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<<I still believe we would have won at least 8 games last year with a competent coaching staff.

We did have a competent offensive staff last year. Saying that the defensive staff was incompetent is an insult to incompetent people. If Wilcox had stayed, Dooley would probably be coaching this year. That would have been good in the short run, but I think we are much better off with Jones in the long run.

Written on Tennessee's 'mock game' Friday will cover several scenarios :

Hopefully, these reps on seemingly mundane things will prevent us lining up with 14 players on a crucial 4th down play.

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I'm glad we got him, but I really don't like the graduate transfer rule. All a player has to do is tell another team his interested, and the new school can design a grad school program the old school doesn't have.

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The line needs to be dominant for the offense to go. I do think we will give up more sacks, since Bray avoided some with his quick release. I hope we can rush for 150+ per game.

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<<But don't put all the blame for Tennessee's slide on his successors", Fulmer said.

Really Phil? Throw everyone under the bus and not take any of the heat. By your own admission you became complacent. You let the inmates run the asylum. (Kelly Washington ring a bell?) Sure some of the blame goes to Hamilton. But the downfall started under your watch, Phil. Urban Meyer owned you just like Spurrier did. When Coach Cut left, who was it that hired Dave Clawson? (the ClawFense...ahhhhhh) Man up Fulmer and shoulder some of the blame. Of course, we know its easier to throw others under the bus!

This totally misses the point Fulmer made. He said don't blame Kiffin and Dooley soley for the current state of Tennessee football. Does anyone here think that Hamilton was anything other than horrible as an AD (I think Hamilton is an incredibly good person, but he was a bad AD)? My bigger concern than our athletic program is our university. With our parade of presidents, our academic rankings have slipped. We need good leadership pronto.

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Al Wilson, Raynoch Thompson, and Eric Westmoreland were a pretty good trio, too. They may have had the best sideline to sideline speed.

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I don't think many fans expect a great season. However, I think 6-6 is more realistic than 4-8. We should win 3 of 4 non conference games (Oregon will shellack us). I think we can get 3 from Kentucky, Auburn, Mizzou, and Vandy.

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I wonder if voters really think Ohio St is the second best team, or if they just think they have an easy schedule and can go undefeated?

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<<BUTch really knows how to create excitement. I believe it will translate into vastly improved play. Prediction: One of the top defenses in the conference. 9-3>>

I think Butch is creating excitement for a program that desperately needs it. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see anything close to 9-3. Our secondary is thin, and the backups showed they were too slow last year as the injuries mounted. We also don't have a lot of depth at LB, though I think our starting 3 will be pretty good. On offense, it will take a few games before our new QB and WR's start to gel. I'm thinking 7-6 or 6-6, but with better days ahead.

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The AD has to support a current coach publicly this early in the recruiting season, even if he's building a wish list for the next coach.

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<<After he wins the SEC and national title, UF will make him the highest paid coach in America.>>

This won't happen. Alabama will make sure Saban gets more, and with 4 national titles, deserves it. I do love Muschamps quote in response to Ohio State and Urban Meyer turning Florida in for possible recruiting violations (which didn't end up being violations). Priceless.

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I would probably rank the East in the same order. Vandy was better than us last year, and Frankilin will be in his 3rd year in the SEC. I like Jones, but he still has to prove himself in the SEC. Also, we aren't a 1 year turnaround. It tooks us a few years to slide down where we are, and it will take a few years to be a challenger to win the SEC East again.

Who beat Richardson for 1st team Left Tackle? I may disagree with that choice.

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1. Woody was a really good DC. His Vandy defense generally held their own even when he didn't have the talent to match up. Unfortunately for him, the offenses during his DC days really stunk.

2. From the tone of the piece, it doesn't look like he needed the money. People that age do tend to do better keeping busy than just sitting around.

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<<Yeah I know it sounds like he's a bench warmer but to make it in the NBA as a guard, you have to have a pretty good all around game with few weaknesses.>>

I disagree. I had a work collegue who was in the NBA for one year many years ago. He said he was pretty good at everything, but no great at anything. He said the guys in the league were great doing at least one thing. Sure, if you have some weaknesses, you may be a role player on the bench (great 3 poitn shooter, lock down defender, rebounder, etc).

