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Written on Mike Strange: Brandon Fickey did it for 'Knoxville, team and Tennessee':

Way to go Brandon, no pressure, but we were counting on you to pull through! Hope you stay injury-free this week, and make a good run in the NCAA's!

Written on Source: Trae Golden's departure 'based on academics' and 'repeated plagiarism':

Too bad for Trae and UTBB, he was going to be a big part of this year's team, which will be the best since Chism and Co made the elite-8. How do you replace a Sr. PG that played 30+ mins/game? Maybe there's a JC out there that could step in?

Written on Tennessee's Mikelis Libietis named SEC Player of Year in men's tennis:

Congrats on a great year Mikelis, good luck in the NCAA's, and hope you come back to Tenn next year!

Written on Jordan McRae still going through the 'process' of getting ready for NBA:

McRae has great shooting and penetration skills, another year in college, and 15-20lbs on his frame, and he'll be a mid-late first rounder. Welcome back Jordon, look forward to seeing you play another year at UT!

Written on Auriemma ties Summitt with 8th title as UConn crushes Louisville, 93-60:

Whatever happened to the sexual assault case on Gino? Strangely this has been covered up by the press and overlooked by the NCAA. The poor security guard he assaulted must have been paid off like all the other recruits and their families, like Maya's Mom's house in CT. Gino's lack of class permeates through the whole program, from Gino to their former players like Turasi who was banned from European play for steroids to their nasty fans who try to justify winning at the expense of cheating. The complement Gino gave Pat is coming from a guilty conscious of years of cheating and illegal recruiting.

Written on Vols' receiver issues limiting quarterbacks:

This feels like 2000 all over again... when Joey Matthews started, played one half of football, and was retired to the bench for AJ Suggs, until about the fifth game when Casey Clausen took over.... this time it will be Worley > Peterman > Hubbs. Let's hope for one big upset this year. If anybody can lead us out of this funk, BuTch can!

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Heck of a comeback by the LV's, scored enough to win, but oddly the defense gave up too much in the paint tonight, both by penetrating guards and by the Card's frontline on the offensive glass getting rebounds. How may layups did we give up-- at least 10? How many 2nd chance points did they score- at least another 10-15? That my friends was the difference. Also, if we hit 3 more FT's, it would have been tied up at 4mins left, and who knows, maybe the Cards would have tightened up then?

Written on Jordan McRae trying to stay focused amid SEC player of the year, NBA rumblings :

If McCrae sticks around for another year and adds about 15- 20 lbs of muscle, he'll be a top-10 pick next year in the NBA draft. Of course, if he projects as a 1st round pick, he should go this year, and start eating his Wheaties.

Written on Several under-the-radar moments lost in UT's four-overtime victory :

Good read, so many things happened in those 4OT's that favored the Vols, thanks to good coaching and good effort by our players. Great victory, and it gives us confidence and momentum going into the game of the year on Tuesday!

Written on John Adams: Vols should be California dreaming in football:

Kevin Burnett, Kevin Simon, Sperminator, and Arian Foster were other Californians of note... We need a direct flight from Knoxville to California though, that would help cut down the travel time for recruits' families to come and watch them play.

Written on John Adams: Surprise: Lady Vols ahead of last season's pace :

Holly = COY in the SEC
Frosh are playing hard and have a good work ethic.
And they're fun to watch!
Look for a good run in March!

Written on John Adams: Vols chasing Vanderbilt in recruiting :

John, can you write an article on why you should be a sportswriter in Knoxville?

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

DooLittle not recruiting ONE single offensive lineman last year is criminal negligence. How the h#ll can a team build depth that way? UT needs a big-time RB this year, and I think Graham will upgrade this position. WR and DB are also huge needs this year. Go bUTch, get it done!

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

Well so much for the ceramic Orange Dog and woolen Orange pants. Dooley was cheated by the gods, because he didn't inherit one football gene from his Dad. A Pee-Wee coach would be better on the sidelines than Orange Dog Dooley!

Written on John Adams: No doubt now; time for a change at Tennessee :

Hart should fire Derek before the Dooley show in the morning, and go over to Blount county with contract in hand and wait on George Quarles to come home from church, and say "you're hired".

Written on Chattanooga shocks Lady Vols, 80-71:

Holly = Dooley

Written on John Adams: Mercedes Russell picking Lady Vols important start for Holly Warlick :

Welcome to Big Orange Country Mercedes, look forward to seeing you play the next four years!

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

1. Dooley's downfall is he just doesn't have "football sense", it can't be learned, you're born with it, and he didn't get the right gene from his Dad. I mean kicking a FG on the 3 yd line to avoid a 34 point loss is absolutely unheard of. Maybe if it were 44-0, I could see it.
2. Chavis would be the best option right now because we are so far down, I don't think a Gruden-type coach will want to risk his reputation on bringing good old Rocky back to the Top. I would give Chavis a 4-year deal, and tell him to clean house, and see what he could do. Fulmer created this mess by falling behind Urban, Richt, Saban, and Miles, and there's no way he would be able to beat them now.
3. UT football is at a tipping point of either becoming an Ole Miss or an Oklahoma, pre-Stoops. We are here because Hamilton totally botched the Fulmer transition without a proven coach. He hired an unemployed West coast loser, and replaced him with an unproven mid-major loser. Hamilton had no qualifications to run a +$60MM sports program, and ran it into the ground to now where we are near a deficit. Hart had better get it right, because when donor money falls, so will the recruiting budget, and we will fall further into the hole.

