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I don't particularly like the grey uniform, but if they beat Georgia I could get used to it.

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I'm 80 years old, That makes me an old timer, and I am impressed. GO VOLS.

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Ohio State
Penn State

All have big time programs with national titles ......the BCS is a relatively new Bowl system that is about to go away ....Sorry you don't know what you are talking about.

I don't believe Nebraska and Penn State were members of the Big 10 when they won their national championships.

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I didn't realize Spurrier was that old. He really needs to retire! If Franklin continues to be successful, he won't be at Vandy much longer. I wouldn't be surprised if Bama gave Saban a blank check, and told him to just fill in the zeros, if he ever mentioned the word retirement. He could coach for another five years,...and I REALLY hope I'm wrong!

We need to just take care of our house, and our own program; can't control what these other guys do.

The Bear was forced out at70.It was a state law in Alabama. If it is still the law, Saban has 8 more years.

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Yep. It looks as if the LV hitters relaxed and let their talent show. Perhaps it was because they knew they had a game that they could lose. Perhaps it was because they figured the pitcher was tired. Perhaps, it is possible that the hitting was a result of the pitcher actually being tired. Probably, it was a some combintion of two or all three. Whatever it was, I just hope that the hitters can stay loose and just play. It really is, just a game.

You still haven't said anything nice. How sad for someone to be that miserable.

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I wonder if oldster will say something nice about our Lady Vols now.

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The meaning of "choke" is trying too hard that it ties one up. It happened to me once in an 880 race when I attempted to "hit the gas" on my kick too suddenly and felt all my muscles cramp. This is what seems to happen to the Lady Vols hitters in important games. They want to win so badly that they put too much pressure on themselves. Frequently, in sports, it is the people who do not really know how important something is and, therefore are immune to the pressure come through. Considering that, is it hard to understand why it was a sophomore and a freshman that came through as hitters?

oldster, Why can't you say something nice about these fine young women, instead of the cynical bs you throw out.

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What a story. I am so proud of The Lady Vols and the staff. May God bless you all.

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John Adams owes Hood an apology for the mean, vicious articles he wrote on Hood back when he was recruited. Your a hypocrite Adams. Always have been, always will be. Apologize to the kid, he deserves it.

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Tennessee climaxed early again this year

We still beat Kentucky by 30.

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This is pretty cool.
I am Steve Adkins, me and my dad actually. We went to the game with my brother and were hanging out with the players and their family after the game when Mike Strange came up to us for an interview.
Good think me and my dad are both named Steve.

Sorry Mike, we didnt know you meant where from in Texas but we dont tell people we are from Texas, we are from Tennessee.

Thanks for the most publicity we will ever see though.

The game was Awesome!
A&M fans were pretty nice. Although we expected more from the "12th man".

At the end of regulation we were prepared for a loss but I was telling my family the last game I went to was LSU last year and UT was down 17 in the 1st half and came back to force a OT win.
The fans did give the refs a hard time though, They kept calling the older one grandpa and asking him if he could see. I dont know why though the calls were not really in favor of either team although on a inbound play Golden got tackled trying to get open and there was no call.

Anyway, I was very suprised to see our names in GoVols but it is just a nice cap to a perfect game.


Hi Steve. It's good to see some one from Morristown in the news with the Vol clan. I was born in Morristown and grew up on Louise Ave across the street from old Sherwood school I graduated from MHS in 1951. I now live up the road from you in Oklahoma City. I come to Dallas a lot and watch games with the UT alumni club. I have a lot of friends I went to school with at UT, that live in the Dallas area.

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No one mentioned seeing Rupp there, but I saw him several times. I was a Orange Tie Club member and a season ticket holder. I saw the first game played there against Wyoming. My two favorites were seeing Elvis Pressley and Bob Hope perform there.

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To all the commenters, DO NOT BLAME AD HART on the rejection by Strong of UT. Sports Illustrated reported late this afternoon in an article by Pete Tramel, third paragraph, that the only contact with UT was made Sunday morning in Louisville by UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek!!!!!! Why is Cheek involved in the first place as that is the job of AD Hart!!!!! Cheek is an absolute loser. Come on commenters, junk on this and demand to know why Cheek was involved period.

I would like to know if Cheek was involved, and why.

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don't fret over bowl. Mizzou will kick our butts and Vandy win is a virtual lock.

TommyJack, You surprise me. I always thought of you as a true vol fan. Your post changes my mind. I believe a true fan keeps these kind of opinions in a private circle rather than going public with them. You are just telling the team you have no faith in them. I want the vols to win both of those games. I have stood behind them for 72 years, and I don't intend to change now.

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Until he wins something important he's not going to be ranked. 10-6 in the SEC. . .with an early conference tournament exit and a pitiful NIT performance isn't going to impress voters. Let's hope the committs stay committed, this year is going to be the Stokes show, then he's gone.

