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Do any of you football geniuses remember the transition from the single wing to the T? I sure do. It took more than a year. Offensive changes take time. This is particularly true when you have offensive linemen who are not smart enough to figure out the differences between left and right and inside and outside. I taught 10 year old linemen to flip flop so that the strong side guard tackle would be lineup up on the same side as the TE. While this did mean that they needed to know that instead of blocking to their right or left that they now had to block to their inside or outside, it also meant that only one tackle needed to learn the combination blocking with a tight end. Evidently, UT's linemen could not handle this difficult concept. Of course, Fulmer did recruit and sign them. But, then, he did that before he hired Clawson and tried to institute a system that required more thought than the guys he had previously recruited were capable for handling. Given more time, either these would have figured it out, the system would have been tweeked, or new players signed who could figure it out.

Your stooping to blaming the players is sad. Throwing Lincoln and now the whole offensive line under the bus just shines a light on how hard it is for some people to admit the truth. Fulmer was a former offensive coordinator. If anyone should have been able to identify a coach that his players could work with it was him. But this was just another example of his lack of attention to detail in those later years. Pine for Phil all you want but stop blaming 18-21 yr olds for his failures.

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John and a lot of people could put up a pretty good debate for what John is saying. But, Fulmer did not get the needed input and support from the UT (Hamilton) management. Since Hamilton did not have a true or established boss, he pretty much did as he pleased. Efforts to get salaries improved for his coaches were met with ire from the mini Bass Hog. The Fulmer Trinity which shrunk to the Fulmer Duo after the departure of Coach Cut to Mississippi, was left without the coveted QB vacuum that pulled in Manning and then Clausen. The latter coming due to Manning more than anybody else. There was not enough money being offered to capable QB coaches and other offensive coaches to draw them into the fold. Casey Clausen was the better of the Clausen boys by far...UT just did not have the coaches to coach him up. The other part of the Duo, of course, was Chavis, and he was able to hold up the defensive side for everything other than safeties and corner backs. He did get Eric Berry, but Eric could not do everything alone...some other good athletes were needed but did not show up. NOW, Fulmer, feeling secure, did not work at his job with the gusto and dedication that he did at first. I believe he felt everything was warm and fuzzy, and just decided to enjoy life a little. And, you can't blame him for that, he probably deserved a little sabbatical from the big time. On the other hand, had Hamilton provide a little more salary leverage for the football program, we would have had the proper offensive brain power to keep the gaskets from blowing on Vol Football. ACT enter Hamilton, who wanted to make a name for Himself and knowing that he had good support from the Haslams, started the refurbishing upgrades to Neyland and other PERMANENT STRUCTURES, which are several, But when the Phil firing and the Kiffen band aid did not hold water, the pressure was elevated by the Pearl swirls and the whole UT Athletic cassel exploded. Hamilton, now standing in the ashes picked up all the gold pieces and headed for the hills.

What I am trying to say here is that Fulmer is correct...but hold on...he did not do very well keeping his focus during the critical periods...he probably allowed himself to relax too much knowing that the mini Boss Hog was seeking a halo for himself and there was just not much he could do about it.

Can't you just here Paul Harvey saying:"now, you know the rest of the story."

No I can't. Fulmer was the head coach and responsible for the program. His assistants were the highest paid in the SEC at the time. He was the Boss Hog of football and he lost his edge in recruiting, coaching, and hiring. This story got written because he cannot admit the truth.

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Kelly Washington? You mean the guy that only stayed two years (only played the first), and had over 1000 yards receiving six years before Fulmer got fired?

Urban Meyer has owned everyone, everywhere he has been. If your list of qualifications for a coach includes out coaching Spurrier or Meyer at Florida, then your list of qualified candidates doesn't exist.

I would also remind you that the fan base was desperately calling for change when Cut left. They were sick of the "three yards and a cloud of dust" philosophy. Dave Clawsen had success before he came to UT, and he has had success since he left. Perhaps when he was hired it should have been expected there would be a transition period while shifting offenses. Or maybe we could look at Crompton who routinely missed WIDE OPEN receivers running 15 yard routes against UCLA which represents the only time I've ever thought a quarterback single handedly lost a game. Tajh Boyd has worked out pretty well for Clemson... think he could have been more effective than Crompton and Nick Stephens?

