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Written on Bama bashes Notre Dame 42-14 in BCS title game:

in response to rtrchatt:

As a lifelong Bama fan its very difficult to single out one kid when the program has always been all about the team. However Barrett Jones from Germantown, Tn leaves the Capstone as perhaps the most accomplished student athelete in SEC history. BJ was a 4 time academic all american graduating with a BS and MS in accounting. He won the 2012 Campbell Award also known as the Academic Heishman. 2011 Outland trophy and 2012 Remington trophy winner, all SEC OL 3 yrs and consensus all american 2 yrs. In 5 yrs his teams won a national record 61 games in 5 yrs and a SEC record 49 wins in 4 yrs. As a captain of the 2012 team he played in the BCSCG with torn ligaments in his left foot and will have surgery this week. He will be out 3/4 months and miss the NFL combine, but despite this he lead his teammates without regard to his immediate NFL career. Great job young man, best wishes for a speedy recovery and from all Tide Nation in East Tn, THANK YOU. Roll Tide

Well said . . . this young man is a Champion on and off of the field!

Congratulations to Alabama!


Written on Quarterback Tyler Bray selects agent Don Yee :

If it weren't for Coach Chaney, Bray would have been a complete loss. Bray has the physical tools but the mental aspect has been suspect, this may be due to his immaturity as an individual.

Another year in college would greatly help Bray, but given the new "system", offensive coaches, etc - it is probably best that Bray enters the draft.

Bray owes Coach Chaney a HUGE thank you for his work with him, and the offense that made Bray a college success.

Good luck in the NFL!!


Written on Phillip Fulmer feels good about new Vols coach:

I believe that Coach Fulmer is speaking to Cheek and Hart! These two have to work from the same page, that page has to be completely supportive of ALL athletic coaches and programs.

Cheek has been a disruptive presence in and around the athletic department since his arrival. There have been several articles highlighting his actions that have not been favorable - the merger, the "checking account", etc.

There is a LOT of things that must be "fixed", Cheek is just one of them!


Written on Ben Bartholomew, Zach Rogers, Prentiss Waggner invited to All-Star Classic :

Good luck to these VOLS!!


Written on Herman Lathers invited to seniors game:

Herman Lathers is a GREAT representative for the VOLS!!! Good luck young man!!!


Written on Derek Dooley finds words for Twitter :

I wish CDD the best in his future . . .

Written on Facing Rutgers emotional for UT's Jolette Law :

in response to snowpeapod#263184:

The class that Coach Stringer shows stands out like a sore thumb. Is it any wonder that she and Pat are so close?

I was thinking the exact same thing while reading this . . . Coach Stringer and Coach Summit are the definitions of class!!

Written on Vols' Butch Jones disputes talk of riding on Brian Kelly's successes:

The more I read and listen to CBJ the more I like him! I think he will do a great job for the Volunteers, give this man time and we will see competitive teams playing for championships!


Written on Vols hold off Western Carolina, 66-52:

Ugly but a win . . . What is the status of Maymon?


Written on Pat Summitt honored at Toledo-Marquette game:

Pat Summit is not only women's basketball, she is BASKETBALL! She and Coach Wooden made college basketball what it is today . . .

Thank you Coach Summit for being a VOL!!

Written on David Martin catches a UT degree at 33:

What a GREAT story . . . I hope that David becomes involved in the football program with Coach Jones . . . he is a GREAT VOL!!!


Written on Mel Kiper recommends another year for Tyler Bray:

HopeIsNotA . . . is exactly correct! Bray does have the physical tools to be an NFL QB, he is lacking the mental maturity to be successful at the next level. In my humble opinion, he barely has the required maturity to be moderatly successful on the D-I level.

Lastly, Bray is NOT a leader . . . you can see this by the way he carries himself on and off of the field. Look at the golf ball and beer bottle throwing incident and then the jet ski thing . . . Bray could become known as Tennessee's most talented QB, since Manning, only to blow it because he's inmature!

Worley I think has the tools and mindset to be very successful on Shields-Watkins Field . . .


Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

in response to VolsFanInAfghanistan:

Vol_in_Mich, i'm a true Vol, I wouldn't lie to you guys. I am truly over here in Afghanistan reading all the post about our beloved University. Point well taken about the strength and conditioning coach. Guess I was thinking more about the fact that they spend the most time with him during the dead period than any of the other coaches. With a lot of the guys being there thru this circus you know they are like wow. Stay safe up there in Michigan.

