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Written on Bubble Blowout: Vols roll Missouri 72-45:

Very pleasantly surprised at the Vols. 2 weeks ago this wouldn't have seemed possible. Keep it up Vols.

Written on Andy Cox gives Vols relief between rough pitching start, finish to beat UNLV:

Hope they can keep this up. There's a lot more interest in baseball right now than in the pathetic basketball team.

Written on Vols can't overcome close-game curse, dwell on missed opportunities after overtime loss at A&M:

The apparent lack of interest as displayed by the lack of comments on this story is a sad commentary on the state of UT basketball.

Written on Tennessee will face one-two punch from Missouri's guard combo:

Missouri by 10 or more. I hope I'm wrong.

Written on Vols fall to No. 3 Florida, 67-58 :

Missed free throws dunk rebounds and loose balls. Other team coach works the refs yours doesnt. All add up to mediocrity

Written on Updated: Tennessee football players A.J. Johnson and Danny O'Brien arrested; seven other Vols cited at party :

in response to facultyman:

Sorry, but I don't buy into your "boys will be boys" response..these are student athlete leaders whom the Vol Nation, including youngsters and new recruits, look up to. We should all expect discipline both on and off the field. That's the simple difference between winners and losers. I know...I played college football.

Must be nice to be holier than thou!!! Typical college behavior. They will get punished. Probably a few games suspension and have to meet expectations of CBJ. That's the way it should be. A second infraction should be treated much more seriously. Dismissal! [And I went to college too btw]

Written on Matchup: Ole Miss at Tennessee:

What is Myvlt and why the hades doesn't Dish have it?

Written on RB Derrell Scott picks Vols over South Carolina:

I am a happy Vol camper.

Written on Mike Strange: This loss should never have happened:

The Vols played the second half 5 on 4 most of the time and sometimes 6 on 4 counting horrible refs. Stokes should have sat the entire second half. AWFUL !!!

Written on UT last in SEC, 145th overall in Directors' Cup standings after fall semester:

Don't know who to blame but UT sports sure is in a shambles.

Written on [LIVE UPDATES] Vols vs. Texas A&M:

I'm not watching anymore. Disgusting.

Written on Texas A&M, SEC will have to work around Jordan McRae's improved defense:

I'm probably done watching. No fun.

Written on [LIVE UPDATES] Vols vs. Texas A&M:

Who was that ? Austin Peay ?

Written on Virginia's slow-down style will try to stall Vols' offense:

I predict ugly followed by more ugly.

Written on Mike Strange: This season was supposed to be different for Vols; it's not:

I hate it for CCM but I also hope Hart doesn't make us suffer through this for the rest of the season. Enough is enough.

Written on Early struggles doom Vols in 65-58 loss to N.C. State:

in response to BrassMonkey:

I told you guys 2 years ago and all I got was flamed. Where are all the coach lovers now?

Get over yourself Monkey. He deserved our support and a chance. You may have been right but you make an arse of yourself gloating. The important thing now is what does UT do to get this danged thing turned around.

Written on Longtime Vols commitment DaVonte Lambert signing with Auburn:

A winning team is all that matters to some young players. Look at the success of Ky. basketball in recruiting. Mostly on tradition and winning. Oh well, if his heart wasn't as a Vol then it's better he go elsewhere. Good luck.

Written on Matchup: N.C. State at Tennessee:

Better be ready to play tonight and the crowd better be ready to scream. Sitting on your hands is not acceptable.

Written on Vols miss out on a resume builder, fall to Wichita State, 70-61:

I've been a CCM supporter but am growing more and more worried. I'm really concerned that like Stokes Hubb's talent will be wasted on offense in Martin's system. If you have prolific scorers they need the opportunity and coaching to score on the college level. Defense is very important of course but if you can't make layups, are timid, miss free throws, can't put yourself into position and more importantly, don't have an offensive minded system to allow you to score you aren't going to win many. It's great to hold a team to in the 60's on defense but when you struggle mightily to score in the 50's .............well there ya go.
Please don't coach Hubbs into submission and inadequacy ala. Scotty Hopson.

Written on Dean Lockwood explains Lady Vols' lineup changes and looks ahead to Troy:

in response to johnlg00:

The men have only played about one game a week since the Atlantis tournament. Their last one was against Tennessee Tech last Friday and they don't play again until this coming Saturday at Wichita State. The pace picks up a bit after that, at which time, with football dropping out of the picture--alas!--until NSD in February, coverage should pick up as well.

Is it correct that only 31 regular season games can be scheduled? A couple more in December would seem like a good idea to me.

Written on Dean Lockwood explains Lady Vols' lineup changes and looks ahead to Troy:

The lack of coverage of the mens team is very perplexing to me. Does the News Sentinel have something against CCM and his team? You'd think UT doesn't even play mens basketball lately. Just an afterthought when it comes to articles.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols still not sure how rule changes will play out:

Hopefully the Vols depth this year will be a big factor for when the horrid officiating in the SEC takes center stage.

Written on Hard work pays off for Tennessee center Rawane 'Pops' Ndiaye in exhibition win:

What the heck is up with Chievous ????

Written on John Adams: Vols have a chance to surpass their bowl goal:

One game at a time. Go Vols beat the Tigers.

Written on Butch Jones plans to ramp up team's toughness after showing at Missouri:

I kind of feel the o line believed all the preseason hype and pats on the back and then forgot they had to live up to it on the field. Stacking against the run on Auburn will provide opportunity for big plays in the passing game. Saw Oklahoma and Texas do this years ago. The crowd and the team better show up early. If the Vols get behind early the crowd may sit on their hands. That can't happen if they have any chance for the upset.

