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I never thought the joke was on UT, nor do I know anyone that did. Read THAT'S how it was. Well done, David Climer..!!

Correct. We have a savvy fan base that knows an inferior product when they see one. PERHAPS THe joke is on the News Sentinel sports department that had no idea that Cuonzo was negotiating with Cal. ESPN had to make the call.

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You mean because a bunch of people jumped off the wagon during the season, all the other fans and UT must now conclude "we don't deserve CCM?" Sorry, but can't go that far. Besides, of those 30 some thousand folks I bet you can't now find a dozen who will admit to it. Just happy for these young men and CCM right now. They have finally realized some rewards for the hours and years of work they put in.

I admit I signed it. The petition said " if Tennessee get a new coach it should be Bruce Pearl." I still believe that. However, with the Vols current success, of which I am extremely proud; I do not believe Tennessee will have a new coach. Most of you should be bigger than pointing the finger at people who only want to see UT succeed.

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I bet any minute some of the haters who comment here are going to jump on and admit they were wrong. Or start going on about how we haven't beaten anybody in the tournament and we're going to suck next year.

Any objective observer of this basketball season will have to admit that Coach Martin changed and adapted as the season progressed. During the first 15-20 games we only played a slow plodding offense that was not only boring but was unlikely to win many games. We did not fastbreak to beat defenses, and we did not agressively attack the basket. We couldn't have scored 83 on Johnson Bible College. Coach Martin changed his style, and he deserves credit for that. We are now a formidable basketball team that no one wants to face. GO VOLS!

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Dave Hart, Jimmy Cheek, Haslam and all the other powers that be can take my season tickets and donation and cram it where the sun doesn't shine. I'm finished spending gold on a bronze product. It's obvious they don't care what the fans want not are they concerned with winning at the highest level. Hope they have enough money to dry clean the black curtains. Until Cheek is gone, we can forget being relevant in anything athletically.

Definitely a lack of leadership at the highest levels. It began during the Bredesen administration and continues today. Our governor needs to intervene and take a more active part in the governance of the university. We citizens and alumni should have a voice. Pride in an institution leads to a better institution. I'm a little short on pride in UT at the present time.

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There are 351 Division I basketball teams. Tennessee's NCAA RPI ranks them at #44. The Bleacher Report's re-ranking of the field of 68 puts them at #22. If mediocrity is just being average or middle of the road I think your math is off.

How many of those 351 schools have the athletic budget and facilities that UT has?

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Coach Pearl made a mistake and paid for it. Tennessee should have stood by him. Now he is gone. Unfortunately, some of the truely treacherous individuals are still employed by UT. Wish you good luck at Auburn coach Pearl.

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I dont think his job is on the line and if so then it is bs! to give a guy only 3 years to turn a program around is such a pile of phooey. UT loss to florida because they loss their cool and it had nothing to do with coach zo! It is time they play like men and not crying little boys, which I know they are capable of and if they make it to Duke they have a very good shot at beating them. Go vols! #atruefan

If the coach can't win with the current players (and so far he hasn't) why wait until next year, after we hit rock bottom, to make a change. It took too long for the Vols to become relevant again after our stint at bottom dwelling.

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I can tell from your rather insidious comment that you care nothing about character in a basketball coach. You ask for a coach who was stupid enough to allow a kid to attend a party at his own house, have a picture made of the visit, lie about it and then make an effort to have the kid and his father lie about is as well. Bruce got the justice he deserved. He may get to Auburn but it is my hope that he never wears the orange again. He had everything and his selfeshness caused a real setback to this group of young men. From your comments you deserve him but the Vols do not.

First, your facts are incorrect. Secondly, Bruce was the victim of treachery by his own school. Thirdly, if UT had any sliver of character at all they would have stood by coach Pearl like other schools have done. You had better hope coach Pearl does not go to Auburn. If he does, he will beat us like a drum while he is there.

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The second half the Vols went to their default play of a slow down, walk it up, half court game (scored 14 second half points), and they blew the best chance they've had this year to beat a top 10 team. Coaching makes a big difference.

