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the premium tailgaiting spot is atop G10. Go Josh and Brad!!

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hermann, cronan "can't recall", "unaware". we should be accustomed to this response from our "leaders".

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missed free throws in several games,and not finding an open kenny hall vs georgetown at end of game cost us. gotta win a game on road vs big 10, east, or acc to validate any sec record, I guess.

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I agree..We had 6 highly rated recruits in TN this year..Martin landed one..One went to Marquette and as usual the rest landed at Memphis..Martin has failed to make any head way with all these top notch west state kids

?? HIBBS. We have little history signing top players. We are about to have two on team. A real point, add Hibbs and Maymon, and we might just be very good. Everyone seems to have forgotten that last year's team was picked 11th, yet finished tied for second. Hard to do that with bad coaching.

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he must have a FT routine. His more recent version had some hope, as it was smoother and used his knees, etc. The freeze mid-shot technique had no chance.

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shocking, shocking, I say.

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Tee Martin turned down his alma mater to stay with these no class losers. Wow, says a lot about his character too!

I think it says that he couldn't convince his "singer" wife to move. H. I. doesn't wear the pants in that family.

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Not a close call for me. Alabama is a member of the SEC as is Tennessee. You are judged by the level of competition in which you compete. No Question on my mind at all. ROLL TIDE!!!

Let's not get that excited. I thought that I would pullfor N D as I left the Ga/ Bama game. Many bama fans behaved with somuch less class than the ga ones. But, after hearing the bloviating since, I must pull for ND to lose. Will not, however, be enthusiastic.

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Kentucky was flat out cheated by paid for refs many times in that dump of a building, and the master cheater was Ray Mears and his stupid orange jacket and unicylists. Good Riddance, the property will be better served as a parking lot.

Just Saying

All Ky has ever had was hoops, and when a game is lost, scarred for life. 6-19, bitter to the end.

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The Butch Jones hire is a definite upgrade in my opinion. His pluses are:
1. He has an overall winning record
2. He has to be a fairly good recruiter, and
3. Most importantly, he brought a good portion of his Cincinnati staf with him.

If you recall, when Derek Dooley took over the UT program had to form a staff from ssistants of which he had little personal knowledge. Perhaps that had something to do with the inconsistency in his game plans, lack of ability to make signifcant halftime adjustments, and the exit of so many assistants after Coach Dooley's (Derek not Vince) second year.

Butch Jones loses some points for not being able to bring Tee Martin on as a key Asasistant/Recruiter. He also has to deal with a host of commitments of high school athletes who may not be able to perform at the level necessary for SEC competition. According to Scout 4 of those commitments have become "soft." Of these, Ben Badley, Jason Carr and Dan Skipper appear to me to be the "soft commitments" of consequenses.

Riley Ferguson, Paul Harris, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, and Austin Sanders seem to be best suited for SEC performance. Consquently, with less than 8 weeks from National Signing day this recruiting class may end up as a "wash." This will not be the fault of Butch Jones. The finger needs to be pointed at Coach Dooley(Derek not Vince)Dave Hart and a cast of thousands of UT Administrators and Board Members. Coach Butch Jones also is looking at the prospect of losing his top three playmakers (Bray, Hunter and Patterson) to the NFL whether they are physically/ mentally able or not. Therefore, I believe UT could be looking at a third 5-7 season but Butch Jones is the type of coach who deserves at least 4 years due to the first three points I listed. He may not ultimately be the Coach who can take UT to the BCS championship but I believe he will get UT on the road to that goal.

On the right track. Tubs not right for us at this time, and Petrino can go 12-0 at wku and I'll still be happy we passed.

Spoke with a father of one of Jones' Cincy players; he said we would be very pleased.

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Willie Martinez? Not sure this is a good hire.

As I stated several hours ago, he is a very good DB coach, just wasn't a good coordinator.

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hopefully, Jancek will do well. W. Martinez is a good db coach, but he is not a coordinator, and, hopefully that won't be his position with us. Van Gorder does well if he has decent players. Entire defense at auburn was like our dbs. I don't think Jones is hiring him.

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Actually I think it's called Dale Hollow Lake. Sorry for the confusion. Beautiful country!

Dale Hollow Lake = Smallmouth Capitol of the World!

