headline is that being among the 64 invited is not enough. Who among that 64 do we think will come to Knoxville, given our current stack of buyouts and short fuses? Better yet, who among the final eight, or so, would give up what they have for what we offer?

It is more than "Martin must go." The next question is, "What then."

Johnny come lately Adams may join the bandwagon, as he usually does, with the tar and feathers; he has no clue as to what happens afterwards.

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in response to snowpeapod#263184:

Some comments refer to people like myself as Adams haters, inbred, and ignorant. I can assure them nothing can be farther from the truth. I don't hate Adams and I don't attack him personally, just professionaly. I happen to think that he is a terrible sports writer. He rarely has an interesting fact based article and that is the reason I stopped reading his articles. I found out long ago that his articles contained information that an average intelligent high school freshman could come up with the same conclusion. Call us what you want but we do have the right to express our opinion and that's mine.

Well said. I would paraphrase this another way. Most of us, in general, who follow UT sports have an idea of its problems, happenings and enjoy its successes. We lack the time, being engaged in our life's work, to ferret out the daily nuances that would describe the comings and goings of all things and people connected to our Vols. That is where a reporter/columnist comes in. You see, he not only has the time; he is paid to use that time to find out things we do not already know and present them in a manner that is understandable, unbiased (if he is reporting) or thought provoking (if he is an op-ed writer)

Most criticism of Adams is simply that he does not do a good job; it has nothing to do with the subject matter he is covering. Critics of his critics seem unable to understand that distinction.

Written on John Adams: No time for Butch Jones to cop out on discipline:

Right out of the Adams school of junk garbage. He disqualifies himself for serious consideration when he mixes every pun, old news, trite comment and attempt at humor into this stew. Then, it becomes neither nor. Neither instructive nor to be seriously considered.

Butch Jones does not need Adams to advise him on team discipline. There are several serious aspects to the reports of this incident; they should be taken I think most people believe Jones will. Adams removes himself as judge advocate for any involved.

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in response to johnlg00:

I'm not sure that idea works all that well in football, except perhaps for some free-spirited kick returner or wide receiver. Most of game action for most players consists of constantly repeating a limited series of rote motions which absolutely must be coordinated with everybody else on the team. The repetition of practice is the only way that kind of precision and consistency. If you have prima-donnas running around with the idea that they can loaf in practice and still play, it is poisonous to a whole team. Sure, there are great players out there who can play completely spontaneously, but everybody else NEEDS the practice repetitions, and I just think a coach plays with fire if he is perceived to be taking it easy in practice on "favorite" guys.

Don't disagree with your comments. Who practices best should play. However, who performs the best, in a team concept on Saturday, is who we want on the field. Usually, that will be who works the hardest; it is rare that fans don't question a coach's decision re: who plays. A player, who otherwise works at it, when given a chance just shines in a game atmosphere, should be used. Sometimes that will not be the rah-rah guy in the weight room...which was sort of one point of the article. I am just saying I would rather have a guy who performs on Saturday than a guy who starts a fight in the chow line or tosses water balloons down the sidewalk..just to show how macho he is.

I do agree that, usually, the harder they work...the better they get.

Written on Butch Jones embarrassed by party arrests:

The facts will sort themselves out; the claims, in total, add up to some pretty stupid and ill-thought out actions on several athletes' part. Regardless how harsh, a good lesson taught here might pay dividends later...if coach means what he says about his program. His entire roster needs to know how to party and how not to party. No compromises.

Written on John Adams: Competition already heating up with UT recruits:

After Oklahoma or Alabama, John will probably write, "They must have left their juice at the breakfast table." Practice should determine who plays....the first game. After that, what happens on Saturday is about all that really matters....and what should determine who plays.

Written on John Adams: Another Tennessee seven-loss season would be tougher sell for recruits:

Not disagreeing with the above posters but re-read Adams' next to last paragraph: "Losing with freshmen wouldn't be nearly as damning as losing with seniors......". He writes his entire column explaining how Vols must win more to have a recruiting chance, THEN, sort of says, if we play the freshmen, doesn't matter the record, that will help recruiting.

I am not sure Adams has served much food for thought.

Written on UT deal with switch to Nike worth around $35 million:

What is missing is the value of the current contract; how much do we gain by changing? While everybody reads a lot into these deals, should not UT..and every athletic department, go after competitive bidding when a contract expires? Seems to be just sound business, and a management headline. They are just doing their job.