VolFanInAfghanistan . . . I was in Afghanistan until 31 Oct 2012 and kept up with the Vols the same way . . . and other sites!! Take care and watch your six!!


Written on Jay Graham likely only holdover from Derek Dooley's staff :

in response to alfrizzle097:

Disappointed Jim Chaney is leaving. Thought they might also retain Sam Pittman. Seems like continuity in the offensive line philosophy would pair with keeping Graham to really help the run game keep improving.

Agreed, especially on Coach Pittman . . . I thought that the O=Line made great strides this year which in turn helped Jay Graham improve the running game!! At least Coach Graham will stay!!!


Written on Butch Jones coaching bio:

in response to ellerbee123:

All the negativity from the fans. I would not want to coach here either. FYI Dr. Cheek is the major issue in our athletic dept. It is easier to get in Vanderbilt now as a student athlete than Tennessee. Cheek needs to be fired.

I agree on Cheek . . . I read that Cheek is the one that met with Strong in Louisville . . . since when is this pierce an expert on football and football coaches???

Cheek needs to go, NOW!!!


Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

in response to licknpromise777#651578:

The only thing it tells me is he didn't want to go to the coaches grave yard at CU or Purdue and could get fatter money from Hart

You appear to be one of the one's that refuse to support any coach that would have been selected . . . poor sport and worse VOL fan!!

Grow up!!


Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

in response to superman81:

This guy wanted to be at UT! he wanted to coach here, thats more than Strong, Gundy, or Gruden. Dooley was a desperate hire, Jones was not. He waited and waited for his chance and when Strong turned us down he jumped on it. I think that shows he will do everything he can to help us win

^^^^^ EXACTLY ^^^^^


Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

Welcome Coach Jones!! The one thing that caught my attention, him stating that he was "waiting to see if he could get the Tennessee job". This means Coach Jones wants to be here.

We now have a coach that has been successful at his previous schools and wants to be a Volunteer . . . I am very excited about this hire!!

True Vol fans, alumni, etc will support our new coach, simply because Coach Jones now leads our football Vols and is a part of our Vol family!


Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

in response to thevoice:

Can't blame him. Sounds like a decent, grounded man.

I couldn't agree more!


Written on Ad for Vols' head coach posted on Craigslist:

in response to VolAtUGA11:

Say it with me kids:
Kirby Smart (wasn't that easy?!)
Instant headline: UT Coaching Hire Smart, Not Strong
(even a dead copy editor could think of that)

Not sure I read correctly but didn't Smart just sign a contract extension with Bama and state that he wasn't interested in leaving Bama?

I think he would be a good HC . . . that's just me though! He runs a great defense and has the personnel to be successful in a 3-4 scheme.

Onwards and upwards with the search . . . I'm thinking that Hart will turn to the NFL now . . . we'll see what happens next.


Written on Ad for Vols' head coach posted on Craigslist:

I've read a lot of funny things during this coaching search, this has to be the funniest of all!!


Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

in response to LibertyVolance:

Do you realize that Mullen may be fired from MSU if he loses the bowl game? Not only that but Gundy isn't leaving OSU and Smart has just signed a new contract at Alabama. Think of something else.

Well, Mullen gets MSU to a bowl in how many years and they want to fire him?? You're nuts, I have many friends and family that are MSU alumni . . . they LOVE Mullen!!!

Also, look at my comment on Gundy - (I hope NOT)!!

The list is just that a list . . . have fun with it . . . have fun with it!!!

Relax, don't take yourself too seriously . . .


Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

Ok, Strong has turned down the UT offer . . . now it's time to get a GREAT coach . . . who that is I don't know, only Hart knows the "list". I know that this hire is probably the most important one in Hart's career; in fact it may decide the end of Hart's career.

Let's look at who is left:

Fedora - UNC HC
Smart - UofA DC
Gundy - Oak State HC - (I hope NOT)
Mullen - MSU HC

Add to the list . . . sound off on who I've placed on the list . . . might as well have fun with it, waiting on a "official announcement" from UTAD isn't coming any time soon!!


Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

If Charlie Strong is hired I would recommend that ALL Volunteer fans get behind him and support OUR team immediately!! We do not need another three or four years of a divided Vol Nation as we did with Dooley and Kiffin.

