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Sure it's free, but only after you hand over your credit card info. NO THANKS!!

I think the KNS is starving for readers and deservedly so. I for one will never spend a dime supporting any aspect of the liberal media, the KNS included. So unless GVX is sold off as a separate entity with no ties to the KNS (will never happen), I will just scan the site a few times a week for the headlines and read (Google) the story elsewhere.

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I definitely like Jones's attention to detail.

It's a 180 degree turn from the "where do we line up as the clock is winding down" days of Dooley.

We many not have depth but the quality is there to surprise some teams this year and we will.

I still believe we would have won at least 8 games last year with a competent coaching staff.

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I am glad CCM is so excited. Now he gets to prove whether he can coachem up and actually make the NCAA tournament. He certainly can't say that this team lacks talent if he fails yet again.

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in response to joshelliott83:

I am glad someone put this on here. I hate to tell all of you "Tradition" fans, gray jersys were worn by some of the very first vols. You need to do some catching up on your history before you start judging! Below is a link to see the circle of jerseys.

Yeah, but were we the Big Orange back then? or Big Grey?

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You can throw last year out the window.

The Vols may not have been in the upper half of the SEC last year as far as talent goes, but I guarantee you that even if we had four All-SEC players in the secondary, we would not have fared much better.

Sal Sunseri was so inept, that it was obvious nobody knew where to be on the field. I don't care who's playing, if you get caught flat footed or out of position, good speed won't necessarily allow you to catch up.

Major improvement in the secondary this year is a given if nothing more than for the coaching change alone.

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Jones should have gone back to Detroit and looked for some type of job where he could maintain his high school connections in that city.

Those connections alone with all the talent coming out of the area would have made him a HOT commodity today. Instead he stuck around Knoxville taking a high school job that took him off the radar.

I understand that family often comes first, but it's not like his daughter was finishing high school, rather a degree at UT? Maybe there's more to that story but if it is what it seems, I don't think it was a wise move. Only time will tell.

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McRae will never sniff the NBA. He doesn't have the skill set much less the BB IQ.

He certainly improved his game last season but he still a suspect ball handler, has an inconsistent jump shot, and cannot create on his own. He also doesn't finish well around the basket, takes too many bad and makes just as many bad passes.

Yeah I know it sounds like he's a bench warmer but to make it in the NBA as a guard, you have to have a pretty good all around game with few weaknesses. I hope he proves me wrong and plays lights out this season, but I just don't see it.

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Guess he forgot to do his due diligence on the head coach,

Then again, poor decisions seem to have led to his transfer in the first place.

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Hart is obviously a Democrat and Obama fan.

Bigger gov't or in this case more spending when the coffers are bare is following the plan. Fiscal responsibility be damned!!

Hart will only get fired when a real accountant gets hold of the athletic dept. books. And then we'll be up a creek without a paddle. Sad.

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With all due respect to Pat Summit, this sounds like a BIG waste of money for an athletic Dept. that is operating with little or no reserve.

I don't profess to know exactly what she does with her title, but rest assured if she had the university in mind, she'd be working pro-bono for the little time she probably puts in. As for the perks, I'm sure she'd have gotten those whether working or not.

I'm not naive to know that Pat is certainly the face of women's basketball and worth far more in association to the university than the 355k she was paid, but it just seems to me that its a "created" position that we can ill afford at this time.

Flame away if you wish but at some point, the bird is going to come home to roost.

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I give Francher credit as he definitely see's the writing on the wall. After all, he has first hand knowledge of just how bad a coach Peterson is.

He knows that: a) Peterson will be fired after next season and b) He will instantly become the top candidate to replace him.

Sure, he'll have to spend a full season listing to Peterson blame officials for making bad calls and the players for not following the game plan. He'll have to put up with all the talk around the program of when Peterson will actually get the ax. But he also knows what a sure bet looks like and that history often repeats itself, even if it' a little different scenario this time.

Just think, who would have ever thought that working with Buzz Peterson could be a career ascending move?

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in response to SummittsCourt:

Congrats, you get the knucklehead comment of the day award.

Can you say "thin skin" and for what? Giving an opinion that will most likely become fact.

I didn't say anything negative about his game other than it doesn't translate to the NBA. If Vegas had a line, I"d feel very safe making that wager.

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The whole McRae to the NBA talk is a big joke. His skills in no way shape or form translate to the NBA.

He will still play after college, but it will be in front of an audience whose first language is something other than English.

