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Congratulations posters for not responding to people who only post comments to stir up phooey. If he doesn't get response on one sarcastic post he just posta another. Congratulations again for not responding. Let's keep it that way and maybe he'll disappear.

It's amazing what words this site won't allow. Phooey wasn't my first choice.

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Congratulations posters for not responding to people who only post comments to stir up phooey. If he doesn't get response on one sarcastic post he just posta another. Congratulations again for not responding. Let's keep it that way and maybe he'll disappear.

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There's a few good reasons for coming back. First and foremost he'll get something no one can take away from him, a degree and good education. Secondly, for selfish reasons on our part, he'll make a lot of UT fans excited.

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You have to give Geno credit, he sure has testicles requesting an apology for cheating. If I were a male staffer with the Lady Vols program I wouldn't give him the sweat off mine.

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This article is a classic example for the need of a player like A'ja Wilson. Someone with an inside on how to contact her should send her this article.

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Can't say I didn't see that coming. Word in the preseason was that he would have a big role this year, but it would seem that Armani Moore beat him out as the season went on. Too bad it didn't work out for him here, but I surely wish him well going forward. Any major-sport athlete who gets his degree in three years has my total respect. It will be interesting to see what CCM does with the freed-up scholarship.

Once again John, another excellent comment.Or as a verse in a song says,"I second that emotion".

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John, you can stop wondering why Hart has been silent about the future of Cuonzo Martin until now. If you've been paying attention Hart has said on numerous occasions that he will not discuss coaching matters during the season. Any coach, any sport.

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Deshields of North Carolina and Davis of Georgia Tech fit that mold of dominating players. They came so close to coming to UT. Keep recruiting Holly and that player will come along soon. Get on the bandwagon UT fans and provide an environment in which a player will see Knoxville as the very best place to play. To win you need to be positive and our positivity rating is slipping with every negative comment posted here. If we could only follow the advice of Conzo's mother.

I agree with your comment but it will be difficult for anyone to jump on a bandwagon that is being driven by a negative, sarcastic sportswriter. I think you know who I mean.

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Also ESPN, discussion string on Aja in dunk contest reports UT fans are savaging Holly so why would Aja go to UT? Got to ignore the very few malcontents and see the 10k plus who show uo every game to support the Lady Vols AND the coaching staff!

Theo, I agree 100% with your second sentence. In regards to the first, you have to consider where ESPN headquarters is located, in Connecticut. And UConn is one of the 4 schools who are in her final choices. Why wouldn't ESPN try to trash Holly and our program. I just hope Lady Vol fans are wise to that fact.

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The trouble with Calipari's formula is it makes a mockery of college athletics. If I held season tickets for a program that recruits players who had zero desire of getting an education and only used it as a means of getting into the NBA, I would drop my season tickets in a heartbeat. With that formula UK will never retire another players jersey. Imagine how we as Vol fans would feel if we never had the pleasure of seeing Allan Houston, Ernie Grunfeld, Dale Ellis, Chris Lofton and even Bernard King who only stayed 3 years. Of course this is only my opinion.

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Mr. Strange:

How regrettable that a journalist such as yourself would throw a team and its coaches under the bus by sensationalizing and hypothosyzing (spelling) about a topic 24 plus hrs. after a situation occurred that brought grown men to their knees, crying, and basically heartbroken. On this day, who cares about next year? Could you not rather have written a compassionate article describing the trials and tribulations that forced a team and its coaches to retreat to a bubble to escape negative criticism and arm chair Shak Oneals? Where is your own personal integrity and morals? Do you not care about raw human feelings and expressing love and compassion for those in terrible agony and defeat? You have lost all credibility in my eyes. Please pray that the Lord will open your heart to help those who are in need. Anything less is a victory for ???????????

I am curios about this post. If Strange has lost all credibility in your eyes, where does John Adams stand on the totem pole? This 73 year old is just wondering.

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Let's pray this kid doesn't need more surgery and her knee is sound. With everything she's been through she deserves a little good news for a change.

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Based on what fans said before the season Tennessee would have to qualify for the NCAA tourney for Martin to keep his job. Mission accomplished!!! Not only did they reach the tourney but they excelled in it. Losing to the #2 seed on a questionable call still won't silence his critics. Luckily for Martin and other head coaches, fans don't have a say so in who comes and who goes.IMO

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If we had defended the 3 the first half like we did the second it may have turned out differently. What happen to the hand chech/hack foul on Stokes before they called the charge? Extremely proud of the guys the way they competed.

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It seems to me that Cuonzo was raised a lot like another person Tennessee fans know well, Tyler Summitt. Just do it the right way and you never have to look back.