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I'm most surprised by the Vandy line, though I know they lose their QB and some other key players. They aren't adjusting to new coaches and new schemes, though. I would expect them to be slightly favored. I think WKU could be a key game. We should beat them comortably, since they are going from a running team to a pro set team. I think the other key game could be Mizzou. I'm thinking somewhere between 5-7 and 7-5, but with an improved defense that I can't run 100 yards against like last year's(and I'm almost 50). We will see what Butch can do (I'm optimistic), but we don't have the talent level of the top 10 teams in the SEC yet. Also, we have to remember that year 2 of the Butch era will begin with an entirely new OL. If he can continue to recruit like he has, we will get back in the top half of the SEC.

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<<What struck me about them is the standard they held their players to as people and competitors,” she said. “Different players go to UConn than Tennessee."

In the past, I have heard statements similar to this. But, what is someone really saying when they say "different players go to UConn than Tennessee"? Both are successful women's programs, so what is being indirectly said here?>>

I didn't read a backhanded compliment here. It could be a simple as they are literally different players, since they are different people. It could also mean that the two teams play different styles of basketball, so players go to the system that's the best fit for them. I think she was just trying to make the point that both coaches have high expectations of their players off the court as well as on the court.

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A few comments:

1. I think blaming Hart for hiring Sunseri is ridiculous. He asked the head coach what he needed to succeed. He gave it to him, and he failed. If the AD prevents coaches from hiring the assistants they want, then it would be harder to hire another coach.

2. Hamilton firing Pearl was the right decision, but it should have been immediate instead of after the season. I loved Pearl, but lying to the NCAA is an unpardonable sin. I'm not sure why some fans think that trying to keep a coach in the NCAA doghouse is remotely close to a good idea. I'm only aware of one head coach that was hired after his show cause was over. It took many years, but the guy at UCal many years ago is at some really small program now. You just don't do it.

3. The basketball program is not spiraling downwards. Attendance is still good, and we are mediocre. Next year will be key. Martin did not walk into a good situation after the NCAA investigation. Anyone that thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. I think Martin can be successful, though his teams probably won't be as fun to watch as Pearl's.

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i can't see us being any worse than 6-6. 8-4 sounds really good. 12-0, of course, would be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! but, lemme attempt to break it down...

austin peay - W
western kentucky - W
oregon - L
florida - L
south alabama - W
georgia - W
south carolina - L
alabama - L
missouri - W
auburn - W
vanderbilt - W
kentucky - W

looks like 8-4, i'm hoping

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see 8-4 with all the new skill position players. Of the projected win, I think the least likely is Vanderbilt, who will be favored. Mizzou has a very good running back coming back that missed all last season, and their QB can be good if healthy. I think the key games are Western Kentucky (we have more talent, but Petrino will make sure they aren't a pushover), and Mizzou. If we win those two, we should have confidence going into the Auburn game with an opponent that is also rebuilding from scratch.

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<<We're doing fine???????????????????????????????

1. Lawsuits on the horizon that UT is destined to lose.

2. Men's football 1-7 in the SEC two straight years

3. Men's basketball team NIT two straight years

4. Men's baseball team can't even qualify for the SEC tournament when it is expanded to 12 teams>>

We will see about the lawsuits. At least one women had two women's coaches recommend her dismissal. We will have to see how this plays out. As for our problems in 3 men's sports, he inherited Dooley and Martin. Dooley got a quick hook from Hart, considering the huge buyout he got from Hamilton. Firing Fulmer, replacing him with Kiffin, and hiring Dooley are on Hamilton, not Hart. We will see how Martin does (I'm optimistic), but that is also on Hamilton. Hamilton also fired a successful baseball coach and replaced him with the guy that ruined our program. I can't remember if Hart hired the current guy or not. What will determine where Hart is successful or not mainly will be if Football turns around with his hire. That would take care of our finances if football is successful again. After that, we will need to see if basketball and baseball improve. It is way to early to say if Hart is successful or not.

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I guess you have to write something in the off season. I'm guessing the top of the SEC could finish undefeated against the bottom of the other conferences, too. Our overall bowl record holds up pretty well against everyone else. As for Stoops, since his national title, it seems like Oklahoma is picked in the top 3 every year, and falters every year. When was the last time Stoops won a big bowl game?

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For all the Bray bashers, it will reflect better on our program if he makes it. Unfortunately for Bray, his career was being a good player on a bad team.