Written on Tennesse's 2014 class shows geographic shift north, closer to home:

This article rates an asterisk...since it gives itself one....since the current signing class is not signed.

I do like the scientific precision, however. Riceville? Why not Calhoun, Charleston or more specifically, the Mouse Creek Community. Or, is this where the dart hit, when thrown across the keyboard by the writer?

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in response to vut5686#1405392:

Let's see: I am trying to get John's drift. "The West will have three top five recruiting classes." (Summarized). Tennessee could have "...more than a top five class." So, if in general, UT has kept pace (this year) with those "top five classes," why would we have been worse off if we were in the West? Let's leave playing five of them out of the picture for a moment. Recruiting wise, for UT at least, the Division should make no difference.

Schedule? We played three from West in 2013; the same in 2014. This year, we had Alabama, Auburn and Missouri; other than LSU, who else would terrorize us more than SC, Florida and Georgia?

We have suffered no more with the West than we have the East, lately; If we can recruit with them (the West), we can play with them. This article seems much ado about nothing.

Correction: I know Missouri is in the East; my bad. I stick by my premise: would we cry if we had to play Texas A & M regularly, rather than Florida or Georgia? Seems a toss up. And while Adams made much of how lucky we are to still have to play Florida (with the present coach), they seem to have done well by us the last several years. As far as Tennessee is concerned, their present guy has done just fine.

Written on John Adams: UT in right SEC division for gaining ground in recruiting:

Let's see: I am trying to get John's drift. "The West will have three top five recruiting classes." (Summarized). Tennessee could have "...more than a top five class." So, if in general, UT has kept pace (this year) with those "top five classes," why would we have been worse off if we were in the West? Let's leave playing five of them out of the picture for a moment. Recruiting wise, for UT at least, the Division should make no difference.

Schedule? We played three from West in 2013; the same in 2014. This year, we had Alabama, Auburn and Missouri; other than LSU, who else would terrorize us more than SC, Florida and Georgia?

We have suffered no more with the West than we have the East, lately; If we can recruit with them (the West), we can play with them. This article seems much ado about nothing.

Written on Lady Vols fall apart in second half as Notre Dame wins 86-70:

in response to Theo:

This doesn't have a thing to do with heart. We need someone to step forward and be the leader of this team. Meagan is a great kid but not that "we won't lose" kid. I do agree that this team gets tight. They obviously have final four talent but need to play loose and with confidence. This is a process. Hopefully the first half will wake them up to their potential.
We do have problems getting back out to the three shooters from help side.
Way tired of cranks throwing this team/staff under the bus. This team and staff is capable of winning a NC.

I agree this this observation, and mild attempt at optimism. However, the "bus" is still for the moment but game by game, the team, staff and program seems to be crawling under it. If we have the talent, it is the staff's responsibility to prepare them. If we do not have the talent (and that includes "heart," smarts and willingness to be coached), the staff selected them. If they are not coachable, they were the wrong choices in the recruiting process. The clock is ticking and fans are watching. We need to see some proof of that winning capability,

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I applaud effort. Reading this report, however, if the game plan is not we ever know how to try something else? That said, if a team cannot hit shots, it loses most of the time. We did not; they did..and won.

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First, Brother Jeff of the Tennesseean, and other articles from that area, now paint Franklin as the unethical jerk he probably is. Where were they during the last few years, as Franklin received all those kudos re: how great he was for the Vandy program? Franklin did not become an unethical jerk just last week. He is what he has always been..., as are any other coaches.

That said, we all share part of the blame for sitting by, as fans, alumni or interested parties, while college athletics have become so sordid. Colleges do not honor commitments to coaches (when they lose), coaches do not honor their contracts with universities (when a better offer comes along) yet, we moan and groan when an eighteen year old boy changes his mind about a verbal commitment. It is what we have allowed it to become. This article should have never been written, as it is not news. We should have expected it (to happen).

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A telling point: Adams says, "...he asked a half dozen media types (if UT could be one of those schools wanting Pearl)and No Way was the consensus opinion." Then he adds his personal...."...unless (UT) puts the best interest of the basketball program above all else." So, he is the self confessed Lone Ranger in floating this idea at the beginning of conference play. Sure, many would like a perfect world and Pearl leading us to NCAA after NCAA. But parading that idea out on the eve of another early conference game is callous, self serving and lacking journalist integrity. Events will unfold and the future will take care of itself. It is untimely for Adams to think he will, again, lead such a parade.

