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How many teams did Vandy beat last year with a winning record?

Vandy has the same or weaker schedule again this year.

They avoided Bama, Miss State and LSU.

Let's see if it was a fluke or not, but they needed 5 int against a freshman qb to win their bowl game, I'm not holding my breath for them.

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Remember a running back at Ohio St and played for the Titans and won a Hiesman. Thats right Eddie George. Check his size. Six Four and about 240. It can be done and its gonna be fun to watch AT THE HOME OF THE BIG ORANGE !!!!

Yeah I remember Eddie George the cry baby that UT and Manning beat when Eddie had that trophy. I remember him crying after the game it wasn't fair UT had better cleats, and used it as an advantage. Let's hope Hurd is nothing like that loser.

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LOL, you had to drink a lot to come up with this conclusion or be in total denial. Bray was ripped for everything under the sun including his interviews with the NFL execs. So what excuse can you make now? Zero, go look at his stats he only put up big numbers against weak competition. In big games against good teams he played poorly and never beat anyone worth a darn.

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Hope he pans out as a WR, but he'll probably do the most damage as a returner. Reminds me of Devin Hester.

If Devin Hester was 8 inches taller and weighed 60 more lbs. Maybe


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Im just curious why the website and link say "govols" and we continually get news about other schools.

I understand who Fulmer is and was, but he is not here anymore, and this story has nothing to do with extra "vols" news.

How about all stories have to do with current "vols" sports news, let the other schools get the attention through their news organizations, and sports departments.

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Martin is over paid for no more than he gives to the University. He is at best a junion college coach and he cannot recruit quality players. What he has gotten to play for UT would not make a good junior college team. If Hart gives him a raise than the University President should fire Hart also. Enough giving large contracts for nobody coachs.

I'm not defending his record but you do realize if he brings in the class next year, he will have been responsible for recruiting and signing 2 of UT highest ever recruits for basketball?

Jarnell Stokes and Robert Hubbs

I think Vincent Yarbrough was the highest rated signed in the last 20 years.

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I have a question, What did Tyler Bray do that Casey Clausen did not do?

Tyler has the ability, but so have a lot of other guys. If he doesn't go 1st round, you may never hear from him again.

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Why don't you say the same thing about Tyler Bray, another notable weed head ans salesman

Still waiting to see that article. Tyler drinking has nothing to do with smoking weed. At least get your flaming correct.

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Franklins tweet sure looks like he knew something, I mean come on people who goes off telling someone their settling and this wasnt the place for them, unless he was bitter about something.
Probably just figured out how bad this could backfire on him and now says there was nothing to it. I bet a few more wont want to be there before its over.

You nailed it. He got emotional like the little baby he is, spouted off, like he has done countless times while at Vandy, and then realized what a cry baby he was and started denying any involvement.

If his tweet was not about a recruit then what was he talking about? Fried chicken? give me a break!

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That all depends upon what Stokes and McRae do. It's too early to say we're out of scholarships. Anything can happen and a deep run into March might leave us a spot or two open.

But I have to also say it will be interesting to see what happens in UK. If the NBA doesn't pick up all these diaper dandies and Noel decides to re-hab in college, Calipari might find himself cutting strings on 5* players.

That could leave a green persimmon taste in the mouths of up and comers!

There's no way Stokes or McRae are ready for the NBA. I'm not knocking either of them, but in no way are they headed that direction. McRae is having a great year, and Stokes can get in a groove rebounding but both should be back next year. Remember McRae only became a starter after the season started, and Stokes has not really developed yet offensively. If both develop some more they should get a look at the NBA down the road.

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Florida 14-4 24-6
Ole Miss 12-6 23-8
Kentucky 12-6 21-10
Alabama 12-6 20-11
Missouri 11-7 22-9
Tennessee 11-7 19-11
Arkansas 10-8 19-12

I think the SEC will get 5 in no problem. If UT or Arkasas make a run or upset then maybe 6. I think 5 would be normal, but I guess nationally SEC is down?

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Delusional!!! How are we in the makings of a great season? New staff, new systems, new qb,wrs,rb, coming off 4 losing seasons in the last 5 years, some of the worst talent in the conference, and a murderous schedule in butchys first year so tell me how your delusional brain thinks up this great season stuff based off no evidence, sorry but I'm just tellin the truth! You dooley delusionals just don't learn, y'all think as long as you keep shouting from the mountain tops how great the vols are it will make it true, but sorry to burst your bubble we are on the bottom of this conference and will be there for quite some time. As long as the incopetant bama dave and his clowns are running the circus, but go ahead keep smiling and proclaiming every spring and summer how great the vols are gonna do!!