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

The point made in an early post that no one needs an athletic director is absurd. This is a business with several hundred million dollars per year in revenues and expenses. It will not run itself. The factors that will determine Hart's effectiveness will be if football improves (Butch is his hire, and I really like what I see so far), and if our financial situation improves. It will take a few years to tell. Other than his haircut (and I am unlikely to have much hair when I reach that age), I don't have any complaints so far.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

A few thoughts: I'm guessing the interviews must have hurt the most. Several players with much bigger off the field and on the field issues were drafted, while Bray was not. Also, like any former Vol athlete or student, I wish him well. He could have played for many other schools, but he picked us and stayed after the coach that recruited him bolted after one year. My guess is that next year, we will miss his ability. Finally, from an agent's perspective, it's probably best to tell 10 rounds worth of players they will make it in the NFL, to sign as many as they can, hoping to land a few that get big contracts.

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Keep in mind that he led the 2nd most prolific offense we had. My guess is that the most prolific offense had he ball more, because they had a good defense to go with it. I think he's right to go this year, because it's a weak QB year and he would have to break in all new receivers next year. I hope he does well. It reflects better on our program if he does. As someone earlier pointed out, he came across country and stayed after the coach that recruited him bolted. I appreciate that he came, and I hope he is successful in the future.

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I didn't see the game, but it sounds like the energy level is good. I think 6-6 or 7-5 would be a successful first year, given our schedule and lack of experienced skill players. To do that, we have to win the 3 OOC games except for Oregon. Given the issues with our opponents, I think Kentucky, Auburn, and Mizzou are the best chances to win. Vandy will certainly be favored over us, and we will be a big underdogs in the rest. I think the key will be staying healthy at RB and WR. The main thing I will look for is if the team imrpoves as the season goes on, or if they regress through the season like last year.

Written on Could Tyler Bray be the steal of the 2013 NFL draft?:

To me, the criticism for Bray is similar to the criticism that Manning never beat Florida. There was one game where he threw a critical pick (but the receiver dropped a TD pass on the previous play), but in his last game, two of the INT's hit the receiver right in the hands in stride.

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I think it's time to let the animosity for Rogers go. From what I read at the combine, the teams were very impressed with his honesty about what he did and what he learned from it. He seems to have turned it around. That compares to a high profile linebacker who was lying about his arrest during the interviews while the teams had a copy of his arrest record in front of them. Like I hope for any young person that made a dumb mistake, I hope Rogers learns from it and moves forward.

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I think the main reason Bama may not want him is that he's already in in low 60's. Unless he wants to work until he's 70, they would be looking again, soon.

I take the criticism of Hart with a grain of salt. He inherited a mess from Hamilton, who is a fine man, but was a horrible AD. Other than letting it leaked to the point we were very publicly turned down by Strong, I can't point to anything bad he has done. No one was going to come in and turn it around in a year or two. If he wants to go to his alma mater, I won't hold that against him. If he wants to stay, fine.

Written on Mike Strange: Another NCAA near-miss ups the ante for Cuonzo Martin, Vols in 2014:

I understand liking what Pearl did for the program. However, he will never be hired back. He knowingly broke a rule, then lied to the NCAA about it. Yes, I want to win, but not at all costs. We will see how Martin does next year. If Stokes and McRae both stay (and I think it would be a mistake for either of them to go, since I don't think either will go in the first round), Maymon is healthy, and Hubbs can shoot better than our outside shooters this year, we should be a pretty good team.

Written on Tennessee left in the hands of the committee, but Cuonzo Martin thinks his team deserves to be in:

I think there are as many arguments for us being in the field as their are for us not being in the field. If Ole Miss wins tomorrow, I think we are definitely out. With the players we have coming back, plus Maymon, plus the stud shooting guard recruit, I hope next year's team doesn't wait until the last 10 games of the season to play well. I expect that we will have a more consistent season next year and not sweat out Selection Sunday again.

Written on 21 new Vols in Tennessee's 2013 signing classs:

A few thoughts. 1, We didn't "lose" Bell. He was never a UT commitment. Sure, it would have been nice to get him, but we didn't. 2. I always take the recruiting rankings with a grain of salt. Ray Goff almost always had the best recruiting class, and never won the SEC. Usually, around half of the first team all All Americans were 3 stars in high school. 3. I think the staff did an ok job given the time to work with and the apparently damaged relationships with area high school programs. We will see over the next few years what Butch Jones can do. I'm optimistic.