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Interesting. Since this site started "charging," these are the most responses yet. About an Alabama assistant coach and not anything dealing with Tenn. Circumstantially, guess this proves we had rather hate Alabama than love Tennessee.

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When you are a Vol from birth you just learn to dislike Alabubba. Then later in life, when you have to work with someone from that place with the attitude they have, it just enhances that feeling. You are right, hate is a pretty strong word, but I do think this must be all new to you, or you're stirring the pot. Whatever, you just really learn to HATE the program. Nothing personal I just hate Alabubba. ALL VOL... ALL THE TIME. ..

Hardly new to this. Bet you my Chattanooga tickets this year that I have a couple of decades on you; both birth date and my UT class ring.

The best way to combat obnoxious fans is to ignore them. You know the saying about trying to win a hissing duel with a skunk. Beat them on the field and they quiet down. We haven't lately so sure, they gloat. Proudly, I have observed other programs citing how courteous and sportsman like UT fans usually are when we are the visitors. I would rather be pinned with that accusation than that we out do Alabama. Has nothing to do with a lack of interest in wiping that smirk off their faces nor lack of being born and transfused with Orange blood.

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Don't quite buy into this "hate "Bama" philosophy. What's to hate? Their university ranks ahead of ours in several categories (sadly). If we hate them because they beat us in a few games, do we love them when we beat them? These games have "ebbed and receded" over the years. It is just a game and we will win again.

That said, an observation: where else but in the sporting world can someone who has never succeeded at anything be sought by one of the most successful companies? Lame has exhibited no people skills, no leadership attributes, no moral compass no....need I go on? Yet, here we (apparently) are. Someone clue me in.

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That Buenos Aires thing sounds pretty good. It's summer time down there now so there would be beautiful senoritas in their bikinis in the stands. Who needs Vandy fans anyway? I wonder why the NFL hasn't thought of this yet?

.....and ESPN could probably get the "rights" cheaper than here; that's the point and who needs fans in the stands, anyway? These bowls are all about low cost air time for the networks. The cost for producing a bowl game is probably less than one Hallmark, one-hour soap. But don't forget: coaches get another month of practice. Players get a nice, but not above the NCAA allowed price, toiletry kit.

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First you stereotype people as haters that criticize John Adams writing. Then you state an opinion as fact that Adams does not hate the Tennessee programs. Then you acknowledge you agree with what he says as it is his and your version of the truth ("tells it like it is"). Then you discuss what you view as more important actions that we should spend our time doing rather than hate on JA.

Did I get that right or leave anything out? So you are a hater of who you identify as haters. And since those haters disagree with your version of things they could not possibly do good works with their lives, since only JA lovers do that. That is obviously what you meant since you give examples of actions that you find worthy. The ironic part is we could do all those actions and still "hate" JA's columns. But I guess you would prefer that the majority remain quiet in their objections. That sounds strangely familiar.

Do the terms "controlling", "apologist", and "self righteous" mean anything to you? That sums up how you come across in your response. JA is what he is. He is a non-intellectual version of a sports satirist that still feels important from stirring the pot against Fulmer. The truth is that he is no longer relevant or fed information from the UTAD. As a result he is reduced to writing rubbish, observations type columns that a small minority of KNS subscribers bother to read. Count yourself in that smug, snarky group.

Some of us have been KNS subscribers for many decades. We have seen the JA's come and go. He will not be missed when he goes by the vast majority of us that remain.

RoadTrip, you are, indeed, a trip. And one worth taking. You give the best description of Adam's writing and his follower's loyalty of any I have ever read. I respect the fact Adam's is entitled to say what he wishes to say and everyone else is equally entitled to their opinion regarding what he says.

I have never been hung up on whether he loves the Vols or hates them; he is not paid to be loving or cuddly. He is paid to write and do so in a professional manner. He offers us mindless drivel. To the point: since this opportunity to vent started to cost us, few chime in and a majority (I dare say) disregard his views as having any validity. This article: Fourteen comments? Please!

Technically, we should always cut him slack if he was (really) an OPED writer; he can say what he wishes. Problem is, we just never know; is this news? Is it an editorial? Is it satire? Is it just an ill-timed and long joke? All too often, a mixture of all...adding up to nothing.

Thanks for expressing it far better than I or most others could.