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Great experience for all of them regardless of the results on the court. They'll never forget these times as long as they live. #govols

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Well, all I know is what I read in the papers, but his coach said he was quick and athletic for a guy his size, that his team ran a pressing defense and uptempo offense, that he has good lateral movement, a decent jump-hook, and 12'-15' range on his jumper. All of that works for me.

Well let's hope so. It would be refreshing to see a post player play like gangbusters as a freshman and was underrated a la Maymon in his first full year at UT. That would be awesome.

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6'9" 250. 3-4* sounds very good to me. He's ranked as high as Maymon was I think by the time Maymon got to UT.( I'm not sure what he was ranked out of HS) Turpin(?) is higher than Ndiaye for sure...higher than Kenny Hall or as high as Wayne Chism? I don't remember for sure. But I think this is potentially a very good recruit. Makenjuola wasn't ranked at all as far as I know and he gave us some very good minutes at times. We should have some good players to surround these future bigs. It's likely we'll still have Hubbs and maybe Stokes too. We can hope(except that if we still have Stokes it would mean he didn't have a great year this next fall and winter)!

Yeah but that doesn't tell me what he's good at on the floor. Those scout rankings are extremely subjective. Duke Crews was a 5 star post player when we got him and we found that he was extremely athletic, could jump out of the building and could rebound well in spurts, but had no back to the basket post moves, no jump shot, and was a horrible free throw shooter so but stats wise he was SEC ready as well out of high school.

About all I can hope for is Thurman can get in there and bang around with some post players, not foul out, and give the starters a break.

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A good, big body, SEC-ready body, but what can he do? Offensive skills? Defensive skills? Jack-of-all-trades? Well we'll see, but glad we got some more size for our depth!

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I didn't expect Gray to be emphasized and if anything would have emphasized a rugged black version but I don't know, it's not too bad. Time to step outside our comfort zones and just usher in a little bit of a new way of UT football, from top to bottom.

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We knew he was injury prone at UT, so this doesn't shock me. I hope he can battle back again and put in some good work!

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That last scholarship better go to a PF or C otherwise we'll a lot of issues with bigger front court.

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Not shocking a kid from near Miami decides to go to the U of Miami. It was an early commitment maybe this can free up for some more D line depth.

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Can't be afraid to play them, anything can happen, that's why we play the game. It's a competitors dream. Every high school All-American in the country would want to be in this game and play this game. So let the game begin.

Agreed. It would be a College All-American game, probably sanctioned by ESPN, not McDonalds, and would be fun to watch. But if we could watch this in the NCAA tourney instead of the regular season, it would be amplified that much more as one team enters, one team leaves. But sadly, we've not succeeded far enough to get up to playing UConn in the Final Four or championship game.

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Ok so Connecticut doesn't "need" Tennessee anymore. Tennessee doesn't "need" a rival to humble it on occasion. With 16 national championships between the two programs, neither team "needs" either in order to excel. Their names speak for themselves and each team winning at a high clip speaks for itself to recruits. TV time, professional careers, playing immediately, and success all speak to recruits and both teams have it and have a lot of it.

If anything (which I don't believe is true), TN needs to show that they can beat the likes of UConn again as we still have a losing record to them. Hell, we need to show we can beat Baylor at this point.

But the biggest fear and elephant in the room is what if we sign up for UConn again, get out-coached, out-played, and UConn goes on a 5-0 win streak against us then all this UT/UConn wishing backfires on UT fans and the program. With the amount of #1-#5 recruits Geno keeps pulling in, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The women's game though could use a change in scenery and could use some renewed rivalries like this, I do agree.

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Just saw your time of post and............anyway major stretch on the with child thing. She went to a private Christian school if memory serves me correctly. Yes those things can happen there as well, but not as likely. Think is funny that you jump there right away b4 other reasons. Injury not 100%.....tired of bball.....just to name a few.........anyway best wishes for Ms. Tucker with her life.................

I jump there because high schoolers having sex isn't uncommon. I jump there because it came out of nowhere, there were plans of signing up for a second summer school session, the coaching staff never saw it coming and are shocked, and that no indications were given to the announcement. In any case, no matter what the age, when someone changes their mind so quickly when plans were already being made, it usually has "health" written all over it. I dare not say some illness struck her that made her change her decision or some health concern that struck her family. If not that, then why not consider pregnancy as much as anything else? It definitely wasn't academics or financial concerns and I can't see that it was her desire to shun the LVs for greener pastures. I just don't see that so it was something abrupt and we'll find out sooner or later.