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First of all, I like Dooley. I wish he won, but obviously wasn't getting it done. As for people saying that it's a joke having Chizik and Dooley to provide commentary, I think both would be more inciteful than people that have never coached and recruited. Current coaches obviously caren't avaialble to be on the show. If nothing else, Dooley's bluntness and wit will probably add to the show. I wish him well.

Written on Tennessee walk-ons Derrick Brodus, Tyler Drummer, Dylan West receive scholarships :

Good for these young men, but does this mean we don't expect 25 in our signing class? It could also mean some other players are leaving.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

I don't think Sentimore will get drafted, but I wish him the best. Bray would take a risk on his numbers with Hunter and Patterson leaving (and don't forget how reliable Zach Rogers was his Senior season). I think Hunter and Bray made the right choice.

Written on Phillip Fulmer feels good about new Vols coach:

I don't think Fulmer is campaigning for the AD job at all, and I think he's right. We haven't had a good president since Dr. Joe Johnson retired, and I think we have bigger issues at UT than the athletic department. Just like the changing coaches often has left the football program in disarray, changing university presidents as often has done the same.

Finally, I am still surprised how many negative comments Fulmer continues to get. How many of you would gladly accept an identical record from Butch Jones over the next 17 years (same winning % and 1 national title)? I would in a heartbeat.

Written on Butch Jones' new Tennessee staff to make a combined $3 million, handsome raises over 2012 salaries :

<<First off, I am happy with the hires. But what happened to proving your worth? I know these guys have experience coaching, I get that. I just don't understand throwing big $$ at people before they have delivered the goods. Exhibit A, Sal Sunseri, wow, still owing him 1.3 million is insanity. Same for the 5 million dollar man.

A couple of thoughts. One, if we pay all those guys the same, then they could easily go somewhere else. I think it's reasonable that an assistant for the Vols would make more than an assistant for the Bearcats. As for Sunseri, he was leaving a stable job for a job where he knew that Dooley could get fired after one year. He needed an incentive and security to leave Alabama. Obviously, it didn't work out (who knows if he could run that scheme with better personnel?). In hindsight, Wilcox understood that he didn't have the players to attack, so ran a bend don't break defense. Sunseri was never able to adjust to the players that he had, or teach them what they were supposed to be doing.

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

I think this makes sense for all of them. Hunter doesn't want to risk another knee injury that could mean no NFL. Patterson is raw and needs to run routes better, buthe's still projected mid first round. He should take the money, and with no NFL practice limits, he can run routes all day. Bray may slip into the late second or third round. However, I'm sure he noticed what happened to Clausen, who came back without his best receivers (Kelly Washington went down that year), played hurt, and went undrafted. Also, the Oklahoma QB Landry's draft stock plummeted when he came back without his star receiver and looked ordinary. I think Hunter and Bray risk more by coming back than going early, and or Patterson, if you will be a top 15 pick, you go.

Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

I wish Hunter well, and glad he was a Vol. I think it's the right decision. If he were projected 2nd rounder and hadn't been injured, I think he should have come back. However, second round is still good money, and he doesnt' risk another knee injury before he gets paid.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols coaching job lacks its previous glamour:

A few thoughts: I think we are currenlty somewhere between the #15 and #25 job. The facilities are top 5, we should be able to pay a top 10 salary, but the leadsership at the top (I'm talking more about the administration since Dr. Joe Johnson retired, not Hart)is weak, and the state isn't a recruiting hotbed.

As for why anyone would take the job, we give them the opportuity to compete at the highest level outside NFL at a place where you can win big. Yes, it is currntly a challenge, but I don't think so much has changed since we blew a shot at the natinal title in 2001 that Tennessee can't be successful again.

Written on John Adams: 2012 Notre Dame similar to 1998 Vols' national title team :

I didn't think we were the underdog to FSU in 98, were we?

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<<Question to all the media types,know it all Basillio, UT coaching staff and players of the UT. How did a Penn State football team go through all they did and still finish the season like they did today? Tell us ! You guys didnt go through any thing like they did but THEY(PSU) were able to focus and play the game of football like its meant to be!!>>>

Penn State played a much easier schedule than the Vols. I don't think anyone would mistake the Big 10 with the SEC (the Vols played 4 top 10 teams to 1 top 10 for PSU). I think the Vols could have possibly gone 8-4 with that same schedule.