Fulmer has routinely acknowledged the things he feels he should have done better over the second half of his tenure. Acknowledging administrative turmoil is hardly throwing anyone under the bus. Fact of the matter is, roster attrition from coaching change and repeated poor hiring decisions are more to blame for where the program is than Fulmer ever was.

When Fulmer got fired he was one year removed from the SEC championship game and SEC coach of the year. UT was ABSOLUTELY NO WORSE THAN MIDDLE OF THE PACK at the point when he got fired. Now they have the dubious distinction, along with Kentucky, of recruiting well with a new coach expected to have a losing season...

You can argue all you want over if Fulmer SHOULD have been fired at the time. What you can't argue about is that hindsight shows that it has damaged the program.

There is no argument that the decisions that were made after the firing have hurt the program. But the tenure of the article was that CPF was fired because of the administration changes. He was fired for his performance.

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Read the entire article and his case is based on one pass route run against two different sets of defenders (1st vs 2nd ) in the rain. If CBJ chooses a QB based on that we will be pining for Doofus. I would imagine CBJ will look at more than just success of 10 yard out patterns in a practice.

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"But don't put all the blame for Tennessee's slide on his successors", Fulmer said.

Really Phil? Throw everyone under the bus and not take any of the heat. By your own admission you became complacent. You let the inmates run the asylum. (Kelly Washington ring a bell?) Sure some of the blame goes to Hamilton. But the downfall started under your watch, Phil. Urban Meyer owned you just like Spurrier did. When Coach Cut left, who was it that hired Dave Clawson? (the ClawFense...ahhhhhh) Man up Fulmer and shoulder some of the blame. Of course, we know its easier to throw others under the bus!

Excellent post. Hamilton and the presidents didn't coach or recruit. CPF and his staff did. I watched LSU with a second string QB and RB carve up a team that should have gone on to play for a second NC. But the team was not motivated and lost the opportunity. CPF had a great record at UT. But the whole staff got complacent and it caught up with them. But to blame people who had nothing to do with the team performance is a poor reflection on Fulmer.

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Nothing lame about winning--the post was just lame. Your logic seems to be, the women's basketball program has won a lot of games (fewer in the past few years), the men's programs have not done so well in the past few years, hence this woman should be made head trainer. Brilliant.

Fact is, the trainers for the football team deal with many, many more players, and they deal with a sport where the injuries and rehab are a lot more serious and in depth, and most importantly, their sport is the cash cow that finances all the women's teams, and she's ticked because they make more money than her. That's her beef. And you think she should be made the head trainer because women's basketball has done well in the win/loss column.

My logic is that I want a head trainer who gets the most out of the players that they work with. I want to pay for performance. That's the way people get paid in this society. Not by skin color, height, weight, who you know or who you sleep with. Performance. And the women's programs have out performed the men's for over a decade. That ain't coincidence. Its based on the skills of the people who manage the programs. And in college sports revenue is not the end all or be all so get off that train. I want winning programs and I want winners managing them. How you find that to be lame is beyond me.

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Whether someone is born that way has never been proven. What has been proven are people making choices to marry same sex partners and that's a sin according to the bible. Remember Sodom was destroyed over that choice.

Science has documented homosexuality in all levels of mammals. There are gay squirrels. Do you think that their squirrel scoutmasters tempted them into the life? If you hate her because of your religious beliefs fine. But her work performance has been better than any of the men. She deserves to be top trainer based on performance.
And that is how everyone should be judged.

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Outside of Jeffy and some of the other slimy trolls, this might be the lamest post I've seen on here.

I'm sorry what 's lame about WINNING. Oh you believe in everyone gets a ribbon. Sorry, life isn't that way.

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Oh " billyvolsfans" thank you for your enlightenment. Since I am not as smart as you I will wait till the season is over to judge.