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Congratulations to Coach Martin. Shame on you however, for bringing race into the conversation. Until this recent turnaround, Martin's performance as coach has been very disappointing. If he is ever released from his coaching responsibilities, it will be in spite of his race and not because of it. No doubt you'll disagree, as your views are clearly skewed by color, perhaps making YOU the real racist in the crowd.

You are exactly correct.

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What has happened to a once proud and dominant Tennessee track program?

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I suspect if coach Pearl is not rehired there will be many non renewed season tickets and numerous annual contributions withdrawn.

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Martin cannot do the job. UT still owes him for two years on the contract and, given how much they have paid out for lousy coaches and stupid contract negotiations, they cannot afford to fire him. If they do, they are going to need some rich donors to pay him off and provide enough money to hire a decent coach. A decent coach who is NOT Bruce Pearl who, despite what some think, turned out teams with less and less success as he stayed here and brought in players who ended up causing more embarrassment off the court than good vibes on it.

Revisionism. Bruce had 6 straight NCAA appearances. A number one ranking. An elite 8 result. The only team that did not perform as expected was the last one when we were under the cloud of suspicion created by our own administration.

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You can't blame the players. They have a coach who plays the only game A&M can play and win. Walk the ball up and play a half court game. I'm sure the A&M coach would like to thank Cuonzo for playing his game. A waste of talent and a waste of three years. Millions of dollars lost by a bad hire. It's time to stop the bleeding and rehire Bruce Pearl.

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The downward spiral continues. You hire the wrong coach. You suffer the consequences. The entire Tennessee athletic program is in shambles. The result of years of poor leadership from the administration as well as the athletic department. The fatal blow was first dealt with the hiring of Mike Hamilton; an individual who was uniquely unqualified for the job. I hope Hart can turn things around, but I am not optimistic with Cheek and DePietro at the helm.

I believe the football team is headed in the right direction.

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The downward spiral continues. You hire the wrong coach. You suffer the consequences. The entire Tennessee athletic program is in shambles. The result of years of poor leadership from the administration as well as the athletic department. The fatal blow was first dealt with the hiring of Mike Hamilton; an individual who was uniquely unqualified for the job. I hope Hart can turn things around, but I am not optimistic with Cheek and DePietro at the helm.

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How many felons do you want working for the company you own or operate? I would not want any. If UT were to hire Pearl back, it would have several working for them within a year.

Once again exageration reigns. Having a recruit come to your house is a secondary violation. A photo of that event thrust into your face without warning is treachery when your bosses know about it. You who are without fault cast the first stone. Frank Haith, former Miami coach and now Mizzo coach, paid a supporter to lie about illegal recruiting. The NCAA suspended him for 5 games. Coach Pearl got a 3 year show cause for alot less. You Bruce detractors might be well advised to spend your time questioning why Tennessee gets different treatment from the NCAA. Also,I believe in forgiveness and second chances.

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Pearl ain't coming back, remember 19-15? He was great with Buzz's players but he couldn't recruit and lost his mojo when his ego became bigger then the program. Being a snitch and a liar caught up to him. He had it made but the money and 20 something babes lost his focus, then again his character was already in question from previous stops.
Get over he ain't coming back, you same idiots that ran Coach Fulmer off will not stop until you put BB in the same mess.
When Butch goes 5-7 next year or worse I guess he will be gone also. Make sure you fire Serano after baseball has another losing non Hoover season.
Thank you Mike Hamilton!
Make sure you get your Tennessee Fund donation in by March 1 for your premium seats to LOSERVILLE.

Once again your real agenda is showing by your lack of honesty. Bruce had 5 straight NCAA appearances. Bruce had a top 10 recruiting class every other year while he was our coach. Bruce was set up by his own administrators over a photograph they knew about but failed to tell him about before he was interviewed by the NCAA. Cuonzo has no NCAA appearances and has had no recruiting class in the top 30. Failure to bring coach Pearl back would be the most incompetent decision UT has made in recent history, and there have been many.