Who is the new Running back? The 2 guys that started last year and the linebacker who ran the wild cat are all back.

Worley has more exp than most new guys. It is a new system but he's been in college 2 yrs and played/traveled to most all the SEC stadiums.

We lost D. Rogers, Patterson might have been better? he was in his 1st year(SEC).

I'm just pointing out you might be just as delusional. Before you get offended though, maybe it was the worst coaching staff and not the athletes as you think. Just hope that if you truly are a VOL fan.

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We have
-dog-awful defensive personnel
-no prove wr's...
-no qb; if someone does not beat out Worley, it's a waste (Worley = Joey Matthews).

Jones better be working on "plan B", whether that is a Pig Howard spread or a really juiced-up running attack.

He's got about a week to get that rolling in spring training.

How the once mighty can fall. When Worley was breaking National high school records everyone said Dooley had to sign the guy. We won the recruting battle and the kid does decent in some mop up duty and now we are calling for his replacement before he even has a chance to play full time. Yes I know he started and subbed for an injured Bray but come on has he really been given a fair chance?

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Vols have an Alabama/Florida State athletics director, now they've got a Gator on the coaching staff. Oh well, if you can no longer beat 'em, hire 'em -- I guess.

I'll try and keep it simple.
Spurrier was once at Florida. Muschamp was once at Texas. Saban was once at LSU. Graham was once at SC. Petrino was once at Arkansas.

I just named some SEC people, and I would bet over the last 3 years the SEC teams combined have had over 40 changes in HC or ASST coaches, if not more. That's just 1 conference.

Coaches move, your point is?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Take off the tin foil hat please.

Any business office small or large will have petty cash, and it says his checkbook was stolen. So most likely he handles both payment and petty cash office expenses. $4100 is nothing, a cashier at a huge resort or bar may have $500 in his/her bank to start a shift, so $4100 would open 8.2 cash registers, or so for an event. That's just one simple theory, the other could be he pays off vendors with both checks and cash, and $4100 wouldn't even be enough to hold a deposit on something huge, that could take $10,000 in cash or a cashier check. SO CALM DOWN, SIR!

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Well, this topic I know about. I know Michael. I watched him play for 3 yrs in high school where my kids go. I presented him an award at a banquet. I warned him and his guardian uncle about staying clean on Saturdays, then getting paid on Sundays. He failed. And it's the same story for many who come from nothing. They are ill prepared to handle fame and success. But in Michael's case, it is important to note his issue is going along with the crowd. Anytime, he got in trouble, he was being influenced by others.

My point is if you met him, you would think he was a good guy. And if Butch wants to consider him and met him, I think he would be inclined to give him a chance. Dyer is not an instigator. He gets advice and influence from all directions.

And I can personally vouch for the experience he is getting from Arkansas Baptist. I have personally heard Dr. Fitz Hill speak and he has resurrected that school. He literally recruits students personally out in the community about changing their lives. Michael has been surrounded by people trying to help him.

So, I say this situation is unique. I would rather burn a scholly on a 5* talent than another 3* 4.65 40 guy. All Butch has to do is get Lott and Jay on him and assign Michael a mentor. Butch seems like a family coach. That is a good situation for Dyer. I disagree with John here. Each situation is unique. If it were me, I would sign him without hesitation.

Your logic seems flawed. You want to give a guy a scholarship for being a 5* with problems, and you call it possible redemption. But the 3* who never caused a problem doesn't deserve a shot at redemption?

Jamal Lewis was a 3* fullback coming out of high school, maybe he never deserved a shot at being a running back, or even starting?

Carl Pickens played safety, our best running back last year is a starting linebacker.

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Funny when ever you read these type of stories you can already guess what their pictures will reveal. I think a quote best fits this article,
"You can take me out the hood, but you can't take the hood out me".