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The Jones regime has done everything right thus far. Now we will find out if they can do the really important stuff- Coach. There is talent on this team. It needs to be coached up. The secondary is a concern but Smith and Walls both came here as top dogs. They need to be coached and show it. If we can get a pass rush I think the DBs will be ok.
We have the Oline to dominate everyone but ALA and SC. If we dominate the rest offensively and run well we should go 6-6 or 7-5. Even 5-7 with improvement week to week will show coaching talent. That is what I want to know. Can they coach em up?

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Congrats. Now go win

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She may have had a decent argument if women's basketball produced the kind of revenue that football does. But it doesn't, and to come out and whine about $102,000 a year to travel the country and watch sporting events is just plain stupid. It's great that Dave Hart is getting rid of the Moshak's and Debbie Jennings types that think they are entitled to things that they aren't. There isn't another school in the nation where they would have been the salaries they were being paid.

It is about WINNING. Not revenue, not who you know, not how nice you are, not what's between your legs. Its WINNING. So when you look at the very successful (WINNING) women's programs and then the SUCKING men's programs, the choice of head trainer is clear. A WOMAN.
Its about WINNING.

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Actually, i agree with most of this..

I really don't understand the hatred of the women's programs. They have more SEC championships and NC than the men and if it weren't for CPS and women's BB we would really be off the college sports map. UT men's programs have at best sucked the last ten years. Maybe Dancin' Dave needs to get some gay guys from alabubba to coach here.

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The minister of defense was vilified over those comments and they are the absolute truth. Sexual orientation carries more weight than racial equality and that's the way society rolls these days. For shame, America.

That either of you think homosexuality is a lifestyle choice is the saddest indictment yet of the American education system.
And I also fail to understand the tie in between sexual orientation and job performance. This woman has a couple of national titles under her belt. Do any of the men? Then she should be the highest paid. Remember winning is everything.

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The UK basketball program, due to their success, has a lot of power in the SEC offices when it comes to basketball issues. UK is the SEC's basketball cash cow and with that comes additional influence. If UK wanted the home/home setup this year with UT, it would have happened.

It's similar to football when the three teams with the easiest schedules since the SEC went to 12 teams in the early 90s are Bama, UGA, and UF. I don't think it's a coincidence that Bama has played Vandy more times in that time period than UGA/UF combined or that every time the SEC readjusts the scheduling format, UGA drops Bama and picks up a MS school (like last year).

Your conspiracy theory is funny but wrong. This is Mike Slime and his dream to change the SEC. In the process he is ruining great rivalries and trying to get us to embrace Mizzu and TAMU. Will never change the fact that UT and KY are BB rivals and as good as it gets in this conference.

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I am amazed that Dave Hart continues to allow JJ Clark to run these programs into the ground. When is this going to change or are we looking at the new UTAD?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Does anybody know what he is trying to say? Seems to me what he is relaying is that the Vols haven't done much the last few seasons,and he just came up with this crying front so he can wave a flag that says Tennessee Vols aren't very good any more with a silent "ya na na ya ya" built in. How are his hotel reservations that much relative to the news about the UT Football Team. We have Woodberry's blog (that doesn't work half the time) to give some insight about practice. But,one KNS article at 7 something AM and one at 6 something PM makes me wonder what the KNS people are really doing. I think there is some golf involved, I know there are three hour lunch breaks taking place. When do these people work and what do they do when they do work? The pair of Jacks don't have a clue either. I know they used to follow us around trying to catch us doing things we shouldn't.

The junior sportswriters and the clerks and secretaries have to work hard to fill up the sports page. Does anybody else out there feel like the KNS sportswriters need to KICK IT UP A NOTCH? I am not talking about the new young guys, Mike Strange, or Erin Chapin...these folks are great You know the ones I am referring what do you think?

Every time I read a John Adams column I am then assaulted with your critique of his article. And it is always the same critique. If you hate his writing so much then you might want to refrain from reading and especially commenting about it. Because if you think he is such a bad columnist you have no idea how bad you suck at commenting

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Ole Johnny ole, just couldn't resist throwing in that little comment about 2011 could you ole Johnny. I agree with one of the posters above, this is the last time I click on ole Johnny's drivel.

Promise? No comments either?