One point you didn't make is that PSU got better as the season went on, while the Voles got worse.

Written on NCAA hits Vols football with additional penalties; tied to Willie Mack Garza:

Someone said they are kicking us while we are dead. We aren't dead yet. We are pining for the fjords.

Written on Tennessee offensive line has flourished under new coach, faster offense:

For the first time in a few years, we finally have an SEC caliber offensive line. I'm pretty happy with where the offense is right now. The most glaring project that this staff has is getting an SEC caliber secondary. We have to get more speed for DB's in recruiting if we are going to challenge for the East again.

Written on John Adams: Next up is biggest game of season :

<<Win or lose against MSU, you got no shot at the SECe.

Sorry Troll. It would be very tough, but not completely out of reach.>>

I interpreted Adams statement is how the team would react with an 0-3 SEC start and no chance at the SEC East vs. a 1-2 start with a slim theoretical shot at winning the East (no, I don't think anyone thinks we can actually win the East). My guess is that Adams thinks, and I agree, that it would be harder to get motivated after an 0-3 SEC start. This is a must win game.

Also, I think 7-5 and continued improvement keep Dooley around another year, expecially since his buyout goes down significantly after the 2013 season. I think our offense is significantly better than last year, with a decent running game and an SEC caliber offensive line. I think our biggest shortcoming, aside from learning the 3-4, is lack of speed in the secondary. Every RB and WR on other teams seem to be able to outrun our DB's. If they get past our LB's, which is too often, they are gone. I hope some of our DB commits are 4.3 guys.

Written on Evan Woodbery: Tennessee vs. Georgia matchups :

I think a better analysis would be Tennessee's passing game vs. Georgia's pass defense,DL vs OL, etc. Murray and Bray don't play each other. I still think Georgia gets the edge in most matchups. However, a QB could be better than the opposing QB, but that may not be an edge if the opposing secondary and pass rush are great, while the lesser QB is going against a poor defense. Position vs same position matchups only matter in fantasy football.

Written on Evan's Eleven: Will Vols' offense overpower Florida's front 7? :

The only thing about these evaluations is that the units on each team don't play each other. I think the Vols passing game vs the Florida pass defense, the Vols running game vs. Florida,s front 7, etc. is much more important. The reality is that our best side of the ball (offense) will face the Gators best side (defense). Our two weaker units will also face each other.

Written on Cordarrelle Patterson takes direct route to starring role with touchdowns :

I read an intervier with Patterson, and it's pronounced cor DAR uhl. Kinda like Darryl with a Cor in front of it. THe announcers will learn after last night. For Da'Rick, I see no reason to pile on. He probably realizes that he has potentially cost himself a lot of money, but I hope he works hard, stays clean, and gets a shot at the pros. It sucks that we don't have all 3 stud receivers, but I do like how Patterson and the supporting cast stepped up instead of folded like we've done in the recent past.

Written on Tennessee-N.C. State Report Card :

<<It appears that the team is overall better in all aspects except the running games and kicking game>>

How is the running game not better? Last year, we couldn't run for 100 yards on the worst teams we played. We ran for just over 190 yards against a team that is supposed to be pretty good. I don't think we have a dominmant running game, where running will be a frequent option on 3rd and 3, but we are clearly better than last years 116th ranked rushing game. My guess is we will be in the middle of the pack in the SEC for rushing yards.

Written on Mike Strange: Was the reward Rogers offered Vols worth the risk? :

Since Dooley was named coach just a couple of weeks before signing day, he had to take risks. There was no way he had time to vet each player's character for his first class.

Written on Derek Dooley doesn't expect suspended Da'Rick Rogers to return:

I guess the only positive is that this site actually has this news up before it's on ESPN or CBSSports. Anytime you lose a star player, it hurts. That means our passing game that may have been the best in the SEC is one injury (Hunter or Patterson) away from being mediocre. It especially hurts since we are very thin at TE will all the injuries to that position. That said, no player is bigger than the team. I'm not sure what problem Rogers has, but this will cost him a lot of money. Even if he comes back and gets drafted (either from the Vols or an FCS School), it will be much lower becasue of his attitude. The NFL already has enough TO's, Ochocinco's, DeSean Jacksons, etc. Of course, he may not get drafted at all.