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There is no ignoring the facts. UT use to bring in 10+ 4 Star players and we had great teams. No one is bad mouthing Butch's efforts, but five 4 stars (Rival) and a bunch of 3* looks more like a ACC team vs. SEC. These players will have to be Jr & Sr before their experience and ability become full bull. UT is mediocre and the coaching changes have killed the #1 sport in the State of Tennessee. When Vandy's squad is above ours, then it will actually take twice as long to fix the mess the UT Administration has caused. It could be as long a 6-10 years before we see a really good UT football team. These kids have heart, but the SEC (NFLjr)takes no pitty on UT or any other SEC school. Look at Ol'Miss......PLEASE! they don't have academics on their mind, it's win football games at "any" cost. These kids don't want an education, they want a fast ticket to the NFL.............PERIOD. If UT want the whole cake and eat it too, then they have no earthly idea what they have done and what they are up against. Alabama has one of the lowest adminssion requirement in the SEC.....DUH...players to the right, students to the left. Cheeks has doomed the whole athletic program at Tennessee. We lost to a pathetic UGA team AT HOME!!!! 2nd Tier coaches, 2nd Rate is what it is. I will still root for the O&W, but I don't see us in anything remotely associated with the word Championship.

Everytime I come to this board I lose IQ points.

Vandy has a bunch of 3 and 2 stars. They are only ranked higher because of overall point total. They signed 26/27 kids UT signed 21. UT recruits have a higher average, but they signed less, so Vandy is only higher in total point, not in athletic talent.

Please educate yourself before posting it only shows the world your ignorance.

You also obviously have no clue about academic requirements these days either. All DIV schools are being graded higher and have raised the academic standards. Go read up on, what happens if your A.P.R. scores is below the minimum of 900.

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Bell could very easily turn out like Marlon Brown. Another 5 star that was considered a make it or break it type recruit.
Don't forget a name like Bryce Brown either, number 1 running back in the country out of high school. Is he even in college now? Maybe

The one negative on Bell too me now, he seems like a prima donna. He milked everything he could out of UT and even Bama up to the last minute, and I think he knew for awhile he was going to Ohio State, so for that alone, I say good riddance, and good luck, we'll see if we even know your name in 2 years, because the chances are high we won't remember it, not statistically at least.

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or the cop is a racist that hates jocks. just speculating though.

I love the jumps people make. So lets just forget the facts, and jump to racism. Did race make HIM miss his first court date? Was his race to blame for his failure to show up for court? Should I be like you and millions of others and jump into stereotypes too? Maybe he was stoned and forgot? Maybe his pants hung too low and he couldn't walk fast enough to make it to court?

Ignorance is bliss I guess.

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At the end of this season I hope to see all these board warrior experts and their 5* or go home predication's come back and tell me how many of your 5* flunk out of school, leave, quit, get kicked off teams. Then go down the rosters of all DIV 1 schools, look at all the 3* stars that stay, make good grades and actually make a start for their team.

This 5* stuff is so silly and ignorant, yep, ignorant. Your asking some desk jockey to grade a 17 year old kid and then you think that's a magic potion to some kind of success, yep, ignorant.

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I think there are many factors that have caused the decline of Tennessee football. A lot of it happened when Doug Dickey retired. Mike Hamilton really dropped the ball. The way Fulmer was fired. The hiring of sleezy Kiffin. Then the hiring of incompatent Dooley, he was not qualified to coach or recruit. Hamilton spent his time trying to extract as much money from the Tennessee fans as possible.
Much of the blame has to go on Jimmy Cheek, he made it harder for top players to be admitted, he took away the support system for student athletes, did away with athletic dorms, got his grubby paws in the athletic departments money.
As Phillip Fulmer said, "recruiting is the lifeblood", of a winning college football team. I think Butch Jones knows that, and will spend 365 days a year doing it. Rome wasn't built in a day and it will take coach Jones some time to get this thing going. Go Big Orange!

Your post was relevant till you tried to make Fulmer sound great.

Fulmer was fired for allowing the program to drop and for letting recruiting fall behind. Lets remember what he did WRONG, and recruiting was a huge wrong that he allowed to happen.

He got fat on his own fame and forgot he had to show up to recruit kids, just being Fulmer coach of UT wasn't going to last forever and he forgot that one important factor in the end.

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It really makes me sad that we are excited over getting no 5 star and a mere handful of 4 star recruits when the top 4 or 5 SEC programs are nearly filling both sides of the ball with them. I see a long, long path to anything better than 5 and 7 or, at best, 6 and 6 seasons for years to come. I know coaching can occasionally win without talent but generally the cream rises to the top.

I'm willing to gamble more 3 star athletes go to the pro's over time than 5 stars. Every year you hear about dozens of 5 stars who never are heard from again once college ball starts. Don't be over dramatic on someone rating a high school kid.

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in response to djohnnyg:

Rivals has UT currently at # 45 class for 2013.

ESPN has the Vols at # 33 for 2013.

UT only ahead of Arkansas and Kentucky in the SEC.

