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I will always have mixed feelings about Doug Dickey. He deserves credit for bringing Tennessee much success in the 1960s but I was not happy with his time as athletic director especially the way he treated Don Devoe and John Majors and besides he is a Florida guy

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something good to happen to Tennessee sports. anything

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I got an idea let's quit having polls and let the coach do his job and save the armchair quarterback until he has at least completed his first season.

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I hope all of the fired coaches get jobs especially Sal to ease the financial burden

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I cannot believe I am hearing callers to UT talk radio,that are actually wanting the administration to bring CPF back as head coach.He's the one who started this mess and took his 6 million and smiled all the way to the bank.His time has passed,and we can do better.Coach Chizik would probably talk to UT,which would be ok with me.

You are SO wrong. Phillip Fulmer did not create this mess. You have Mike Hamilton to thank for the mess Tennessee is in. Fulmer would have righted the ship if he had been given 1 more year.

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I miss him a hell of a lot and wish they would bring him back as well but it will not happen.

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Boring. I hate conference bowl tie ins. The same 5 or 6 bowl hames over and over. It is time to end the bowl games except for the ones that lead to a National Championship game.

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Anyone in the country would be an upgrade over what we endured the last three years.

After learning Jon Gruden is not interested and hearing these list of names which none excite me at all. I am convinced Bobby Petrino should be offered the job. I was totally against him until reading that Mike Gundy, Al Golden, Jimbo Fisher and the likes. None of these people with the exception of Charlie Strong excite me very much. I would rather get Phil Fulmer back until Peyton retires than have any of these coaches.

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I would rather have Oklahoma/ Oklahoma State or Virginia Tech/ NC State or Virginia/ North Carolina

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I agree Jimmy Cheek needs to have been gone years ago but so far I am impressed with Dave Hart. Hey, is it just me but does'nt Cheek look like the Scrooge in the cartoon version

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Thanks Men and I know it is not what you envisioned but hopefully through it all it has made you better men

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I am not to optimistic about a win at Vanderbilt but it would help the season if they win out and even go to the Liberty, Independence or the bowl in Birmingham and it would help if they win the bowl game with or without Derek Dooley. My gosh anything positive for this season would be a plus.

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Dooley has made it clear he is not that stupid and he will get his 5 mil buyout..which he is entitled to due to his contract..

If he had any decency he would resign and agree to say one years salary around 2 million dollars to leave.

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The problem is UK isn't a step up from LaTech or Duke..I guess that leaves only Fulmer?

I really do not think David Cutcliffe would take it if offered and I would not if I was him. They passed him over for Hal Mumme back in the 90s and I am sure he would love to be offered and then tell them no thanks

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Nobody listens but Tennessee needs to leave the SEC along with Kentucky and Vanderbilt and join the new Big East and then they would go back to 9 and 10 wins a year with close rivals in Memphis, Louisville and Cincinnati along with a step up in basketball. It would be a lot easier path to a major bowl and a shot at a national champion game. As long as Tennessee stays in the SEC they are going to be the 6-10 best team no matter who they hire. 1989-2002 is long gone probably never to return but nobody believes this

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Two words for you: Pilot Oil

Dooley will be back next year. Bank on it because Tennessee is basically broke and the Pilot Oil money printing machine has dried up as they are tired of how foolish Tennessee is with money and the Cleveland Browns have their ear and dollars now. So there you have it sports fans

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I hate to say this sports fans but I was born and lived in Knoxville for 55 years. I moved to Northeast Pennsylvania almost four years ago. I lived and breathed Tennessee football and really still do. The fans for Penn State and even Rutgers to some degree are more realistic and seem more even keeled. I am not bashing Tennessee fans because I am one and love the state and the team.

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Fulmer and the team lost to Wyoming because he was fired 2-3 days before the game and the team and Fulmer was emotionally spent you idiot

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That is right keep this awful team on television every game. Television will eventually kill college football, Anything can be overexposed

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I would make honor his contract and no raises or rollover. If he would take less say 2-3 million to leave then I would pay it. He does not deserve 5 million dollars and somebody ought to sue Mike Hamilton for making all of these boneheaded decisions. DD if he has any morals ought to accept less and do everybody a favor including himself and bow out graciously.

