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Judgement time for this team next year. Fans have been patient long enough. Bruce comes off show-cause penalty. Time to step up and play some big-boy basketball...

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McBee and Golden cannot play man defense against these quicker guards..I'm sitting here the only attention I'm getting is from my wife ..who is saying ..shut up..ok..

I'm with ya brother.. CM just refuses to go there. I'm glad he's letting his pride take us to another trip to the NIT..

What a shame. Nice shooting (McRae 1 for 8, Stokes 1 for 8 at FT.. Can't make a layup)..
Both been reading to many articles about NBA...

Learn to play SEC ball boys..

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Waisting INK...
Not a story worth reporting.
Just a student not taking of his personal house.

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Oh dang. Now we want have the opportunity to watch Trae drive to the rim against the big guys and have his shot SWATTED away, or him missing the front end of a one and one with the game on the line, or him bricking a 3 point shot at the end of the game, or seeing his opponents blow by him on the defensive end of the court.

Now I'm not sure what to look for with this team.

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We are in trouble. Beat the worst team in conference at home by 1 point. Maybe we make the NIT, but it's been an ugly season to this point. Hard to get enthused about this team.

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I'd rather go to see the DENTIST than watch this team play basketball. BIG 10 style bball has killed the energy for players and fans.

Even if they win, these low scoring games are not FUN TO WATCH.. Conzo is losing his fan base..

IT SUCKS TO BE A VOL FAN these days..

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Time to turn the page. His tenure has been a legacy of LOSING.. Not a Leader.. Move on and good luck to you in the future. I just hope it's no longer in ORANGE..

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What, no defensive players..

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Coach Dooley at SEC Media Days: "The conference isn't going to have Tennessee to KICK AROUND anymore."

Hate to think what would happen if they could KICK UT around..

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I googled her, and she is playing. Below was comment about her.

It's pretty wild," said 6-5 guard-forward Delle Donne, the nation's leading scorer at 28.3 points a game and a national player of the year candidate.

So whomever said Delaware didn't have much of a post presence, WRONG...

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I'd say our path is pretty favorable. Delaware is going to have trouble against our posts and as long as we stay focused we shouldn't lose before we face them. I think we should make it to the Elite Eight and we only shot 29% against Baylor in the first game. If we can play with the same passsion and intensity as we did in the first and shoot the ball just a bit better, we can definitely beat them.

There's a reason we only shot 29%, and she is still playing for Baylor. Need to get Griner in foul trouble, or it will be another though hill to climb. But that is why you play the game. I wonder if that star player that signed with UConn several years back, and t'fer to Delaware to play Volleyball is now playing BB again. I assume so. She was tall and number one pick in the country several years back. I forgot her name.

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Just checked Joe Lunardi's latest post below, you will see he now show's Tennessee as the FIRST team out.. Quite a move for a team that a week ago was not even being mentioned! GBO

Joe Lunardi's latest Bracketology update
March, 4, 2012 Mar 4(10:15PM ET)Email Print CommentsBy staffBefore Monday's full bracket is released, here's a sneak peek at the basics of Bracketology with Sunday's bubble-impact games now in the books.


Arizona drops out of field with loss at Arizona State.
Texas moves back into field as the last team in.
With Cal’s loss at Stanford, Washington clinches Pac-12 regular-season title.
Middle Tennessee falls out of field with loss to Arkansas State in Sun Belt tourney and is a fringe bubble team.

Last Four In
Seton Hall

First Four Out
NC State

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Thank You Big Orange...
Love the effort... Great 2nd Half...
GO VOLS... Get that 2 SEED...

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However unlikely, here's what I would like to see the rest of the way:

GA (H) over FL
Vandy (H) over FL
KY over FL (H)
KY (H) over Vandy
TN over SC (H)
TN over LSU (H)
TN (H) over Vandy

Not absolutely sure of the tiebreakers with the uneven scheduling but I believe that might be enough to give us the 2 seed regardless of what AL does. Maybe wish for an AL loss just to be sure. Hey, I'm not asking for much ;)

Alabama must lose one of their remaining games. If so. Tennessee would be #2 seed if your scenario were to play out.. UT (3-1) vs VDY (2-2)and Florida (1-3) in records against each other. Which is the first tie-breaker with 3 teams.

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All the above...

Several observations:
1) G-Gun on 4th and 1...
2) If no G-Gun,,, QB Sneak always gets a yard
3) Don't drop in prevent on 4th and 14, that never has worked for a VOL defense... Send the house (all linebackers) and drop the corners and safeties..
4) Why did we call a timeout at 36 seconds? I guess we were tired or confused..

No reason this should have ever gotten to the point it did... A learning experience...
I still got quite a chuckle watching Miles be Miles...

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Love the fact he is going to wear number 11. He will make the VOL nation forget about last year's number 11. Welcome backkkkk...

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2 out of 3 will get them in. If they get two, they deserve to go. If not, they don't. Nuff said!

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I would rather be a 6 seed (versus a 4&5 seed) and be in the same bracket as a #1 seed to get past sweet 16. We will not face a #1 until Elite 8.

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The good thing about college basketball, if you win, you advance. Polls will not matter. Our seeding will be comparable to OSU..They may be one ahead of us, same line, or one behind us. Just win..

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Coach on post game show. And he isn't happy. He expects March play to be a lot more focused, and players to be spent in the locker room. He said no one isn't. JP had 1 assist and 6 T/O's. Play will have to pick up for this team to do any damage in post season play. He's coaching tonight in the post game interview. Go BP...
Go Vols...

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Welcome #8 Seed in NCAA...