You can't really take those things serious. Example, Oregon is ranked #23 in one recruiting poll and that same poll has Vandy at #18. Yet when you review their list Oregon has (4) 4* stars and (1) 5* listed, and Vandy only has (3) 4* stars no 5 stars and the rest are 2 and 3 stars. Oregon average is 3.46, Vandy is 3.20, yet Vandy is 18 and Oregon 23, makes no sense what so ever.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Dooley perfect fit for Dallas:

Is the writer being sarcastic? It seems now that Dooley is gone that he was the "problem" he had an arrogant attitude and allowed arrogant players to ruin the team and locker room. See Bray, Rogers for examples. Lets see rumors had it that Rogers ran off the WR coach, then ran himself off, then Bray thought golf meant getting drunk and teeing off on parked cars and Dooley thought it was just a youngster being young. Yep, sounds like a perfect fit in Dallas.

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Georgia, Florida, and Texas are 3 of the top states at producing Division 1 talent every year.

They are all within a days drive.

This is why UT is considered a top 10 job and why it's not hard to fill out a top tier roster.

If Jones is good and I think he is, things will change. When you sprinkle in North Carolina, South Carolina,Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi there no excuse for missing kids. Problem with Memphis, it's known to be a very complex if not suspicious recruiting area. It led to Fulmer being called a whistle blower, when in fact it was Spurrier blowing the whistle but I digress. You also have a lot of regional influence since it's a border city. So it will always present it's challenges and hit or misses.

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in response to VolMoment:

You post anything to be negative toward the Vols. Let me think, Never heard of this guy and where was South carolina in 2006, 2007,2008, 2009. Good luck Fla. You got an average hire. Only Vol haters rank him high. The dam is about to break. Louisville made Muschamp look less than average.

Yep this board has grown old. If we take a coach people post the other team did not want him. If we hire someone up and coming, he is unknown. Florida steals a coach and it is suppose to spell our doom. Nothing about him leaving SC, or why he left, and nothing about why did Florida lose the last guy. Anything anyone can say negative about the Vols your sure to find here 98% of the time. Sad, really sad.

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You's funny because I distinctly remember you defending Dooley who put up worse numbers than Franklin in his second year.

So, when Dooley loses he's still a great coach and we just need to give him time.

When Franklin wins he's still not a good coach despite taking one of the wost teams in America and getting them to 9 wins in a season in two years.

Ok...that makes sense.

I'm a UT grad and I appreciate great coaching (rather than the mediocre drivel that most Vol fans seem content to swallow). What Franklin has done at Vandy is AMAZING. If you don't at least acknowledge that, you're willfully ignorant. Also, I was at the Music City Bowl and you're statement that Vandy got outplayed by NC State "in every phase" is just WRONG.

I'm no Dooley apologist. I don't buy local media hype, what Franklin did may be impressive to a few, but I look at facts. He played one the weakest schedules nationally. He avoided every SEC power house, and lost to the one he played. Those are facts. Period.

I'm not saying Vanderbilt has a bad coach I'm saying he has proved anything, and has won against nobody. Facts are facts.

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James Franklin has shown he is one of the best coaches in coaching and recruiting in the country. I do not know why he was not on the top of our list. I do see BJ doing well, but not as well as JF would had done.


Name a upset?, has he beaten a ranked opponent? has he really done anything to prove he is quote,

"shown he is one of the best coaches in coaching"

1 winning season, 1 bowl win, and he avoided playing Alabama, Miss. State, LSU, and Texas AM.


The bowl win was not as it seems 5 turnover by NC state and they still were outplayed in every phase.
3rd down eff. 13-19 3-14

4th down eff. 0-1 3-4

Total Yards 424 225

Time will tell, but right now I see a bunch of smoke, not much else, maybe some pure luck from the schedule too.

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If Franklin can some how win against a schedule with a above .500 mark I would be impressed until then they are who they have always been.

Vanderbilt started 2-4 and then finished beating teams with losing records. Lets see if things can work out perfect again or if it was just a once every 50 years event.

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I'll try to break it down as simple as possible.

Coach Jones was hired just before the recruiting dead period started. He was able to get a few kids on board, and in a short amount of time, like 1 week (3-5 days).

Then UT had to scramble and set up areas or regions, realizing he was short on time he mentioned in interviews he had to throw that out and jump right in calling and scheduling visits.

UT only had so many visits left for scheduling, and with a change of staff new evaluations come in and new kids show up on your board. Jones had to find out not only did he have a visit to offer but did the kid he was pursuing have one to take. Don't forget these kids only have so many visits they can take even if offered more.