Written on Internet abuzz after Spurrier takes shot at Tennessee:

He can say anything he wants as long as he wins. Start beating his hind end regularly and the comments will change from smug to bitter whining.

Written on Vols have sold about 90,000 tickets for Saturday's game:

Here's a chance to see a key SEC matchup even though the Vols may not be in the championship hunt,Steve Spurrier, the coach you love to hate, Jadeveon Clowney, a SC team that can ill afford a loss, A UT team looking for a big uspet and signature win, an improving offense and defense,a chance for UT to continue to impress prospective recruits and an up and coming young coach in Butch Jones. Get out and support the Big Orange.

Written on Mike Strange: Kentucky's McDonald's feast: too much (or not enough):

Sorry but it doesn't take a genius to recruit to Kentucky. That's just retarded. The Wildcats have had and will have the best unpaid professional basketball team in the U.S. as long a the stupid one and one rules persist. I say unpaid rather reluctantly.

Written on AP Source: SEC making Nashville men's tourney home:

What a horrible decision !

Written on Robert Hubbs says he'll bring 'energy,' 'a little showtime' to Tennessee:

Wow Brass Monkeys have dung for brains. Who knew? Oh wait , anybody that's ever seen any of his posts that's who.

Written on Mike Strange: Can the Vols and their fans sustain the energy from Georgia?:

Suggest removal of troll posts. I do regularly. Sick of it.

Written on Pig Howard says feedback from fans after fumble was 'all positive':

I hope this team shows up very angry but controlled against the Gamecocks. I'd love to see Spurrier leave scowling.

Written on After narrow loss, Vols look to build off strides on the field and in the stands:

If the noise level is like that from the outset against S.C.and the Vols play as well as they did Saturday it's almost a sure win. I hope the crowd brings it early Sat. after next. I can't remember a more instantly disheartening loss than Sat. Even the Ala. and LSU games though bad weren't this bad. However, I got over this one much quicker due to the improvement that was apparent about midway through the 3rd quarter. Suddenly I was watching TN. football again and not some Lame Kiffin or Doolittle excuse. GBO and CBJ.

Written on Strong bench is 'biggest thing' in Cuonzo Martin's third season:

I can hardly wait for the season to start. Playing Ky. only once and in Lexington sucks though.

Written on After tight win, Vols' resolve will be tested in merciless October:

Six wins are going to be tough but we knew that going in. If we can't support them and CBJ we should keep our mouths shut. CBJ is doing a remarkable job of recruiting and has instilled enthusiasm and confidence in the team. He is doing the job he was signed to do. The team and possible future recruits need to see everyday that the Vols have great fans and fans that stand behind them in fair weather or bad. If you truly want this team to succed now and in the future as a UT fan there will be no deterring you in your faith and resolve to help them in the stands and on these boards.

Written on Tennessee-Georgia game to be aired by CBS at 3:30 p.m.:

I just hope it won't be as ugly as I think it will be.

Written on John Adams: Vols avoid epic upset but raise more doubts:

Last year the Vols would have lost this game. That's about the only positive I've got right now.

Written on Vols getting big plays from freshmen:

Hope the incoming freshmen next year can contribute as much if not more.This one was scary. Coaching in the second half was questionable on both sides of the ball.

Written on Curt Maggitt will be evaluated for possible redshirt:

100% for a redshirt. Makes a lot of sense and helps improve chances for a better UT defense next year and moving forward.

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee's defense is taking small steps forward:

There is obvious improvement from horrid to just not so great. You can't teach speed can't be said often enough. They just don't have enough of it. Hopefully by this time next year that will be improved and they will go from "almost" making a play to actually making one.

Written on Poll: Who should Tennessee start at quarterback Saturday against South Alabama?:

Hopefully Worley and the Vols will get a big enough lead to get Ferguson in for some snaps. Key word is hopefully.

Written on Third-down woes continue for Vols' defense:

Right now the Vols have a ton of "almost" players. They almost make a tackle, almost catch a pass, almost hold on 3rd, almost get a first down and so on and on and on. A lot of that can be corrected by coaching them up but you can't coach speed. You can't almost get away or almost catch someone and win.

Written on Justin Worley says it 'hurts' to be demoted :

Back to business: The Vols are exactly where they were expected to be 2-2. Don't blow a gasket. They will have to win the ones they are supposed to and pull an upset [or two] to make a bowl this year. GBO!

Written on Justin Worley says it 'hurts' to be demoted :

Anthony Howard- you , sir , are a total butt wad. Why do you even bother to post here? Just to get negative attention? OK here's some. Those that stir in dung usually wind up smelling just like it. You stink.

Written on Report card: Offense falters for Vols this week:

Not a brilliant decision to start Peterman. He looks way to slow to keep up with SEC defenses. Almost plodding.
My only other gripe with Jones is his decision to try a trick play in field goal range and the Vols down 10-7. Not smart at all. Bet he's kicking himself over that one.

Written on Vols sub-merged at Florida in Nathan Peterman's first start:

I hope they have some ointment for edge burn. They will get hammered on the edges all year on defense. No overall team speed is glaringly evident. Still.....GBO And CBJ ! Recruit !

Written on Vols sub-merged at Florida in Nathan Peterman's first start:

Personally, I'll take Worley's "bland efficiency" any day if they can win some games with it. His job is to protect the ball and get it into the hands of what few playmakers they have.