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It is somewhat odd that they drew attention to the library, which admittedly is not of particular merit, but interesting, and said nothing about the carbuncle of incongruity that is the College of Architecture and Design. Go figure.

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Several comments:
1. Good job by Palardy -- not that he hit all his kicks and punted well - but for the effort he put forth trying to stop those long returns of his kick-offs and punts that his inept teammates whiffed on.
2. Just before halftime, Jacquez Smith made one of the few nice plays he has made since he came to Knoxville, but instead of collecting themselves, refocusing and dedicating themselves to stopping Auburn, the defense incurred a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct while acting like a mob of uneducated, undisciplined barbarians. So, instead of going into the half down by just 7 points, we got behind by two touchdowns. We promptly came out after the half and folded out tents.
3. Good job by Rajjon Neal and Marlin Lane who ran well. The offensive line will probably get a lot of credit for this, but what I saw was a lot of gutsy, hard work by the two tailbacks when there was not much (if any) hole to run through.
4. Still backing Butch and wish him well. The players just didn't buy in and give much effort in the second half today.
5. Speaking of Butch, he is one of the few coaches who can go into a young recruits home and promise him he can come to UT and start as a freshman next year. All coaches say this, but given the talent level of this team, Butch can really mean it. In my opinion, the only player who should not have to worry about his starting position next year is Marquez North and that includes Richardson if he comes back.
6. Sadly, it appears that Missouri, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Vandy are moving forward. Since we almost beat Georgia and beat the Gamecocks, we are going in the opposite direction.
7. I'm still backing Butch and can only suggest that he recruit, recruit, recruit. We need speed, maturity, and young men who are not worrying about their NFL draft status and willing to lay it on the line for Tennessee. GBO

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Former Tennessee commitment Tajh Boyd broke the ACC record for touchdowns yesterday. Lane Kiffin told him he was 'not a good fit for Tennessee's offense', so he went to Clemson. Kiffin -- the gift that keeps on giving.

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Didn't expect to win, although I thought we could keep it close into the fourth quarter. Very disappointing. Last year, we matched them point for point with one of the worst defenses in the history of the program and lost in overtime. Obviously, they have gotten a lot better and we have gone in the other direction. Don't get me wrong, I still back Butch and I thought young Dobbs did OK for his first time as a starter. I do think it is time for the TV announcers and pundits to stop calling our offensive line 'one of the best in the country'. If they want to see a great OL, they need to look at Alabama and Missouri, although Richardson probably does lead the FBS in false starts and lining up in the backfield. You know you are in trouble when your best player is a true freshman (North). And our linebackers (Johnson and Sapp) have worked hard all season. When you have to start a true freshman at QB, all the other players need to kick it up a notch, and unfortunately they didn't. We need to get ready for Auburn -- another big test. Not giving up, just disappointed. GBO

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Attention: Pig Howard
When you go to class on Monday, stand up tall and hold your head high! Hundreds of thousands of Vol fans -- those who went to the game and those who watched on TV -- appreciate the effort you put forward to make a play. We win and lose together. Thanks to your effort and the play of your teammates, we came very close to beating a really great football team. Your time will come and it will be sweet! Just keep listening to your coaches and keep building brick by brick! Go Vols!

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The gift that keeps on giving.

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It is important that the team remembers just how close they came to losing this game. And what ever happened to the massive, experienced offensive line with all these first round draft choices. You know, the one that hangs-out together and eats together, and all that warm-fuzzy stuff. Maybe they better talk about how they are going to protect their quarterback and make some holes for the running backs. A win is a win, but this was a pitiful effort against a second-tier program. It's a good thing we don't have to play any more tough teams, like Alabama or Georgia or South Carolina.

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in response to GerryOP:

How many points did Justin Worley let Oregon score? Actually, he and UT did better against UO than anyone else has done this year! Worley reminds me of Jon Crompton ... who turned out OK! Go Vols!

