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Over reaction by the Athletic Dept. Unnecessary. Do we have any common sense left in the UT Athletic Dept.? At least Hart is getting the idea about some of the ticket prices in the upper deck.

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I couldn't agree more that Fulmer deserved to be fired. He had too many ties to Tennessee, won but one pathetic national championship and turned in a miserable 11-6 record against my Dawgs. The UT administration did exactly the right thing in unceremoniously dumping that loser in order to unite the Vol fanbase and to insure your place at the top of the SEC. The GoVols faithful were spot on to demand that Phat Phil get the axe and your embracing of our Athens icon and namesake, Dooley, is living proof that you rank right up there with the Dawgs as one of the most knowledgeable fanbases in the nation . It's was, as a Dawg, sad to see how a bunch of trolls and Fulmerites were allowed to run Coach Dooley off.

This guy just nailed it.....

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The decision to fire Fulmer will go down as one of the worst decisions UT has ever made. The reason UT football is in the mess it is in now is because Fulmer was fired. John Adams is not a man you can take seriously. He has some type of personal vendetta. Phillip Fulmer was a great coach and a better man. The last time the UT football team graced the field in Atlanta was the year before he was fired. They have not been since and will not for a number of years.

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I remember when UT used to play a basketball game in Nashville at Bridgestone arena. Those were the good days. Maybe, if UT gets permission from Vanderbilt, they will come to Nashville again!

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Wow, must have been a really slow day over at the vandy camp and the Titans camp for Climer to be writing about UT. I stopped reading The Tennesean on a regular basis when the paper decided to stop covering UT. Climer may be a UT grad, but you would never know it. He must have wanted to get into vandy and had to settle for UT.

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Not everyone has a newspaper gig to pay the expenses to California, Nevada, or New York. Keep the bowls where we can afford to get to them.

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Martin needs to take this team to the sweet 16. If he does not get it done this year, UT needs to part ways.

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Climer is not clever, but if you read a few lines and close your eyes, you can see Climer laughing in the background. The Pee Wee Herman remark is right out of the John Adams journal of 'How to Sound like a Nerd when Trying to Inject some Humor.' We UT fans have Wiedmer, Climer, and Adams all working to belittle UT Sports. I would think that each of the guys mentioned cost us at least one 4 or 5-tar recruit per year. If a similar writer in Ohio would belittle Ohio State, the Dispatch would have them reassigned in Shreveport, Johnson City, and Corbin, Ky. Don't get me wrong and start telling me I want news through orange colored glasses...not true...I want factual news (good and bad)& (positive or negative)...I just don't want things construed into a clown face and waved directly at UT.

Very well said and very true.

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I was going to read Climer's column, but I had to get up and walk to the water fountain for a drink of water. Hope I did not miss something important.

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I have stopped reading The Tennessan and David Climer in particular. I have been a regular reader of the The Tennessean for over 30 years, but the sports section has become a real vandy rag. The new sports editor could care less about the Vols. Climer will not give you any insight just lazy opinion. Join the growing crowd and stop reading.

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Finally some class arrives in Tennessee

If this guy is class, put me down on the side of wanting more classless people in the world. Saban is a self-centered butt who treats other people like phooey.

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Let's give coach Serrano an opportunity to turn this program around. I think he will do it....

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This has been a tough year. Living in middle Tennessee with vandy baseball getting all the coverage, you would not know UT has a baseball team. I still believe that Serrano is the right man for the job and will get the program turned around.

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I like what I have seen from BJ so far. I like his determination to own the state in recruiting. He has to back up the talk with the recruits. It starts by beating out vanderbilt! Good luck on staying 30 years! Coach Fulmer was a native Tennessean who won a national championship and did not make it close to 30 years.

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Whew! I saved two hours of my life by turning off the game by the 7 minute mark. The frustration from TN sports is overwhelming. Dave Hart, hope you have a plan because your ship is sinking. I am sure I am not the only one that is getting tired of the results. One better, I live in FL and have to listen to these rednecks on how we suck and I can't answer back. TN fans are protected in TN. Step outside the state and see how we are regarded. Insert laughter here.