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If Dave Hart offers any kind of extension with a guarantee, then he needs to be fired on the spot.

UT's financial situation has been well documented so being loose with the purse strings with a coach who is still UNDER CONTRACT and UNPROVEN up to this point would be akin to financial malpractice.

Bottom line is that if Hart reaches out to Martin or his agent prior to the end of next season, his hand needs to be cut off!!!

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IMO,McRae played over his skill level in that 7-8 game stretch. He's been inconsistent throughout his career so not sure why he's "at a loss" for disappearing the last few games.

Bottom line is that while his shooting has improved, he still lacks ball handling skills and the ability to finish around the basket. And let's cease with the Pro talk as he's not NBA material.

Hopefully he works hard this summer and comes back with improved skills and some consistency to his game.

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It's sad how truly clueless CCM is.

He's beginning to remind me of Buzz Peterson though no coach could be that bad even if they didn't try. Only positive of this loss is that Martin took his first step toward the door. Next year will truly be make or break.

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Our coach is out of touch with regard to whether we are deserving of an NCAA bid or not, yet our fans certainly aren't.

Just check the poll results on this site and its not even close. Martin needs to wake up and quit crying!!!

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Martin is in over his head, plain and simple.

Only way he will consistently make the dance is if he recruits elite talent and so far (sans Stokes), that hasn't happened. Time is a tickin.

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I disagree.

We had a decent record but most of our big wins in an a below average SEC were the result of timing. We beat KY in their first game after the Noel injury (and they've been pathetic since). We beat UF without two of their best players and we beat a Mizzou team that can't beat anyone on the road. So three of our best wins aren't all that.

Bottom line is that we are a better than average SEC team which isn't saying much.

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I was hoping we'd go but realistically we are not an NCAA tournament team.

Sure we won 20 games but the SEC as a whole is just plain bad and some of our best wins should have asterisks next to them. We beat a UK team in their first game without Noel, we beat UF without two of their best players and we beat Missouri who can't beat anybody on the road.

This team doesn't have the talent necessary to compete against the best and our coach still has a lot to learn about adjusting to what the other team is doing. I have hope for Cuonzo but unless he's brings in elite talent, I don't know if we'll ever get over the hump.

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Bottom line is that a loss to MSU and this team doesn't deserve to go. So lobbying at this point is fruitless.

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Hope he's right but we need at least 2 tournament wins to feel safe, and that's if there are no tournament upsets in other leagues.

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McRae is a poor mans Scotty Hopson. Lacking ball handling skills and a consistent outside shot to make it in the NBA. Just another reporter looking for something to write.

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Sounds good, just wondering how many negative points for an arrest?

Never mind, I forgot this is a new era of UT football.

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The inconsistency is a direct result of having marginal talent at almost every position. Stokes is the only real talent this team has with Golden a distant second.

Good players find ways to play well consistently and we have a grand total of ONE who gets little help from anyone including the coach.

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Lets not go overboard here.

I'm sure he has a second non personal cell number he will give to parents. Just leave him a voicemail and he'll call u back (after one of his assts. listens to the messages and verifies they are legit). Not a dad idea and no different than parents calling some other number.

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Losing Patterson, Hunter, and Sentimore will hurt, Watson not so much (Dooley's talent evaluation of RB's has been dismal).

Say what you want but if last yrs. team had any coaching whatsoever, we easily win 8 games. So even with a subpar recruiting class by UT standards, I believe with the coaching upgrade CBJ brings, he can make us competitive in a hurry.

Depth might be an issue but one thing is certain.....we won't look lost on defense and our effort will be 100 times better than it was.

CBJ is saying all the right things but the difference between him and Dooley is that he actually believes it because he's done it. No more of the blind following the blind.

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The quote from coach Martin sums up this team and his coaching....."I think we're fine"

He shows ZERO ability to coach or get the most out of the players and his lack of emotion during the game is the reason we can't beat an SEC team.

Perhaps he'll show a little more emotion when Dave Hart calls his next press conference.

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McRae still has miles to go to become a consistent basketball player, let alone a good one.

I give him credit for upping his game but two games doesn't make a season. Not trying to be negative but I've heard the same story about for two years now and little had changed.

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I don't like Kiffin but unless he has a serious drug problem or his wife is a spendaholic, I seriously doubt he'd have problems paying back 500k. He'd probably just have to cash out of some investments which is probably why he needed the loan in the first place.

Articles like this don't deserve the time of day and certainly don't belong on this site, though I'm not surprised given the history of the KNS.