West, you have been spreading negative barbs on UT athletics for over four years.You keep repeating yourself over and over. You are a disgrace to the Republican party and West Knoxville. It would be nice if you changed your user name.

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Nick made that great one-on-tackle on Floyd Little of Syracuse to win the game, on one yard line. The picture was all over the Sports' Pages. I knew Nick at UT and we stayed in touch as he was a dentist in W Knoxville on Papermill. He married a local girl. He always had a smile with good stories from the days of great linebackers, Nick, Paul Naumoff, Steve Kiner, Frank Emanuel, Hacksaw Reynolds, etc. Fun times on The Hill. Wazzy

I remember Nick playing quarterback for Dobbins Bennett in Kingsport. They came to Morristown and Nick ran a quarterback sneak about 70 yards for a TD on the first play of the game.

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I don't know what footlongbama said, but his user name should be enough to get him banned for life.

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Collegegrovebilly, Does that mean your name is Billy, and college grove is the tailgate section at Ole Miss? Whatever it means, you have demonstrated that you have the biggest ego of any troll on this site. You joined 9/18/12, 22 days ago.Since then you have posted 419 times, for an average of 19.1 times per day. That may be a record.

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Why doesn't the president of UT step in and resolve this matter? Andy Holt would have.

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I don't think I would take a cheap shot at the coaches. They convince athletes from all over the country to come here. Real fans appreciate the success they have brought to UT. We attend the games and really appreciate how exciting this sport is for spectators. Thank you Ralph and Karen and thanks to the Lady Vols for all the entertainment they have provided.

Good post.

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I live in Oklahoma City, and will be wearing my orange tomorrow night at the WCWS. This will be my fifth series watching the Lady Vols. I can hardly wait.

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I am looking forward to seeing the Lady Vols here in Oklahoma City. So glad you are coming.

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I hope you are right--but I very much doubt it. First, the Vols simply haven't been great for four years--no final fours. Mojo has been lost. Second, Summitt is gone, and she is the reason UT got so many recruits. Warlick is a veteran assistant and not really someone whom recruits are especially eager to play for. Not a knock on Holly--just the way it is. Maybe our two new assistants will make a difference, let's hope so--but I fear UT's days of dominance are over. In fact, I think they've been over for a while.

Kazoo, You are the most negative blogger on this site. Everyone knows your feelings, so why keep boring them by saying the same thing over and over again. Get yourself a new mantra.

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I'll assume that his scholarship is giong to the three star guard we fought long and hard with Charleston and Ole Miss for (you know, those powerhouse programs), because replacing a three star flop with a three star soon to be flop is good recruiting.

Change your name to something else. Your arrogance is embarrassing to republicans.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why should you care, you're not a vol fan.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Kiffin, you have got to be the biggest hypocrite on this site. Your post today is the first one since Feb 24. You made no comments over the Vanderbilt and South Carolina wins. Now that the Lady Vols are SEC Champs you want to jump on the bandwagon. Were you waiting to see if Vandy or Carolina beat us so you could keep up your month long bashing of our coaches, players and school? No where in your post did you even imply an apology for the personal attacks you have made over and over on players and coaches. You have even proposed on more than one occasion that the name Tennessee be taken off the front of the jerseys. That was probably one of your most childish suggestions. You even indicated this was the worst team of weak characters in 38 years. I would put these young ladies characters up against yours any day. I limit my opinion to the rants you have posted the last 31 days. I have respected your right to have an opinion on how a game is played etc, but personal attacks are not respected. I would like for you to tell Spani's father to his face the personal attacks you have made on her. The bottom line is that I have seen nothing you've done to back this team. What have you done to earn the privilege of being a true vol fan? I really don't think you deserve to be on the band wagon, but that is just my opinion.
My ;comments on here were inspired by Kiffins post the last 31 days. Starting with Feb.2. He made 15 post that day. I am enclosing his post to my post of that day for anyone interested. in response to volfan73120#211815:

I felt we were in trouble when I first saw Steve Spurrier in the stands. It appeared to be a bad omen. Go figure. Sorry about our girls. I look for them to put this behind them and go forward and make us all proud, including themselves. It is not my nature to make derogatory remarks against our players or coaches. I stand behind the vols and always will. I look forward to watching the lady vols play Sunday.
Kiffinsux replies:
You are probably a really nice person, so sorry.
I have been a donor and season ticket holder for a very long time.
This team is a joke, embarrassment to the University.
Selfish, heartless, lazy players.
Just gave the SEC to Kentucky.
In the old days Pat would be spitting titanium nails. Not now.
We have quit and the players have no heart and the coaches no clue.
This started at the end of last season in the loss to ND.
Pat was sick and nobody knew it when she threw Strick and Angie under the bus.
This team lost their soul then and could care less.
Pat doesn't evoke fear or respect anymore from her own players.
They want the season to be over. Sooner the better.
We are the idiots that really thought this team would compete for a national championship.
How wrong are we.
Kentucky is the new normal.
The rest of the SEC is improving.
Our dominance is over, no more banners or All-Americans.
What a run we had. it's over!

