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Talk about a Vol for Life....Tim Kerin. All of these 5 points are very nice. It's up to the O-line, The D-line and secondary from letting backs turn the corner and Worley acting like he belongs there and is making progress. It's up to UT to win. Bonzai Vol

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I love this young man. One of a kind and I mean that in a great way. Bonzai Vol

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Let me be on record that win,lose or draw I love the smokey grey uniforms as a alternate choice. In fact just to push the The Big Orange envelope I'd love to top it off with a smokey grey helmet for this game. Plus I'm a old alumni (Class of 1976). Must have lived in Portland,Or too long I guess. Go Big Orange w/shades of Smokey Grey. The only detail I don't understand is announcing it in advance...they should have come out of the locker room with the grey on as a surprise and had the energy erupt from the stands.

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would have been better if it had be a game time surprise.....and a matching hat would be radical...and that's not a bad thing in and of itself...Bonzai Vol

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Surprisingly UT athletics get really good coverage out here in Portland,OR...I suspect that someone on the sports staff at The Oregonian is a UT fan or alumni. Bonzai Vol

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I use to subscribe to the old pay site whenever that was (8 yrs ago) and enjoyed the experience. Better coverage, more insightful and comments by the Big Orange Faithful was less vindictive and snarky and less trolls and if a troll showed up they were generally making observations and good natured fun. There was a poster from Florida that I enjoyed reading more than a lot of UT fans. Then it became free. And the quality of the articles and posts went down. My problem is I live in Portland,Or (and yes I did go to the game Sect 9 Row 65 Seat 15) and I don't really want to pay for a third paper (Oregonian and Wall St Journal). Plus I thought it was really chicken____ the way the that KNS handled the timing and notification of this last pay offer. I do understand how the newspaper business has changed. Both of my two other papers do the same deal, in fact The Oregonian just started that as of October 1st of this year. I will not pay, although I have missed The Mighty Mighty Witch Doctor....Go Vols...Bonzai Vol. BTW getting some good recruits out of the Great NorthWest....also the rains have started.

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better post before they catch on.....Bonzai Vol

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I've said it many times on here, BRUCE PEARL SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN FIRED TO START WITH. If Tennessee has any sense at all it will rehire Pearl immediately and yes tell the NCAA to butt out! He is quite simply the best Coach that UT has ever had in Basketball and it isn't even close!

Correct. Bonzai Vol

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As far as who ever it is that plays the QB position, we need someone that won't lose the game for us. I just don't believe we have anyone at this time that wins games for us, not that that won't change over time. Coach Jones made that point early on. Bonzai Vol

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Fairly stated as it was Fulmer's decision to hire Clawson as it was Dooley's decision to hire Sunseri. And Hamilton with all the good intentions in the Big Orange Universe was simply in over his head. This is an excellent opportunity to close this subject matter forever. Or whenever Fulmer brings it up. And I did hate to see Chavis go. Bonzai Vol

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Another new tradition...I like it. This was a great idea on many levels. For the fan base, for the players and recruits and to Manning. Check check...double check. Good for some of the local merchants as well. If we could have gotten ESPN there then its a home run. Bonzai Vol

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WooooooHoooo. We're rolling now. A little change now and again. Go Big Orange.....just like me with a touch of gray. Bonzai Vol

Written on In UT's open practice at Neyland, Butch Jones says fans will get sneak peek at 2013 team:

I love the fresh approach that Coach Jones brings to the UT program. And that includes the uniforms. I now live in Portland,OR. So I see/hear all the hoopla that the Ducks generate among the recruits and ESPN (on broadcasts), on the uniforms. And the kids love it. Its a point of pride with the Quacker Backers. And with Nike being the biggest donor for all sports it's a sports marriage made in Heaven. The recruits don't give a rat's rear about what ANY teams uniform looked like 20 years. They just want to look good and have some fun with it. Coach Jones gets it with today's young people and we'll be a better program for it. Now if he can make adjustments @ halftime we're on our way. Bonzai Vol

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I was thoroughly behind Coach Jones until he decided to "junk" the Orange and White Tennessee tradition for "Smokey Gray" uniforms (not our hound dog either). He totally lost my support and belief in him as a person...all "slick tongued" words out of both sides of his mouth.