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Bruce Pearl is responsible for half of the men's banners hanging in the arena in Knoxville. Cheek & Hart are fools if they don't rehire him.

Next year's team will hit rock bottom. Bama, Aub, or Ga will hire Bruce & he will come back to town & beat us as long as he is elsewhere if we are stupid enough to let another SEC school get him.

Amen brother.

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Vanderbilt's only chance to win this game was to play a slow low scoring game. Stalling's should be a gentleman and send Cuonzo a thank you note. Did the Vols attempt to push the ball up court on fastbreak opportunities to speed the game up and wear out a team short on players? No. Did the Vols press on defense to speed the game up? No. Did the Vols walk the ball up court on every possession? Yes. Outcoached again.

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That Martin cannot get it done is becoming more and more evident. However, I am not convinced that Pearl is the answer either. He certainly is charismatic and entertaining; however, he recruited the same kind of players that Martin has recruited, to-wit: long, athletic players with little ability to put the ball through the hoop at a distance of more than 5 feet with any consistency. Moreover, many, if not most of the players he signed got into trouble off the court. I would also point out that his last team did not live up to expectations either. In fact, the success of his teams pretty much steadily declined from the first year to the last.

Of the two coaches, I would still prefer Martin because neither he nor his players disgrace the university off the court. However, I would prefer getting a coach who actually realizes the value of good shooters, even if they are not long and/or athletic. E.g. Chris Lofton, Trajan Langdon, Reddick, etc.

Sound like you are practicing revisionism with your basketball history.Did we forget the no.1 ranking and six consecutive NCAA trips reaching the elite 8. Pearl's last year was down because of the cloud over the program that was created in large part by Slive, Cheek and Hamilton. Pearl was at fault too, but he admitted his mistake. The punishment far outweighed the crime. Miami's coach got a 5 game suspension for much worse.

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Soft, weak, pathetic, three seniors that passed and mailed it in.
The players should apologize to the coaches, Vol nation and America for having to block prime time allowing these misfits to embarrass the orange and white.
Coach Martin had beaten the gators in Gville last year with a team much less talented but more hungry. In fact he beat UF twice last year. Quit saying it is the coaches fault! He didn't shoot 2-29 or like McRae 1-15.
Racism is alive and well in K-town. When are the players going to be held accountable? This team's issues are not coaching they are personal! They lost their composure and skills like the A@M loss and what the LV's have done.
This team failed to compete.

I'm not sure what your agenda is, but this is clearly not racism. It is about poor coaching. Black, white, red, green or purple this staff cannot coach. We have mostly four and five star players who are not performing. We have one, and only one, chance to cut Cuonzo loose and get coach Pearl back. Short of getting coach Pearl back next year we are done as a possible basketball power for the next generation.

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Same as it ever was. Inconsistency. Poor free throw shooting down the stretch. Poor defense most of the second half. Can't make open jumpers almost the entire game. This team will lose at least 5 more and will not make the NCAA Tournament. They just aren't mentally tough. They never play an entire game, no heart. Just not winners.

You forgot to mention missed lay-ups. Kentucky adjusted Tennessee didn't. Three wasted years. I just saw future Vol coach Bruce Pearl at halftime on ESPN.

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the ending of the Texas am game should explain it all with coaching staff the crowd behind the bench was hollering time out and coaching staff looked like a deer in the headlight no coaching 3rd year no NCAA tournament and when Bruce was here we went every year that he was here TIME TO BRING BRUCE BACK!!!

Exactly correct. The only logical choice is to bring back coach Pearl. Why are the naysayers so sure coach Pearl is not coming back? Do they have some inside information? I doubt it.

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A & M had one, and only one, chance to beat the Vols. A slow low scoring game. Cuonzo played right into their hands. At least a dozen fastbreak opportunities squandered. Please begin contract negotiations with coach Pearl.

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Lady Vols try to win on style. No toughness, no hustle, no victory.

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Tennessee's tempo increased significantly in this game. The crowd loved it. THe Vols played much better. I believe AD Hart may have had a hand in the Vols new style of play.

