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Written on Derek Dooley and fired assistants will cost UT an estimated $7.5 million:

My annual contribution is down to $100. It was four figures a few years ago. Until the UT Administration can demonstrate fiscal responsibility and prove to be a good steward of contributions, that is where it will stay.

Written on John Adams: CAK QB Charlie High still thinking big despite recruiting rejections :

Bill High was a fraternity brother of mine at UT. As I recall, I thought he was a tall fellow, long legs to get over the hurdles, so I am surprised folks are picking on his son's height. That said, Bill was a fine fellow. I for one would like to see UT recruit more players who want to be here because they love the place, not because they think it will help their NFL stock. I recall a 5th year senior, Darrly Dickey who stepped up and did a great job even though he was not considered good enough to play the other 4 years he was in college. I vote to give Charlie a chance.

Written on John Adams: Time for 'serious' changes at Tennessee :

I believe it comes with the job. Nobody liked Tom Siler either, thought he was "anti-Tennessee". John's sense of humor is dry and goes over the heads of many, but his cutting comments usually have a point. He does have a good idea as to trying something different. Hamilton went a long way towards ruining the game day experience (see recent turnstile counts) and it would be nice to see it reenergized. Unfortuanely, TN fans tend to be overly optomistic and have been for as long as I have been following them, 45 years and counting. Like COL Jessup, we can't handle the truth when it involves our beloved VOLS. So John, continue with your biting commentaries and try to keep us on an even keel.

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

Eli manning was a goof off in college and then became a great NFL QB. I would not be surprised to see Bray do like-wise. I think he made a good decision for himself. New coaches, new system, no receivers, staying would have made no sense. Good luck, son!

Written on Former Vols defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri hired by Florida State, but will still draw check from UT :

Huh. UT Officials must have handled the transactions for the Native American sale of Manhatten. Nice article, coincidental with UT asking for more donations. I shall have to consider how they use my donations when selecting an amount to send in.

Written on Holly Warlick remembers Stokely Athletics Center :

I recall one year we beat South Carolina's football team in a hard fought game. The SC fans all said "wait until basketball season". We played them the next year and they came into Stokley ranked number one, only to be beaten by Coach mears deliberate style. Nice memory from pre-SEC expansion days.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

I say give the man a chance. He may well blossom in the SEC. At worst, he should be an adequate bridge until Peyton finishes his NFL career.

Written on Some UT football season tickets available for $300, no donation:

Mr. hamilton explained it to the UT faithful that this is a BUSINESS and we would have to PAY to PLAY. Loyalty counted for nothing. Now, UT is reaping the whirlwind. Folks have dropped their season tickets and discovered there are other things to do on Saturday, record the game and watch if we win, at our leisure. Money is being spent elsewhere. Once the pattern of support was broken, it will be hard to re-establish it. Really, too bad for UT and us long time fans.

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

Nice to see OSU knows how to negotiate a contract. If their coach gets hired by another school, that school owes them big money.

Written on Coaching Carousel: After wild day of Jon Gruden rumors, Tennessee's pursuit uncertain :

in response to asleep#212036:

Why don't we ask Arkansas or Louisville if the winning for a few years was worth it? I'd say not. And making Temple "mediocre" is quite an accomplishment I might add. Dooley never won anywhere, including UT, and likely never will. Al Golden has won everywhere he's been and in much tougher situations that ours, Temple and probation-loving Miami. He is absolutely an upgrade over Dooley and strictly speaking, he's proven more in the college game than Gruden, everybody's anointed savior. Some want an unproven NFL guy (Gruden), some want a guy with a NC trophy (Stoops), nobody wants a coordinator, and most think a winner from a mid-major is "settling" for less than we deserve. The first two aren't happening so who's left? Only guys that are sitting pretty where they are, ie... Patterson, Fisher, Peterson, etc... So, we're back to Golden, Fedora, Jones, or a mid-major guy. It's just the way it is. To assume that only the few "dream" hires on our lists could win big at UT is not only ignorant, it's arrogant as well. There are fifty coaches out there that could win here, including Golden, and we'll just have to trust Hart to find the right one. Go Vols!!!