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Talking to the team after the LSU game on Wednesday, I can promise you that they are ready for this game. They talked about how much they want this win vs Vandy. I think every player said they wanted to pay them back.

For those who didnt read my comment (like a kid after Christmas), I was at LSY on Wednesday for the game. There may have been 20 UT fans there. I got very lucky and ran into Josh Richardsons parents before the game and my wife and I entered the Pistol Pete Arena with them and were allowed on the sideline 90 minutes before tip during warmups.
I ended up sitting with the players parents (who showed up) Richardson, McBee, Golden and Woolridge (not Orlando, just a woman and little cousin).
After the game they told me to stay with them to meet the team. I brought my never worn custom Tennessee hat and new Strokes jersey. I had the team sign the hat and Stokes only sign the jersey (both are framed already, and will not be sold!)
Anyway, talking to the players I can tell that they are just having so much fun. They all love playing for C Martin and are lucky to have him.
I know I am going on too much but it was the coolest thing I have done in years.
Like I said before, I will say how I feel on here but at games I will do nothing but support the Vols! And in that 2nd hald we were behind the UT basket and our section was the only ones making noise in the place.
The UT players, parents and coaches were all as nice as could be, so was most LSU fans. Except for the one punk I was behind for a few minutes. He kept saying "look at the score". I said "I will have the final laugh"...He left with 35 seconds left in OT!
Great game, and UT fans have a great team, and coach to support. We are lucky to have them.

That was a great report. Thank you for sharing. You demonstrated how a true vol fan acts with class.

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Motivation is wonderful--but basketball is all about team chemistry and fundamentals and well-drilled, well-coached basketball, and I'm doubtful the Vols have it. We have talent, to be sure, but not enough good coaching. Constant lineup shuffling, middling defense (at best), sloppy passing, lots of turnovers, mediocre free-throw shooting: This team just doesn't seem solid and consistent enough to beat good teams. The Notre Dame game sadly showed the difference between a team that is /very/ well coached and one that really isn't. Maybe this team will magically see the light.

kazoo, What is your coaching record?

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If you wanna see my angry comments about Uconn and Geno, You can see them on the Hartford Courant Uconn Husky website, my Nic on that site is just Plain Mike,, And trust me my comments are not very nice.

Mike all you are doing is reconfirming you are not a nice person.

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wishy washy band wagon fans that like criticizing everyone else opinion

G-man, I like your description of the critical bloggers. Wishy washy band wagon fans (wwbwf) has a nice ring to it, and it does speak the truth.

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Can anyone tell me Pats record right now? How close is she to 1100?

I believe Pat has 1089 wins

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Auburn has a bad team--losing record overall and 3-9 in the SEC--so this win proves very little. Indeed, as John Adams points out, UT won this game with its basic talent--we scored a lot inside in this game, which is very much something that the Vols cannot do against better defensive teams. THAT is a major problem. UT has not shown that it can execute--offensively or defensively--against the top teams. Season is close to over and we don't even have a set rotation, and I don't see this team really making a mark in the tournament. Summitt has had years to bring in an assistant who knows how to coach half-court offensive basketball--glaring weakness for more than a DECADE as the Vols are a bad passing team--and she hasn't done it. Call me a pessimist, but this will be four years without making the final four--and we may lose the SEC this year for the first time in forever.

Kazoo, did you go to the Auburn game?

Written on Lady Vols bounce back from upset to beat Auburn, 82-61:

Good job Lady Vols. I am proud of you. I look forward to the next game.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Kiffin, That is really an immature statement you just made. I hope you keep your word about being a no show.

Written on 28 and done: South Carolina ends Lady Vols' SEC home win streak, 64-60 :

I felt we were in trouble when I first saw Steve Spurrier in the stands. It appeared to be a bad omen. Go figure. Sorry about our girls. I look for them to put this behind them and go forward and make us all proud, including themselves. It is not my nature to make derogatory remarks against our players or coaches. I stand behind the vols and always will. I look forward to watching the lady vols play Sunday.

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This team is poorly coached--period--as anyone who knows anything about basketball can see. It is not fundamentally sound. The half-court offense has been TERRIBLE for years--and we see it every time the Vols play a good team. On top of that, this team doesn't play good defense--a bad combo, to say the least. ND's McGraw simply schooled our coaches. To say that we need some fresh coaching blood is an understatement. Truly, PS needs to retire--she has been brilliant but has coached too long--and Cronin needs to go out and find the best youngish coach (35 to 45) she can find. The time is now.