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This team doesn't need to approach their next game with a chip on their shoulder. They simply need to look at it as though Michigan has something they want and go after it. I'm also positive they don't really consider what we as fans think since they already have enough on their plate. Just focus on the task at hand. GO VOLS

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Let me say without taking up a lot of space that John's last post was the best analysis of our team that I have read on this site. It's nice to read a comment from someone who actually will make an honest assessment without the need to find a negative thing to say.

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Here's a novel idea, let's have the half time class moved up to before the game and have a refresher course at the half time break. We're going to have to play for 40 minutes from here on out to have a chance against the type of competition that is still in the tournament.

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In response to STLVOLS and jmaples, congratulations to both Mike and Jack. You definitely sound like two TRUE Vol fans. As for myself, I grew up in Oak Ridge and joined the Army 40 days after graduationg from ORHS. Uncle Sam sent me to Ohio where I have lived ever since, although we did buy a condo in West Knoxville in 2006 and have spent 6 months in each place since then. I have season tickets in both men and women's basketball and see about half the home football games. My wife also has tickets for women's basketball only. I will make a mental note of both your screen names and know when I read your comments they will be coming from true Tennessee fans. Larry Gragg GOVOLS

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I wonder how these comments would change if the board required people to post under their real name.

Here's one who would have no problem posting under my real name if it were required. I am not ashamed of my name, my heritage, or my comments. Another interesting requirement would be to list the number of sports they hold season tickets for. That would give us a better idea of who the true Tennessee fans were and who were the imposters.

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Let him go, and take Hart with him. But, for a fluke, generational upset by Mercer, and we are eliminated by Duke.

We were lucky to get in the pick 4 process, we will be even luckier to be w/n 10 of michigan.

When Stokes and Maymon (pearl recruit) are gone we are going to get savaged in the SEC. We will lose McRae, Maymon, and Stokes from this team, and rumor has it one highly recruited player from last year.

I hope we win, but the realist tells me Sunday was the Apex of the MarNIT years. Rough sledding ahead, for a team that has looked lost all year long despite a lot of talent.

Cuonzo will get the call, don't match and let him accept the call, his stock will be at an all time high, let him do what is best for him in the long run.

Terry, I'm not going to criticize your opinion because everybody is entitled to their's. But I do question your use of the word "we". I don't think a true Tennessee fan could find much fault with our past 3 games. Heaven only knows we've had little to cheer about the past few years so let's enjoy this as long as it lasts. It seems obvious you are not a fan of Counzo Martin but it might be a good time to think about getting on board and pulling for our team and not against them.

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Make it 2-2. I'm sure you were equally outraged when the "W" was on vacation when 3,000 people were killed during 9/11. Grow up and be consistent.

Here's a shocking response for you but yes I was outraged. Along with that fiasco I was also outraged with his starting the bailouts of big business and excessive spending that took place during his administration. I have been taught over my 73 years that right is right and wrong is wrong. Fortunately I am intelligent to know the difference.It's still 2-2.

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John, I must congratulate you!!! This is by far the best article you have ever written. I was tempted to not even read it assuming there would be a hint of negativity or sarcasm but I came up totally empty. Once again, congratulations on a great article.

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Yeah, but your comment is totally political. And on a sports story. Sheesh.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this article about sports on a sports related website? Based on the main character in the article it couldn't help but have a certain political overtone. So lets keep it strictly about sports. I believe odds is a term usually related to sports so what are the odds that most people agree with me? Right now it appears to be two for and one against.

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Who cares what he predicts? In this case it might be the ONLY correct decision he's made in the past 5+ years. And the shame of it all is this is not a political decision.

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Anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge who watched the Duke/Mercer game knows what we have waiting for us. We thought Florida had a swarming defense, well we ain't seen nothing yet. Let's battan down the hatches and be ready for a 40 minute war.

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I also agree with everyting fannotsheep said with one exception. Did he include Ray Mears in the mix when saying Bruce was the best coach we've ever had? Coach Mears brought Tennessee out of the shadows and promoted the program like no others have since. At best it would be a toss up between those two and ONLY those two. IMO

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Duh Mike, "Fans want a win". You are not an understudy for John Adams are you? What true Vol fans doesn't want a win?

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I love all the negative posts about Bruce. I wonder how many of their comments were that negative when Bruce was turning our program around and getting it to a place that it had never been before. Give him credit at his introduction to the Auburn media for being totally honest by saying "Steven had absolutely no business playing in the SEC."

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All the Vols need now is another distraction. Let's see how mature they are tomorrow night.

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All of you who post on this site on a regular basis know exactly what a troll is and what their objective is. If you simply do not respond to them they will go away and cut the comments on this site in half. I know when you read an idiotic comment it is hard not to respond but just bite your tongue and ignore them.