A sure sign of the intelligent comment on this site!

Written on UT: Game-day ticket scalping being cut off near stadium, arena :

HUH. Used to be one had to donate $1,000 a year for the right to buy a pair of tickets. Not sure that is still the case, but the fact is you could show up and buy a ticket outside for a lot less and not pay the grand for the privilege. No sclapers, maybe you rethink that ploy? As a season ticket holder for many years, the only time I can recall when tickets were not available outside the stadium was for a the first Notre Dame game in Knoxville.

Written on Athletic department lost almost $4 million in 2011-12 :

in response to creekroad:

It is simply about a product, and I'm not just speaking of wins & includes seats that are comfortable, parking that is convenient and treating the fans like customers...this has been coming for a long time....we had a great franchise and we gave it away.....we booted the alumni in favor of the Big Orange Club and box seats and now we have no loyalty...cutting expenses instead of improving the product will only continue to demenish the franchise. So sad to watch.

Creeky, you have hit it on the head. Hamilton started treating everything like a business and to heck with the loyal fans. Home games were no fun. The crowd would get into the game, then there would be a timeout and some stupid presentation made on the field that completely took the crowd out. We were expected to pay for everything. I used to comment to freinds while watching a game on TV that all the Vol fans shown in the stands were rich, you had to be to qualify to buy tickets. My seats were in WW before I let them go. Guess I would have been tossed out anyway for the VOL Terrace. Once you start treating it as a business, then folks start supporting the program that way. Crummy product, low donation. Things must be tough, as I was offered Florida tickets recently by the AD. Used to be you could forget getting such away tickets. Sadly, the best way to follow the Vols is DVR now adays.

Written on Pat Summitt steps down:

Wow. I have posted this anecdote before, but it is worth retelling. In the early 1990’s, I went to a Vols meeting in Jackson Miss where Pat was the featured speaker. I brought along one of her books hoping to get it autographed. After the program, I waited in line to chat with Pat. When it was my turn, I identified myself as a long time fan and asked if she would sign the book. She said she would be glad to do so. About then, a local TV reported interrupted and tried to get an interview with Pat. She politely asked the reporter to wait and continued chatting with me about Lady Vols basketball. After a couple of minutes, the reported interrupted again and said she had to do the interview now to get it on the 10 O’clock news. Pat gave her “The Stare” and said “I am talking to Mr. Martin. When we are through, I will talk to you.” The reported looked stunned but backed off. Pat continued to chat, in a leisurely fashion, for a couple of more minutes, then said good bye and turned to the reporter. I was stunned. That Pat would put off a media interview to talk to me showed how much she valued fans. She is a truly classy Lady and I wish only the best for her in her new position and her continued health struggles. Pat, it was an honor to have met you!

Written on Petrino, mistress exchanged 100s of calls, texts:

For Mr. Toddy;

Hoddy Toddy Gosh Almighty
Who the Heck are we?
A bunch of ##@!! rednecks
from Missisippi!

Written on Arkansas calls news conference over Bobby Petrino crash:

in response to BodeaneVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

A clear cut case of "Hide the weenie" gone bad....

Written on Gen. Neyland – 50 facts on the 50th anniversary:

#17 is in error. Gen Bradley's highest rank was General of the Army, a 5 star position, not 4.

Still an impressive fact.

Written on DB Mackensie Alexander decommits, cites Terry Joseph's departure:

Any recruit that decommits over a position coach change is either real stupid or real immature (or both). Odds are excellent that wherever he choses to go, that the head coach will not be the same when he graduates (if he graduates) and certainly position coaches change even more often. We can do better...

Written on Can Tennessee continue to be as dangerous as Agent Orange?:

Why not "Polio Vols" (Cripple opponents) or Bubonic Vols? This AO is not a cool reference and I hope it does not take root. In fact, the word agent is not something I want associated with the program on several levels.