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Maybe he will surprise me. Has appeared S L O W this year, and has taken poor angles. Hard for a freshman to excel with no db on-field leadership.

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Good game all around. Need to hit FTs better though. Stokes will shoot a lot of them, but the pause before shooting breaks his rhythm. He needs a better routine. I thought Moore looked pretty capable.

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probably not much worse than Ky 2011, another stellar moment.

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Let me help you with your article for tomorrow:

Quarterbacks F
Running backs F
Offensive Line F
Receivers F-
Defense (all) F
Coaching F- (one minus really isn't enough.

Poll Will the annoucement be made Sunday or Monday?

Running backs B

Most embarrassing loss in my 44 years of attendance, with the possible exception of North Texas State game. Totally clueless

A true vol fan NEVER is glad to lose to vanderbilt in anything.

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Last year's team started slowly. They finished tied for second in conference. We lost Tatum, a nice kid who played well occasionally (esp. his final game vs Vand.). Maymon is out, and I doubt everyone else has gotten worse.

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Funny you should say that since most of the folks, (even Dooley supporters) felt the same way Bray did when Dooley quit on him with 35 seconds left in regulation. Not too many coaches would pull a stunt like that with the offense we have.As a fan who has waited patiently for 3 yrs for Dooley to fix the problems and get this team running on all cylinders, I knew at THAT very moment that no matter what the final score he would never have confidence to lead the Vols to victory. How can you possibly expect these players to have confidence in their coach when he shows NONE in them during a key moment of the game. The is not the first time ive seen coach Dooley make this kind of decision, nor is it the first time ive seen Bray disappointed by a play call, but I sure dont think he was showing no respect for authority, in fact he had to go out and produce for 3 OT, thats alot of pressure when every call was a passing play. It was tough enough to watch, I cant even imagine how much pressure the kid was under.Yet here you are putting this on Bray. Unbelievable !

agree totally. i was hanging in there with Dooley until the fourth quarter decisions, esp. late to quit. Agree with Fuad Reveiz' assessment that that was unacceptable and indefensible. Ironically, if we had played to win and remembered the running game earlier in the fourth quarter, one more first down would have won, allowing 21 points with the best defensive showing since NC state.

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These guys will play their hearts out to win for their beloved coach.

We will beat Vandy and Kentucky. Go to a bowl game and beat a crappy ACC team.

We win 7 games. Dooley gets another year.

We fire Sal and bring in Chavez. Our offense is great we just need a defense and a kicker.

Go Big Vols!

Orange For Life!

"some say that I'm a dreamer"

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I expect good games all the way though this tourney. Asheville will not be a push over like some think. I believe though we have potential to win the whole thing. Golden is playing fine early but maybe a little tentative.

Speaking of Washpun it looks like we have a back up point now. Personally I thought Washpun would be good. I guess he was just a dunker. Athletic with nothing else much. We get a lot of those players at UTC. I really like our new players though.

We'll hopefully find out a little bit this tourney. Should we be ranked? I think so. I'd guess somewhere around 15 or so this early. We'll see.


Washpun was not very athletic and handled the ball poorly for an sec point guard. It quickly became obvious he was out of his league.

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not good for lady vols, but I am happy for Wes Moore. He is a great guy, and a very good coach.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

If the staff was as bad as some continue to remind us, we never would have been in it for these type of recruits. The hypernegativity is driving them away.

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Dooley is the head coach which means he should be overseeing all of it. Offense has improved from Fulmer's last couple of years but it is no better than what Kiffin had at least we had a legit running game then. But the special teams statement if laughable i mean our whole kicking game is the worse i have ever saw. Palardy and Dahr were supposed to be top notch talents but they have gotten worse every year.The return game is decent because of Patterson not Dooley.

We couldn't cover a kick, catch the ball, or block for anyone 2-3 years ago on special teams. Our running game is one special player ( and before Kiffin we always had at least one) away from being very good. Our O line is maturing nicely. Our dbs/defensive schemes +/- coaching are holding us back tremendously. Winning football being played otherwise. If we didn't give up 40 a game, an occasional offensive mistake and scoring 30+ a game would suffice.