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Personal reasons = pregnant? Possible. Finding out one is pregnant comes out of the blue and without warning and makes you have to change up completely what you planned on doing in the near future. Stay tuned.

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Glad he's healthy and can make a living in basketball again, wherever that is.

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Take care Jasmine. I hope your UT experience was a pleasant one and we wish you well. Being the odd person out is hard, but hopefully you can find your footing elsewhere.

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I just hope CCM realizes that he has a lot of depth and can create match up nightmares for opposing coaches. I hope he uses that bench the same way San Antonio is doing right now in the NBA and getting a lot of bodies involved. I hope he realizes that he can pressure teams and wear them out, grind them out, or run with them. I hope he's not stupid enough to go to some 7-8 man rotation when he has previous talent that got minutes last year as well as new talent coming in that can really get some things done for us.

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Knowing our penchant for playing low and mid majors in non-conference play, it may be safe to say that we'll be seeing Yemi again.

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Don't know much about her game; her stats don't suggest she is a game changer, but she might be the glue this team could use.

Yeah and neither was the then Kelly Jolly but look how that turned out.

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Great pick up. From the read of her HoopGurlz profile she seems to have great handles and a natural feel for the PG position to +1 for the Vols.

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No, the NFL doesn't wait for folks to grow up unless they are impactful on the field. Bray won't get a lot of opportunities to be impactful on the field and they damn sure aren't going to wait on him to grow up. And he's not going to sprout into adulthood in 6 months time so I'm going to lean on him being Mr Irrelevant or Mr Canada one.

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Congrats Dallas, you earned it!

Written on Tennesse's Cordarrelle Patterson picked 29th by Vikings:

Congrats CP, make the Vol Nation proud up in Minnesota!

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Not much of an upgrade here in big men so not sure what to expect now. IF Stokes leaves then we're screwed in the frontcourt and we best figure out a way to go Villanova on the SEC. Villanova has done very well with going with a 4 guard, 1 forward/center alignment. The forward/center was never the most talented post player but could rebound and defend and hustle. The guards were the stars and we may have to resort to that if Maymon is our only returning true post player.

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This recruit almost seems like a knee jerk reaction in case Stokes leaves. If Stokes leaves, there is just Yemi and Maymon IF Maymon is completely 100% ready to go. Not a lot of post presence otherwise so I can understand the center recruit, and I understand that it's hard to find top quality center/power forward talent this late in the recruiting game. However, I just don't really see what this guy is going to do for our team outside of giving rest to whichever post players we do retain.

Written on Kamiko Williams picked in second round of WNBA draft:

Congrats Kamiko! Sorry you weren't chosen Taber as you were as respectable a player as any in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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Liked what I saw in the McDonalds AA game. I can see where the staff will really need to get her up to speed on the footwork, positioning, and what it takes to fight at the upper echelon women's game level in order for her to be successful.

I think Russell had it easy compared to what is to come and she didn't always have to scrap for constant position, didn't have to be more measured in her approach, and didn't have to shift accordingly as things just fell to her as she towered over girls far smaller than her.

I think she'll be a better shooting, softer touch version of Nicki Anosike when she gets well grounded in what is expected of her.

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Another Duhhh article. Were we suppose to believe that this loss, so close to coming back and so close to the Final Four, was supposed to be a time to celebrate or posterize or even retweet? I swear some times.

We do need better guard play going into next year otherwise we will be a predictable frontcourt team where schools play a 2-3, 1-3-1, or even a little Box-1 zone to keep our bigs confused. We need a slasher that can deliver from mid-range and we need a PG that can gauge a man or zone defense and know what to do with the ball once she approaches the goal, whether it be by pass or by shot.

I love the program but ughhh I hate having to wait 6 months to see the next iteration of Lady Vols.

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Wow..this article comes out of the popular journals known as Duhh. We know her nerves are all over the place and it affects her game. I guess they really have nothing of interest, post-loss, to report about.

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I'm not going to mince words here. I'm going to miss Kamiko and Taber. I enjoyed watching them blossom into some really impressive players by their senior years. Frustrating at times with their game play, I'm still will miss them and sad they couldn't achieve more.

That being said, I hold no more punches for Meighan. This is the third tourney she has pretty much gotten overexcited, can't settle down, can't slow down, and then chokes accordingly.

Freshman year was understandable, she's a freshman. Sophomore year was better than her freshman year but the same pattern of choking because she's going to fast and can't settle down, then gets down on herself and gets into her own head, then just keeps jacking shot after shot. Junior year, she didn't show up for the Sweet 16 and didn't show up for the Elite 8 until the last 12 minutes.

