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...and if he wasn’t happy there and he didn’t feel appreciated there, then I’m glad he’s not there because I want somebody there that wants to be there.”

That would be Bruce. He didn't wait long enough, even if our crazy administration wouldn't have hired him. I didn't sign the petition, but if he were still available, I would now and so would a lot of others. Then they'd have to come out and tell us why it's ok for him to coach at other schools but not ours.

Bruce's downfall is being am overly "aggressive" salesman i.e. perhaps not always telling the truth. This report is a prime example of how Pearl talks out of both sides of his mouth. If he truly is a VOL for life he would have lashed out at the Petitioners and supported Martin.. Pearl and the AD were the only two individuals that could have possibly righted the ship. Duh! Its no wonder Martin was not happy and Bruce Pearl did nothing to help. In hindsight Pearl was doing everything he could to generate attention to the petition by responding in the way he did by making PR appearances throughout the state. In fact it would not surprise me if his agent was behind initiating the petition. Perfect timing due to NCAA restrictions on coaching being lifted.. He could gain leverage to sign a contract at another University or Perhaps UT if martin is fired. Bruce was all about himself. I'm personally glad he is gone. The dude is not trustworthy.

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Bruce Pearl made no effort to shun the he is talking out of both sides of his mouth. If the thoughts he shared in this report about Martin were true he would have set the record straight He was too pig headed by perhaps thinking he could be reinstated at UT or gaining leverage for another coaching position..In fact it would not surprise me if his agent could have been behind the petition for publicity.

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Different ways of looking at the situation..A three year extension? That tells me the AD was still lukewarm about Cuonzo Martin's abilities. Three years is a fairly short leash. Also, 1.8 million would have elevated CM to the middle of the pack in the SEC. Something to think about.. If the offer was much more would be starting to get close to Butch J's salary. Already CM would have been making close to what a few SEC football coaches earn. I'm not confident CM could take UT basketball to a level deserving more than what Hart offered. You have to consider the whole season/Martin's body of work for the past 3 years. He did a good Job of bringing stability/ well healed group which stayed out of trouble. But the reality is the VOLS were a 3 or 4 foul shots away from the NIT again. The NCAA screwed the SEC for past two years by not seeding more SEC Teams but that is beside the point.

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When Cutcliff left for Ole Miss You could see a decline..When he came back it appeared things were headed back up..then he left for Duke and the bottom fell out.

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Best of luck. Obviously, not a good fit.

Why would a player wanting to play in the NFL go to Utah St? Not impossible to play in the NFL from there, just not as likely.

Utah State had the last QB selected in this years draft.....Ahead of Tyer Bray

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I remember when i was a student in the early 80's..A guy on the swim team I knew from MN was caught for plagerism...According to what he told me they would not release/validate his transcript...period. The times sure have changed. Transfering credits was not even an option.

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The draft? LOL.. Remember Heath Schuler. Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow??? Or what about Kurt Warner??.. They called him up from the arena football league & He becomes a Superbowl MVP. Best wishes for TB.. Maybe this will be the wake up call to shake him up & make him coachable..

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Florida. The NCAA selection committee lets the floodgates open for mid-major schools. The law of averages will create a cinderella like Wichita St if you select enough of them/ give the high seeds.

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Predictable outcome..CM spent wasted time lobbying to get into the NCAA..Should have focused on the preparing to play the next game..whether it be the NIT or NCAA. Hopefully CM learned it is counterproductive to lobby for things he has no control over.

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Is anyone else suprised he was hired by Bruce Pearl? lol! I am so glad that clown is no longer at UT. How many of you are still crying yourselves to sleep every night over Pearls sorry asz being fired LMFAO!

Can you read? Huh what..The first sentence of the report.."Editor's note: Troy Wills was hired by UT in 2003 and not by former men's basketball coach BRUCE PEARL"

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Why frame this report into a racial bean counting game?

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Foolish way to spend money. The era of super large stadiums have come to an end.. With TV increasingly draining stadiums seats and the middle class being squeezed with no end in sight..does not bode well for concessions/live attendance. The best way to thumb your nose at texas is to continue winning. Maybe upgrade atheletic facilities/ housing etc..

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With all due respect, Arian Foster is from New Mexico.. 2002 Foster moved to San Diego, to be with his father. Foster competed in football at Mission Bay Senior High School,

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Gee..what a dumb statement ,” Jones said. “Maybe one day they’ll have a street named after me.” He may think it..but dont say it. He must have really been psyched after the workout

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Its like this..If Tennessee media outlets give no coverage = no advantage recruiting. If they give Saban good coverage = possible recruiting advantage?? Either way hard to see how a 16 or 17 year old could give a hoot about a speaking engagement for a small town chamber of commerce dinner.