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It looks like John may be on his way out. He is now only getting comments from the stupid, lame ,and dumb. His bosses would surely like for him to get more but those of us who read and enjoy JA just get tired of the same group of losers making the same stupid complaints time and time again. Maybe JA has stumbled into the weekly meeting of the Tennessee Masochist Club. Only people who enjoy pain would continue to read a columnist that makes them so ill.

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More evidence that the purpose of college athletics is to transfer money from TV contracts and football season ticket purchasers to coaches. There's not a women's basketball coach in the world who can justify a $550,000 salary. How much revenue does Lady Vols' basketball bring in every year?

The purpose of college athletics is to give young men and women skills to make them more successful in life. Over 500 students are scholarship athletes at UT. Many could never afford that education without the scholarship. UTAD is a self funding operation that uses no tax money and exists on TV, ticket money, and donations. The education the student athlete gets helps everyone by producing folks who will be the leaders in their communities in the future. Don't like that? Don't watch.

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John, you may or may not have a point; but, you lost your credibility several years ago. You have been taking the easy road for a few years, was demoted, quickly let any coaching staff we have had in the last twelve years know that you represented the enemy. You are the most despised sports writer in Tennessee just barely ahead of the scornful and distasteful Climer who only attempts to be a sports writer. Just leave the rule making to the coaching elite and to people who don't have an agenda to destroy a collegiate sports team.

You have hurt the Vol Nation more than any other human. If that is your career goal, you are at the verge of success.

Why not retire and enjoy yourself with a bunch of Voodoo Dolls wearing the orange and white.

Every time I read a John Adams column I am then assaulted with your critique of his article. And it is always the same critique. If you hate his writing so much then you might want to refrain from reading and especially commenting about it. Because if you think he is such a bad columnist you have no idea how bad you suck at commenting

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With Butchie's up-tempo offense, and with Worley or Peterman at QB, it should be a banner year for interceptions in the East.

That's right, Murray's got one more year doesn't he

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John Adams? The sports writer who opined last year that Derek Dooley might soon be a hot commodity?

This is another article void of semantic content.


UT '81

And yet you read it and comment not once but twice. Go figure

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KNS, take a sample of 1,000 people around Knoxville and see how many positive responses you get regarding LK. In other words, we could care less what happens to him. SHAME ON YOU for printing such garbage.

And yet here you are commenting and reading the article. Learn from the experience. If you don't like something don't read, eat, use it. Then it will go away. But when a story gets 20 comments in an hour it is going to keep coming back. DUH

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If JJ really wants to improve Tennessee track he should resign.

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No matter how you stack it. No matter how good UT gets. Alabama will be a tougher game than most other teams in the East have to play every year. It is not fair. Is it courage or stupidity? I vote for the latter.

Think about this: UT plays 5 teams in the preseason top 11. Ohio State plays only 2 in the top 25, number 13 Michigan and number 24 Wisconsin. OSU's preseason rank is number 4. Do you wonder why?

Your reasoning might work if OSU or other Big Ten teams had won the last eight NC. But the conference with the toughest schedule wins it consistently. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The SEC is the toughest and so the top conference. So says the record.

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Congrats Mr. Adams. Hope you recover fully and quickly. And you still continue to amaze me. Not even Nixon could get so many people to read his stuff and then complain about it so loudly.
To the JA Haters-you do know that doing the same thing over and over while getting the same result is the first sign of mental illness.
Nice article Mike.

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He actually gave me a name as an example of what he was saying. It was a highly touted running back that went to Bama, who really wanted to come to UT. This guy is credible and spoke to me in confidence. If I told you who the man is, you would not doubt him, not one bit.

As far as the Gator reject, we both know there are schools above us academically and some that are below us. We benefit from some, lose to others. At the end of the day, I'll take the higher academic standards.

Name the player. I have heard this tale for years yet I have not heard a name. Until I do I will continue to doubt that it happened.

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My father went to UT in the 60s and he is as big of a Vol fan as you are. But at least he does not bury his head in the sand. My father tells it like it was and probably still is on the "Hill".