This left Jones with scheduling most if not all the visits at the end of this month, so the next 3 weekends are huge, there will be plenty of 4 and 5 stars on campus for the first time, and most for the first time with UT new staff.

From checking the visit schedule most of the big name are scheduled for the last 2 weekends of January. So keep your fingers crossed and don't give up yet, but we are going down to the wire.

Written on Terry Fair 'nervous, but extremely excited' to join Butch Jones' support staff:

Great hire. More diversity among the staff and another former Vol with some NFL exp.

Hope it helps a bit with recruiting also.

Go Vols.

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in response to SevenT:

Jones will fall on his face and be fired in about 3 years just like Dooley. Tennessee will start all over and be in debt up to their eyeballs with multiple coach buyouts.

Does anyone know how much Kiffin is still being paid by Tennessee?

This is just Alabama, now go look at Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Auburn, Florida just to name a few and count the coaching changes and everything else you are trying to cry about and see if it matters. It happens every year at several colleges and will happen again next year, and the year after, will you still try to claim it's the downfall of a major University and hope your rants on a fan page will make a change?

Alabama since 1996, and what happened in between for the cry babies who forget history in college football.

Gene Stallings 90-96
Mike Dubose 97-2000
Dennis Franchoine 2001-02
Mike Price 2003
Mike Shula 2003-2006
Joe Kines 2006
Nick Saban 2007-present

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

For those who have a problem with people point out some flaws in this coaching staff:

a. Anybody who sees a manure sandwich on which somebody has placed a new lettuce leaf, served on an orange plate, is supposed to holler as if Doug Dickey, Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer were all assistants to The General for 2013---and yell, "GO VOLS!!!" and eat lunch from the orange plate. To avoid doing so, you apparently believe, is disloyalty.

b. Otherwise, anybody who has the audacity to suggest that a lot of emperors in Knoxville are in the nude, is supposed to be throttled.

c. And your implicit point is, apparently, that stupid comments from very ignorant people, who do not know good football from a mountain oyster, are supposed to be respected.

d. Finally, you apparently expect people who DO know some things about athletics, administration, football at the level of big-time collegiate competition, to shut up and let dumb comments be treated as truth.

Horse manure.

UT Football is in as bad trouble as it has ever been. Those in charge are so desperate they hire mediocre coaches, give them healthy raises, and a second-tier head coach woefully paid beyond his expertise, experience or track record.

The coaching search that resulted in his hire was an absolute shame, casting UT in the kind of light it has been since Mike Hamilton first began his incompetent tenure---except momentum of stupidity by Hart has more national journalists looking.

One of those Journalists, Tim from Louisiana, wants UT to do well; he said good things. He knows Jones and staff are far, far below the level UT would command if it had not become a destination to be avoided by better coaches.

That’s due to bad fans, the Fulmer debacle (Hall of Fame Coach, widely respected by HC's around the nation, etc, etc; yet publicly humiliated by Hamilton and the BOT and top two admins at UT;)
lack of recruiting base in Tennessee---yet these coaches come from some bush league school and tell ignorant Tennesseans what locals want to hear---Tennessee recruits from Tennessee can win the SEC---and they get three years to deliver garbage wrapped in excuses.

Jones et al are a small cut above Dooley as coaches. Disciplinarians they may be; but they have nowhere near the background to win in the SEC. They do not know how to recruit 5-stars---barely recruiting 4-stars---real ones, not 4-stars they have convinced rating services to rank upwards, to make them look good.

Notice they raped Cincinnati to come here, taking recruits from that school. THAT is classless---for a 3-star player, on top of it all. But they have no other options, because they are not getting into the big time players.

UT is in for a long ride---and it will not end well with this bunch.

Men's Basketball, as well as baseball, as well as the shameful Pat Summitt handling is just par for the course at UT, nowadays.

You just wrote a story as if anyone here has any power to do anything, who are you ranting to about your tin foil hat drivel? UT fans who love their school and support their favorite sports teams? Ok, carry on

(please never ever let me have the unfortunate luck of sitting anywhere near a nut like this at a game)

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in response to I_OWN_MANY:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Any coach or staff coming to UT was going to make more. All candidates would have received an increase over their previous pay. It's not called the SEC because they pay chicken feed.

Written on David Climer: Time to give Derek Dooley some credit:

in response to tnbigg:

It must be hard to be a sports writer. Most never played any major role in any sports. Most just bloviate whatever they can think up on a moments notice. Most forget what they said the day before and contradict themselves without shame in the name getting something into print. This guy trashed Dooley and now wants what? To seem compassionate? What a moron. Sports writers are pretty much like site trolls. Always making stuff up to evoke controversy. The worst of the worst? John Adams. How these guys remain employed is a tribute to ignorance fueled by stupidity.