GerryOP - Good points. As I recall, Worley won the job fair and square. In many cases, our vaunted offensive line was blocking the Oregon rush 5 on 3 or 6 on 4 and they still brought pressure. Let's give this young man a chance to settle down and become the QB we all want him to be. As I recall, it was our defense that watched Oregon sprint down the field to score a point a minute. I would suggest that the Ducks have their team picture made facing backward since the only view most of their opponents will see of them will be elbows, arses and heels. Go Vols.

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Might I suggest that we do not play Oregon in the near future? The Ducks simply play the game of football with a velocity, tempo, level of talent and degree of legerdemain that most of us have not seen heretofore. I hope the Vols will not get discouraged. They played hard, certainly up to the limits of their of talent and coaching. They were just up against a phenomena they did not and could not understand. Who knew? It will be good to get back to playing some easier teams, like Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, etc.

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I got a tattoo that covers my entire upper left arm while in my twenties, which by the way, signified a great change in my life. I thought it through for months and decided on my design. I am now 58 eight years old and I am as proud of it today as the day it was made. I would say I respect your thoughts about the matter but I doubt if it would matter, as I am sure by your comment you don't respect anyone that doesn't share your view points. That being sad, get over it! The Vols have a new alt. uniform! If you don't like it, become a BAMA fan.

Orange Power T - My comment was not aimed at you. You were obviously older and considered your decision carefully. If you are still proud of your tattoo, that's great. It is my opinion, however, that a 17 or 18 year old kid probably does not have the maturity to make a decision of this magnitude. It has been my experience that the World War II veterans I have known who got tattoos regretted their decision to a man. Your decision to get a tattoo is your business. Although I do not want one myself, I do not disrespect you for having one. You and I probably do have at least one thing in common -- becoming a Bama fan is not an option. Go Big Orange!

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Although I am not a fan of the new uniforms, I am giving Coach Jones a pass on this one, simply because I think he is going to be very good for our football program. It would be nice if the new uniforms had long sleeves to cover up the tattoos of our two young quarterbacks. It is disappointing that they are not mature enough to realize how much they will regret defiling their bodies ten or twenty years from now. I hope they will not be as rash and careless with the football when the score is tied in the fourth quarter and they are faced with third and nine from their own ten yard line.

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Our team has been in a shambles since 2008? What difference do the uniforms make?

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There is a misconception that this team needs a great quarterback to have a successful season. Does anyone remember Jim Maxwell and Darrell Dickey? They were not great quarterbacks, but they led the team to successful seasons. A good quarterback just needs to provide leadership, take care of the football and minimize the mistakes. Go Vols!

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You say this is a good decision for UT. It is a great decision for Jarnell! As AWESOME as this kid is, he has a long, long way to go before he is an NBA caliber player. He needs to work hard on a 15' jumper and learn to shoot free throws. Sometimes he looks like he is in a daze. He will be a great player, but he is a work in progress.

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This is a great decision by this young man --both for Jarnell and for UT. It shows a level of wisdom well beyond his young years. If he will work on a 15' jumper and get to the point where he can make 75% of his free throws, the sky is the limit for him. Congratulations, Jarnell. Great choice.

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Attention: Marlin Lane
Regardless of what you did or did not do, and regardless of how you feel today, and regardless of how you view your situation, you are better off returning to the team. You should talk to Coach Jones and get everything out in the open and squared away. If you do not like the coaches, if you do not like the University of Tennessee, if you think you have been mistreated, or if you are embarassed by what you have or have not done, come back and talk to the coaches. Put it behind you and get back with your teammates. Work hard and do your best. Play by the rules. Shoot straight with your coaches and teammates. Then, at the end of next football season, if you just don't like it at UT, you can transfer to some other school. At least give yourself a chance to improve, play some football and earn everyone's respect. Don't go down the road of so many other athletes who have messed up and quit. You will respect yourself for working hard and everyone else will respect you. Most people make mistakes when they are young. You are no different. Get back with your teammates, work hard and things will work out for the best. I speak from experience. Best of luck to you whatever you decide.

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The boys from Mercer are probably celebrating right now in the finest dressing room they have ever seen. In the other dressing room, Cuonzo is still probably trying to figure out why we didn't get into the NCAA tourney.