A little over reactive.....breathe. That was a little harsh don't ya think. Bonzai Vol

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It's humorous to hear some of the "old guard" bellyache and whine about updating for a game a uniform. The shade of orange that UT uses has changed over the years for crying out loud. Back in "the day" it was more yellow (like the daisies on The Hill) than orange. Love a little change....about time. Bonzai Vol

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About time. Look sharp and the players will like them. I graduated in 76 and we're still The Big Orange but with a shade of gray. Love it. Every once in a while shake that tree. Bonzai Vol

Written on UT safety Max Arnold, pushing for playing time, knew walk-on journey wouldn't be easy:

Mr Arnold, nice work and great attitude. This is what makes UT a special place. The role of walk-on is a labor of love. When you get on the field during a game you know you beat the odds. Kudos to you. Go Big Orange.....Bonzai Vol

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So the secondary is faster......I did not see that....still concerned about speed. They may play faster because they do less thinking. Bonzai Vols

Written on Auburn receiver carries on after mother's killing:

These are always tough stories to read regardless of school loyalty. Bonzai Vol

Written on New UT tight end Woody Quinn ready to transition from volleyball:

In our search for linemen on both sides of the ball I'd like to see UT reopen the pipeline to American Samoa. We use to do quite well there. Plus those guys are naturally strong and play with big motors. Bonzai Vol.

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I have watched SEC football for decades. Did this "tradition" happen in the 1800's?

Your an idiot. Bonzai Vol

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The Track Team (both) is a slightly easier rebuild than the footVol team for the right people....these are not the right people. Bonzai Vol

Written on Tennessee's football uniforms will have minor changes in 2013:

Here goes....No checkerboard at all, you can't see it. Leave the black outline, it makes visual sense and it's traditional. The State patch is not a bad idea, depends on how its done. Don't screw with the helmet. We did orange face masks before and it looked good. Let's mix it up some and drop adidas and sign with Nike. Let's get a little swoosh action and shake the tree. Bonzai Vol

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In case you didn't notice Vol fans, UK right behind you in the National recruiting rankings. How great would it be to have the two of us, hate and all(Especially you Bipolar Vol Guy), competing in the east for championships in a few years. Paper don't win games but the future looks good for us both.

Thanks for your service to our country and thanks for your comment. Let's hope that it goes that way. Also nice job defending the UK. Go Vols. Bonzai Vol...stand your ground

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Witch Doctor say wow, Witch Doctor say any concerns about recruiting...? Witch Doctor glad Witch Doctors doubts about Jones recruiting wrong!!..Bones have been hurt before..theyre scared to love again.
Bones never lie.

WD....your best post ever...actually chuckled. Thanks. Bonzai Vol

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Before you get to excited, they can sign 25. They can bring in another 3 or so at the mid term so about 28 total. They have 22 committed. Of the 22,

2 are offensive lineman and they are 3 stars for what that is worth. Neither have any big time offers.

They have zero defensive lineman.

This is a line of scrimmage league. This year will be horrible. Next season will be horrific and with no lineman he will be fired in 4 years.

Get in where you fit in Tenn football. You where winning 10 games per year on average and you will be lucky to have a single 10 win season in the next 25. Bonzai Vol

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The UTAD lawyer and several others in the UTAD knew about the picture a week before the interview and said nothing to Bruce, Tony, Jason, or Steve. If someone had said anything, NONE of the coaches would have lied and NONE would have gotten a show cause. How hard would the NCAA have come down for a secondary violation bumped to a major, we'll never know. Pearl was guilty, but he didn't have to be as guilty as he was in the end.

Thank you Cover Orange that is the point I was trying to make, not very well but trying too. Nicely stated. Bonzai Vol

Written on The anatomy of second chances: Former assistants pursue life after Tennessee:

Everyone always fails to mention how Mike Hamilton and the UTAD and the UT legal eagles and compliance department turned a small infraction into this mess where we lose a great coach. Had Hamilton and his folks been on the ball and given Pearl and his staff a simple "heads up" about the NCAA inquiry this extreme result could have easily been avoided. Easily. Dropped ball by Hamilton and the "support" staff effected many lives and a university needlessly. This could all have been handled smarter. Bonzai Vol

Written on From bronze to gold: Sports marketing pioneer Bill Schmidt to be inducted into Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame:

This is the man who should have been the AD instead of Mike Hamilton.I said it then and I know it now. Had the pleasure of knowing Bill. Sharp brain and a good man. And loved UT. What could've been. Bonzai Vol

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Let's not forget about the Late Great Reggie White. The Minister of Defense. Also a Class Act and VFL until his untimely death at such a young age. The pride of Chattanooga and of the Howard Hustlin Tigers!