Regardless of who is hired, it's the Orange and White on the field on Fall Saturdays . . .


Written on Passion for UT, longevity part of Phillip Fulmer's claim to Fame :

Congratulations Coach Fulmer!!!


Written on What is your reaction to Jon Gruden not being UT's next football coach?:

in response to civilianvol_formerly_marinevol:

I don't agree with you about Gruden, but I absolutely agree with you about Petrino. He is a proven winner and the best available coach out there. Of course, the sanctimonious fans who have never made a mistake will not like the hire. Too bad.

Petrino hasn't made one mistake . . . he has made numerous, in fact at every coaching stop hes made!!

Petrino is NOT the answer for our VOLS!!

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

in response to OrangeBloodFlood:

Thanks for the link, I'm hearing this more and more.If Hart is stupid enough to get in a power play struggle against Peyton and other boosters...guess what,we all know he will lose....did UT really hire somebody this stupid?

I was not a fan of the hire when Hart was announced . . . I took a look at the things that were said about his tenure at FSU.

Then read all of the things floating around about the lawsuit and the sworn statement from Coach Summit, then add to this the FSU stuff . . . seems as though we have a "control freak" at the helm.

If Hart is trying to "prove" that he's in charge of "everything", he may find pissing off the big $$ boosters and people like Manning . . . his tenure at UT may be short lived.

Not bashing Hart, just expresing my opinion based upon what I have read . . .

With all of this, Hart needs all of the luck he can get . . . this hire has to be a "homerun"!


Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

I posted earlier that Hart should be consulting with UT alumni that have first hand knowledge of which coaches would be or are interested in the UT HC job . . . people like Peyton Manning . . . well, seems like Hart doesn't really care what lettermen and boosters think . . . read this . . .

If this is the case, Mr. Hart better have Nick Saban or Les Miles or Brian Kelly or Gen. Neyland on the hook for the job . . . just sayin'!


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to CMKSIDESHOW:

ND played 6 teams that finished .500 or above counting Navy , accidently left off.
GA played 5 teams that .500 or above, thats with GA Southern, FAU , and Buffalo on their schedule.
Alabama also played 5 teams that finished .500 or above with FAU, WKU, and WCU on their schedule.

Overall ND had the tougher schedule this year.

None of this really matters anyway. Brian Kelly you can say what you want about the guy but Tennessee should have snagged him 3 years ago, mind you in 3 yrs he is now undefeated and playing for the title. I think if he had Tennessees' talent this year we would have been at the worst 10-2 and thats losing 2 out of the four vs. SC, FL, GA, AL.

And looking at the teams that ND played and then at who they played . . . Alabama and Georgia both played a tougher schedule.

I'll take the SEC over the others any day.

As far as Brian Kelly, we'll see after he has recruited and playing his players in three years . . . that is the real story.


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to CMKSIDESHOW:

ND played USC, Oklahoma, Stanford, Mich St., Mich., BYU, Pitt, BC , Wake Forest,

This year they actually played a good schedule.
Alabama avoided Fla, SC, and Ga. So how was Alabamas schedule tough they had to beat Texas A&M and LSU thats it . Arkansas and Auburn were tire fires.
Georgia had to play SC and FLorida and that was it for them, with Us also being a tire fire
NOTRE DAME actually played a tougher schedule than both them two, this year. Look up all three schedules and youll see.

The team that played the toughest schedule in the SEC was Florida, they played LSU, SC, GA, , Texas A&M and FL State.

As for the National Title this year my moneys on Notre Dame and the points they are going to get.

Here are the records of the schools that ND played, that you listed:

MSU 6-6
Michigan 8-4
Oklahoma 9-2
Stanford 10-2
Wake Forest 5-7
BYU 7-5
Pitt 5-6
BC 2-10

The only two teams that I would consider competition is OU and Stanford, other than that I'm not too impressed.

Now, back to the subject of finding a quality coach for the Vols!!!


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to tovolny:

Mullen is coming and bringing recruits. UT filled out a matrix that showed Mullen way ahead of everybody. Recruits...?...he has them. SEC knowledge...?...he has it. Experience...?...he has lots. Discipline...?...he is respected and he can dish it out. Would he like to double his salary...? bet. Honesty...?...very moral no doubt. Works within NCAA guidelines...yes.
Represents himself and his school in public settings and media...?...yes.