Kazoo You've been around since April 15,2009, and you have said the same thing over and over again. Many of your post contain paragraphs about the size of the above. You are always trying too tell Pat what to do. In this post you are also trying to tell Cronin what to do. Pat and Joan can take care of themselves with out any help from you.
After the Notre Dame game last night, You made 5 post to the story about the game that totaled 18 paragraphs. It was nothing but yada, yada, yada over and over again. You had the crux of these post in your first post on April 15,2009. This has been 36 months of the same thing. You're trying to make your point the hard way. You're trying to imply that you know a lot about basketball. I'll put Pat's record up against yours any day. You claim to be an alum. If this is so, your 456 posts over the last 33 months would show you are a traitor to your school.

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We only won 5 games with these guys and will win 5 without them!!!

This may be the most logical comment I have seen on here.

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Let's get all the facts in here since you are always so bent on bashing Derek Dooley and having snide remarks, such as Doolaide Drinkers, for those who believe he will turn things around.

You make some valid points, but you leave out the fact that college football was much more run oriented in 1965 than it is today and it was easier to work around the injury to a quarterback. The numbers that Bray put up before his injury are better than most UT quarterbacks put up in a season prior to Tony Robinson's arrival in the early 1980s.

You also fail to mention that back then the SEC was an all white league and Tennessee high schools did produce an adequate number of players, but even then there were guys like Steve DeLong from Virginia on the squad, who, by the way, Dickey inherited.

Dickey wasn't hampered by the recruiting limits of today's game and could go out an bring in 40 or 50 players in each class and have the survival of the fittest, which all programs did.

You mentioned one injury, but this year's team has been hit by several injuries.

Also freshmen weren't eligible to play in 1965 so Dickey field an older team than the one CDD basically inherited.

So the guys that Dickey was coaching and putting on the field his second year were primarily juniors and seniors.

Yes, UT had to deal with the deaths of Bill Majors, Bob Jones and Charlie Rash and there's no doubt Doug Dickey handled that situation masterfully.

Doug Dickey wasn't under the microscope that Derek Dooley is under coach in the 1960s faced the scrutiny that coaches have today.

People like yourself keep saying Derek Dooley can't do this or he can't do that and that he doesn't know what he's doing, well if you are such a brilliant football mind why don't you get the multi-million dollar job and show everyone how it's done?

No, that would be too difficult. You'd rather try to make people think you are smart by telling everyone that doesn't see things your way that they are stupid. In my book that makes you the pathetic one.

Good post FWB. I agree in all details.

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I'll believe it when I see it.

Come on volborn. Give the kid a chance to see what he can do. A little kindness never hurt anyone.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I've been thinking about that all day. The only difference was the 1959 game was homecoming. In 1958 we knocked off #1 ranked Ole Miss at Homecoming, after losing the week before to Chattanooga. Anything can happen tomorrow. Go Vols.

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OK, I watched the damn video. Are Georgia fans, like their coach, really proud of this announcer? I think most UT fans would be a little embarrassed if our announcer came out with something like that. Oh well, as my dad always says, there's a reason the movie "Deliverance" was set in Georgia.

Marine, your dad was a wise man. Thank you for your service. I was a Navy Corpsman. Semper Fi

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CSS is there anything new at Vandy?

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hey guys, will the game be streamed on the internet? I ma wanting to watch, but can't afford the ppv.

The game will be streamed on the internet on espn3.

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I love you Pat. I am wearing my orange with pride today in Oklahoma City. God Bless You.

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I don't know who Maverick is, but how is this person anymore of a fraud than someone, with a miserable losing record, convincing gullible people here that he's an SEC caliber coach.

That's a fraud.

You know who Maverick is, and you must be his alter ego.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Maverick, all you are doing is guessing, just like you do on your TV or radio show. You commit fraud on the public by taking money claiming you are the best handicapper in America. You sell 50% of your clients one way, and 50% the opposite way. The winners come back to get in another 50-50 pool. The losers have been defrauded. You have no conscience, but you do have an ego. You are a sorrow human being.

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Speaking of shoes... I've always preferred the old-fashioned black shoes and white socks look. Absolutely hate black socks.

I agree with you Caspian.

Written on Houston Chronicle: Texas A&M to join SEC:

Dana X Bible started the 12th man tradition at Texas A&M in 1922 while he was head coach of the Aggies. He coached there from 1917-1928. Dana was born in Jefferson City Tennessee in 1891. He graduated from Jefferson City High School in 1908, and Carson Newman College in 1912. I thought this might be of interest to someone.

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I meant keep yourself eligible.

Written on Maurice Couch eats up UT experience:

Keep yourself Maurice.