Back in the 60s my father tells the story about how the Vol football "players" would show up at the large lecture halls on test day to "fill out" their test bubble sheet, filled out the sheet then abruptly left the building 10 minutes later on their way out the door the Vol players were slapping high fives with each other while the real students struggled through the test.

My solution is to simply pay the players for their services and forget about corrupting the academic setting with that sort of garbage. Everyone know it goes on except apparently you.

Just Saying

I took classes with football players and that never happened. I have studied with them in the library and after classes and saw their results. Some of them were not brilliant but the old wives tales about all the cheating are just that. Tales. Do some cheat . Yes they do but it is not a wholesale happening. And like some just found out they will get caught.
If a free college education isn't enough tell them to go play arena league

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I spoke to a highly placed UT athletic employee 2 years ago who bemoaned the fact that our academic standards were too high, and we were losing top players to Bama, LSU, and others because of it.

BTW, that person is still there.

Academics should be emphasized, after all, they are "student athletes". UT should not be seen as a "football factory".

We shouldn't have to be Vanderbilt East, or compared to any other program. We should be building a reputation and legacy that will have other schools wanting to be compared to UT, on the field as well as in the classroom.

Ask your " highly placed UT athletic employee" to name one player who was rejected for academics at UT and went on to play for another SEC school. Then ask him to name an SEC school who admitted a academically rejected Florida player to play defensive line.

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The people above AD level who have said they wish to make UTK a 'top 25' university must bear ultimate responsibility. They have been like Elvis impersonators who thought they really were Elvis.

Hopefully, things are starting to get better now. They need to keep in mind that they can't hope to have a top academic teaching and reseach program at UTK if they can't even produce a quality footall team. The former is more challenging than the latter. Good luck to them and GBO!

Please explain to me how a quality football team helps to make a top 25 university?

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there are no upsets in TN sports. We lost the right about 9 years ago. TN isn't a sports school anymore.

Libertis was injured and is still suffering the after effects. They were the #1 doubles team most of the year. So it is an upset. And FU

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Does an outstanding job of teaching, recruiting, and managing. Echo the sentiments above about his tenure

Written on Vols rally in singles to beat Clemson 4-3, keep tennis season alive:

One of the most exciting victories for a Vol team in years. Great job CSW and players.

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if true then Martin had to know Golden wouldn't be back and could have kept Landry. Just makes Martin look that much worse.

He let Landry go because Landry was not going to play whether Golden was there or not. He did not improve and so CCM didn't want him. the right choice

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We should be able to get a good PG by selling them on an immediate starting job with an awesome front court. Come on Cuonzo, make it happen. We'll find out just how good a recruiter Mr. Martin is. It shouldn't be too hard.

This is May. Season starts in October. Name me three point guards with experience that are available for this fall. Or are you just FOS?

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The point that most fans are making is that Coach Martin and UT have possibly lost lot of integrity IF this decision proves to be a Cut. Everything we have read and seen indicates that Coach Martin told the Landrys it would be in their best interest to explore other schools. While it is true we dont have all of the facts, anyone with half brain can conclude it is highly likely that the Vols released him. IF this is in fact the case it does make UT look bad.

And you and every other a**hole who is complaining will be calling for CCM's head after the first loss. College athletics have things like this happen because of trash like you. So CCM decides that he is going to do what will be best for him and his team. But stop acting like you are so embarrassed and ashamed. You and fans like you caused this. Deal with it.

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Pat has been an outstanding coach. All lady Vol fans are proud of her and grateful for what she has contributed to the University of Tennessee. In return she was Very Well Compensated and has become a very wealthy lady and has received a boat load of accolades and trophies. Now it's time to stop and say "Thank you Pat, we love you, good luck." Someone at U.T. must say "enough is enough". It is inappropriate for U.T. to continue giving her student and tax payer's money.

There is no taxpayer money used by the UTAD. Please know what you are talking about before posting.

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in response to eb502us#225637:

Hart is obviously a Democrat and Obama fan.

Bigger gov't or in this case more spending when the coffers are bare is following the plan. Fiscal responsibility be damned!!

Hart will only get fired when a real accountant gets hold of the athletic dept. books. And then we'll be up a creek without a paddle. Sad.