Totally agree, but lets be honest this is probably a faint attempt to make UT fans look bad.

He wants to paint this picture of Dooley making us better or leaving UT in better shape and the fans not appreciating it. But he also mentions how Dooley hurt UT in recruiting by turning off high school coaches, so again he's taking the back handed swipe without indicting himself directly, because remember the article is about giving Dooley credit, right?

Climer is a known Vandy homer, had this article been about that idiot coaching Vandy he would have pointed out how next year Vandy should be ranked #1 and competing for the National title. LOL keep dreaming Climer, I'm waiting to see if Mr. Franklin will ever beat a team with a winning record it has not happened yet.

Written on Butch Jones' first Tennessee coaching staff introduced to public:

in response to globalroamer:

THIS is the best staff in college football....period? (Jones's promise from the press conference)

Name one better, then list off the assistants with experience and how many jobs they jumped to and from to get to where they are now.

We all know how retreads from other coaching trees work, so please be the one person to enlighten everyone else.

Written on John Adams: Assistant coaches best judged on results, not resumes :

Another BS article, blowing smoke.

I bet hardly anyone knew half of Muschamp staff, I bet some people dont even realize Charlie Wies quit last year, and they had a new offensive coordinator this year.

I bet some people don't even know Mike Bobo the offensive coordinator at Georgia once played QB for Georgia.

Half of Jones staff has coached in the SEC, WR coach at Florida, two of the defensive staff coached at Georgia and 1 coached at Auburn.

So John is doing nothing but stroking the ignorant and falsely laying a foundation of unknown.

Written on John Adams: Cordarrelle Patterson will leave highlights, regrets behind :

in response to tennesseeduke:

They don't play defense! CDD made a bad hire and decision to go 3-4 with SS. Imagine if the defense would been in the top 35 like last years? We'd be 10-2 and headed to a big bowl game and CDD would still be coaching. Offense was great and CDD was here. Look at it for what it was and stop bashing CDD it's over.



Imagine if Wilcox was here, wait he was and UT finished 5-7 also.

This theory Wilcox D would have been any better is just silly when he was here UT just got blown out differently by teams running it right up the gut and milking the clock out. He did nothing at Washington this year and he is earning a reputation as nothing more than a prevent defense guy, nothing special and nothing to really brag about.

Written on Are you satisfied with the coaching staff Butch Jones has put together?:

in response to RockyToptoNeyland:

wow, 75% said, a bunch of unknown coaches from UC, two losers from auburn, and one ok hire, yes i'm sold!

Tennessee lost a lot of losers that picked up jobs. Harry Hiestand who left last year is coaching ND this year. Tennessee tried Sunseri from Bama who was awful. Wilcox has been at 3 schools now overall. Your point is? Assistants jump around sometimes their entire career.

These have and provide a lot more leadership and continuity than the previous two combined. They also have several years SEC experience combined.

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

I just have to say it for the trolls

I didn't know UT had all these great coaches everyone else wanted. You would have thought we won a bowl game or two over the last couple of years.

/end sarcasm

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So I guess the 'best coaching staff in the country' was at Cincinnati all along... wow, who knew

When you compare apples to apples this staff is far more successful and seasoned than any of Dooleys over 3 years.

Almost everyone of his assistants have coaching experience in the SEC and all of them have coached together and been parts of winning programs.

They all have experience in the South and experience recruiting the south. Azzanni Florida, Jones Tennessee while at West Virgina, and Jancek/ Martinez recruited in Georgia.

Say what you will, but they all have SEC pedigrees, and none of Dooleys staff had such experience except Sunseri and that was a few years at LB coach for Bama.

I expect to see a huge difference over time.

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LOL Chaney the biggest idiot out there. Quote, How are you going to run the offense at Arkansas? "Balanced"

LOL, reminds me of when he came to UT and they asked what did you learn in the pros? Well I learned you need to have a balanced running game.

Really?!? and after 3 years I'm still waiting to see him try and develop any kind of running game. And before the silly people come out saying UT went from 100 yards a game to 160 yards a game this year, yeah, yeah and you obviously forget reverses and wildcat linebacker running formations count as running offense, so don't even try it.

I did notice he is listed as QB coach/offensive coordinator, I wonder if that will be like under Kiffin where he was really a QB coach and nothing more.

