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Written on John Adams: UT's next move needs to be as good as Cuonzo Martin's was :

Seldom agree with Adams...especially when he gets in a sarcastic stage, but he was very accurate in his insight about Martin, UT, and hiring a new coach.

Both Martin and UT are better UT needs to solidify how much better off we are with a winning hire....Marshall would be a homerun....

Written on [Updated] Cuonzo Martin leaving UT for California; search for his replacement begins:

I hope this works out well for Martin and TN....maybe Cuonzo will flourish in CA and maybe UT will hire a coach that will flourish is time to move on.

Written on Informal talks between Lady Vols and UConn about resuming series:

I would like for TN to resume the series with UCONN.....after Geno retires and not before. If for no other reason out of respect for Pat Summitt.

Written on Women's finalists reflect scope of Lady Vols' quest for improvement:

Discipline is something that is conveyed by the coaching staff....they also need a difference maker which is also up to the coaching staff to secure.

Written on Missouri indefinitely suspends WR Green-Beckham:

Pinkel said "These actions aren't representative of those expectations, and we are addressing these issues head-on."

I am sure he will have them "addressed" by August.

Written on Paul Finebaum hosting live show from Neyland Stadium on Thursday:

Indeed that is the same Paul Finebaum....who was so fond of calling Tennessee's fanbase, "trailer trash"on his Alabama afternoon show.

He has got to be one of the top ten all-time homliest individuals that I have ever seen. Hard to figure why he is so fond of "pointing" fingers at individuals.

Written on Cuonzo Martin will remain at Tennessee; contract modifications underway:

Well, the next big obstacle for Martin to overcome will be Stokes' desire to pursue the NBA...hopefully things can get alot quieter in Whoville and we can peacefully enjoy our vastly improved baseball and hopefully a much improved football team in the fall.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols fold under tournament pressure:

Don't know what the answer is, because this trend started with Pat near the end of her reign and continues....I guess the ladies just don't get the very top talent....the difference they used to.

Written on Tennessee's defense struggles to stop the run in scrimmage :

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Losing Juco DL commitment DaVonte Lambert to Auburn in December is looking worse and worse with time.

Lambert did not want to be why cry over spilled milk?

Written on David Climer: Tennessee coaching craziness not over:

It is sad when a experienced columnist bases his story on pure rumor.

Climer says, "bring on the clowns" need for that when we have Climer.

Sounds like the current recruits kind of put the Marquette thing to bed last night.

I think Martin is a whole lot more man than Climer would ever know about.

And Climer just goes from one lie to another in this column....he does not know what Martin has privately said or thinks....nor does he know what Hart has privately said or thinks.

This is absolutely the biggest crock of manure that I have read in years.

Written on UT baseball loses two games in final inning against South Carolina:

Devastating....but if they take from these losses, then they will grow. SC is a great team with a great coach and some very strong recent history. We are playing with the big boys now and this speaks volumes. Hopefully they can gut out a win today and avoid the sweep. Good Luck Vols.

Written on Report: Marquette targeting Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin for head coaching vacancy:

That's the way the coaching profession works....most coaches leave one school and go to another until they either return to their alma mater or get the big $ contract....I have no problem with Cuonzo leaving or staying. These things work theirselves out.

Written on Mike Strange: Aftershock of Auburn's Bruce Pearl 'Boom!' reaches the Vols in Dayton :

I like Bruce as a coach....but I see he is still making poor choices....Knoxville to Auburn....that is about as bizarre as it can get.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols need two NCAA Tournament wins to keep Cuonzo Martin's job:

Leave it to a old washed up curmudgeon like Climer the whiner to cast the first wet blanket.

Written on John Adams: Games against Gators last too long for Vols:

“They’re going to be a very difficult team in the NCAA tournament.”

One can only hope....

Written on Tennessee men's basketball team debuts 'Smokey gray' uniform in SEC tournament semifinal:

Yep, and I wish UTAD would lose those dang things too...or at least don't use them for meaningful games. 0-3 now in Football and Basketball wearing those cursed things.

Written on Musburger, Palmer to call SEC Network games:

in response to ChesterDrawers:

I like Musburger as this choice because he speaks big on winning tradition of the SEC schools. We certainly need a historian like Brent to beat our drums as we move to relevant again in the SEC under Coach Jones.

