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I can say I agree with Climer on this one. But this is like most of his recent articles. What research did he need to do? What interviews did he need to have to write this piece? It just a statement of the obvious.

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Eric let the your brothers know what a great place it is to go to UT! We need DB's. Course we need lineman (both sides), and LB's.

Go Vols!

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The entire footall program is bordering on extinction. I expect UT to battle with Kentucy and Ole Miss for yearly cellar dweller status.

I have not heard of our "footall" program so it must be extinct. To view your comments means you've not been keeping up with what is happening. Ole Miss had a good year last and is expected to improve. However being in the division with Bama and LSU, improvement means battling TAM and MSU for 3rd. As for UT, yes we have had a few rough years. We will however rise again. Instead of posting your stupidity, it would be better to remain silent and let people wonder.

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Little margin for error? Is that like the large margin they had last year? The secondary could struggle again this year, but it is hard to envision it being worse!

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So to all the Martin bashers, what is he supposed to do? Tell him to copy smarter people?

I will say I am not happy with the results of the past two years. CM has not recruited a PG and we have not had one since Maze. Now we need a true freshman, a walk-on, or JM to be the awesome PG we need. With the line up next year we will do okay, put struggle against teams able to pressure the point effectively.

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Nice pick up. Lets get some linemen!!!

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Things come in cycles. It wasn't that long ago, the East ruled the conference. The championship was pretty much decided early in the year when UT played FL. Since then UGA and SC (even Vandy) have risen in the East while UT has slipped. In the West Bama has moved to the top of the heap with LSU, AU alternating who will challenge. Arky, MSU have both improved and OM was better last year. This cycle will change again for whatever reason. Fulmer benefitted greatly from SC, UGA, and LSU being down and getting many players from the respective states.

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Would love to say this is an isolated incident in college football. Seems these guys have no clue as to how one should act and behave in a free society. And would like to say this only happens at Florida, but we see it all over the country. Idiots!

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Kid maybe great. However, I am ready to see some big uglies on both sides of the line and LB's commit!

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So when a former player gets disgruntled and is no longer getting paid, he turns on the hand that fed him and bites it. This is like the Rutgers BB coach. What he did was disgusting. But he was not turned in until the guy was fired. It was wrong to start with, why not turn them in then? Oh the $$$ out weighs right and wrong? No way! These men know what is right and what is wrong. If you see it turn it in then, not when the gravy train runs dry.

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Butch Jones should use sound effects of us VOL Fans whining about loosing for the last 3 years. That ought to be realistic and disruptive.

What did you loose?

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I will start by saying, I dont have a warm fuzzy over this. But I dont see where you get your comments. Butch has won at each stop, so its time to move up and play in a bigger playground. Gillispie does have some professional experience. And in case you forget, Dickey was a gator as well. He did quiet well for himself while he was here both as a coach and AD. It does go to show the real loyalty now is to the $.

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What I am missing here, is we were paying JGraham 260K and from reports offered to give him a raise over that. Gillespie is making 300K and will obviously be looking for a raise to make a change. Ok Butch, its your ship and you run it as you see fit. But understand the rest of us will still be fans long after you are gone, even if you are successful and retire from UT.

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So if a 17 year old kid changes his mind about what is best for his future and where he should attend school, he has bad character? Sorry but that does not make one questionable. It seems a former coach (and successful one at that) had a good record for getting kids to come to UT. Some of those quys were last minute decisions.

As for Dyer, I hope he has everything worked out in his life and he gets a chance somewhere. I just hope its not UT. One poster wanted to talk about scripture. If that person recalls David committed his sin and even though he was fully forgiven, he still had to suffer the consequences of his actions.

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So based upon on performance against good teams vs. bad we can expect a double double against Mempuss.

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John, go back and look at the records of each program Petrino left. They were not in better shape after he was gone. They had good records while he was there.

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Commitment goes both ways, from the coach to the university and its fans, and from the school and fans back to the coach. It is very possible he could "bail" for his "dream" job. It is also possible that after three years we are shouting for his ouster the way we did Dooley's. The days of a coach staying at a school for more then a decade are now the exception rather than the norm. Unfortunately our society no longer allows for a process to work. We want instant gratification. And with the money now being tossed about for college athletics, the administration, fans, etc should have some expection of being competitive. Only time will tell if this is a good hire. He is in a profession and has reached a level the expection of being fired one day is the reality.