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Another excellent comment

Thanks but I don't think Theo agrees with us. You ever notice that he rarely posts an original comment but mostly responds to other people's comments. And the large majority of them are negative. I doubt he is a true Tennessee fan, but I could be wrong.

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I love the University of Tennessee, always have and always will. I hope Bruce wins every game he plays except against us. For as much as he has done for UT basketball I don't see how anyone could speak bad about him.

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I don't know who cries to the officials more, Billy Donovan or John Calapari. Today's match up should be damn interesting, huh?

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The kid has a great attitude. That will carry him a long way in becoming the kind player he wants to be. As Larry the cable guy says, git her done!!!

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It's amazing to me that Coach Mitchell would single out any player, much less by her number as though his players had no hand in all this. Did anyone see any Lady Vol players shove one of their players to the floor? Did any of our players commit any foul as agressively as the one O'Neill comitted againt Simmons? If trash talking can be allowed by our politicians I see no harm if it happens in athletic competition. I USED to have respect for coach Mitchell but his words caused much more negative effect than players back and forth.

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Congrats to the Lady Vols- and the Mens' baseball team for good measure, too!

I hope the fact that the Lady Vols softball team won a double header on the same day isn't lost upon you. As far as others comments regarding the commentators, their comments are based on two facts, who they WANT to win or riding the bandwagon of who they think will win. Carolyn Peck has shown that to be the case on several cases, but then what would you expect from a Vanderbilt graduate.

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The official box score has her listed as pitching.

It does now but didn't before I brought it to their attention via email but thanks for your response anyway.

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The box score for this game leaves great doubt about the accuracy of the people who keep stats. The box score does not even list Montana Wear as being in the game. She came on to pitch the bottom of the 6th and gave up a double on her first pitch, a runner reached on an error and another batter doubled to end the game. Someone explain that to me!!!

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Coaches are like lawyers and doctors, they rarely speak evil against one another. If you don't believe me just take a look at our Congress which is filled with lawyers and a few doctors and tell me how they're working out for us. CASE CLOSED!!!!

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Better focus on and off the field? Where does that come from??? Butch has had one incident in over a year, how much more focus could he have? Notre Dame has probably had more than that and we all know how close to perfect they are, don't we. LOL

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I absolutely love the way the freshmen are performing. If only we had a Madison Shipman type in next years class. It appears we did a great job, if that's possible, of filling Raven and Lauren's spots this year. Let's see them come home 19-0 and the March 5th doubleheader should be a sell out.

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That sounds about right, blame it on Tee Martin so Tennessee fans will have less reason to hate USC. I don't but it for one second.

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In regards to the first two posts, I would agree with both of them if they were comparing Ariel's play for her first two years. This year is completely different than the first two. Anyone who has attended all home games for this year and the past two would have noticed a remarkable improvement on this years play. "Check the stats" for this year and compare them to her first two and anyone can see the improvement, if their fair minded

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I don't blame him for being excited. With who we currently have plus the ones coming in it appears this will be the strength of the team. As mentioned by murray we just need to get the ball to them on a consistent basis.

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Some comments refer to people like myself as Adams haters, inbred, and ignorant. I can assure them nothing can be farther from the truth. I don't hate Adams and I don't attack him personally, just professionaly. I happen to think that he is a terrible sports writer. He rarely has an interesting fact based article and that is the reason I stopped reading his articles. I found out long ago that his articles contained information that an average intelligent high school freshman could come up with the same conclusion. Call us what you want but we do have the right to express our opinion and that's mine.

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Three of the best written comments I have ever read on this site.

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John, since you're the smartest sports writer in America we'll let you be the judge, jury, and executioner on this matter. And if that's the case I only have two words for Butch, " you're doomed"

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Not often do you see an entire team click like the Lady Vols did in this Vandy for a strong first half to stay within 11 points..the strong start by the Lady Vols the first 2 min of the second half was special..they came out of the locker room ready to take charge..and they did..Reynolds is becoming a very pleasant surprise..she is a player..Russell is becoming a shot blocking force..Graves played strong on the boards..Carter, Simmons, Izzy and Burdick just played off the to the entire coaching staff..Carter and Jones denying the ball on defense..just a great game to watch..

Very few, if any, will remember that I posted last year after Reynolds made her commitment public that a lot of UT fans would be surprised at her level of play. The fact that she had a double double in the McDonald's All Star game should have provided a glimpse of her potential. I also noted early last season before Carter's season ending injury that I had never seen a Lady Vol freshman play with her passion and aggressiveness. They both will be extremely fun to watch for the next three plus years.

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When all is said and done and all the facts have been obtained, I'm sure Butch will make a stern but fair punishment for those who warrant it. He know current players, future prospects and their parents will be watching. I'm also quite sure he won't turn a blind eye to the situation and handle it like the moron at Ohio State did at his current and past school.