Historian?? Musberger cannot remember how to pronounce names he reviewed prior to the broadcast....surprised they did not team him up with Vern Lundquist....another "historian" with about the same exciting demeanor.

Written on Musburger, Palmer to call SEC Network games:

Cannot believe it....moronic.

Written on UNC Wilmington fires former Tennessee coach Buzz Peterson:

Maybe Buzz can get back with Appy St.

Written on 'Confidence' didn't drop in Josh Smith last season even if some passes did:

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There are great players. There are great gamers. There are great practice players. Smith appears to the a great practice player.

Smith was a tremendous player in High School and I expect he will leave his mark as a player and a student before he graduates from this university.

Written on 'Confidence' didn't drop in Josh Smith last season even if some passes did:

Good Luck....this year can/will be totally different for you Josh. My son went thru a stretch much like you of several games with drops....and he had great hands also...sometimes, things just happen.

Written on No. 19 Tennessee baseball team beats No. 24 Arizona State twice to take series:

Congrats to Dave Serrano and the baseball Vols. Glad to see the program on solid footing. Serrano seems to be a great teacher of the game.

Written on Lady Vols could wear smokey gray jerseys if they reach SEC tournament finals:

I hope they have better luck in those dang things than the football team had last fall.

Written on John Adams: Lowly Auburn still poses a threat to Vols:

yep....sounds right....they have not won more than 2 SEC games in a row all season....and right now they have won their last would be par for the course to lose to the tigers.

Written on What seed will the Tennessee men's basketball team have in the SEC tournament? :

So, if the Vols win out over Auburn and Missouri, and Georgia loses at LSU, the Vols will have 3rd place this right? Would they not own any tie breakers with Georgia and Arkansas?

Written on Mike Strange: Bruce Pearl can relate to Cuonzo Martin's clutter:

Bingo....that is the winner...they will not admit error.

Written on Vandy's Stallings stands up for Tennessee's Martin:

I too am puzzled why the first comment was removed....I have definitely read much worse on this site that I thought would get removed but never did....maybe the GoVols police are related to stallings, who btw, looks like a Mad magazine character.

Written on Vandy's Stallings stands up for Tennessee's Martin:

Why don't you lay into his arse next time? I agree though....maybe stallings can hire Martin as his slogan coach next year... "a tougher breed"....makes me laugh.

Written on Mike Strange: Are the Vols too distracted to finish strong?:

Pitiful....that pretty much describes the UT situation. Pitiful school pitiful school President after another since Joe Johnson retired. Mike Hamiliton was a pitiful destructive force as far as hires for the athletic department goes, Bruce Pearl was a pitiful out of control liar and ruined a great thing for himself, his family and the University. Pitiful that Coach Martin cannot maybe make a few changes in his style and adapt to the situation at hand by coaching more up tempo offense, using a few judicious time outs and maybe hiring a offensive assistant that would maybe inspire Martin's teams. And finally the most pitiful is this University's inability to consistently give this fanbase a first class basketball coach for a fanbase that appreciates basketball....think back to all of the pitiful coaches we have had in the last 35 years....all because money would not be spent for a proper hire and the results have been a empty facility and a thouroughly disgusted fanbase. The BP era was very very good, but that only happened because BP could not get hired anywhere else because of him being poison in the coaching circles and Hamilton got lucky. I feel like if BP were re-hired that he would never re-capture the glory of his previous stint....just a feeling.

Spend money and make a first class will pay off in the long run for all concerned.

Written on John Adams: Just making NCAA tournament wouldn't justify retaining Cuonzo Martin:

It was more about Adams' not wanting to be left behind....his competitor in Nashville, David Climer, said Cuonzo needed to be relieved the day before Adams John could not be out done by his competition.

Written on Linebacker A.J. Johnson on track to have charges from apartment party dismissed:

"out of line local fuzz".....that was hardly the case...they did not make arrests until their third return trip...more than fair...doing their job trying to keep the peace.

Written on John Adams: No fooling, Vols are getting better :

Yep, it's that time of know, late season rally by cuonzo's bunch....lose a game near end of regular season that you should have won that sends the Vols to the I heard last can't spell Martin without nit.