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unfortunately, about 50% of UT "fsns" are ignorant. Dooley works with offense and special teams, which have improved in each of his three years. Our players' conduct has consistently improved as well. Defensively, we play tougher and have more depth along the line. Linebackers play hard, and some are good, some out of position, and no depth. Are DBs just that bad? Would they be better with Lanier and Randolph? Would they perform as though they knew what they were doing with a different set of coaches or schemes? If so, are Sunseri, et al Dooley's or Hart's hire? Those are the questions on which to base an opinion. Furthermore, to totally declare this set of Saban assistants are bad is to imply he can't judge coaching talent. Unless you have (another) coaching darling, but this time proven, and $$$$$, we MIGHT be better off supporting most of what we have.

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vandy being vandy! Just like when they didn't apologize for taking out our lineman at midfield last year (cost them the game, however), or injuring our band members deliberately in 1985. Classy

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Don't believe Todd Kelly played DB - Outside Linebacker if I recall correctly. Maybe someone is looking ahead?

defensive end

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Drugs. Of course. No big shock. Why don't they just come out and say it!?

because it might just be that he was stupid enough to hire an agent.

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He played against us in h. s., then we were at UT together. Makes me feel old. What a great player, and hard hitter (in hs).

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After reading the rest of the story. This guys needs serious help. Good job by UT in discovery this. Thats some sick stuff.

I agree. Sounded like he needed help before we got the details. We really didn't need to know these details.

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great for all. I work with Todd K., and he is a real good guy, as well as a great pass rusher. Loved the take down of the flustered gators!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

we all screw up, but a true Christian tries to do better and really is ashamed of any time he/she sets a bad example.

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Typical East Tennessee homophobic reaction. Typical UT reaction to expected local homophobia. Just another example of downward mobility from the Knoxville backwards movement in today's society. How sad. Ruined a mans life for the sake of conservative values. I am ashamed that as a graduate of UT that it resides in such an ultra nonprogressive community. No wonder Knox is the laughing stock of the state.

you might be the laughing stock, if not so sad. If there were inappropriate innuendos, and I do not know, toward student athletes of any sex, that would be inappropriate in any context.

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This girl is not just someone half his age, she was employed by Ark, and this gives the whole situation a more serious angle. They will have to fire him.

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I will no longer read one of David Climer's articles ever again.

I am sorry you have been sucked in this long.

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in response to BigBadVol:

Some of you bashing Climber didn't read the article. He didn't say anything disrespectful. In fact, he heaped praise on her which she deserves. I hate most of his articles but this one was simply his opinion. I love Coach Summitt but he is right. It's time for the legend to take her place as the greatest basketball coach in women's history. I would love for her to be in the stands enjoying a game watching the program she built.

just commenting on this topic authoritatively is in bad taste.

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in response to FearlessFreep:

Umm, that's his job.

And in this case, his message happens to be spot-on.

I'm guessing those posting with venom didn't actually READ the article.

it's climer. he hates UT. while some may agree with his expressed thoughts, she has earned the right to deal with this with her staff and administration. We should accept and support. None should publicly dictate in this situation. There are other topics he could address.

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It would be interesting if CCM had Hall and Stokes at post and PF and slid Maymon out to the wing, to have all three in at the same time how would opponents match up?

a sagging zone

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finally....good and deep front court for next season. could have used him against ole miss in the tourney and mtsu.

If he would have played against the ole miss black bears, there would not likely have been a mtsu. But proud of CCM's handling. We don't need to know everything.

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I love Martin, but there are times that a ZONE would neutralize mismatches; at least as a change of pace.

Written on Jeronne Maymon has knee surgery:

tough young man. too bad we forgot he and stokes were playing last 7 minutes.

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I agree with coach Martin in that one bad ref call isn't what cost the team the win. However, since we are talking about that call, here is my 2 cents worth...

Anyone else notice that the ref was already signaling Ole Miss ball before the ball hit the ole miss player in the face? I saw it on one of the replays that in the right hand corner you can see the ref's arm extenting before the ball hit the player's face.

My guess is the ref was guessing since Richardson had already done this a couple of times where he knocked the ball out of bounds.

One other thing, I've noticed in other games there have been several "questionable calls" and most of the time the refs got together to make a decision. Where was the ref get together then?

Exactly. He was assuming, not watching. Just lazy officiating. Definitely cost us a chance.
I love Cuonzo, but some ZONE would have taken away their Summers on Golden matchup for a while, and that might have won the game.