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So if the team runs and scores more they win. All of sudden Richardson, Barton, Maymon and even Stokes get in transition. If Reese plays they get some offensive help from outside as well as rebounds. So why have they not been running and why has Reese not been playing? Because neither are Zo's style. So lose with Zo's style or win with something not Zo's style. Unfortunately it's up to Zo.

you are correct. Problem is 52% free throw shooting. Fast or slow. With 52% you lose.

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There is absolutely no question that Bruce wants his old job back. That has been expressed privately to many people.

Jim Haslam, as always, is the key. Bill Sansom, Bruce's present employer, would love to see him come back, too.

Jimmy Cheek is trying to run athletics but has no clue how to do so. If he will step aside & let Hart rehire Pearl, we will have an overnight upgrade in our team.

Pearl made a minor mistake & paid a huge price for it. He was treated far more harshly than anyone else ever has been for such infractions.

Bruce has always been a championship coach. He won the national championship at Southern Indiana. He won conference championships at Wisconsin-Milwaukee & got them into the NCAA Sweet 16. He got UT its first-ever #1 national ranking, its highest ever seed in the NCAA tourney, its only appearance ever in the Elite 8, went to the NCAA every year he was here, won SEC championships overall & divisional championships regularly, beat our archrivals Kentucky, Vanderbilt, & Florida regularly.

Martin was never qualified for this job to begin with. He had never achieved anything before he got here as a head coach & hasn't achieved anything since he's been here. He has never made the NCAA tournament as a head coach & never will. If you can't be one of the 68 best teams in the country, you don't belong as Tennessee's basketball coach.

It makes no sense to try to hire anyone else besides Pearl. He's already here. He wants the job back. There is no NCAA issue now with rehiring him. The fanbase is hungry for him. He will fill the arena again. Anyone else will be an unknown as to what they can do here. We hired too many losers since Mears before we found a gem in him.

If Cheek or Hart hire anyone other than Pearl, it will cause a fan revolt. It will split the fan base apart. The vast majority want him back. If UT wants to be smart, instead of all of the dumb decisions this administration has made, they need to make a popular choice to get fans feeling good about donating again, as the jury is still out on Jones as to whether, despite his great recruiting, he & his staff can coach up the talent to championship level in the SEC again in football.

Very insightful commentary. Could not agree more. Bring back Coach Pearl and get a new Chancellor.

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Martin is history. Pearl wants the job back. Haslam needs to persuade Cheek to do it before Pearl gets another big job elsewhere. No way we make the NCAA. Virginia will beat us at home, too.

You are exactly right!

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Three lost years. Millions in lost revenue. Bad decisions are costly. Don't make another bad decision. Call coach Pearl. Get him back.

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The egotistical dullard once again tries to undermine Tennessee athletics. Mr. Adams, Tennessee is perfectly capable of undermining themselves without your help. The Vols have had the expert help of Hamilton and Cheek to destroy athletics. We now have, by good fortune, a good coach and man and super recruiter in Butch Jones. I know that disappoints you but please don't try to sabotage coach Jones' meritorious efforts with another of your insidious columns.

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The problem is Cuonzo's outdated concept of how to play basketball. It was boring when Gene Keady was losing playing that slow, methodical plodding style of basketball. Why on earth did Tennessee hire a coach with that philosophy?

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Pearl isn't coming back to UT, get over it.

We'll see.

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The poorest coached tean in the USA. Tennessee plays a slow deliberate game that allows any decent opponent to stay in the game and have a chance to win. If a coaching change is not made this year Tennessee will lose a ton of season ticket holders and a ton of contributors. We have more talent than any Vol team has ever had. Yet we cannot compete. It is depressing and boring to watch the Vols play. Please enter into negotiations with coach Pearl before someone else hires him.

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Bruce has served his penalty. There is no shame in bringing him back.

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So this is what a football team looks like that represents a top 25 research institution?

Oh wait ... that's not true. Duke is in the ACC Championship Game and Stanford is having yet another good year. Even Harvard vs. Yale was a better game to watch than UT's offensive performance against Vanderbilt.