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I'll take Dave Hart being fired or having his pay suspended for the cost of the Sunseri debacle.

Any AD dumb enough to extend that kind of contract to an unproven coach at a time when the head coach was on the hotseat, doesn't deserve to be in such a position. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

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Dave Hart should be fired over this....period.

For someone in his position to extend a contract like that to an UNPROVEN DC at a time when the head coach is on the hot seat is just flat out inexcusable.

On the other hand, Sunseri should think about giving back some of that money that was certainly not earned or deserved through the scope of his work. I know that won't happen but what he did with the UT defense borders on the criminal.

Sunseri got canned as deserved, now Hart needs to be dealt the same fate.

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His return would be a plus but it won't help our shooting woes mainly because there are only two shooters on the roster, McBee and Golden. CCM has yet to recruit one which doesn't bode well for the future of UT basketball.

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Perhaps Tee felt that World War III might break out between his wife and his ex if he moved back to Knoxville.

I can speak from experience knowing that if I lived in the same city with my ex and had to deal with her on a daily/weekly basis because of the kids, things would only get worse and it wouldn't be worth any amount of money. Some people never let go and just love to make others lives miserable.

I'm not saying this is the case with Tee, but I'm going to give him a pass on this one just knowing it's a possibility.

Remember, money can't buy happiness.

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He's certainly a better hire than Strong. Only question is how his offense will work with the pocket QB's we have on the roster even if Bray were to leave. Could there be a mass exodus at that position?

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It's easy for coach Martin to say "just shoot it when open." Problem is that he hasn't recruited anyone capable of making it even if that happens. Sad to say but if his recruiting doesn't improve, CCM isn't going to make it either.

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When you recruit guys who can't shoot even when wide open, this is the result. Sadly, I don't see it getting better anytime soon.

Written on Ad for Vols' head coach posted on Craigslist:

Only reporters with nothing better to do would write something that gives credence to the Craigslist poster. Frankly I'm not surprised.

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Glad he stayed at Louisville - he's still unproven as a head coach and not worth the money being offered. Plus I'm not sure I could stomach his listening to him speak.

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As someone who follows Louisville football (my father is an alum), Louisville's defense couldn't stop anyone this year. And let's not forget, Strong is in his 3rd yr.

If not for a Heisman type QB and a capable offensive coordinator, he's not nearly the candidate everyone is making him out to be. I think we can do much better.

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If those words came from someone else I might believe it, but coming from a player who hasn't improved since arriving on campus is laughable.

When Jordan McRae learns how to play at a consistent level I'll take notice. Until then, he's one of the main reasons why this team is offensively challenged. Other than run and jump, he does NOTHING well.

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It's going to be ugly on offense all season long.

We don't have a player at the 2 and 3 position that can keep a defense honest. Sad when you consider how many 6'4 - 6'7 players we have that were recruited to play those positions.

When a former walk-on who can't create his own shot (McBee) is your best player at the 2, you know you've got problems.

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Was Buzz Peterson back on the sideline?

Certainly looked that way as we looked clueless as to how to attack a zone defense.

I like Coach Martin but I could have done a better job instructing the team than what I saw tonight. I'm not going to criticize the players because that game was all about coaching or the lack thereof. Absolutely pathetic!!

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in response to martinvol34:

EB phone home and get a hug. You obviously are not watching the same McRae as the rest of us.

I hope McRae makes me eat my words, but time will tell especially when we get into SEC play.

Written on Jordan McRae embraces role as UT's sixth man :

The reason McRae doesn't start is that he is way down the list of the best players on this team. He has a limited game (suspect outside shot, below average ball handler and poor decision maker) If not for his athletic ability, he'd never see the floor.

It's a shame that he has never gotten better since the day he arrived. He is Cameron Tatum reincarnated, without the outside shot.

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Forget Petrino (Baggage and poor recruiter) Cutcliffe (overated OC - average HC) Golden (still unproven) and Smart (no HC experience).

Strong is a great recruiter and is doing well, but as a defensive guy, his defense at Louisville is on par with ours. Jury is still out on him.

Only ones I like on this list are Gruden and Patterson. Gundys team is a yo-yo every season.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

Damn, there goes the lame duck bowl next week.

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

Only positive is that Dooley's fate is no longer in doubt (if it had been before the game)

We have talent, just need some good coaches.

Hart better not screw up this one as this might be the most important hire in UT history.

Written on Judge sets bond for Chamique Holdsclaw at $100,000 :

Hope she"s been saving her pennies.