Good bye and Good riddance.

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Was Martin ever more than sports hype to promote sports media interest? Even Butch Jones referred to Martin as a great coach when preseed by the media when he had first contact with them. I think he was fooled into believing the Vol Nation had some deep heart-felt ties to Martin and he wanted to be politically correct. Recruiting ability is where we could have used Martin. Wide receiver is not the hardest position to coach. It is time for Butch to beat the bushes for that "greatest coaching staff". Now, how is it that he is bringing so many from Cincy to create the greatest coaching staff? Huh? Huh?
Hopefully, Jones settles down to work to select a defensive staff that is even in the top 20. Keep it real.

Any UT fan knows Tee was QB of our 98 National championship team why would fans not like him?

He is listed as a great recruiter not only locally but nationally by several people who play and coach football.

He is coaching at a top 25 program USC, yeah they may be down, but its not like he's getting hype for being at Western Kentucky, he's actually coaching at a premiere Div. 1 school. Plus even though Kentucky is not all that great it is an SEC school, so he has coached in the SEC and now USC.

The Cincy staff has 4 conference championships in 6 years, name another program better? Name them, since you mention this, I want to know who these superpowers are and who these coaches are that are available for the taking?

Your post reeks of someone trying too hard to bash someone for an unknown reason without any real valid information.

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Could we get someone to coach the position who has actually played the position? Tn has had a great history of being wide reciever U. If none of those greats are interested, I still hope the coach has the position experience. That just seems fundamental to me. How does one coach something well, that one has never done.

According to the list they have one on there:

Thomas "T.D." Woods: He was an All-SEC receiver for the Vols in 1988-1989 and was an assistant under David Cutcliffe at Ole Miss from 2001-2005. Most recently he was receivers coach at Tulane from 2007-2012. The Gallatin native has recruited the South his entire career.

Looks like a nice candidate, UT connection, Cutcliffe connection. Recruited south forever.

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For those trolls that like to pick on UT, think about this. 2 coaches quit on Florida. Steve Spurrier quit, and said the fans suck, well basically he said they are too unrealistic, translation they suck. That's why he quit, that would make me feel all warm and fuzzy. So they go out and hire Urban Myer, he comes in stays a few years and he too quits. He says it's health but wouldn't you know 2 years later he's at Ohio State going undefeated. WOW! 2 coaches take your school to the top and quit.

What is so wrong in Florida? Why do all these great coaches quit and go to other schools? I would be so embarrassed!

Lets not even get into how many coaches it took Alabama to hire and fire before they ended up lucky with Saban. I'll just say Mike Price and leave it alone.

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FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least someone has come out on the national scene and mentioned what is one of the underlying issues affecting the football program (which has affected hiring of coaches AND recruiting top notch players).

I don't claim to know things about this, but this is a big issue that needs to be explored and written about in the media. Maybe someone already did and I missed it but I don't think so.

I am happy with Butch Jones, I like him, and I think he has what it takes. IF he succeeds, he will have done so with what appears to be obstacles to the football program/athletic dept. that other school don't have.

I don't understand the fine details of what Maisel wrote about, but these issues surfaced just about the time Dooley was fired, when the Borad of Trustees met.

The issue needs EXPOSURE, and the fans need to put PRESSURE on the administration for some clear answers that we can understand. I'm all for athletes being held to academic standards, BUT if there are unrealistic expectations being placed on athletics by Jimmy Cheek (and obviously there are others there who have his back), the question becomes, "why?".

I've heard J Cheek wants UT to become a "research university". If I'm speaking out of ignorance please forgive me. I don't understand the fine print here, but my suspicion is that Cheek wants to take the school in this direction to receive funding.
(Here's an article I pulled up on Google:

The more I hear the more something stinks within the administration.

I only took the time to write this so hopefully us, the fans will begin to ask more questions about what this stuff means so we can have a clearer understanding AND if someone is trying to push something across that could be detrimental to the athletic program, more people need to know. I'm not advocating athletics above academics, but surely they can exist without what seems to me a clear disadvantage to the AD at UT.

You did read the article correct? It doesn't say the students are being held to higher academics, it's pointing out that the academic dept. is using the athletic department as an ATM for other purposes not sports department related.

This whole theory in peoples heads that somehow UT is becoming the Harvard of the south is asinine.

For those that don't know, and the talking heads don't seem to know because they never bring it up, there is new NCAA guidelines that effect all Division 1 schools and hold them accountable for graduation rates. Its called APR, and there are sanctions involved if your team falls below the 925 rating score. It can cause your team to be banned from conference post season tournaments, bowl games and possibly even reduce scholarships available.