Of course, UT is no where close to being a top 25 research institution either ... I'd say the university and the football team are about equal in their distance between excellence and mediocrity.

It's hard to believe that UT can spend this much annually on a football program and produce a product that performs this poorly for so many years in a row ... the only word to describe it is embarrassing.

Not sure what had gone wrong, but the fans and alumni supporting this program deserve better. The true is, they have not come close to getting their money's worth for nearly a decade now.

I think the fans and the alumni have done their part. It's time for the university to get it in gear and put a product on the field worthy of the financial and fan support they receive.

Thank-you Jimmy Cheek for leading us into the bowels of the SEC.

I believe Cheek and the administration have also worked their magic on basketball and the remainder of the sports program.

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For God's sake look up what "show cause" means. It means he's not allowed to recruit for 3 years. THERE'S A REASON NO UNIVERSITY HAS EVER KEPT A COACH WITH A SHOW CAUSE PENALTY! HE CAN'T RECRUIT! WHO ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY WITH? FRAT BOYS? Good grief.

I believe you need to look up the definition of " show cause " and not just make something up.

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UT hung him out to dry? The NCAA ruled he couldn't coach for 3 years. How could that possibly be UT's fault?

You are incorrect. The NCAA hung a 3 year show cause on Bruce. If the UT administration had any courage or sense they would have kept Bruce and accepted the penalty. Maybe he would have gotten a 5 game suspension like Frank Haith ( for a much more serious offense ).

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Since the NCAA's punishment toward Bruce was proven to be a joke compared to say Oregon or Ohio State how about we do the ring thing and Bring Back Bruce before someone else snatches him up and he takes them to the NCAA championship.

Couldn't agree more.

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The result should not surprise anyone. It is the same result we have had to endure for the last three years. Can't shoot free throws, can't adjust to game situations and outcoached. We lose important games. Thank you Mike Hamilton. Thank you UT administration. Thank you board of trustees. Thank you NCAA for your fair equitable treatment of Tennessee compared to other schools and coaches.

Written on Tennessee-Auburn: Report Card:

Eventually, someone on the coaching staff is going to held accountable for the glaring deficiencies.

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A weak and clueless president, a feckless disloyal chancellor and a totally inept athletic director all contributed to Tennessee losing the best basketball coach it ever had.

Written on ETSU beats Lady Vols in volleyball for first time since 1978:

Another example of how far Tennessee athletics has fallen.

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you are probably right and what makes it worse is that his brand a basketball is not fun to watch.

Spot on.

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The man said he was sorry and that he was wrong. He never dodges the issue and uses it to teach kids right from wrong when he can. Why do we demand forgiveness, but deny others? Read Matthew 18:17-18 sometime. It may help you see that Bruce should be forgiven.


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They look so good when they win and sooooo bad when they lose. Interesting team. Stay together and come back and show us what you can do next year.

The definition of "insanity" is to keep doing the same thing over and over(being coached by Martin) and expect the result to be different.

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Let's see. BP came to Tennessee. Took over a team that was bad. Made them an NCAA tournament team. Went for 6 years in a row. Counzo comes in. Has 4 star players and a five star player. Can't make the tournament. Does logic point to the cold hard fact that Martin can't coach? Tennessee should have stood behind BP, taken the punishment and moved on. A spineless administration makes for a poor athletic department. Cheek and Hamilton bear the responsibility for our present condition.

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Said it before and I'll say it again, this team only plays well when they are winning. As soon as the other team makes a run or our players start off with cold shooting, they just seem to quit and there is no leadership- no one that wants to take the ball and get a bucket when one is needed badly. That and their coach shows zero emotion during the game to get them fired up... Martin is a good guy and a decent coach but I just don't see him ever taking this team back to the heights Pearl had it. They will be average, but we all know that this program can do better than that.

You are correct. Tennessee will never go anywhere with Martin as coach. Do we recognize that now or wait until it's too late and Tennessee is at the bottom.