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in response to Bigger_Al:

Day by day. Would be good to have the big body, but opens the door for Miller to get PT. And Miller can shoot the J.

overall, Hall is much more valuable at this point than Miller and/or Yemi. He plays hard and is very good defensively. He was awesome the last home game in which he played.

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in response to VOLsince68:

Uh, have you watched him play??

I'm not saying he is a bad player, but he is definitely not a good one. Besides, we looked better last night without him. Not saying that was the reason, but we did look better nonetheless. I just hope they keep this momentum up.


Hall had been playing quite well the last few games. Very good defensive footwork, effort, rebounding, blocks, and, a little offense. Really not a good time for this.

Written on Skylar McBee scores 18; Vols fend off South Carolina, 69-57 :

Great effort by kenny hall, in particular. Good footwork, rebounding, interior quickness. Really impressed me last night.

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in response to HtownVol:

Tennessee is so bad at passing.

I would love to see the guards feed Maymon and Stokes the ball.

I loves Nesslar say "a dog is gonna eat if you feed him or not" in reference to Maymon not getting fed the ball and scoring off of rebounds only.

Tatum was as bad today as he has ever been.

Somehow UT wins going away.

It would just be so much better if we could get the bigs the ball and when the double team comes they could feed the open man (unless it is Tatum, shooting the way he was today).

Golden looked very bad driving the ball today. 4 times he was in the paint and turned it over or was blocked.

If only UT could pass the ball better.


Different team at home.

Tatum played well vs. Uconn, so he is only 3 games away from another good offensive performance. He actually played well defensively vs auburn, but had no confidence offensively.

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I hope he is doing some evaluating as the year progresses-please CCM,Don't wait till the end of the year,and how bout encouraging Washpun to drive to the basket ocassionally,think he could get above a few people and score.

he would fumble the ball. Have you seen him play?

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I read it too. We were and are predicted to not do well in the conference. We have done better than people thought. We are making a zig zaggy progress that comes with any young team.
We are playing without a trained point...a coupla wings that are great one game and horrible the next. Martin has to get them to play consistent...great every game. NO one expected Maymon to play as well as he does. No one thought that Richardson would even see action this early. Washpun is a pleasant surprise I think for the next few years if he can find an offense.
No we're not where we want to be but like Mikey K. at Duke, it will take time to build a program.
Personally I don't want to see a few teams with the "one and dones" taking over college ball. In fact I would pull for Vandy to win the NC over the likes of Kentucky. I'll certainly be glad to see some "talents" like Stokes to come in here. But my hope is they get an education as well as play ball. This NBA farm league doesn't appeal to me at all.
Just a personal slant. I don't blame Calipari or any players to go for the money. But I'd like to see some rules that would make a player have to sit out of the draft a couple or three years before he can draft. Like I saw someone post on another thread I'd like to see them allow a player to go where he wants out of high school but if he signs with a college then he'd have to hold off a couple years anyhow for the NBA. I'd also Like to see (off the top here) collegere sign players who don't make NBA, with former schools having first shot of course.
Oh well. What is, is.
Point is that no one is satisfied including Martin. Not your best post there IC. I don't mean that as an attack 'cause I too have had some silly responses.

I like your optimism, and I, too, feel good about the big picture with Martin. Washpun, however, is only occupying a scholarship. Can't shoot or handle ball. Not good qualities of a PG. Maybe he can improve, but....

Written on Mike Strange: Vols have to zig-zag before straight-line success :

in response to BrassMonkey:

Still poorly coached. Not a tourney team by any means. Our basketball and football programs need to be the next houses to receive an extreme makeover.

comforting to know that you have the answers.

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Man, that was frustrating to watch. That was a gift from UConn. We were inept. They were more so. So many of our players are turnover machines. We get the ball stripped over and over and over. Golden loses the ball almost everytime he penetrates. Maymon has the lowest ball release of any "big" man I've ever seen. Every shot seems more like a prayer. That constant, irritating clanging sound is all of our free throws banging against the iron. I don't know how CCM maintains his patience and composure. You can tell he's frustrated at times. And yet, despite all this, we somehow won, even though the crowd didn't really believe it was possible until the horn sounded. Even then, they had to look at the scoreboard again just to make sure. I'll take it.

agreed that FT shooting was horrible, but great D and toughness won game. We had ONE turnover in 2nd half. Not sure we attended same game.