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Written on John Adams: Tennessee football is due a run of good luck:

The past is the past a little ruff of a past but it is over a done with. So much ready for the future starting this year. GO VOLS

Written on Butch Jones says he 'hopes to see everyone' at Aug. 17 practice at Neyland Stadium:

I like what Coach Jones is doing. I really hope he can turn around this mess we have up there. Keep up the hard work,we are dying to get back to the winning tradition. GO VOLS

Written on Butch Jones says players being 'transformed' in summer conditioning:

Hope he can transform them into TRANSFORMERS

Written on Saban's scheduled Tennessee appearance causes stir:

Saban is a very good speaker. He is not coming to Athens to stir up anything. Besides if their was any players in this area that he wanted he would get them

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

Well like we always say is always next year.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols were 'selective' :

As far as Vonn Bell goes. Glad he went to Ohio State. I just do not think he will pan out. I also think he went up there because he knows he is not SEC material.

Written on Top 25 class is possible for Butch Jones with a strong finish:

in response to billyvolsfan:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Its clear after reading your post. You are a person sitting around probably half drunk and Depressed. The BIG ORANGE will be back very soon,and when it happens hope none of us have to read where you are praising them.

Written on Top 25 class is possible for Butch Jones with a strong finish:

All i know is that if Vonn Bell does sign with UT that is great. He is a talented Athlete and even better kid. But i know for a fact he was not the best player on the team. Darrell Bridges was a better runner and he put the team on his back a carried them to the state finals. If you don't believe me look up his stats for this past year and you will see. I here Darrell may end at VANDY,if he does we all will get to see him very soon.

Written on Tennessee assistants to get 8.33 percent bonus for making bowl game :

Just get to a bowl game.If that happens they deserve a little pay bonus.

Written on Cuonzo Martin contacts SEC on how Jarnell Stokes is officiated :

I have to agree with some of the readers about coach needing to get fired up on the sidelines. But on the same hand Stokes needs to stop being a baby out on the court and act like he knows what he is doing. With a frame like that nobody should be able to move him on the court. He should be grabbing a TON of rebounds and putting them back up for points.

Written on In welcome letter, Butch Jones says parents of UT players can call anytime:

To me that is what is wrong with kids today. When a kid goes off to college they need to realize that mommie and daddy are not there. They are not in High School anymore. Grow up get an Education and become a Man or a Woman while you at UT.Parents calling a College Coach. Give me break. He can meet them when Recruiting them or on a parents day at the school. He has more important things to do than to hear why isn't my son playing enough,why are his grades dropping.Kids Grow up and get off your Mom and Dads coat tail.

Written on UT to honor Pat Summitt with banner at Thompson-Boling Arena:

The school will NEVER be able to ever so their appreciation to Pat. Everything she has done for the school and Women's Basketball will never be matched in any sport at any school.

Written on John Adams: Stokes, Golden performing better as a disappearing act:

Golden and Stokes are MIA right now,but will give Golden credit he does look like he is trying out on the court. Stokes on the other hand looks lost out there. Maybe he was just a flash last year and just isn't as good as we all were hoping he would be. Thanked God McRae is playing good ball right now. Hope hew can keep it up,but we will see on that.

Written on Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols looking for balance :

Stokes and the rest of this team need to get their act together and start playing ball.

Written on Tennessee football support staff will make $1.425 million in combined salaries:

Don't care how much any of them make.I hope they earn that money and get this program back to where it is suppose to be. Contending every year for the SEC title.

Written on Zach Azzanni starts at UT with nearly 'blank canvas' :

Hope they LOVE a challenge. This staff has a bunch of work to do. GOOD LUCK

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

Looks like it may be a long year for this basketball team. No unity what so ever,someone needs to step up and become the Leader.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

Bray will hold a clipboard. Hunter will see some time but i bet he will not go across the middle. Patterson will be alright,Sentimore will regret leaving needs one more year. They have all made their choice so all you can is ADIOS

Written on No pressure, just winning on Cuonzo Martin's mind entering SEC play :

Coach if you read any of this,just let them play ball. Keep on them about the Defense,but just let them RUN AND GUN ON THE OFFENSE END. Try to create your on version of 40 minutes of HELL.

Written on Terry Fair 'nervous, but extremely excited' to join Butch Jones' support staff:

That is great to get a former Vol in hear to teach this team about pride and leadership. Have not seen that around here in a long time.

Written on John Adams: SEC will be chasing Bama again next fall:

I think everyone will be in for a BIG surprise this coming year. May not win the east but we will contend for it. Players that are there will have a lot to prove and i think they are ready to prove it.

Written on Quarterback Tyler Bray selects agent Don Yee :

Who cares. Hope he makes enough holding a clipboard on the sidelines to pay for that agent.

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

Lets just hope Coach Jones has one hell of a plan. If he doesnt then lady and gentlemen it is going to be a long season once again. But we all do need to give him a fair chance. His first year is going to be mainly with all that Dooley has brought in to Knoxville.

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

Great glad he is gone. He will look good holding a clip board. He is nowhere near ready for the pro's or the Europe league or the Canadian League. He will be the next Ryan Leaf,(drama queen)

Written on John Adams: Cordarrelle Patterson will leave highlights, regrets behind :

I have to say lets be done with them all who think they are ready to go pro. I think all of them need a lot of growing up to do. Feel sorry for any pro team who drafts them. Peyton stayed 4yrs and we all know none of these fools are anywhere near the player he was at UT.

Written on Lady Vols catch another cold at Baylor:

Just a very bad night for the Lady Vols. Once that AMAZON WOMAN is gone from Baylor they want be all that.

Written on UT offers no-donation football season tickets:

That is nice of them to sell tickets without a donation.That is the least they can do after what has been put out on the field lately. My question is, these people who buy these tickets will the be asked first next year,and how much will the donation be then. GO VOLS

Written on UT men's basketball needs to push the pace to spur its offense :

Defense hasn't been that bad. Just need to start playing together better on the offensive end of the court. Hang in there the shots will start falling.

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

Would be nice to have both Tee and Jay Graham on this staff. Maybe they will help these group of players, to realize the importance of Tenn pride on and off the field.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

Did Tenn beat Cincy in 2011? Lets see we stunk then and he was the head coach of Cincy. So is he really that good of a coach for Tenn or good enough to coach in the SEC.

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

He is not who i would like to see come but give him a shot so he can get to work to try to restore order.

Written on Phillip Fulmer had 'the right influences' on way to Hall of Fame :

Congrats coach Fulmer. You ready to come back and get the big orange back up off the ground?

Written on Reports: UT has sights set on Charlie Strong; decision could come as early as Wednesday :

in response to 9willbesofine:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I just don't think this will be the right person for the job. True he is very good at coaching defense,but would his offense really work in the SEC.I will say it again go get Chris Peterson.

Written on Vanderbilt gives coach James Franklin new contract:

At the rate Tennessee is GOING,Vandy may be playing in the dome for the SEC Championship way before the VOLS. Franklin deserves the raise,has done and will continue to do a very good job.Wake up Tenn. and get a coach so we can start over once again.

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

NO NO NO. Please do not let Gundy be the new coach.I have said it once will say it again go get Chris Peterson From Boise State. We all know he can at least beat Georgia.

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

Go get Chris Peterson from Boise State. Give him 5yrs and this program will be back on top again. Probably would not take him that long.

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