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We can either fold our tents or we can figure out how we are going to beat Baylor. Someone needs to decide.

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Team did not deserve to get in. It is a shame Maymon was hurt. It is difficult to imagine how good Stokes could have been with Jarrone in the game at the same time -- and vice versa. Although Stokes is certainly going to be a great player and can dominate at times, he still seems bewildered sometimes. If Stokes and Maymon can play together next year, and if McRae is around to do his thing, and if Golden and Josh can be consistent, next year's team has a good chance of not only getting into the NCAA, but going deep into the tournament. I am also looking forward to watching some of the younger guys develop. Cuonzo did a good job getting the team back on track. It appeared that they were assuming Maymon would be back, but when they realized they were going to have to go with what they had, they had a let-down for about two weeks. Even still, if we had beaten Georgetown and Virginia on the road, we would be going to the dance. Go Vols!

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in response to vut5686#1405392:

Never met Graham; he certainly was a good football player; he played for Tennessee. He was/is nothing more than our past running back coach.

We all hear the clamor for a "link to the past." We seem to think a lineage all the way to Neyland somehow convinces teenage kids who never heard of Johnny Majors, let alone The General. On top of that...with no criticism intended, I have never heard or read one word written about Graham as a coach. Play it back for me; when has it been mentioned that he affected our running attack...for the better or worse? Seems his work was rather anonymous last year.

So, Adams would have us believe we need a "token." I offer for consideration that any coach, who can coach, who will work hard to build relationships and can help us win is the right coach. Pedigree and color nothwithstanding.

Coach Graham just left us; so much for loyalty. Whoever we get....if he is good and if we are successful, someone else will want him. If that be the case, he will have left us better than when he arrived. Graham has not proven that in one year. Might have someday..but not yet. Big tears are not in order; just wish him well.

vut- You are just going to have to stop posting here. You make entirely too much sense.

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Thanks to Coach Jones and the staff who worked so hard. Good job with not much time during the transition. Coach 'em up this spring and fall and show us what this bunch of recruits can do! Get a little rest -- 24 hours or so. Thanks for all you did.

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Good for Vandy! We are SEC!

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Never in the annals of human endeavor has one man made so much for accomplishing so little. It's worth it, though, just to have him gone.

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He never undersood, and obviously still doesn't. Even still, I wish him all the best.

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Sometimes -- make that most of the time -- I am amazed at the rubbish on this website. Coach Jones has better credentials than both General Neyland and Philip Fulmer when they took over as head coach at UT. They won more games than any of the other coaches and they are both in the Hall of Fame. I suggest we all sit back and give this man a chance. It would be my guess that he will be great!

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It is a shame that the search for a new coach has diminished the significance of this tremendous achievement. It is a great day for Coach Fulmer, for the University and for all the players who played for him. Great job, Coach Fulmer. We appreciate all you did for the University.

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"Mark Stoops was introduced Sunday as Kentucky's new football coach and got everyone's attention, saying he believes the Wildcats are capable of winning the Southeastern Conference title."
He was talking about the basketball team, right?

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(1) Got fooled by Kiffin/Orgeron smoke and mirrors. (2) Wanted everything given to him instead of working for it like everyone else. (3) Left a great opportunity to be starting TB at UT in his Sophomore year. (4) Blew off Kansas State for some inexplicable reason. (5) Lucked out landing with NFL club. (6) Had a good night rushing, but fumbled twice. (7) Should have stayed at UT, worked hard, earned a starting job, learned to carry the ball high & tight. (8) Could have gained 3500-4000 yards in a four year career at UT. (9) Could have earned a bachelors degree. (10) Could have been an important leader on a team that needed a big strong running back. (11) Could have been drafted in Round 1 or 2 and made millions. Just another immature kid with a lot of talent who read his press releases once too often, got poor advice, fell for the huckster's spiel, and made bad decisions over and over. Hopefully, he has learned something from all his mistakes and can hang on with the Eagles and make something of himself. He has surely whiffed on everything else up to this point.