It is not only outside Tennessee. I have lived in middle Tennessee for most of my life and UT sports is in trouble here. Nashville is much more a Vandy town than it used to be. UT Athletic Dept. spends little time and effort here

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This is a bad team that is poorly coached. Their basketball IQ is low, bad shots, and too many turnovers. I am waiting to see if Martin can get the job done, but beginning to have doubts.

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Vols always do.

I just hope Conzo says something to the officials!

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UT misses Bruce Pearl a lot. He completley revitalized UT basketball.He actually believed Vol fans in Nashville matter. He brought his team to Bridgestone to play almost every year. Ah those were the days...

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Has Martin ever gotten a technical foul in his coaching life? I hate coaches who will not fight for their players on the court! Martin looks and acts like a coach who can't get the job done. The refs have to enjoy working UT hassle from the coach.

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The Vols are close to becoming irrelevant in their own state. I have been a UT fan in middle Tennessee for 40 years and I have never seen less interest in Nashville. The Titans, Preds, and Vandy is all we hear about in the media.

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Tennessee fired Rod Delmonico who was a big time winner and brought huge success to the Tennessee Baseball program

Tennessee also fire Phillip Fulmer who was a big time winner and brought huge success to the Tennessee Football program.

That is a pattern of Tennessee stupidity.

Just Saying

You are right on target. UT is reaping what they sowed. Having said that I think Serrano is the man to get the program back up and going.

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John Adams is a hypocrite. He helped push Fulmer out the door and now he describes why Fulmer should be in the Hall of fame. The decisison to fire Fulmer was one of the worst decisions made by UT in the history of its athletic department.

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This team sucks and this coach sucks.

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We still have the better softball team!

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I have no respect for UT season ticket holders who sold their seats to UK fans. The economy cannot be that bad, but UT fan loyality is.

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One of the greatest coaches of all time did not yell. John Wooden!!!!!!!

He is not John Wooden.

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Coach Martin needs to step his game up. Sitting on the bench the last 10 minutes of the AP game looking like he was not interested was ugly. Show a little emotion and act like you want to win! The AP coach was very intersted in winning, working his players and the ref. This is your program Coach Martin, act like it.

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All you Pearl lovers and I was one. he didn't leave much talent. Underacheaving Tatum, no major offer McBee and attitude Hall is what Martin inherited. So get off Martin's back and be postive for the future when Martin gets some talent in. Are they screaming for Ohio State's coach neck since they lost by a large margin to Kansas.

Your post works for Duke, but not austin peay.

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I was at the game on Saturday against AP. The team disappeared in the last 5 minutes and so did the coach. I can count on one hand the number of times that Martin left the bench in the last 5 minutes of the that game. The lead is slipping away, the AP coach is working his players and the refs, and Martin sits there with the rest of us watching. A little emotion and fire would be helpful coach. It is your program as well as your team.

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I have been to all the home games this year except Georgia. vandy will beat UT by 10 in 2 weeks. I hate it because living in middle Tennessee we are going to hear about it, unlike you fans in east Tennessee. This is a bad football team that can't run the ball and may very well lose the next 3 games.

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I am hoping for a winning record and a NIT bid..that will be as good as it can get this year. We are going to miss Pearl, but he did bring this on himself. Not sure we should have fired him though. A wounded Pearl may be better than what we have. The program could take a huge step back.

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At least we may have another 6-6 football season and a trip to the Music City Bowl to look forward to.

Unless UT can find a quarterback quick, I don't think there will be 6 wins.

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Not a bad post for a Vandy dude. I really don't think you're near ready to beat us in football...Martin's done a heck of a job so far in recruiting I think. The talent he came up with plus the returns at least will be entertaining. We'll be tough at home still and may take a few tough ones on the road. We'll see. Vandy's always overrated in bball. Although you do have the talent. I do admit to liking Vandy...3rd-5th on my list depending on how well their chances look time tourney. UT, Georgia, Vandy would be my next hope if they're looking good. So not everyone on here is Vandy haters. I just prefer UT.

