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Written on Mike Strange: Hire a guy who can prove the joke's not on Tennessee any more:

Miller from Dayton would be a perfect fit if we could get him. He would probably bring some of his recruits which we badly need.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Vols' Dobbs displays dual skills:

underthehill I predict he will be the starting quarterback before the season is over. His high school recruiting films from Alfretta were outstanding. One Saturdfay afternoon he will explode and that will settle the issue.

Written on Josh Malone, Jalen Hurd shine in Orange and White Game:

Malone made good defensive backs look bad on many occassions in high school.

Written on Butch Jones hopes UT fans will help maximize 'Big Orange Weekend':

Planning on being in attendance

Written on [Updated] Vols will open season with Sunday game; Boomsday celebrations moved to Saturday:

Oh for the Saturday afternoon games of yesteryear. Money drives the whole show. To hell with the fans.

Written on Govols247: Elite in-state athlete Jauan Jennings commits to Tennessee Vols:

I have seen this young man play this past year, he is an outstanding athlete and will make a great contribution to our return to serious competition.

Written on Cuonzo Martin will remain at Tennessee; contract modifications underway:

IndianOutlaw, it will be interesting to see if your world view has changed at this time next year.

Written on Cuonzo Martin will remain at Tennessee; contract modifications underway:

Do not be fooled he was rejected by Marquett and tried to save face by saying he was withdrawing, when he finally leaves it will be to some obsecure school we probably never heard of.

Written on Report: Tennessee men's basketball coach Cuonzo Martin met with Marquette; Golden Eagles have "significant interest":

I figure if Stokes tells Martin on the qt that he plans to leave that will do it for Martin

Written on Lady Vols can't recover from slow start, fall to Maryland, 73-62:

Our coaches do not know how to prepare our teams to play before the games. I hope Coach Jones is an exception in football.

Written on Jarnell Stokes 'to pray about' future plans:

Jarnell I support your decision either way but I do believe we will be right in the mix next year if you stay.

Written on Hank Lauricella, star of Gen. Neyland's single wing, dies at 83:

One of the greatest backs to ever run from the single wing. Thanks for being a pioneer in the Big Orange Tridition.

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

Pearl would probably be with us had we lost to South Carolina, no NCAA bid and into the NIT would have nailed Martin. Hart hands were tied, he could not even do a handshake with Pearl, what if Martin wins a couple of games? We need to move forward and put this behind us. GO VOLS

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

A good possibility that Pearl would have been with us had we lost to South Carolina, no NCAA and into the NIT would have nailed Martin's fate. Hart's hands were tied, he could not even give a hand-shake to Pearl, what if Martin wins a couple of games then what do you do? It is all in the past and we need to move forward. GO VOLS

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

Think this year is bad? Wait til this time next year we will be like Vandy and not even invited to the NIT

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' wave crashed halfway to the shore:

The Munchkin made corrections at the half our coach does not know what a correction at half is.

Written on Jarnell Stokes leads Vols past South Carolina in SEC tournament quarterfinals; No. 1 Florida is next:

I think we have a very good chance, I would never have thought it one month ago.

Written on Vols breeze by Auburn, say they are playing best basketball:

A win Saturday and one in the SEC Tournament will put us in unbelieveable.

Written on Tennessee thrashes Vanderbilt, 76-38:

Teke that Big Mouth Stallings.

Written on Vols coach Cuonzo Martin 'doesn't waste time and energy' on growing chatter over job security:

Coach I think you are dealing with more than just "chatter"

Written on Mike Strange: A 3-point shot won it after all, but not for the Vols :

We should never have gone down to the wire on either of the A&M games. Good teams do not make it a habit of going down to the last minute. In some cases it can't be helped not as a general rule.

Written on [LIVE UPDATES] Vols vs. Texas A&M:

This should seal his fate.

Written on Tennessee's chances to top Missouri stolen in final seconds, 75-70:

Martin is absolutely the worst coach on closing a game that I have ever seen.

Written on Despite chances, Vols find panic under pressure in loss to Missouri:

Worst coach I have ever seen for closing a ballgame

Written on Vanderbilt loss kills Vols' momentum, invites bubble trouble:

Martin seems like a pretty nice guy but he is in way way over his head.

Written on Tennessee men's basketball team falls at Vanderbilt, 64-60:

Do what you have to do Hart.

Written on Kentucky pulls away from Tennessee, 74-66:

Its motivation which starts with coaching, we have tallent, poor coaching, really sad

Written on Lane Kiffin to join Alabama as offensive coordinator:

Say what to want to about him, he had us on the right track, we might be on probation now but we would not be in the mess we are in if he had stayed.

Written on Report: Vandy's James Franklin was to interview with Penn State on Sunday:

Did you happen to see the as- ho-- run the score up on Houston?

Written on John Adams: Florida State is the SEC's biggest threat:

Murrayvol, I agree with you on a possible pretender.

Written on Early struggles doom Vols in 65-58 loss to N.C. State:

Please Dave do what you know you have to do.

Written on Vols miss out on a resume builder, fall to Wichita State, 70-61:

we were told by several people who knew Cunzo on this site that we were in for boring basketball, guess what>

Written on [Video] Josh Malone commits to Tennessee:

This guy is the real deal

Written on Govols247: Four-star linebacker Jakob Johnson commits to Tennessee:

A young man who sees immediate playing time. There is more to come.

Written on Vanderbilt stuns Tennessee on late touchdown, 14-10:

Summerfieldfieldvol you may have something

Written on Vanderbilt ends Vols' bowl hopes, 14-10:

I still think Jones is a fairly good coach, but he need to take a look at some of his coaches. Our two defenders were 3 to 5 years behind Matthews on his last catch. Everyone in the stadium knew they were going to throw to him. I still believe the recruits will come because we have an ace in the hole (Immediate Playing Time)

Written on Vanderbilt stuns Tennessee on late touchdown, 14-10:

We got what we deserved tonight folks.

Written on Tennessee Vols lining up juco recruits ready to help quickly:

I am convinced that we will all be feeling better this time next year.

Written on Tennessee men's basketball team's offense left much to be desired in debut:

Conzo ball is what it is. Sure wish Pearl had not screwed up.

Written on Too little, too late as Vols' rally falls short against Xavier:

Another Conzo Special is shaping up again for thgis season.

Written on Tennessee, Vandy game will kick off at 7 p.m. :

A very good chance that this game will played in freezing weather and they wonder why attendance is down.

Written on Tennessee named one of 'America's Ugliest College Campuses':

Lou Holtz probably help write the article.

Written on Vols' Dobbs eager to show how much he's learned:

This guy is going to make us proud before he leaves UT

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Two wins can save battered Tennessee Vols' season:

A month ago I thought wins over Vandy and Kentucky were a lock, now I am not so sure.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols need more at the line of scrimmage:

The OL is my biggest disappointment with our team. Under achievement at its finest.

Written on Vols hand offense to Josh Dobbs as Justin Worley undergoes surgery:

Dobbs will never look back. He is the man