Right on Chattabluetick, I cried the night I heard on ESPN that Reggie White had passed to the other side. Still bothers me a bit. We, as a University are blessed to have men of Reggie's and Peyton's heart and character as alumni. Bonzai Vol

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You all are missing the whole point. It's about $$$$ for the kids...the charity. Boycotts are small minded and mean spirited. All this over a football coach. If I was charged with the same responsibility of raising as much $$$$ as I could for children I'd do it in a heart beat, shake Saban's hand, thank him for coming, count the $$$$ and brighten some kid's lives. You folks ought to get over the pettiness and think about the kids from both states. Go Vols. Bonzai Vol.

Written on Dallas Cowboys hire Derek Dooley as wide receivers coach :

glad to see coach landed on his feet.....enough said. bonzaivol

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

here here.....Congrats John here. Bonzaivol

Written on Phillip Fulmer feels good about new Vols coach:

Bingo....Coach Fulmer hits it right on the head. And speaks out on it in a positive VFL way. Bonzaivol

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in response to ashvol7:

How could you ever think the death penalty is better than firing Bruce and hiring Martin? That would set the program back five years or more plus the loss of revenue. All Pearl had to do was tell the truth, he might have gotten a slap on the wrist and that is about all. He thought lying was better. The school had no choice.

The UTAD let Pearl down, as they knew what the NCAA was going to ask and that they had the right answer but did not give Pearl the heads up.....and that was their job. Had it been handled smartly this would have been blip on the radar. Incompetence by Hamilton etc. I'm still more than miffed by it. Bonzaivol

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think "KnoxVegas" comes from the infield party at the Kentucky Derby in 1976. Group of UT students were partying and had a chandelier over the area with a sign "KnoxVegas".....too many Mint Juleps for me to remember much after that. All I know is that we represented The Big Orange well. BonzaiVol

Written on John Adams: Fan mail contradicts negative posts :

I normally agree with the gist of Adams articles and always read them. Sometimes there is a little gem of writing in there. Adams can be a little caustic for the thin skinned or weak minded who believe that UT administrators/coaches/players/fans who can do no wrong. A big part of his job is to offer opinions for discussion, and get responses. If the replies are a measure of that then he's doing his job well. In referencing Mr Tom Siler, who was amazing, you had the same qualities. Siler called it as he saw it, good or bad, and didn't care what people thought. That style of journalism keeps a country or college or any institution strong. Keep up the good work. Honest discussion is a healthy idea. Bonzaivol

Written on John Adams: Avoiding Oregon would be worse than losing to it:

A couple of points 1) don't be cowards 2)and we don't have the money to do it. As a side note,there is a very big concern among Duck fans that Kelly won't even be the Oregon coach. He will be coaching a NFL team next year. I live in Portland, and I will be at the game, please don't do this to me.......I will catch Holy ______ if we run away. Bonzaivol

Written on Tennessee's Stokely Athletics Center closing down :

It was a Holy House of Sweat...but what a lot of memories. I got to UT in 1975 and never missed a game.Reading all the names and the images just run through your mind and you smile at the fun and the friends and general nonsense and history that flowed through that venue. TBA is a great place but Stokley was a treasure.Bonzaivol

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Another thing that would help the turn around would be for UT to "buy out" of the Oregon game.
Oh, wait UT is out of money; hey that doesn't stop the federal government - - either party!!!

Not a option....I live in Oregon and don't want to hear their quacking about a cowardly buyout by my Big Orange...rather get speed bumped by the Ducks than a buyout.They went crazy enough when they misunderstood the schedule and thought Tenn Tech had replaced us. Just say NO. Bonzaivol

Written on Report: Zach Azzanni new Vols receivers coach :

I like this hire. Good mentors, young, played the position, worked as a coordinator and a little SEC background. Since we can't get Peerless Price, Donta Stallworth or even Jerry Rice. Welcome aboard. Bonzaivol......just a little tongue in cheek on the wish list.