The APR measures how scholarship student-athletes are performing term by term throughout the school year. It is a composite team measurement based upon how individual team members do academically. Teams that don’t make the 925 APR threshold are subject to sanctions. The NCAA works closely with the schools that do not meet the threshold in order to improve them. When a school has APR challenges, it may be encouraged or even required to present an academic improvement plan to the NCAA. In reviewing these plans, the national office staff encourages schools to work with other campus units to achieve a positive outcome. The staff also works with APR-challenged schools to create reasonable timelines for improvement.[5] While eligibility requirements make the individual student-athlete accountable, the Academic Progress Rate creates a level of responsibility for the university.

It seems to me some people are getting this rule mixed up and think it's only being put in effect at UT but UCONN men basketball have already been hit with sanctions over this issue. So it's not new and everyone has to abide by the standard.


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Maybe some of you don't get it; maybe you don't want to. Obviously you are not a Southern Californian.

Parts of L.A. (SoCen, Watts, some of Anaheim, etc.) with racial tension are not big areas. In Knoxville, they would seem large.

Los Angeles metro is over 10 times the size of Knoxville--- TEN TIMES THE SIZE.

Regarding the interview(s) there was a "disconnect." Jones and he did not connect well. Nobody's fault, perhaps. Perhaps a move to make sure another Cincinnati coach could come here. No way to prove either.

Martin makes more than $400,000 per year plus bonuses, cars, expenses & other benefits at private USC, that public universities cannot pay.

Tee Martin Drive was only named after him after ill feelings. Black leaders suggested racism in NOT naming one after him, following the 1998 championship, since Manning already had a street.

Dooley ignored him, when he wanted to come back to UT---ignored one of the best young recruiters in College Football---despite almost a lily-white coaching staff & only marginally good recruiting.

Martin would have had to start over, for far less money, in an area with a fraction the opportunities, where many people think he did not get equal opportunity. ( name the street, turned down as a coach, etc.)

Martin's wife is a singer, who can find more work & exposure in a month in L.A. than a decade in Knoxville.

He is building a motivational speaker business as a 2nd career. Exposure, contacts in L.A. & other benefits are at least 100 times better than Knoxville.

U.S.C. will always be a national brand; in seven years Hamilton, Hart, Dooley & Kiffen destroyed what Dickey, Majors & Fulmer took 25 years to build, here.

Martin & family can live years & never hear much about race, at his standard of living, in L.A. But in Knoxville/East Tennessee, that is simply not so. & everybody---especially blacks---are aware of it.

So in Los Angeles, Martin has far more opportunities & so do the members of his family. & race will almost not be much hurdle.
Many of those posting about him have no clue about what it is like to be a minority. Most do not know what involved with two sets of children, either.

Some comments, frankly, are red-necked, ignorant & offensive to minorities like Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, & others who did not grow up on some mountainside near Knoxville---offensive enough that if his children read this newspaper or other online Vols' chatboards,

red-necked comments will prove to them Martin made the right decision in not coming back.

He has an older child here is from a previous relationship. Obviously he is not as involved as if the relationship had worked out differently. There have even been horrid comments about that.

To many criticizing him: please be quiet; your ignorance is showing.

The kind of comments from some of the ignorant on these sites help to underscore that Martin would be taking a step backward to return.

You seem pretty racist

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I don't understand all the hate for him just because he doesn't want to drop everything, pull his kids out of their school leave all his freinds and move across the the country to take another job where half the people on here criticize the hiring of the new HC, when he and his family obviously like it where they are. Not to mention the ungrateful fan base that calls for coach's and their assistant coach's to be fired if they don't achieve instant success and running down the players the way many people who post on here do. I am grateful for the NC that T martin helped bring to UT, but he does not owe UT or the fans here anything more than what he's already done for the program.

I think fans are upset that he has used his alma mater twice to get a free trip home and to possibly get a pay raise.

He came in last year and interviewed with Dooley, said no. Then comes back this year, stays and leave, then says no. Why come two years in a row and leave two years in a row? Kind of a big tease.

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Tee is not convinced yet that coming to TN will help his coaching career. It could kill it, so his entire future as a coach is affected which means his family. If he comes and Butch falls on his face, so does TEE. Or he can stay at traitor Kiffs house and coach a top 10 team and build his resume. I love Tee as a Vol but he made the right decision for his career.

Then why are you here instead of over on USC board blowing Kiffin?