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This is what we're dealing with folks:

Cordarelle Patterson said: "It was an awesome year. Things came up big for me. I didn't expect any of this coming from junior college. I didn't even think I was going to play that much. I just came here and worked hard every day, and good things happened."

My question is, what good things happened? We had one of the worst teams in memory. We lost a coach. Our probation got extended. Attendance was down -- way down. We got whipped by Vanderbilt. The season is over and you still can't get open half the time. Tell me Mr. Patterson, what good things happened?

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Kiffen = The gift that keeps on giving

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If we were 6-4 right now instead of 4-6, everyone would be saying: "Money well spent!"

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Doesn't matter. If the defense would execute, we wouldn't be in the fix we are in. Unfortunately, we are playing SEC Football with SOUTHERN CONFERENCE talent. How many times do our defensive backs have to get burned before they stop letting their man get three or four steps behind them? I am really tired of watching them shake their heads in bewilderment as the other team performs their childish celebratory rituals in our end zone.

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Tyler appears to have finally learned to "throw it away - live for another day." This is a giant leap in the maturity of a QB. The next thing he must do is work on consistency. There is more to quarterbacking than piling up impressive statistics. It's all about what happens when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter, or in the case of last week, in overtime. Of course, it helps if his receivers are running good routes, not short-arming passes and not dropping sure TD passes. NFL scouts understand all this stuff. That is why it is imperative that he return for his senior season and continue to hone his skills and mental accuity. Peyton Manning was probably ready after his junior year, but came back for one more year. That was really smart in my opinion. If Tyler opts for the NFL this year, he will definitely get drafted because of his talent, but when he gets up there, he will struggle because he just doesn't have the level of maturity and consistency to compete at that level.

Written on Sal Sunseri fine with Derek Dooley being more active with defense:

If Troy can ring us up for 48, think what Oregon would do. Glad we don't have to play them; but wait, we do play them next year out in Eugene. Is there a mercy rule in college football?

Written on John Adams: So which team are you pulling for Saturday? :

John: You said, "And that's why some UT fans will be inwardly pulling for Missouri on Saturday afternoon at Neyland Stadium."

You are absolutely wrong again, John. UT fans do NOT pull against the the Vols. The KNS pulls against UT, so they can stir the pot and create more negativity and turmoil. In this age in which we live, that is what the media does -- observe, twist, and report.

Written on Frustration mounts after UT misses another chance to 'get over the hump' :

Shanked punt - Alligator-armed dropped pass - Fumble - A blown coverage & 2 missed tackles - I don't know what combination of those actually caused us to lose, but we are closer than many of you think. It was heartbreaking to see Devrin fumble because he was playing so tough. If you will recall Arian Foster cost us several games with fumbles. We are just a few plays away for winning against good teams. Just hang in there. If they fire Dooley, it will be three more years before the mess gets turned around. GBO

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in response to Vol_in_GA:

The game is blocked out on ESPN 3 in Tennessee and Georgia. Anybody know of another site where it can be streamed for free? Or is the radio broadcast streamed live anywhere?

According to ESPN3's blackout map, it is only blacked out in Tennessee. I live in North Carolina and games have been blacked out over here even though the map showed it would be available. What gives with ESPN3?

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in response to VolzsFan:

To bad UT could not have dropped NCSU and added Milligan. They may have had a winning season. Right now they play the weakest schedule in modern times. Finishing around 500 is about all you can hope for.

This comment, and another one you wrote yesterday, quoted as follows: "It is not sold out because NCSU's stadium could fit in the Dome a couple of times and UT is horrible. Plus UT returned tickets from their UGA game allotment. In other words, no one really cares outside of a few knuckleheads in Tenn that does not realize we are back to our pre-1990's level of mediocrity," indicates to me that you, sir, are a lot of things, but a Vols fan is not one of them.