If you could see the decision Matrix, you would
say "get him in here ASAP" just like the UT big office big shots did.

Coach Mullen, get used to it.

Coach Mullen was a GREAT hire by MSU, he is all that you said . . . I wish our Vols had been looking for a coach when Mullen was available.

At this point, I realy don't see him leaving MSU . . . JMO.


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to trl_x:

Whoever we get some will be disappointed in some way. We missed on Brian Kelly in 2009 but if you compare his tenure at Cincinnati and Strong's time so far at Louisville they are similar.

No way to create a good grid here.
Year Before Kelly at UC 4-7
Year Before Strong at UL 4-8

Kelly; Strong
Year 1; 8-5; 7-6
Year 2; 10-3; 7-6
Year 3; 11-3; 10-2 so far

Fairly similar results IMO. They both turned the programs around and of course Kelly has ND in the title game.

Like I said no WOW but an upgrade.

Brian Kelly has done well, with Weis' recruits, and a favorable schedule . . . Notre Dame does not play an SEC schedule or anything close to the competition of the SEC – closer to a Big East or ACC schedule.

Not disrespecting Kelly, just pointing out a few things . . .

We need someone that has a proven track record in recruiting, X’s and O’s, and winning in a MAJOR conference. Is that Jimbo Fisher or Patterson or Chip Kelly or Jim Mora Jr.? I don’t know . . . but it cannot be someone that hasn’t been there and done that in a major conference for a period of time.

Hart needs to deliver a home run or his position may be in jeopardy!


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to trl_x:

Still believe it will be Charlie Strong. No WOW factor with him but he'll be an upgrade from Dooley.

BTW, there's a lot irony in the last paragraph of the article.

I watched the Louisville game last night, I wasn't impressed with the Cardinals football team. They actually didn't win the game, Rutgers handed them the game with turnovers and numerous missed opportuntities.

If Strong is offered the job, he needs to be forced to retain the current offensive staff as he is not an Offensive minded coach. Strong is a defensive coach and could assemble a great defensive staff, of course anything is an upgrade to what we endured this last season.

I am keeping an open mind . . . and hope Hart can deliver . . .


Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

This is becoming a complete "Gruden-rope" . . . Hart, either go to the microphone and provide an update or allow someone within the Atheletic Department to speak up on an "offical" basis!


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

I agree the performance was bad at times (especially in the SEC games) but for you to say you are embarrassed to wear the Orange means you are perceiving it to be an embarrassment. I always wear my UT colors because no matter what they do on the field my loyalty never wanes. UT is a great university beyond their football program. Too bad you can't perceive it that way.

Very well stated . . . thanks!


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to RememberWhen:

a very intelligent response I must say...obviously devoid of any debate or facts but intelligent nonetheless...given your level of knowledge anyway....

I see that you type with one hand . . . due to the fact that one arm is in a sling from patting yourself on the back . . .

What a name for a person with a mental disorder . . . God, if we could only buy you for what you're worth and sell you for what you think you're worth! The latest Power Ball lottery would be chump change!!

Now, go back and play in the traffic . . . rush hour is just around the corner!!


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to RememberWhen:

TRUE DAT! it will be at the bottom of the pile and you'll have to shuffle some dirty undies around to find it but it will still be here!

Rememberwhen . . . remind me when your opinion counted . . . Oh, never comes to mind!

Now, go play in the traffic with your mommy . . .


Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to gobigorange5090:

The Grudengasms continue.

Now that is funny!!!!

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

Personally, I would like Hart to step up to the microphone and provide a status update on the search. This would dispel rumors and place emphases on doing the right thing for the football program for the long term objectives.

The ongoing saga of Gruden is not in the best interest of the fans or the program, it either is factual or it is not – Hart needs to earn his salary. His decision to be the “search” committee is ridiculous; UT has plenty of individuals that are in a great position to offer insight and guidance – Manning, Wilson, Cliffton, Carter, Greer, etc.

Am I Hart bashing, sure . . . I was not a fan of him becoming the AD in the first place!! Not because he came from Alabama . . . because of his tenure at Florida State!

Good luck Hart, you need it!!