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If you took 12 identical FootBots and had 3 teams of them (each one is programed to play both sides of the ball) and give a team to Petrino,Tuberville and Butch Jones. Took out the boosters/coaching staffs/politics/personal flaws and used identical opponents or they played a round robin tournament....who wins? Interested to see what the results would be. Maybe a more practical idea is to make them play Madden 13 against one another. Just for the sake of conversation I think it's a Petrino/Jones/Tuberville finish. That being said I do understand why Petrino wasn't hired. Bonzaivol

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I like the hiring of coach Jones but not sure of the rest of the staff. Trying to get excited about the staff but struggling. Can't put my finger on it. Praying its a good mix/fit. BonzaiVol

Written on With Tee Martin out, where will the Vols turn for WR coach?:

I'm not worried about having the "best coaching staff" in college football but a great staff with no weak links. The requirements 1) contact every high school coach between Knoxville and American Samoa and let them know UT is going to take care of their kids. 2) the staff needs to keep their collective noses/mouths/etc clean. Know the NCAA rules and abide by them. 3) teach and coach up the fundamentals of great football...everyday to every athlete. 4) be prepared for every practice and game. Good game day decisions and great half time adjustments. 5) last and not least practice what you preach and set a high standard for yourself and the position you coach...own it. Don't need big time names or sexy hires, they don't hurt, but good people are good people regardless of where they come from. Go Vols...Big Orange. Bonzaivol

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

in response to papavol:

You better believe that his wife is calling the shots on this one.. Not sure where she is from but i'm willing to bet that her personal career is (or will be) thriving in LA.. Knoxville, not so much. If she is willing to give a little, Tee will be wearing the power T. You know he wants to!

Bingo......If his wife will move they move...If she won't they don't. End of conversation. Bonzaivol....and thanks for coming Tee regardless of what happens.

Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

YES!!!......Dear Heavenly Father....YES!!!!. Prayers have been answered. Bonzaivol

Written on Jay Graham likely only holdover from Derek Dooley's staff :

The reason to not keep Pittman is that the offense scheme and assignments are different. Coach would have a head start by bring in his already trained/familiar with O-line coach. Also it would be interesting if for some odd reason Dooley gets a job in the next three months. Let the fun begin.......Bonzaivol

Written on John Adams: An SEC coaching leap isn't for everybody :

After a day to reflect I believe we got as good a coach as we can afford and who wanted to be here. And sure there is the money, but I believe he wanted the challenge. Seems like a smart guy and understands the recruiting drill. If he buys in then its a good hire. If he hires a great (and I mean SEC great) DC and makes some smart moves with the current staff and we, as fans, let him coach and show some patience then this can turn out very well indeed. I agree with Adams critique. Not only that I would have taken our new coach over Gundy and Tuberville (past his prime). Strong was a risky hire, but promising. The Stanford coach would have been nice as well. The rest of the names, Fisher/Gruden/Mora were just fantasy "stuff". They had no reason to really leave their current positions. And at least Jones is not a discount on-the-job training project. Right now it's all about the staff and the recruits. Time to reopen the pipeline to American Samoa for some linemen. And the article about how Dooley blew off the local coaches and recruits made my blood boil. I couldn't believe that. As a side note Chavis is not coming home. But I would, and I know it's coach Jones's decision but keeping Graham/Pittman/O-line would be a solid start. I think Chaney is gone, not because of bad coaching but different approaches to the offense. I look forward to the new offensive style (Bray won't stay). The defensive coordinator position is just as important as the new head coach at this juncture. And I don't think Jones's Cincy DC is the answer. Anyway, enough has been said. Let coach Jones fill in the blanks. All that being said I think we did pretty well with this hire. As good as we could. BTW jury is still out on Hart. BonzaiVol

Written on Holly Warlick remembers Stokely Athletics Center :

Great college old school venue. I saw Ernie and Bernie and Pistol Pete and many others. It was a sweat pit but the energy was electric. Tried out for the BB practice team there......too slow. Bonzaivol