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in response to Olddogsrule:

VFL started as a football program. It might expand to other sports. Andre Lott's a super guy, but Dooley had a job description for VFL Andre didn't fulfill. Everyone knows when Dooley got here the program was in a shambles. He had 2 weeks to research candidates and hire almost a complete staff. Then expected the new staff, which isn't familiar with the program to locate, evaluate, and sign all their new recruits. The AD can't reasonably expect that staff and team to be in the top of their respective national, much less regional rankings the first year. Dooley got to evaluate the performance of the new staff, and they get to see his management style, and we saw some asked to find other opportunities, others seek out those opportunities on their own, and some just fired. And now the assistant coaching staff will be a better fit. Actually, I expect to see a couple of assistants replaced this year, unless by some fortunate turn of serendipity, everyone is the correct fit for the program. Individual offensive, defensive, kicking rushing, special teams, etc. performance will improve, recruit quality will go up, but wins won't yet be what's needed to acheive top ranking on regional or national scales. Repeat the cycle for another year or two and Dooley will have stability with the right assistant coaches, who want to be here, player size, strength, and skill sets, team depth, and tradition of winning to compete with any top 5 school in the nation on the field and in recruiting. Cut the legs out from under the rebuilding program Coach Dooley has so embarked on by letting him go, and we won't go back to where we were when he arrived, it will be worse. Potential high quality coaches and recruits will give UT a wide birth. What coach looks for a truckload of BS dumped in their driveway for a loss. Recruits will wonder when those crazy fans will be running off new coaches and the team will have to start learning new offensive and defensive schemes all over again. Running off head coaches every three years if they're not achieving top 10 performance is a recipe for not ever being in the top 25! Let Dooley do it his way, until the AD and trustees decide there is no longer a verifiable reason to keep a coach on a rebuilding program. Such reasons (not excuses-go fly a kite) are many, not the least of which is the lack of the VFL program director getting it across to all the atheletes that making dumb decisions affects them and their teammates for life, apart from simply losing games and reflecting badly on the coaches and school. Go Dooley, Go Vols, Smokey Rules!

Old Dogs: You are just going to have to stop posting on here. You make too much sense.

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in response to FWBVol:

Some of you on here crack me up. I remember reading complaints about the defense under Wilcox, the offensive line under Harry Hiestand and the secondary under Terry Joseph...And then when those guys leave you say Derek Dooley has problems because he can't keep his staff together and it's an indication that he isn't a good leader.

Do I know what is happening behind closed doors in the athletic department? No, and neither do 99 percent of the people that post on this forum.

I do know Derek Dooley didn't have much time to put a coaching staff together in 2010 and that with the exception of Wilcox, who I think had a three-year contract, all the other coaches had two year contracts.

Lance Thompson probably left when Sal Sunseri was named defensive coordinator. Harry Heistand has a great record as an offensive line coach, but he just didn't fit at Tennessee. Terry Jospeh pretty much said the rumors and speculation surrounding what might happen this year was enough to convince him to look elsewhere. The same is true of Eric Russell to Washington State where is special teams coordinator and assistant head coach.

Wilcox and Sirmon left for their home area in the Northwest.

I know I'm going to be accused of drinking Doolaide and wearing orange-colored glasses, but sometimes things can be as bad or good as one decides to make them. I choose to look for the positives in a situation.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a Tennessee man. I will pull for Derek Dooley to do well as our head football coach because that means our team is doing well. To wish him failure is to wish the Volunteers failure this year and only extends the rebuilding process.

I believe all the pieces are in place to start a climb back towards the top. Even if Tyler Bray goes pro after this year we've got two capabale quarterbacks waiting for their turn. Our running game will start to get some swagger back with a veteran offensive line and a top-notch RB coach in Jay Graham.

Our defense will be aggressive and take the fight to the opposition. And we have a favorable schedule that should allow us to win at least eight games.

So if you don't like Dooley, fine, but please don't wish him failure because when you do you wish the team failure as well.

FWB: I agree 100%. Stay positive. GBO.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Are Vols gaining by Rogers' loss?:

Relax Vol fans. This will work out for the best. (1) The distractions Rogers created will be gone. (2) The team will close ranks and rededicate itself to the job at hand. (3) The other receivers will recognize this as a tremendous opportunity and refocus. (4) And the whole debacle should heighten the team's sense of urgency and awareness of what is expected of them. I congratulate Coach for making a difficult, but correct decision. Go Vols.

