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Written on John Adams: Another Lane Kiffin exit is payback for UT fans:

Tell me how do we suppose to feel about Tee Martin?

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It's been a long time since we have even looked capable of beating a ranked team but if we had a quarterback that could change.

Written on A letter to our online readers from our publisher:

Pay to read on the internet? Chattanooga and Nashville sites here we come.

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...for some reason this is not an encouraging article

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We seem to be the only SEC team hurt by injuries, geez.

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Ya think it could?

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I use to be the reason you should keep me?

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The worst Vol showing in the History of this storied program both men and women.

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What is happening with Tennessee sports!!!!

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Weren't they suppose to be excited about playing Mizzou? To get revenge about last week? Be careful what you wish for. I am beginning to think they are coached way too soft

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They just seem too OK with the loss and the way the end of this season went...

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Mason better get use to hearing this sound, Cha-Ching!!!

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in response to oldster:

Anyone who has ever coached knows that the single most important asset of a qb is his football IQ. Only fans who have never coached and sportswriters think that a QB's arm is the thing to be coveted at the position. The NFL just proved it with Bray. A Million dollar arm with a 1 cent brain that will not make the average of the two in football.

You are correct, many posters think the reason he didn't get drafted is off the field issues when in fact he showed no smarts at all. When I saw him on Gruden I was shocked at how little he knew about the game.

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Really? Walk-ons? Why am I not excited to hear that?

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I hope I am catching up to what you ladies have known and felt all along but you all have a real shot at winning the NAT'L CHAMPIONSHIP.

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

If she had won the game (and ref tried to give it to her) she would not have said that about the refs. I always felt she was low class and this prove it.

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One thing this tournament proved is that you won the toughest conference in America. Which means you are the best of the best. Go show 'em!

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When you do what you are born to do even yourself can't stop the success.

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Meighan whether on or not just shoot. We have a better chance of winnng when you shoot. Just shoot. Shoot!

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We are fine yall. This is the NCAA's and we are still in it as always. OU has a lot to figure out in beating us. I don't think that OU team can beat us.

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The only way "they" could get us in the bracket with Baylor is make us a number 2 seed. I usually don't believe in the conspiracy theory but...

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

I just think it was irresponsible of Coach Martin to say to the team that "that it is done" after the Mizzou game. They could have brought that mentality with them to the conference tourney.

Written on First half was enough cushion for Vols against Mississippi State, 69-53:

I've kinda gotten on the band wagon but where did this kid Quinton Chievous come from? He's a baller.

Written on Lady Vols know they need to improve defense heading into NCAA tournament:

Ladies lets keep it simple and do whatever it takes to score at least one more point than your opponent by the end of regulation.

Written on Texas A&M takes one away from Lady Vols in final minute, 66-62:

See that is what happens when Meighan Simmons does not shoot the ball. Whether shooting good or bad...just shoot.

Written on Isabelle Harrison suffers setback in practice:

OK enough is enough. Thank you Izzy.

Written on SEC sweep for Lady Vols: Warlick (coach), Simmons (co-player), Graves (freshman):

I admit I wasn't a fan of Holly getting the job. But I never voiced that publicly. Coach you are well deserving of that award and we certainly trust you in guiding such a big ship. Izzy if you had not gotten hurt you would be in the running for "defensive player of the year". Congrats to all and let's show them in the tourney that these awards are no fluke!

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Even if the ref's had called a prefect game I don't think the LV came to play. Cold, Snowing, and nothing to really play hard for. The sign of a young team. Things will be different in the tourney, just wait and see. Did I hear Coach Warlick say Izzy won't be available for the tourney. Now that will hurt.

Written on Lady Vols win SEC, but Ariel Massengale, Isabelle Harrison injured:

Burdick I have been on you all year. But tonight I appreciate you and thank you for giving your all for UT.

Freshman of the year: B. Graves
Player of the year: M. Simmons
Coach of the year: H. Warlick

Written on Mental makeover in second half allows Lady Vols to save face against Arkansas, 60-54:

Williams don't disappear on this team. You can still be the best player on the court, if you want to be. I have learned to not worry about what happens with these ladies until the end of the game. You ladies seem to do whatever it takes to win. Thanks.

Written on Isabelle Harrison may play against Arkansas:

What if...

Izzy I am glad you are on our side.

Written on Lady Vols turn over Auburn, 83-61:

Graves wears her frustration on her face. Young lady it's not easy but keep working to have the game you are capable of and you will. I wish Izzy was healthy and there to help. Ladies take it one game at a time and then one good possession at a time and good things will happen.

Written on No. 8 Kentucky women beat No. 10 Texas A&M 70-66:

Can we beat TA&M or Kentucky?

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I think Burdick and Jones were liabilities tonight. Maybe this break will help but you will have to fccus out there. We need you both.

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I say score 1 more point than your opponent by the end of regulation. But I am certainly not a bb coach.

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Taber how is it that Burdick gets somewhat well and you fall off? It's confidence, when you have it you can be the best player on the floor. Don't watch them compete. Compete! Burdick I've been a little harsh on you but as you heal I see you are getting better. Thanks.

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Aren't we kinda desperate too? A loss and we can move to sixth which is below what the experts predicted.

Written on Lady Vols may 'try to go with five or six players' after latest set of injuries :

Burdick your team doesn't need tweets they need you to lead for real.

Written on Lady Vols caught in the Eye of the storm against Missouri, 80-63 :

in response to maxvolfan#217855:

I listened to the game and was very disappointed in our performance. I believe the girls just didn't execute . Getting beat down the court for easy 2's , letting them shoot the 3 all day. That is unacceptable. But I have a question?
Should we switch to the Princeton Offense that ND runs and what Missouri seemed to run yesterday? I've watched UT this year and they don't set up plays well in half court offense. Sure we run a Run and Gun style of play but that cost our team way too many turnovers. Missouri beat us on crisp passing and screens and great kick backs and execution. Our philosophy I believe ist starting to get outdated. Teams are winning more on defense and good passing and halfcourt play. I don't have a high bball IQ , just what I see.

Excellent observation!

Written on Skylar Diggins scores 33 to lead Notre Dame past Lady Vols :

A bit disappointed. Missed a lot of shots we should have made. Is Izzy ok?

Written on Lady Vols stress playing with passion to avoid another top-5 defeat :

Is playing with passsion the same as playing confidence and hitting shots?

Written on Fast start, fight to the finish for Lady Vols, 83-75:

You Ladies seemed to ignore how good Vandy was and took over the game any time you felt like it. You ladies are good and really could make it to the final four this year if you believe.

Written on UT study: Vols, Lady Vols impact on state $151 million per year :

And you can't pay the athletes?

Written on Taber Spani's minutes, scoring up in SEC play :

When Taber plays with the upmost confidence she can will this team to win.

Written on Meighan Simmons' big second half leads Lady Vols at Auburn, 75-66:

Our post missed many easy shots tonight. Both Izzy and Graves struggled tonight. Meighan and Spani did not let this team lose. Auburn did not let us run they contested every shot. Massingale you're going to have to lead this team every play. I'm sorry but you are the person that must put them in position to succeed every possession. I think Andrea really could have helped tonight. Great defense JJ! Williams decent play but the team needs more from you. SEC is tough and you all will win it.

Written on Bashaara Graves named SEC Freshman of the Week a fourth time:

Meighan for player of the year! Thanks Ms Graves you truly deserve the honor. You are a throwback to what the Lady Vols are all about.