If we are going to go any farther next year, we NEED clutch guard play and I just don't see it next year's group. Ariel still makes bad decisions, Meighan still makes bad decisions, Andraya is surgically repaired and we won't know what we're going to get. Jasmine Phillips may get lost on the bench. Incoming freshman Jordyn and Jannah are going to be freshman so mistakes will occur in such a high paced college environment. Jannah is surgically repaired so she may have to redshirt as keeping up with the pace may be tough.

In essence, guard play could make or break us next year. We'll be a beast in the front court, scary really, but the back court though experienced scares me unless they learn how to ball handle better and make better decisions with the basketball especially in the half court.

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I don't understand how Griner can be called the greatest player of all time when she only won one championship. Isn't that the bottom line? The game yesterday reminded me of Pat's team when Holdsclaw was going for her 4th ring. She didn't have it that night, Griner didn't have it last night.

Agreed. I thought the same thing. Holdsclaw had an off game, UT lost. Maya Moore had a great game, but still lost in her senior year. Now add Griner to the list of highly touted All American college players that don't go out with a story book ending like Candace (technically Candace had a year of eligibility left and decided to go to the next level instead).

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

I loved last night's game and loved the defensive intensity and the amount of ball pressure they were putting on the guards for 40 minutes. I haven't seen that since TN locked down Stanford with the same ball pressure in the championship game in 2007.

Now, my glee is tempered a bit. Oklahoma is a $6 seed for a reason. Even playing in their back yard, it's not like they are infallible and had a lot of weaknesses going into the game that could be exploited.

The real test will be Louisville with its size, scrappy play, and their penchant for the 3 ball. If we can play like we did against OK and get Louisville just as flustered, we're going to the Final Four. If they bomb away like they did or even just hit about 8-10, then we've got a lot of problems unless we can out shoot them).

In regards to Meighan, one thing I can say about her is that she has had off shooting nights and terrible ones at that but she has always bounced back the next game and played well. I do not recall a stretch of bad games where she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn so I expect her to come back strong in this game.

I expect the Elite 8 game to be a slugfest and not defensive, low scoring gem but not a run-n-shoot contest either. Best guess is that it will be in the mid 70s for the winner and high to mid 60s for the loser.

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Great to see the video of the ladies in the locker room celebrating the moment and good to see Izzy with the Dougie moves even with the ice pack on her knee. She's in good health and I'm glad for that.

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Kelly has come to realize that it is hard to recruit in the Maryland, NC, SC areas because the other women's ACC schools are well entrenched there so her leftover 2-3 star players just aren't cutting it.

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Doesn't shock me we're back to the NIT. Got to win those games and we coughed the ball up either by turnover or by missed free throw and that just is not champion basketball nor an NCAA basketball team. The highest RPI for an at-large team that made it in was California at 53. I think TN was teetering at 59 so I knew we weren't about halfway into the selection show. Blah, hopefully we can get an #1 seed and stay at home until the NIT Final Four.

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UT is saying all the things you typically hear of a bubble team that isn't very confident but must put up a front.

If we get into the Dance, great! If we do not and we go to the NIT, hopefully we're a #1 seed and do not have to travel until Madison Square Garden. We are hard to beat at home this year more so than last year so if we do end up in the NIT then hopefully we have a smooth path to the NIT Final Four. Silver linings folks, got to take some silver linings out of this up and down season somehow.

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This is so true...Massingale being designated the starting point by Pat while still in High School was not a good decision. Massingale is too overconfident and sloppy with her passes AND is a terrible defender. It's like playing four on five. Honestly I don't see what Holly sees in her as Kamiko should have been the starter all season. Turnovers,turnovers,turnovers...

On the fortunate side, Reynolds and Carter both get to handle the ball next year so we don't have to depend on Massengale if she gets into one of those ruts. As surprising a spot up three point shooter she is, just so many intangibles she needs to get better at and quickly.

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Great fight all the way from beginning to end. It isn't easy to play in Vandy's backyard but we scrapped and got it done. Way to go ladies!

Written on UT wants to get back to basics of playing defense :

UGH...why is it that every single year we're a UT team going back to basics? Pearl teams had to do this, Martin teams have to do this, aren't they learning and retaining a bleeping thing? Another issue besides the aforementioned limited skill set, we also suffer from limited basketball IQ.

Written on No worry against Missouri for Lady Vols, 84-39 :

Great job ladies. That's how you represent in your own backyard. Don't let anyone come in and try to dictate anything to you, take it to them! Is happy watching at least some basketball at UT.