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Did anyone notice Woolridge didn't see the floor tonight? No? Me either......

That's what happens when you make 1 of your last 16 (6%) three point shots and 6 from 36 (16%) from the floor over the previous 9 games.

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Another Thorpe Award candidate... We need him bad.. This kid can play... He will be better than Jackson on day 1.

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Prince starts too, what is your point.

To the replier:

Prince was 8 for 12 with 19 points, and leading scorer on the team. What is your point!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Amen brother...

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The team couldn't be any worse, so I hope it's better. Go Vols..

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I know S. Pearl tries real hard, but any game in which he gets over 8 minutes of PT will handicapp this team. They are playing 4 on 5 with him in the game on the offensive side of the floor. I do like his intensity on definsive side. McBee hits one shot (Kansas) and has been pathetic shooting since (1 for 6 against Vandy, with 3 being really bad shots).. I said this last week -- This team is a 8-8 SEC team, that will be on the bubble.. Top 6 need 28+ minutes for this team to be successful... GO VOLS...(Better recruits coming in next year to help rebuild our lack of depth...)

One other thing,,, Tatum looks clumsy, lost and confused half the time... Not sure he's hurting more than helping...

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I know S. Pearl tries real hard, but any game in which he gets over 8 minutes of PT will handicapp this team. They are playing 4 on 5 with him in the game on the offensive side of the floor. I do like his intensity on definsive side. McBee hits one shot (Kansas) and has been pathetic shooting since (1 for 6 against Vandy, with 3 being really bad shots).. I said this last week -- This team is a 8-8 SEC team, that will be on the bubble.. Top 6 need 28+ minutes for this team to be successful... GO VOLS...(Better recruits coming in next year to help rebuild our lack of depth...)

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This team will be .500 the remainder of the SEC...
(9-7) SEC (3rd in East behind KY and VDY)
(19-9) and will need a victory in SEC tourney to secure NCAA bid..

Steve Pearl tries hard,,, but he couldn't start for David Libscomb or Belmont... And if he continues to get this much floor time... It's going to be a long remainder of the season...


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Team continues to struggle scoring out of the gate... I would keep the same players in the rotation, but change the starting line-up --

Pos Player
(1) Maze
(2) Hopson
(3) Prince
(4) Chism (bring out after fist time out)
(5) Hall (alternate with Chism after 2nd break)

(1) Bone
(2) McBee
(3) Woolridge/Tatum
(4) Woolridge/Pearl
(5) Chism/Hall

Last 5 minutes
Same line-up as starting line-up..
(Maze and Bone interchangable, depending on O vs D need)...

Coach C...

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He want be drafted... This is a mistake...But best of luck..

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

One, he's not near as good a defender as BONE..
Secondly, Chism referred to him being GASED..

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Mike Hamilton may have just saved his job...

Homerun Hire...

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We must be moving to Division 2 so we can play in post season tournaments..

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Should wear BLACK "HEADBANDS" to match our image...

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How about preparing to play without them for the REMAINDER of the SEASON....

They need to GO...

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Hamilton is emotional right now....guns I understand, but weed? Thats like half the football team!

Its says GUNS "AND" DRUGS,,,
It does not address GUNS "OR" DRUGS...

Always an OUT...

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Mr Hamilton and Mr Pearl,

The time to make a statement is now!!! If these players are not removed from this basketball program, you will completely lose a very fragile and frustrated FAN BASE...

There needs to be a ZERO tollerance policy going forward on any arrests involving any player with illegal drugs or in possession of a firearm.

The ORANGE NATION has tollerated enough.. It's time to make a stand, and DO THE RIGHT THING....

This team will be endured without these players, but will be scorned if they are allowed to remain..





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What, no Stephen Pearl????

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I liked the jersey. However, I don't believe the helmet color matched. Should have gone with Orange or even black helmet.

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One of my KY-fan friends is whining that Pitino, Tubby and even TX A&M are all playing in the tournament, but his Kitties are not. He is ready for Billy Gilly to walk the plank (probably while intoxicated).

I heard the Kentucky faithful aren't watching NCAA games this year. They are required to take a kNITing course.

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Maybe their worse overall performance of the year.

Maybe their worst overall performance of the UT's BB history! Ole Miss Freshmen play like MEN, UT's play like BOYS..

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Weak basketball team... Some potential..
JP Prince needs less PT...
Brian Williams needs more PT...
Freshmen need to start steping it up...

SEC Record will be 9-7 (NCAA bubble team)

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I thought Chism's 3-Point shot was a good decision. He is about the best we have at shooting out that far. Maybe we need to work some plays for B. Williams out there (60% for the year from behind 3 line). Bruce just said that his players are too tall to guard. Them why recruit them? What is criteria to be McDonald's All American. We allowed 6 players to get there career high this year. This team desperately needs guards. Go recruit... Maybe next year. Starting to sound like a football supporter....

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Let's wait to hear about the HOPSON not being able to play excuse. If he plays, the score would have been worse. Don't fall for that line.

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JP Prince...

Can't shoot, can't cover, why does he continue to get so much playing time during critical timing late in games. Doesn't make since to this VOL...

Coach is getting out COACHED this year...

Maybe our Baseball team will turn it around..

About GOLF... anybody heard anything about them???

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I would actually give the coaches an A on this one.

Can't earn an "A" when you name Jon Crompton your starting QB.

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Hey Clawson,

Do us a favor. Let the weak running game, and strong defense attempt to win this game. NO PASSING....
Quick Kick if you have to. Vandy has weak offense..

RUN, RUN, QuickKick
BGUN, BGUN, BGUN, Field Goal...

UT 3 Vandy 0