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I am at the point with Tennessee that I do not even care anymore. Losing constantly makes you feel that way. Just hope Tennessee does not give DD the five million dollar buyout. That would really tork me off to have to pay that clown that much money for no more than he has done in 3 years at

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And after all of that negotiating for Derek Dooley our friend Mike Hamilton negotiates himself a 1.5 million dollar buyout. Who is in charge of the zoo over there. They should be made to keep DD until his contract is up and do not give him any rollovers in length. If I were Haslam I would not give this university another dime.

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For the record, I TOLD YOU SO.

Dooley is bad. His coaching staff is bad, too. The team is hopeless; (W-L record last 3-years.)

Fans who do not know football continues defending this pathetic mess. Apparently they think saying truth is wrong; that anything orange must be worshipped. They may try to mate with highway cones because of color.

The Board of Trustees needs to submit resignations. This Board allowed Mike Hamilton to destroy UT Athletics, and hire UT's Head Coaches through his own agent.

After giving himself a huge separation package, Hamilton reportedly now is president of a Christian charity.) Would YOU donate to anything he was heading? Would you trust him (with your money? The Lord’s $$$???

Here's news: You already did--- almost $600MM while UT athletics director. In exchange: Violations of NCAA rules in football, basketball, swimming/diving coach’s moral turpitude, baseball’s two losers in a row to replace a coach at the College World Series two years earlier. Major legal troubles w/players in Knoxville, 2 of the worst coaches ever in UT Football (Kiffin & Doodley), and fiascoes in every major sport.

We have an Alabama athletics director now to fix everything up just like Bama...&Florida State before that---where both had major NCAA problems. This guy forced Pat Summitt out, at her weakest point of health. Florida people in the top two administrative spots already raiding the Athletics coffers.

So...uh...THIS is what the Board of Trustees wanted when they permitted Hamilton to fire Phillip Fulmer??? And the current staffing of UT's top spots means this Board did not deliver a University capable of bringing back one of its own from some far-flung, top level school to lead UT. If those people existed, they would have been hired.
UT and its Athletics are out of control, where fully 1/2 billion dollar$$$ are spent every decade for athletics ---for THIS?????

The Tennessee State Legislature needs to impanel a special committee to investigate University administration, athletics department, every program in the department and chancellor and President, as well as Mike Hamilton's relationship with the agent who represented several head coaches---AND HAMILTON---and also have the panel probe the process that got UT the bozos currently in charge.

This is the best post I have read on this site. Mike Hamilton and Jimmy Sexton sure took Tennessee for a lot of money and I really do not think Tennessee can afford the 5 million dollars to buy out Derek Dooley plus the assistant coaches. If they do they will go cheap and get somebody for less than 2 million a year. I really think Tennessee would be better off to be the 14th team in the Big East or Join the ACC where they can compete. The SEC is the best conference but who wants to be the 11th or 12th best team in a 14 team conference and go 5-7 or 6-6 every year? Not me

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Tennessee would be 5-0 with their schedule and Mississippi State would be 2-3 with ours

Written on Mike Strange: Mullen has given Mississippi State the stability Tennessee needs :

I really think talking about DD and constantly saying he will or will not be fired is very unhealthy. I love Tennessee but we have the worst fair weather fans in the country. I have lived in Pennsylvania the last 4 years and you can imagine all of the negative things I have read about Penn State. Let me say this about Penn State. They sold 88,000 season tickets this year in a 106,000 seat stadium and tickets are hard to come by even after all of the turmoil and the 0-2 start and after 4 straight wins they are happy and Bill O'Brien is loved there. I am just saying Tennessee is going through a down period and nobody can turn it around suddenly or even in three years. Look at John Majors record at Tennessee from 1977-1980

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This guy is being paid $5MILLION DOLLARS, and his best effort cannot beat quality teams---and his comments are "I have never been madder."

And a bunch of East Tennessee folks are hoodwinked by a guy who looks good in a blazer and orange tie, and tell him how much they are supporting him.

Horse Manure. And horse manure is what the Board of Trustees have manufactured and called it an Athletics Program> That includes Mike Hamilton and a whole bunch of others who are not competent to wash Doug Dickey or Phillip Fulmer's athletics under-apparel (did not want to take the chance the obvious word would be zapped.)

Fulmer was fired for THIS????????????? Fulmer was paid an additional $6Million in severance for THIS??? And Hamilton was allowed to arrange a HUGE payout for himself for THIS???