Written on Tough enough? No choice for Vols against Georgetown :

in response to MOUNTAINofOKEMO:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Mmm . . . another Dick Vitale wanna be . . . great!! I think we know who the "diaper dandy" here is . . . oke!!! LMAO


Written on Mike Strange: Plenty of first-time head coaches have won big :

in response to asleep#212036:

Even more impressive, she had NO coaching experience at all! She had just graduated from UT Martin and they hired her. Took over a 25-2 team that graduated several players and missed the AIAW playoffs the first couple of seasons, 1974-76. Made the playoffs in 1977 and every year following (I think). The NCAA sanctioned a women's tournament for the 1982-83 season, and we have been a fixture ever since. It is a real shame for every sports fan that her career ended so tragically over a health issue. I'm afraid Auriemma will eventually break her NCAA championship mark but he will never replace her legacy as the woman who put women's sports on the front page, not only at UT, but everywhere. What a privilege to have had her as our coach all those years. Go Vols!!!

Very well stated . . . I would also add that this HC ran a program that graduated its players and maintained a clean record with the NCAA. Everyone in the coaching business should try to mirror Coach Summit's program!!!


Written on High expectations produce high turnover in SEC:

Mmm . . . I take it the fella who wrote this isn't from SEC country . . . probably the West coast . . . go figure!!!

Written on Philadelphia report says Eagles keen to hire Gruden:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Willie Gault?? He wasn't even that great at UT..I'd go with Stanley Morgan he was Cordarrelle before there was a CP..Pittman has done more with UT's line than Fulmer could do in 15 years..Roland James in place of Dale crybaby Carter, and Walt Harris over Cutcliffe..There you have it..

Stanley Morgan didn't get a ring in the NFL, a great receiver but Gaulthad to learn to play receiver as his primary job was a sprinter! Second, Pittman is a good coach but I would/will take Fulmer, just look at the line of O-Linement that Fulmer put in the NFL over the years - Fulmer! Roland James over Carter . . . nope, not even close!!! Walt Harris over Cut, love Harris but not over Cut . . . Coach Cut made too many NFL players out of ordinary talent . . . Cut any day for OC . . .

'Nuf said.

Written on Philadelphia report says Eagles keen to hire Gruden:

It will be who is hired . . . we can speculate all we want, but in the end . . . it is who it is!!!

Now, if you want to discuss wish lists then this is the place to go!!

HC/QB Coach - Peyton Manning
OC - Coach Cut
RB - Jay Graham
Wide Receivers - Willie Gault
O-Line Coach - Fulmer
DC/D Line - Chief
Linebackers - Al Wilson
DB's - Dale Carter
Special Teams - Bill Bates

Now that's coaching staff that all Volunteers can/could be proud of!!!!

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols' Tyler Bray isn't ready for NFL:

Tyler Bray is ready for the NFL as Witch Doctor is ready to enter the neuro-surgery profession!! LOL Bray has the physical capabilities but the gray matter between his ears are more on the level of a High School Freshman.

Regardless of who the HC or OC is this coming season Bray will not improve on the field unless he improves his attitude off of the field. Bray is in more need of a shrink than a quarterback coach!

Personally I wish luck with whatever decision he makes, I just hope that we see his named called on draft day. I think Worley deserves a shot at leading a team.

What I saw of Worley against Vandy was impressive, in my humble opinion! He was calm in the pocket, the team responded to his presence in the huddle, and on the field, except Patterson.

For now, I just want the Beer Barrel back!!!


Written on Mike Strange: Mom, apple pie and Aggies :

I attended the 1080'something Cotton Bowl played between Texas A&M and Notre Dame, Tim Brown against the Texas A&M defensive end Roper. I sat in the middle of the Fighting Irish crowd waiving a Texas A&M 12th man towel. I must add that I am a proud Catholic!! LOL

I have many friends and colleagues that are A&M alumni who talk about the tradition and love for their university.

Being a UT alumnus, Vol for Life, I am glad to welcome Texas A&M to the SEC!!

Written on Aggies welcomed to SEC:

I attended the 1980'something Cotton Bowl played between Texas A&M and Notre Dame, Tim Brown against the Texas A&M defensive end Roper. I sat in the middle of the Fighting Irish crowd waiving a Texas A&M 12th man towel. I must add that I am a proud Catholic!! LOL

I have many friends and colleagues that are A&M alumni who talk about the tradition and love for their university.

Being a UT alumnus, Vol for Life, I am glad to welcome Texas A&M to the SEC!!

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