Written on Franklin wraps up perhaps best class ever at Vandy:

I prescribe some PROZAC for the professional Handycrapper.....Anyone who follows the commode doors that closely is wound way too tight.

Written on John Adams: Schedule encouraging for UT:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say thats kinda funny! Witch Doctor wanna punch him in the belly and run still but with smile on Witch Doctors face!
Bones never lie.

John Adams has a dry and cutting wit about him. Posters take him far too seriously. Think of it as a monologue on the Tonight show. He provides entertainment and biting commentary, not real meaty sports reporting.

Written on SEC schedules: Team by team:

in response to willaustin:

Since KNS forgot to post this:

Tennessee Volunteers 2012 Schedule
Sept. 1st North Carolina Wolfpack at the Georgia Dome
Sept. 8th Home against Georgia State Panthers
Sept. 15th Home against Florida Gators
Sept. 22nd Home against Akron Zips
Sept. 29th Georgia at Sanford Stadium
Oct. 13th Mississippi State at Davis Wade
Oct. 20th Home against Alabam Crimson Tide
Oct. 27th South Carolina at Williams-Brice
Nov. 3rd Home against Troy Trojans
Nov. 10th Home against Missouri Tigers
Nov. 17th Home against Vanderbilt Commodores
Nov. 24th Home against Kentucky Wildcats

Actually, the Commode Door game is in Nashville...

Written on Kansas newspaper reporting Phillip Fulmer wants KU job:

Why not go after Peyton as OC for now, HC later?

Written on Vols choose not to relive Arkansas game on film :

I don't blame Dooley. I deleted the Arkansas game from the DVR without watching it. In fact, I have deleted most of the games this season without watching them. Once seems quite sufficient.

Written on Tyler Bray ready to return to practice, listed as 'questionable' :

in response to BlueTickHound4:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I took my son to the 1982 game in Nashville. Tennessee lost and the Commode Door fans acted like such jerks, he immediately began hating them. In fact, that was the day I finally understood the depths of the "rivalry". I wish nothing good for them, the Commodes, that is.

Written on Tyler Bray ready to return to practice, listed as 'questionable' :

I've witnessed some good tennessee teams lose to the Commode-Doors over the years. Maybe it's time a better Doors team lost to Lil O'ole Tennessee....

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Vols' hopes rest in win over 'Dores:

Bill Battle was a fine gentleman. Recruited players who were fine gentlemen. He was willing to experiment (Tennessee ran the wishbone one year). Coach Dooley reminds me a lot of Battle. He does seem to be a better recruiter than BB. I feel if he got a better offensive coordinator, a lot of our problems would be solved. I hope Coach Dooley is given a chance and wish him all success.

Written on Fear the Pants flash mob at the South Carolina game:

I think whover coordinated the "Fear the Pants" routine should be the new Offensive Coordinator.

Written on Mike Strange: Tough times to be a UT football fan :

I recall Coach Major's comment when we were rebuilding in the 1980's. We got clobbered by Georgia and S. Cal back to back. When asked about the outcomes, he stated "All I can say is, they better kick while the kicking is good, because one day soon we will be the ones doing the kicking". It all cycles around....

Written on Something special: Vols see difference in winning and losing in third phase:

Kicking game went south when we lost George Cafego.

AS for Trolls such as that motherlover precious and others, skip over their posts. They are static on the line.....

Written on Pat Summitt diagnosed with early onset dementia:

An annecdote that says a lot.

Some years ago Pat was in Jackson, MS for a VOLS dinner. I drove the hour to hear her and also brought along a copy of her first book, hoping to get it autographed. I waited for an opportunity before the meeting and introduced myself as a long time fan and admirer. While we were chatting and she was autographing my book, a local news reporter butted in and said she needed her interview NOW so it could get on the news. Pat raised her hand in a "wait just a minute" motion. The reporter continued to interrupt. Pat said, "Look, I am talking to Mr. Martin. When I am through, you can have your interview." We continued chatting and Pat indicated she was in no hurry in spite of my suggesting she do the interview. The reporter retreated and I had an even greater respect for a woman who valued fans over self or media. The Athletic Department could use a lot more of that, in my humble opinion.