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"I'm fine with it,'' Martin said Friday night. "We can play this style. If you want to go up and down with it, that's fine.''

This intrigues me. I am wondering if after this game and their effort he doesn't let them get downhill more in the half court offense and greenlight more attacking of the basket instead of the slower methodical approach which is taking away their mental mojo. I hope so, I think we have the athletes to do it.

Written on Vols can't overcome deficit against Memphis, 85-80 :

"I'm fine with it,'' Martin said Friday night. "We can play this style. If you want to go up and down with it, that's fine.''

This is what I find intriguing. I'm hoping this game helps him see that his athletes can indeed open it up and get up/down the court instead of being a half court methodical offense. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but opening it up can help where being patient just wears thin and takes their mental edge away.

Written on Cierra Burdick fractures bone in hand, out indefinitely :

Well that sucks. Get well soon CB.

Maybe some younger players will grow up and step up.

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

Good for him and perhaps this is the start, for him, of developing into an offensive coordinator himself. A lot of OC started as QB coaches.

Written on David Martin catches a UT degree at 33:

way to go! Congrats!

Now talk about a big physical specimen at UT. Under-utilized for the faster receivers, I was pleasantly surprised and happy he was able to have some success in the NFL. I'm glad he could go back and finish up, much like Jonathan Brown did last year.

Written on Butch Jones, Derek Dooley will cost UT close to $17 million :

Well you wanted him gone, here are the repercussions. Oh well, it is what it is, get used to it.

Written on UT coaching roundup: Kentucky's hiring of Mark Stoops could be relevant :

Gus Malzahn would be perfect for an offensive head coach. His offensive system at Auburn and his play calling was what made Auburn really get over the top during those "Cam was human" times on field that year.

However, he's an oddball and not going to be one that would fit with the more traditional and conservative boosters, alumni, and fans of Tennessee. Think Billy Gillespie and Kentucky as an example of oil and water and that's how Malzahn would be at TN. Not in the sadistic, over work your players, kind of way but just in presentation and attitude in some situations.

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"Vols must find coach." That's the biggest 'No Duh' comment made thus far. Everyone reading this article or even not reading it knows that. Tell us something we don't know.

Written on Halftime: Vanderbilt 13, Tennessee 10 :

I really like Jay Graham as RB coach, I'll be sad to see him leave after this whole coaching staff gets fired. I'll just put it like that.

I have seen marked improvement in the running backs all year, for both Lane and Neal.

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The other team had the same issues. Additionally the other team 9ok St.) is younger. Bad game all around. Team has a lot of work in front of it.

True, but those are issues for that team to address. We won't know the true UT Vols team until after Maymon returns, roles fill in, and offensive continuity start to mesh. But yes, lots of work, as expected, and just a bad game all around.

I consider this a toss out game as far as dwelling too much on it. Even in the NCAA tourney there is more time between games, this felt more like a badly scheduled SEC tourney game.

I still toss it out as an aberration due to the circumstances. Now if we lose to Austin Peay (or this year's equivalent, Western Carolina or Presbyterian) again this year, then I'll worry.

Written on Vols' offense goes on vacation against Oklahoma State, 62-45 :

Honestly, did not watch the game but kept up with stats on ESPN Gametracker.

This game reads like:
A. A young TN team that is not used to getting up and getting ready to play on less than 24 hours notice.
B. It is not easy to get up to play another highly competitive game in less than 24 hours.
C. It is early on and not everything is supposed to jell immediately, even with the returning experience.
D. Maymon in the offense makes them far more dynamic as they can't just double team Stokes in the low block and then pressure shooters to shoot erratically.

Give it time, it's early, and we should be hitting on all cylinders once Maymon returns healthy and is in playing shape. Remember last year was a bit like this before we got Stokes then we really took off once he was inserted into the lineup.

Written on Lady Vols bounce back, beat Georgia Tech 71-54 :

Congrats ladies! You blitzed them on their home court the way you were blitzed on the road at UTC. This time you didn't hold your head down, you didn't buckle, you may have rocked a bit, but you came back swinging and believed in each other. I watched on ESPN3 and could definitely tell they knew they "could do this" after a while which is sooo important for a young bunch.

My hat goes off to Graves, she's a beast like Glory was her freshman year. I hope she continues to improve and get better and hopefully the freshman wall won't be too hard on her.

If we can just handle the ball and get it to half court, we can do a lot of things positive. I think the handling of the ball will be the biggest question all year. That and who will take the big shot.