Written on In desperate need of a win streak, the Tennessee men's basketball team has a few problems to solve:

Ben says, "The Vols tend to fray and fall apart when things get tight. In order to finish their season strong, the trend will have to change."

Yes they do, and there is no need of fretting over if they can win the remaining games. They most likely will be one in done in NCAA or NIT. Let's get this letdown season over with....they really are hard to watch. It's just plain sad.

Written on Mike Strange: In a mediocre SEC, Vols should have won more:

Mike Strange says, "We can debate why the league is so bloated with NIT fodder. One theory is coaching." ...Michael, I think that sums it up pretty least in Tennessee's case.

Written on Despite chances, Vols find panic under pressure in loss to Missouri:

in response to ThirdCreek:

But Martin is merely mediocre compared to previous Vols head coaches like Wade Houston (65-90 overall including 5-22 his last season) or Kevin O'Neil (36-47) who were truly awful. Just putting it in perspective.

Martin by contrast has a .587 winning percentage as head coach of the Vols.

I'd rather stick with Martin for one more year than go through yet another rebuilding program.

Bruce Pearl is not coming back. Why would he want to work for an organization that threw him under the bus?

Actually, Bruce threw his own self under a bus by panic. Most informed folks know that his offense was not critical...but he made it critical with his lying and coverup attempt. And then his situation was further complicated by ineffective and incompetent leadership at the top of the administration.

Pearl would love to be re-hired by the school, did you see him last night on ESPN??....light orange and white print tie with a light orange hankerchief. Bruce loves the school and he loves's a old flame burning.

Written on Kentucky beats Lady Vols in Knoxville for first time since 1985, 75-71:

The men and women basketball teams are affected with the same problems...lack of real leadership...on the court and on the sidelines. Not being mean, both sidelines leadership looks lost and indecisive in tight games. On the court, closing seconds in tight games looks frantic...

Written on John Adams: Football rules change would give defenses a needed break:

Holy smokes! I agree with Adams! I do not care for the 52-50 game either...I enjoy great offense, but also love great defensive play...and the offense HAS had the field tilted too much in their favor.

Written on Ariel Massengale's comeback is back to the court:

Why is everything so hush hush about her injury? Is it a concussion?? For weeks it was reported as a "facial injury"...what the heck gives?

Written on Camera footage reveals UT football staff member was detained at scene, other dialogue from party arrests :

in response to stevefromjasper:

Sounds like some Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies need to be fired.

A moronic statement....KCSD gave them two warnings....and the participants were either too foolish or too cool to heed. Now their stupidity will have consequences....

Written on Butch Jones embarrassed by party arrests:

AJ is in serious trouble....I expect he will be looking toward the draft this spring now. A contributing charge is much more serious....especially in regards to what BJ is trying to build here. I expect he is gone and I think O'Brien very well may be gone the very least, it will be very difficult for him to "earn" his way back. Partying by college kids is one thing....but what AJ did as a team leader...and damaging the name of the football program that BJ is fighting to resurrect...I just don't see him back. Sorry are definitely not a bad just made a critical error of judgement. I think that we will see under BJones that even our hallowed football players will have to accept responsibility for their the rest of us.

Written on Updated: Tennessee football players A.J. Johnson and Danny O'Brien arrested; seven other Vols cited at party :

AJ needs to be thinking about his future....and the NFL takes all things into consideration. As far as I am aware of, AJ has not been into trouble before.

Written on John Adams: Competition already heating up with UT recruits:

Can't wait for spring practice...

Written on Vanderbilt loss kills Vols' momentum, invites bubble trouble:

What is so puzzling to me is the lack of leadership....especially from McCrae. He slept walked thru the first half and took some freshman type shots down the stretch. Barton is terrible....seems like he wants to be the game hero at the end when others should be taking those shots. Our big men have no touch under the basket...hard balls off the glass. Maymon...well Maymon is just not the same player after the injury...he just cannot get off the floor and gets his shots blocked with ease. Stokes has improved...especially at the free throw line. I just don't see any sense of urgency ever with this team. I really wish this team could play "all in", but the writing looks like it is on the wall...NIT.