Written on Pat Summitt diagnosed with early onset dementia:

I am two years older than Pat and have followed her career from the start. Through all of Tennessee's ups and downs, she and her program have been a consistent pillar of honor, integrity and pride. I hate this happening and hope all continue to give her support.

Written on John Adams: A buyout just for resigning? Really?:

Mr. Hamilton did much to alienate many Vol fans, and was mediocre, at best, in his hiring practices. One thing does seem apparrent. The AD has WAY too much money. They are routinely throwing away millions of dollars for hiring mistakes. I suppose it is only fitting Hamilton gets a buy out too, he was the one that elevated them to such lofty levels. I think I need to donate less until I see better finacial practices in K-Town.

Written on Shane Reveiz capitalizes on chances :

Nice to see Commode door fans follow our site.

Written on Lauren Avant leaving Lady Vols:

Much of this thread reminds me of a similar situation a number of years ago. A respected, older coach was suddenly not getting results. His system was stale, his recruiting off, the game had passed him by. Well, Bear Bryant changed to the wishbone attack and proceeded to rule the SEC for a number of years, grabbing a few NC's along the way. Pat is Pat. She has adapted before and I'm sure will do it again. I strongly suspect that she is one of, if not the, coach other coaches fear most to face. As the Treminator said, "we'll be back".

Written on John Adams: UT hires follow pattern :

Personally, I like up tempo basketball, both offense and defense. I thought Arkansas' "40 minutes of hell" a few years ago was very exciting to watch. On the other hand, Ray Mears coached when I was in school. I lived 200 yards from Stokley and would not walk across the parking lot to see the games for free unless LSU's Pistol Pete or the Ole Miss guy were visiting. These were days before the shot clock and the games were often like watching grass grow unless these guys, who scored 40+ points per game (no 3's) were present. Hopefully, Coach Martin will play the tempo up .

Written on Erik Ainge says he was 'addict' while at UT :

Let he who does not take multiple pills daily, cast the first stone. I wager most posters take blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and God know what daily.

Written on Mike Hamilton's status not questioned :

Same as it ever was....same as it ever was.....same as it ever was......same as it EVER WAS. No wait, it is not the same. I donate half of what I used to. Hamilton wants to run the show like a business so if the product quality slips, so does the donation. Not personal, just business....

Written on Jim Litke: NCAA justice not denied, but delayed another story :

Rats. Every day I log on and hope to see a headline that says Hamilton is gone. I'm beginning to feel like Davy Crockett waiting for Sam Houston....any day now relief will be here!

Written on UT won't grant Chris Jones release ... yet:

Let Hamilton go, keep the kid.....

Written on John Adams: UT needs more than a new coach:

Over the past years, Hamilton has put me off more and more. Fact is, I have drifted further away from the program and have found other things on which to spend my money. UT sports on TV are free and I do not have to watch all the stupid side shows staged during timeouts. The right AD with an appreciation of all fans and not just high rollers might be enough to get me back in. For now it is as the Witch Doctor says, no one cares what we think....

Written on Recent violation likely doomed Bruce Pearl:

The trolls on this site care more for UT sports than Mike Hamilton. He is a bean counter without the slightest clue how to direct an athletics program. The first person you might meet on the strip is likely more qualified than MH.

Written on Vols crushed by Michigan in NCAA tournament, 75-45:

Hamilton is a bean counter. He has always put raising money ahead of winning. I have been at football games that were tight, the crowd roaring, and he would introduce some stupid donor, silencing the crowd. When I complained to him, he blew me off and said donors needed to be honored. I suggested doing so before or after the game, but he was too hard headed to listen. I would get rid of him. Surely there is someone who cares about the Universtity and can raise funds somewhere.

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