Makes me wonder if Hamilton had pictures of prominent UT people in awkward positions.
Certainly for Dooley, beating a quality team would be an awkward position...

When the defensive (and other) coaches bailed out of Knoxville last year on Dooley, everybody from rocket scientists to mental defectives HAD to know the score---everybody except the Board of Trustees. Those coaches did not want their families' futures entrusted to him, and left---some for lesser jobs.

So now we have a raft of Alabama and Florida people running the University, an Atlanta lawyer as Football Head Coach... a head men's basketball coach that has a horrible record in his first year coaching...a baseball team that is now two head coaches past competency...
a swimming/diving coach gone for moral turpitude...a living legend women's basketball coach FORCED OUT by the Alabama Management...a fan base in disarray, some actively boycotting games & others leaving at half-time...

and UT is paying 1/2 BILLION $$$$$$ per decade for the whole Athletics Department mess.

General Neyland must be crying. And Bear Bryant and Adolph Rupp are both laughing up their sleeves.

And ole Geno Auriemmainthe Head Women's Basketball Coach @U of Connecticut---who was rude and disrespectful to Coach Pat Summitt, the forced out living legend, probably thinks his prayers have been answered and hopes the University Management are all given tenure by the rocket scientist majority of the Trus tees.

Matter of fact, Bryant, Rupp and Geno probably had their prayers answered from the dark side and the UT Board of Trustees majority.

Go Vols...

Wrong he is being paid 2 million a year and has a 5 million dollar buyout. He is in year 3 of a 6 year contract. I say come out if you are the AD and say he is coming back next year and then see what 2013 brings. Tennessee is not a top 5 or even top 10 job anymore. Nick Saban or Les Miles are not coming here and neither is Steve Spurrier.

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Come on Tennessee fans DD needs this year and next them if nothing has changed find a new coach. If he is fired this year he will not have been given a fair chance.

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in response to SevenT:

Hopefully the trend of empty seats will cost the AD office and they will get rid of Dooley for not selling tickets.

Fans that do not want Dooley to succeed are fair weather fans and useless. People that do not want The President to succeed are Un American and useless

Written on Tennessee's payouts for non-conference games total $2.125 million in 2012:

SEC??? Please go to nine conference games and do away with the permanent opponent from the other division. Play the six games in your division and three home and away games from the other division and three cupcakes or two cupcakes and one quality opponent every year. The last thing is make it mandatory to have seven wins before going to a bowl game. Seven wins period. It would make the bowls more meaningful and go back to 20-25 bowl games instead of 35.

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It is a shame it is billed as a warm up act for Auburn vs Clemson. Tennessee got screwed for doing this game as it was suppose to be a big deal nationally when it was booked several years ago. Man, how times have changed

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I hope they can win enough games to keep Dooley around for another couple of years which I believe he deserves a third and fourth year but I sure would be looking for a top notch quarterback with some maturity if I were Derek Dooley

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Hopefully Tennessee will learn eventually to start recruiting young men with character. This guy is a quitter as he proved against Kentucky last year. Why put your faith in this prima donna? It is very hard to get on board this team with this kind of leadership.

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"....The money will be donated to charitable organizations affiliated with child abuse protection and prevention"

I am a Tennessee Vol now living in Pennsylvania and have to say Penn State might as well be given the death penalty and believe the sanctions were too harsh. Penn State is still a great university and after several years there college football will be great again as the talent here is just so top notch compared to Tennessee on the state level. As for Leroy Thompson I am sure he has never regretted his decision to attend Penn State . Everybody that throws stones at Penn State remember this when the NCAA comes to Alabama, Arkansas or LSU one day which they will and we will see how they handle this kind of adversity.

Written on Derek Dooley to SEC: 'You're not going to have Tennessee to kick around anymore' :

At least he quoted Elvis Presley from the 1968 song A little less conversation A little more action please. It is a shame of the disinterest in Tennessee on the national stage. 3 or 4 losing seasons in 5 will do that. Hopefully we can realistically get it back to 8-9 wins this year and then hopefully he stays and recruits like heck because the schedule in 2013 is brutal

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I attended all four of Elvis Presley sold out concerts at Stokely including both concerts in 1972 which were the best two but all were great. I saw several games there and concerts such as Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Barry Manilow, Bob Seger, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston to name a few. Some of the warm up acts were The Righteous Brothers, BJ Thomas, Jerry Reed, Carl Perkins, The Statler Brothers and to many to name. I always loved Stokely more than Thompson Boling Arena. I sure am amazed it costs that much money to raise a building on little more than 1 acre and a building with out a lot of floors.