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Where's all the boo-birds now?? CM is doing a good job at UT especially under the circumstances left by Bruce Pearl. He recruited Stokes and a few other good ones which few other HC's could have done. CM was highly criticized for low scoring defensive games at the begining of the season..but look at them now. BTW part of the problem with low scoring games is the FACT refs will not call fouls like they used to.

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Well, this topic I know about. I know Michael. I watched him play for 3 yrs in high school where my kids go. I presented him an award at a banquet. I warned him and his guardian uncle about staying clean on Saturdays, then getting paid on Sundays. He failed. And it's the same story for many who come from nothing. They are ill prepared to handle fame and success. But in Michael's case, it is important to note his issue is going along with the crowd. Anytime, he got in trouble, he was being influenced by others.

My point is if you met him, you would think he was a good guy. And if Butch wants to consider him and met him, I think he would be inclined to give him a chance. Dyer is not an instigator. He gets advice and influence from all directions.

And I can personally vouch for the experience he is getting from Arkansas Baptist. I have personally heard Dr. Fitz Hill speak and he has resurrected that school. He literally recruits students personally out in the community about changing their lives. Michael has been surrounded by people trying to help him.

So, I say this situation is unique. I would rather burn a scholly on a 5* talent than another 3* 4.65 40 guy. All Butch has to do is get Lott and Jay on him and assign Michael a mentor. Butch seems like a family coach. That is a good situation for Dyer. I disagree with John here. Each situation is unique. If it were me, I would sign him without hesitation.

Disagree. Signing Dyer would be sending the wrong message to recruits and counter what Butch Jones is trying to do...It was not that long ago that schools like Oklahoma & Oregon were taking UT disciplinary rejects. I want to to see those days restored.

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Where's all the nay sayers and complainers???

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My hats off to the KNS...By keeping a watchful eye... could keep UT from getting Kiffened or Pearled again

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You don't have a clue

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....Mike Hamilton was allowed to cut a wide swath of disctruction through UT's athletic department laying waste to several major sports. It will be several years to come before UT will be back in the major college sports conversation....I do not envy Butch Jones!

A friend of mine after touring Va Tech weight room said Tech's is like HS compared to UT.. Neyland stadium = Largest stadium in the SEC. A new 50 million dollar WOW facility. The Peyton manning tudor center..etc. Hmm you try to make it sound like Penn Statesville in Knoxville

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My answer..If they are good enough to = win.

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It will be hard to match attendance like it used to be. Until/if? the economy rebounds.. not enough discretionary income for many to spend for a trip to knoxville.Maybe they could do like nascar and seat dummy like human images to make the stands appear full for TV.

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I'll be there..

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Hopefully he will reform..maybe go to a JUCO and get through it.

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Dooley had a bad problem keeping staff=unstable relationships with recruits. It sounds like Butch Jones will have staff that stay at least for the medium term. So maybe more success recruiting. When the Defensive coordinator and his assitant Peter Simon defected to the University of Washington they extended offers to a bunch of recruits on the Atlantic coast/Southeast.

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Condredge Holloway also played in an era where he had 225 pound offensive linemen in front of him blocking 225 pound defensive linemen and 190 pound linebackers. It's a totally different day now.

Charlie High has been an incredible high school quarterback, but the reality is that in this day and time size is an issue in major college football.

That said, what ever school ends up with him will be getting a terrific football player, and an even better person.

Can you think of the NFL QB that was smaller than High..he retired about 5 years ago

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The reporter needs to do his homework. Tyler Bray was recruited by Kiffen. If my memory is correct he wanted to leave UT when kiffen took the job at USC but Dooley would not grant permission. Bray had already enrolled/attended classes for the Winter Semester which locked him in. A few other recruits were also in the same, like it or not in reality kiffen had a lot to do with the class being ranked in the top ten..

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I predict attendance will be at an all time low next year Why?..because of another recession in the works.

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Since many of you hate Adams, why do you read him?

There is a fine line between love and hate...

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Texas and USC have had top 5 recruiting classes...but look how they have done the past 3 or 4 years. More to it than stars alone

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Dual threat QB's are for programs that cant consistantly recruit NFL type pro-style QBs. The spread is another fad which will see its demise with programs that seriously want to contend for Championships on a consistant basis

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Tee Martin hire = Win recruiting battles in Tennessee

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Wonder if Bray, Patterson and a few others stay or go. Surely Bray is not a high pick this year.

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would you have said that last year when the offense was so inept we could barely get a first down ? maybe Pittman ,he was the one who fixed our offense this year by suggesting the no huddle offense .

@ laraccoon

You seem to forget Tyler Bray was out for several games. Matt Simms was a big reason why the offense was inept. No threat of a passing game = disaster in SEC

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Of all the potential candidates, BUTCH DAVIS is the best that we can get. Tremendous experience, great college record (both in sports and academics of his reruits), strongly defensive minded, can recruit the heck out of Florida, and WANTS to get back in the college game.