Written on Derek Dooley: 'It's hard to feel better than I do today' :

Coach Dooley and the remnants of his depleted staff did a great job under some very difficult circumstances. We got some guys who will probably be great football players. If we were in any other conference other than the SEC I would be very optimistic. Unfortunately, 8 or 9 of the other teams in the confernece recruited just as well or better than we did. Hopefully, Coach Dooley and our new staff will be able to take the new guys and 'coach 'em up', which the staff last year could not do. They knew they had problems with the offensive line and did nothing to improve the situation. They had problems on special teams and no improvement was made. There were apparently problems with 'egos and attitudes' which probably cost us the Kentucky game. Good football coaches figure out what is wrong and correct the situation. Good football teams respond to good coaching. We will probably have a better team this year. The schedule is easier. The team has more experience and depth. We got some good recruits who can probably make an impact. Hopefully, some guys who were injured will be healthy and can help out. Realistically, even given the the huge amount of money we spend on recruiting, we will not be able to gain on the premier teams in the SEC (Alabama, Florida, LSU and as much as it pains me to include them, South Carolina). Recruiting on a par with Miss. State, Kentucky and Vandy simply won't cut it. Even with our traditions, our facilities, and our massive recruiting budget, it appears that we are no longer an elite program. As Coach Dooley said in his press conference, "The main thing is the main thing," and that is doing what great coaches do. You win all the games you are supposed to win and some you are supposed to lose." When that happens, Tennessee will once again be an elite program.

Written on Number of Vols not back with team :

Speaking of not being back, according to ESPN, Bryce Brown is considering making himself available for the NFL draft.

Written on DeAnthony Arnett transfer saga could end with all losing, if Tennessee remains heartless:

I supported Bowden Wyatt. I supported Jim McDonald and Doug Dickey and Bill Battle and Johnny Majors and Philip Fulmer. I even supported Lane Kiffin, much to my embarassment. I supported all these coaches because I am a Tennessee fan and fans support their coach and their players. Having said all that, I am very disappointed in Coach Dooley. Strike #1 was the Kentucky game -- not because we lost, but because Coach Dooley did not have control of the team and did not get them physically and mentally prepared to play that game. Strike #2 is this recent debacle with young Arnett. Dooley's position is not secure enough to make stupid decisions at this point in his tenure at UT. He needs to release this young man without stipulations and get on with being a head football coach. He needs to get back in touch with his team. He needs to recruit. He needs to quit making hare-brained decisions that adversely affect the program and his ability to command respect from the players, staff, fans and his superiors.

Written on Dave Hart: Vols' loss, and way they lost, to Kentucky 'unacceptable':

It has been said that a good coach wins all the games he is supposed to win and some he is supposed to lose. Coach Majors lost a bunch of games he should have won and got fired. Coach Fulmer had great success early, but toward the end, started losing to teams he should have beaten. So far, Coach Dooley has won the games he was supposed to win – except Kentucky. That game sticks in everyone’s craw and will continue to do so until next season. Next year’s team needs a “signature win” – period. The fans need to see some progress. We need to beat Florida or Alabama or Georgia or somebody other than Middle Tennessee and Buffalo. It’s as simple as that!

Written on Shawn Bryson's long road to graduation:

These are the kinds of guys Coach Dooley ought to bring back to Knoxville to talk to the players every year in the Vol for Life program -- how to set priorities and goals, and dedicate yourself to achieving them. Congratualtions, Shawn, on a job well done.

Written on Do you approve of the job Derek Dooley did this season?:

General Neyland couldn't have done anything with that team. Worst talent since 1962-64. Give Dooley one more year to get this thing turned around. Need some SEC caliber offensive linemen, a 225 lb. running back that can gain three yards when we need three yards, and some kickers. Stop the hot-dogging, jive talking and celebrating for no apparent reason. Play football.