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Peaks and valleys and normal cycles. No team can be at the top forever. UT had a great run from the Sugar Bowl win over Miami (with a few hiccups along the way) until the mid-2000's -- and the Gators were great under Spurrier. The SEC is no place for rebuilding programs and it takes time to get it back on track. I think 2012 is a hugely critical season for both these programs.

My prediction is that UT will get 9 wins and beat the Gators. I think Florida will probably win 7 or 8 games. If the Vols get some breaks they could win the East. But that won't get them past Alabama or LSU.

Dooley haters won't pull for this outcome but if you want Tennessee to be relevant in the next five years you need to hope this year is a success.

We don't play LSU this year or Arkansas for that matter

Written on Pat, Tyler Summitt to receive national Alzheimer's Association award :

I back Pat and she deserves it but personally I believe Glen Campbell deserves it a little more because he has toured one last time since last summer with Alzheimer Disease and it a lot tougher singing and playing the guitar in front of an audience than coaching with a lot of help. Not a slight at all as they both should be celebrated. Glen even came to town to honor her and Alzheimer Association with a benefit concert and to my knowledge she was not in attendance.

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I hope they give Dooley another couple of years because this great university needs stability in the football program. With Missouri coming to the East there are not a pushover and Vandy rising we need to get back to being at least second or third best in the east consistently and having the championship run every 3-5 years and we will be fine because the facilities are too good at Tennessee to stay down forever. Remember Paterno and Penn State had 5-6 mediocre seasons before they got back to winning 8-10 games every year

Written on John Adams: Leadership big question for UT in 2012 :

I have to say although Pat Summitt is a great coach probably one of the best ever men or women but she showed Glen Campbell a lack of respect by not attending the benefit he did for her and Alzheimer Disease which he suffers worse than she does at the present time. I believe I could made my way to the Clayton Center in nearby Maryville earlier in the month if I were her.

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So did alot of other people that were obviously wrong.

Sometimes you get what you wish for and it is a pig in the poke or a dooley in the poke

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We didn't, that's my point. Any sane program would have fired Dooley after this year given his lack of control. However we were told we couldn't because it would create instability. Given the fact our most likely record is 4-8, I'm trying to figure out how the supposed instability is WORSE than going 4-8 and having to fire the guy after three years.

He has a 5 million dollar buyout and we still owe Fulmer another 1.5 million. You can"t quit running coaches off even bad coaches with the kind of buyouts Hammy placed in the coaches contracts

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I hope we go to Birmingham BBVA Compass Bowl not the Music City Bowl where we would probably play Miami or Georgia Tech and the Liberty Bowl would be undefeated Houston who would kill us. The Big East opponent in Birmingham would be easier and I would like to win a bowl game for a change

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My God we have fallen so far in the last 4 years. 5-7, 7-6, 6-7 and hopefully 6-6 this year but who knows and at 2-6 in the SEC would you even want to go bowling. We should see about a BIG East invite where we could be respectable again. If this thing does not turn around in a 1-2 years I would leave the conference and go to a conference we could actually compete in. I am tired of being the 8th or 9th best team in the SEC

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I just hope Tennessee does better than 2-6 in the conference and do not wind up 6-6 and go back to the Music City bowl or Birmingham or Liberty Bowl and lose another bowl game

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6-6 or 7-5 this year and hopefully we turn the corner next year. I am behind Derek Dooley but firing Fulmer without giving him 1 more year was stupid in hindsight and Lane Kiffin along with Phil Fulmer I will admit set us back like the last year of the Bill Battle days. Still yet I would have gave Fulmer 1 more year if nothing else out of loyalty.

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One less butt whiping, Maybe We should think about moving to the Big East.

I am with you I am tired of losing to Alabama, LSU and Auburn and Florida

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He got OVER punished 1 year 2 at the most is more appropriate and yes we are headed to a lot of .500 seasons again and Mike Hamilton should be ashamed and CM will be fine kinda like the good ole Buzz Peterson and Kevin O"Neal days. I can hardly wait just like I enjoy Derek Dooley because I missed the Bill Battle days

Written on Mike Strange: Texas A&M's profile long on success :

I hope they get A&m, Missouri and West Virginia and Virginia Tech