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Rough riding up ol Rocky Top. The lost years in the wilderness continue. Another 4 or 5 years and a coach or two before the Vols are football relevant again. Oh well still very proud of UT because, certainly, football isn't everything.

Hasn't coached a game at UT and doomed to failure?

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This is a great hire. Proven winner. Won both conferences in which he has been a head coach. His resume is comparable and perhaps better than Saban and Miles when they came into the SEC. I'm not saying he's going to become them only that his record is very similar and maybe better.

I agree he is a proven winner. Winning is a habit and he has done it on smaller stages. Not sure he comes to us as qualified as Miles and Saban since they were at OSU and MSU respectively.

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Climer gets it. And UT is about to pay 15+Million dollars to get it.

If Hart makes Spring practice, the BOT should be fired. If Cheek makes June 1st, the BOT should be fired. If the BOT makes Fall Semester 2013, the BOT should be fired.

The laughing academy that is UT Athetics Management paid a little over 1/2 BILLION $$$$$

Mike Hamilton
Lane Kiffin
Ed Orgeron
Kiffin's brother in law
Kiffin's token minority coach
Derrick Dooley
Sal the minister of defenselessness
Bruce Pearl's lying to the NCAA
An AD & Chancellor that tells Pearl they'll
back him, but sets him up before the NCAA
Quonzo Martin's amazing ability to coach a team
that loses in the NIT??? and has problems
scoring over 50 points on anybody in D-1.
A swimming/diving coach fired for morals clause
Rod Delmonico's firing
The new Baseball guy's less-than-Delmonico work
Shoving Pat Summitt out the door
A coaching search that made UT the laughing stock of the Athletics world in the NCAA.
NOBODY allows themselves to be shamed like
Hart has done six or seven times in the
past eighteen days...and did it in the name
of UT.
$18MM for a guy who did maintenance on two programs that Kelly had built...and who was making $250K and a car in 2008.

Hart, Cheek and the BOT should resign.

Betcha the General is not pleased.
Betcha Dickey is not pleased.
Betcha this is going to go further down the tubes...

Winning press conferences does not translate to winning against FLA, SC, GA, LSU, A&M, AR, or even VANDY OR KY or nowadays Auburn.

Betcha you could learn to spell Derek :)

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Each new coach in the SEC has won the entire conference they came from...except Tennessee's new coach.

Ark-Bret Bielemma...Wiscy/Big 10 (Oh St really won the Big 10 though)
Aub-Gus Malzahn...Ark St/Sun Belt
Ky--Mark Stoops...FSU/ACC
TN--Butch Jones....lost the Big East to a 3 way tie btwn champions: Louisville, Rutgers, and Syracuse.

Did your parents give you everything you ever wanted? You sound like a spoiled brat that didn't get his way. GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE! He is our new coach and until we have time to evaluate you will not know if he was a good or a bad hire.


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So real fans type in all CAPS, not giving the person a chance? If that's the case, most of the 107,000+ fans must not be real ones.

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i can't wait to boo him and hart when they are announced at the next basketball game. i know, i know. all of you hollier than thou fans will say that makes me a bad fan. when in fact most of you that will say that won't be at the next basketball game because they aren't playing well. that makes you a bad fan. i pay thousands a year to that place and while it is nothing compared to the big donors, it is a big chunk of my yearly income. so the way i see it i'm entitled to voice my anger on the hire. boo.

So you are not going to give the man a chance? Only time will tell if it is a good hire or bad one. He has won on a smaller stage and its time to step to the big stage.

Coach Jones, welcome aboard. GBO!

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Never wanted Chuckie myself. I don't think he would work hard enough to cut it.

The best men for the job won't take it and it ain't got a thing to do with money. You got to overcome 9 or 10 teams from where the program has fallen, and with no in-state talent to speak of, it can't get up. Who is going to out-coach Spurrier? Out-work Saban? Out-recruit Miles and Richt?

The chances of the next coach lasting more than three years in Knoxville are about the same as hitting the Powerball. So why jump from a place with lesser competition and a more realistic fan base to parachute into hell?

So why do anything then?

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Great post, I like to think of it as having everyone else show their poker hand before you do. Now Hart knows what kind of coach will counter Arky's, Aubie's and Tucky's attack/scheme..Brilliant!