You have no idea what you are talking about

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in response to GerryOP:

What TJ said.


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in response to pcshowtime:

For the last time it does not matter which sports make money and which ones lose money. not in court of law, not to the NCAA. No matter how many times people bring up mens football makes money womens sports lose money. It is still not going to amount to a hill of beans. It is what it is. So find a new argument.

Please, logic, common sense, and truthfulness will get you banned from this site in a heart beat. These posters do not want to hear any of that.

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in response to atnvol#283282:

Moral of the story is don't bite the hand that feeds you.

No moral of the story is you don't fire somebody who is suing you unless got a realllllly good reason. If you don't have that reason then double the initial award your stupidity was going to bring to the plantiff.

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I am a UT fan but this last group of BS about the Barn needs to wake some people up. Roberts should never be able to get a sports writing job again. This is the second time she has tried to throw a school under the bus and been proven wrong. AS for espn, they are just a sad remnant of what was a decent network. They have done this three other times and been wrong. You would think they would finally give up.

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in response to orangecountyvols:

A-men, Big Al.


Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

in response to abnerPeabody:

How do you know there is no supporting facts? Fact is, you ,like the rest of us know nothing aboyt what you say is fact.Have a good day.

The reporter in question has been asked for any back up she has and has not provided any.
That's how I know
Every player she quotes denies the story.
That's how I know
The player who says its true is under arrest for burglary and looking at a long prison term.
That's how I know
The reporter in question is the same one who said that the Duke lacrosse team raped a striper.
And that wasn't true either.
But if you read all of my post, I was saying that if it is true it is one program out of 130. And that the poster I was replying to was questioning all of college football. I was trying to make the point that one issue doesn't tar all of the sport. But the facts available say it is not true

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Why does UConn never get intimidated? Coaching. Why does Notre Dame not get itimidated...or Why was Louisville not intimidated against Baylor?

It has to be coaching...I rest my case.

I will answer you and all the others who replied to my post.

You can yell til you are blue in the face. If the players won't listen they will not listen. Even Cal learned this lesson in 2013 and actually pulled Griffin from a game and told him "I can't coach you" . Another example Kamiko Williams. Where did all this talent come from? She finally realized it was almost over. Pat couldn't reach her and Holly didn't for the longest time. The players were intimidated and no one can change that. Bottom line I believe the best thing is a coach who can coach. I would rather have a coach who is the best at X & O than a great recruiter. But this loss was on the players. This is the Elite 8. Not the first game against UT Chat. The coaches can put them there but they need to want it enough. There were no magic plays or a new defense that would have solved this. It was just play the game. And they didn't

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in response to go_vols:

It's not the team, its the coach. The Vols deserves better and a coach worthy to lead the best women basketball team ever.

Your stupidity is so glaring that it blinds me. This game was lost by the players not playing defense. They can play shutdown d because they have done it. They just got intimidated by UL and stopped doing what they were coached to do. Warlick is not the issue and you are stupid to think so

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in response to Mansonlamps:

Can we just admit that college football in general is a dishonest, fraudulent, morally bankrupt institution that doesn't deserve our support? I mean really, when are we all going to get our heads out of the sand and call a spade a spade?

Can we just admit this a story done by a no name reporter with no facts to back it up?
Can we just admit that even if true this is one program out of 130?
Can we just admit you want to tar a sport with no facts to see?

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

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From a previous article:
Warlick didn't want to get caught up in Walz's confusing defensive schemes, which even get his own players mixed up sometimes. She's counting on sophomore point guard Ariel Massengale to figure it out on the fly and get Tennessee in the right plays.

"We don't want to slow our game up trying to figure out what Louisville's defense is doing," Warlick said. "We want to continue to attack."Whoever can execute best will get another momentous win and, for most of the players, a first trip to the Final Four.

Enough said- NO coaching- leaving it up to the sophomore point guard???? Really????

Very dissapointed in Holly's approach to this for the lady vols will continue....just dissapointed in the lack of coaching and direction in the most important game of the season.

Are you really this stupid? Nowhere did Warlick say she was not going to coach them. She made the point of not worrying about which defense they were in just attack to the basket. Please take a reading comp course or two