Everyone knows he was a patsy for the NCAA violations at NC, and everyone has admitted he had nothing to do with it.

He would stay with us until he retires, and thats the kind of stability we need right now. Especially of a coach of his caliber.

Butch Davis? Are you kidding me? The former NC coach had recruiting violations even worse than Kiffen...

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Gundy would fit in like Rodriguez did at Michigan. Look at the great things happening for UT Basketball by hiring a rising star from a mid major program. I don't know why its so important to pay megabucks for an X & O Guru.

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Its all bull. Plenty of "no name" coaches could come to knoxville and turn things around. ITS THE FACILITIES THAT ATTRACT GOOD RECRUITS. Let John Gruden go to Ole Miss and see what he would do against upper tier SEC schools on a consistant basis.. Part of the rumor spreading is a PR scam by agents to squeeze more money out of contracts to line their pockets.

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Both Stoops & Fisher have done less with more talent.

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Just like the housing bubble with overpriced real estate..ever get the feeling we are approaching a coaching bubble? Its insane to pay a coach over 200k per month for 4 years after being fired (Gene Chizik/Auburn) Or Dooley at UT. Folks..this madness can not continue. Programs will be looking at empty seats/lousy TV exposure while paying millions to absentee coaches.

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Nick Saban would not like his style of offense. Saban claims the hurry up offense increase injury risks...I find it amusing because Bama is a wrecking ball in its own right. ..also more than few key injuries this year with his program.

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The truth is..who knows? Remember when Arkansas QB Matt Jones was drafted in the 1st & switched to tight end? Who would have thought that? The NFL has its share of horrible picks/evaluations..Its called being Human and subjective..hindsight is 20/20

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I quote from a poster on another site "Job Criteria:

1. Must be a “proven” winner. Note: Coaches from the ACC, Big 10, PAC 12, Big East, MAC, WAC, and Big 12 do not qualify as proven winners.”
2. No NFL washouts shall qualify. That would exclude the likes of Josh McDaniels and Nick Saban.
3. Must be of high character and moral fiber. Candidates like Butch Davis and Bobby Petrino will be automatically disqualified.
4. Candidates must demonstrate strong leadership skills. It is preferable that candidate have held a high ranking Pentagon position, or have held a command of a theater army, or some such equivalent.
5. No coordinators need apply, see Rule No. 1
6. Candidate shall be married, and have 2.3 children named Skip and Tommy, or Cindy and Jennifer, or any combination thereof.

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Agreed- That Chaney is a a good coach..But Who hired Chaney??? That awful coach Dooley that 70% of the Vol Nation wants to fire. It sickening to see how sports fans regress to infantile/pacifier in the mouth "I want it now" mentality. Nobody is giving Dooley a chance. Yet the Petrino's of the world come up as potential "item coaches"...what a Joke!

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Just think it about it..Tiny Richards contains SC/ Clowny on the sack, A field goal goes through the uprights for the mizzou game..Nobody would be leveling the criticism at Dooley/the KNS would probabably not be printing this junk/spreading rumours without substantiated sources as to Dooleys fate.

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You may as well include the AD, BOT, Chancellor, and any other decision makers on Dooley's future in with those " few spoiled alumni/fan base" because the decision will be official within 48 hours.

There was no guaranteed 5 year rebuilding plan.

Three years into it, your boy Dooley has turned this program into a laughing stock and a national embarrassment.

Like many other posters here, you should try pulling for the good of a program instead of a coach just to prove yourself right.

Im advocating for program stability..look what happened to Alabama and was well over a decade before they established stability. Playing musical coaches is not the answer...WOW... so Bama Hires Saban after going through how many coaches?? How many NCAA infractions in the interim??? Yeah..Saban was hired AFTER the sanctions were done with. They Hired Mike Schula which did a fine job under the circumstances. My point is would SABAN have done if he had his hands tied like Dooley has??? Or like Schula??? Some people can't think past their nose.

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Get the pacifier out your mouth folks... Tennessee has played 4 teams which would have been frontrunners to WIN any other BCS conference..Once again a few spoiled alumni/fan base can't seem to figure out what dooley has had to work with. Come on folks...3 years ago kiffen was probably deflating footballs/who knows what else. The mentality of thinking everything is a mouse click away disgusts me.

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Dooley is starting to crack under the pressure. He should not be publicly airing lockeroom talk. He needs to talk to Bray/team work through things. Don't throw a 20 year old kid to the wolves. BTW I think Dooley should have another year. A lot of returning starters. But im disappointed he's throwing Bray under the bus... Much more of this and my mind might change