Thank you. Hart maybe a total screw up! He maybe a genius! But until he actually makes a hire and gives the person time then NO ONE knows. The only things I am sure of at this point, Gruden, Gundy, and Strong are not coming (2 of 3 got nice raises), Petrino is not what we need, and the sun will come up tomorrow.

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Dave Hart has made a complete mess of this search. Is it just me or is looking for just anyone who has won a game or two no matter where. He is offering spread coaches, pro style coaches, what next a wing tee, or wishbone coach? It seems he doesn't know what he is looking for rather than just someone who will accept the job.

All of these rejections reflect poorly on the program. Why can he not make these offers discreetly? Can he not tell he is being played? Who didn't know that Gundy wouldn't leave OK State, I sure did. It was rediculous to even mention his name. He is an average coach anyway, same with Strong. He has proven nothing, except that if you recruit the state of FL you can win in the BIG EAST. He certainly is not worth the 3.6 mil UT offered. It seems now he is looking at this Butch Jones dude. He got waxed by a Dooley coached team, I think that says enough about him.

The answer is simple. Get Butch Davis. He can recruit Fla. Our players line up with his style of coaching, and I believe he WANTS the job, and will finish his career here. Hire him before someone else does. End of story.

I don't follow. How has Hart made a mess? Of all the coaching vacancies, the job at UT is the only one commented on daily by national media. Hart has attempted to keep it from being a circus like when both Kiffin and Dooley were hired. At this time, he has not made a hire. Gruden, Strong, and Gundy have been offered and did not take the job. Strong and Gundy used UT for raises (I really thing Strong was the only one to truly consider the job). Gruden loved to hear his name in the media, but never intended to take a college job. Tim Brown even said today he and Gruden were texting each other and the only coaching jobs he (Gruden) was interested in are NFL jobs. At least give Hart the chance to make a hire and see how the person works out before pronouncing judgement!

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You know it really is just a game. Some of you need to reassess the important things in life. Football unless your playing it, or gamble on it for a living ain't it. It will workout in the end, if not there will be other coaches to hire.

Whoa! Dude that's radical! The sad thing is it is true.

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Call Butch Davis today and get this thing over with.

Call Butch Davis, Butch Jones. My concern with Davis is he is 61. He has been able to recruit. NC had NFL type players when he was there. Jones has done nothing but win. Tommy Tuberville would be a third choice. I think he has fire in his belly again and has a winning record against the man at Bama.

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Lets go get a Butch. Davis or Jones

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Loyalty? Guess the 2.3 million a year plus buyout doesn't buy loyalty anymore huh Charlie? I don't really blame you for taking the 4.1 plus buyout. But be honest, you get to play in a weak conference so making the BCS is easier and you get to be one of the highest paid coaches in the country. You are not loyal you are a mercenary.

I think Strong is a good coach and would have done well at UT. Now he is doing well because of UT. So let's move on to other pastures. David Shaw, Fedora, Mark Hudspeth, Patterson should all be on the list.

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I guarantee you his listening wasn't playing both universities. He's a smart man, and only a fool wouldn't listen. But he is a high character guy, and UofL was the one who gave him his shot. That went a long way with him.
Anyway, I hope Coach Fedora is our man. GBO!

Yep. He is now the highest paid coach in college football. If he were so loyal, it would not have taken the money to keep him there.

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Well if Stong doesn't want to run with big dogs let him stay on the porch. Things will eventually change, but at this time if you want to be the best you have to beat the SEC. So let him stay in a basketball school, we'll find another.

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Agree --- his recruiting does not look like the Home Run we are looking for. GO VOLS --

So who is that home run? Its not Petrino, he leaves programs in worse shape then when he finds them. Look at UL, Falcons, and Ark. Gruden is not coming. Patterson can coach, but if you listen to OrlandoEddie his stage is to small. Petersen has turned us down twice. Mora has had one good year with someone else's talent. So if its not Strong, is it Gundy, Fedora, Fisher(who just hired Phillips), Hudspeth?

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It would be another 3 years of same as Dooley.
Let him stay in Big East

Winning is a habit. I do remember UT pulling games out they should not have won, because UT was accostumed to winning. Losing is also a habit, which we are currently in. Strong has won where he has been an assistant, and HC. Your compliant is the stage. If you do the right things you will win regardless of the stage. True the Big East gets a bid. But one does have to win to get that bid. UT could not even get into a low rated bowl.