Never have been a vandy fan, not a vandy fan now, and never will be a vandy fan......

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Living in Nashville, there is no doubt vandy athletics is on the move. vandy is winning more games in basketball and baseball than UT and I will not be surprised if they upset UT in football this year. I hope better days are ahead. The name of the game is recruiting and Martin is going to have to step it up if he is going to be successful.

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If UT loses a kid they have offered from Memphis to vandy, that is not a good thing. We are not excatly blowing the doors off of vandy in any sport. Not good days for UT fans in middle Tennessee.

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I have always respected and liked Don Devoe. He was a good coach and appears to have run a class program. In this case, the class thing would be to say nothing publicly at all.

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We will miss you Bob. Thank you for all the good memories and standing up for the Big Orange in Nashville.

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I have great respect for Coach Fulmer. I think UT would be better off in many ways if he were still coach. John Adams did not serve himself well with this column. His comment that he was right about Fulmer being fired was out of bounds. A little too much ego.

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It is crazy to offer a 13 year old a commitment to a college football scholarship. I hope the NCAA gets involved in this type of recruiting. There should be a NCAA rule prohibiting a scholarship offer until the junior year. That would protect both the kid and the school. On the other hand, I guess I should be happy that UT offered someone a scholarship that was not from Pahokee, Florida.

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Thank you Coach Fulmer for winning with such class. You will be missed by many and maybe sooner than we think. You were a good coach and a better man. And you were even a native Tennessean. That's why you loved this university and this state.

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I was at the game as well. The play at first base was a bad call by the umpire. The UT player was safe and Raleigh was right to argue. I did not see the umpire begging the coach to go back to the dugout, in fact Raleigh was walking away when he was tossed. The win was sweet since MTSU was dedicating their stadium and also trying to play their way into the NCAA. I think they jacked the ticket prices for the game but what else is new for UT games.

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I must be old school. I don't like a loud mouth player or coach, and I don't understand tearing your shirt off. Hard to imagine Coach Fulmer, Majors, Neyland, Bryant, or a lot of other coaches acting like our new coaching staff.

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My dad and I were at that game. We drove over that night from Nashville and bought two of the last 200 tickets. We sat in the next to the last row in the end zone. It is a good memory of a night with my dad who is no longer living. TB is a great place to watch a ballgame. Tuesday night I will be in the Sommet Center to watch UT play Marquette again. This time it will be my son setting next to me. Go Vols!

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I believe Kelly would have been the best choice as the next UT coach. He is a proven winner. With that said, I wish Kiffin the best.

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Add me to the crowd who feels the ambush was not only coming from the Alabama lawyers, but from the Tennessee media. Geoff joins Joe Biddle of the Nashville Tennessean and John Adams of the KNS who believe that Coach Fulmer brought this situation on himself. It's a sad day when the media would rather crucify the coach who is trying to clean up a bad situation.

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Congratulations coach. You represent your state and university well.

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vandy blowing the national bowling championship is very disappointing. That explains what those highly paid vandy graduates do in their free time....

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Way to go Phil. You have the support of many in the Vol Nation. Thank you for the way you represent our university and our home state.

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I have followed and supported UT football for 38 years. And I still do. I have met and talked with Phil Fulmer on numerous occasions. I think he is a good man and a good coach. I am not happy with the number of players in trouble in the last few weeks. Coach Fulmer needs to crack the whip with his team. I still trust him to do that. The problem with the column is that the messenger lacks integrity. I decided some time ago that John Adams was more interested in taking personal shots at Coach Fulmer and the football program. His call for Fulmer to be fired is really a non-starter. It will create a lot of comments and that is what Adams is interested in.

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The state of Tennessee will stand with the VOLS! Kick some tiger butt.....