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Coaching in Big East speaks volumes about nothing.He has not proven anything.This will be a bad hire --if true.Hart should keep searching for a better option---what he is paid to do.

What has UT won in the last 4 years????

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Because he won Big East---WOW!! and they get auto bid to B C S.That does not impress.

What bowl is UT going to?

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And yet his team is going to a BCS Bowl Game. Where is UT going this year? Coach shopping! Peterson at BSU was successful before he started bringing in better recruiting classes. You boys need to give it rest. You didn't get your boy Petrino. He was never going to be the next UT coach. I am more suprized he is not at Aubie.

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You are beating your head against a brick wall. They will not listen. Bunch of hypocritical self righteous pricks. But they are all gidy at the thought of getting into bed with Butch Davis with his ncaa baggage. Bobby Petrino has never been in any trouble with ncaa and is a proven winner in the SEC.
They say he can't recruit because of his past transgressions. Half the kids he would recruit have kids of their on and are not married. Well auburn will hire him and he will win. just wait.

It does not matter Dave Hart has had in mind to get Jimbo from the get go. He will sabotage any other proposed hire there is.

Has Petrino ever left a program in better shape than when he found it? Arky is the only one that could have said yes...but then look what they just did.

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You are talking about history!!! here's ours... Last winning season "09" 7-6 record, the coach was Kiffin; Last 10 win season was "07" coach was fulmer; last bowl win "07" fulmer again; last w over bama "06"; last w over fl "04"; last win over ga "09"? Petrino is 34-17 at Arkansas he is 21-5 in last two seasons there,while he is 2-1 in the bowl season. Our history says we need Petrino and he needs us. Why? We need a coach that has proven he can do three things in the SEC. 1)Recurit 2)Win (more than he loses) 3)Coach effectively on a consistent basis. Yes the man made some mistakes. But who can say that they have not. Besides, Petrino is the type a personality coach that we need. Plus, the fact that his humiliation was so severe(meaning when you receive consequences for your mistakes you usually tend to learn from them) makes him the perfect redemption candidate. You also mentioned he's a bad fit for the university. I say the university has been a bad fit for the fans. we pay our hard earned money to see our favorite team win. they have not won 8 games in since "06". I say they owe it to us to get hire Petrino. Otherwise, we will be a doormat team in the best conference in football for years to come!!

If one does not learn from history, then one is destined to repeat it. Another criteria should be has the coach left the program in better shape than when he left it. In Petrino's case, the answer has always been no. He is not the man for UT.

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Get Gruden... anyone else is a joke.

Since Gruden has turned us down, should we just stop playing football?

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That was 5 years ago. He's still a man! He's 45!

As silly as it sounded then, he stood up for one of his players. When was the last time a UT coach did that?

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Petrino will never be cheaper than he is now. To my knowledge he has never been in trouble with the NCAA for rules violations.
With UT's resources and a good recruiting coordinator it would be on like donkey kong.

If Petrino offered to pay the last staff's buy out, and work for free the next 2 years.......even then NO! He is a bad fit for the university and has trouble keeping his word. Look at past history!

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Of the big money canidates, Gundy would be my second choice. Fisher was an OL, then OC before becoming HC (sound familiar), he'd be the first choice with Chip Kelley third. The next tier ( this is by $expenditures, not if the person is the best choice) would be Strong, Jones, and Mark Hudspeth. Any of these guys would be okay.

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The school was fined 5K, but the fans on the field....priceless. Hope we have the opportunity to spend 5K for fans on the field soon.

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Where you one of the fans yelling for B. Stewart to start his freshman year instead of Manning? There are some intangibles that do not show up until the kid is on campus. And the coaching staff can only work with what they were given. Our special teams were an improvement over the recent years, even if Parlady ended up being the punter.

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We don't need Petrino. Yes he is a good coach, but he is not to be trusted. He was part of "jet-gate" while at Louisville, he suddenely left the Falcons when things were not going his way, and then how he left the Arky program due to his short comings. The man cannot make nor keep a committment.

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If your contract had a $5 million buyout, would you turn it down?

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Don't want to handcuff a new coach, but would love to see Pittman and Graham retained.