Written on John Adams: Next up is biggest game of season :

Wonder what Woody Woodenhofer is doing the next few weekends? We need some help coaching Defense, and quick. Three straight games of 70+ yard plays and over 500yds offense by UGA and UF spells a quick demise to Dooley's coaching career at UT. UGA was on pace to get 1,000 yards after the first quarter. Bama might break OU's national rushing record of 600+ yards. This might get ugly folks, it's already bad.

Written on Tennessee's defense can't contain its frustration :

Didn't Majors fire his D-coordinator Donnahue after the 6th game in '89? If I were Dooley I wouldn't wait that long, I would fire Sal Monday morning. It's obvious the 3-4 is not working.

Written on Almost Zipped: Akron gives Vols plenty of problems, 47-26 :

in response to TSCinSFO:

It was just another stupid move by AD Hamilton to hire a coach from a 2nd tier school with a losing record making $600k to coach in the SEC and pay him umpteen millions. I said way back then UT should have kept Kippy Brown as interm coach until after the season then hire a PROVEN big name coach that can recruit when more coaches were available. Instead we're stuck with Dooley that can recruit no better than 10th in the SEC and will be 0-16 vs ranked teams by November. If UT doesn't fire Dooley after this season, you can call it a lost decade for UT Football.

This ^^^, or retain Chavis as interim coach, at least we wouldn't have to worry about Defense, and I think Chavis with the right assistants would make a good SEC coach. It would have been better than the Kiffin-Dooley fiasco.

Written on John Adams: All in for Tennessee? Not after that :

We should've run the wildcat after the FU fake punt, with the attitude "stop us if you can". On Johnston's TD, it looked like he could've run for 100 yds. Bray's intentional grounding and 3-out killed our MO, and hung the defense out to dry. We should have been up by 10 or 14 at that point, would have kept the crowd in the game, instead of heading to the exits. Dooley just doesn't have a feel for the flow of the game, like great coaches do. Abandoning the run in the 2nd half, and not going for the 4th-2 are good examples. Sadly, his days at UT are numbered.

Written on John Adams: Vols' impressive victory trumps a lot of bad memories :

One has to applaud Dooley for his off-season coaching moves and artful recruiting, especially the JC talent, CP and Big Mac, who showed they are difference makers. What a fun game that was! Shout out to ZRo for that over the shoulder catch too-- looked like Terry Beasley, AA from Auburn ('71) on that one. Also, shoutout to the DB's who wrested any momentum from State, every time they started to make it interesting. GO VOLS!

Written on Andy Roddick eliminates Rhyne Williams at U.S. Open:

Good match Rhyne, keep working on your footspeed, and you'll have a good run into the top-50 or higher soon.

Written on Derek Dooley doesn't expect suspended Da'Rick Rogers to return:

That was a $10 million toke! Cya!

Written on UT takes steps toward razing Stokely Athletic Center :

Elton John - BK's first game - BK vs Leon Douglas - Orange stripe warmup pants - "bottom" - great '78 UK team - Bette Midler - running laps on the concourse in winter workouts - best: ring of honor pics

Written on 4-1 win sends Vols to NCAA tennis second round :

Way to go Vols! Show UNC what SEC tennis is all about, and get on down to Jawja next week and beat the Dawgs!

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols' dynasty a thing of the past :

The LV's Program will not maintain its legendary status on the Summit brand going forward as her role diminishes. It will take leadership and strong recruiting to remain an elite program. Be mindful, it's hard to replace a legend, look at UCLA after Wooden, and Alabama after the Bahr, 5+ coaches before reaching a title game again. Good luck to Holly!

Written on Holly Warlick on Pat Summitt: All indications to me are she's going to be back :

UT needs a transition plan and go ahead and announce it, whether Pat stays another year or not. Behind the scenes, Hart should find out who's interested in succeeding Pat. Holly has been a great assistant, but don't think she can carry a top program. This is Pat's program, and she wants it to perpetuate, and she will make a good decision, even if it means stepping down.

Written on Baylor ends Lady Vols' season, 77-58 :

If Griner switched jerseys tonight, UT wins. She's that good. We lost this game three years ago when she picked Baylor over UT. Pat tried hard to get her, flew down there several times, but she stayed home.

Bruce Pearl would be the best choice to replace Pat-- I bet he could recruit UT back to the top.

Written on Dela-who? It's Kansas for Lady Vols :

If Dell-Donne had come to Tenn she would have had a couple of rings by now.

Written on Mike Strange: Jarnell Stokes saw something better than 11th place :

Great coaching has brought out the best in these guys-- especially FT shooting down the stretch, which won these last two games. Kudos to Coach CM and team! Way to go!

Written on Vols rout Arkansas, 77-58 :

Finally we get some good scheduling instead of flying 10hrs to Hawaii, get off the plane, fly to Detroit, playing on short weeks, etc. This team is peaked and ready to make a run in the Dance-- GREAT COACHING MR. ZO!!!

Written on Holly Warlick: Loss at Notre Dame 'an embarrassment' :

I think Holly is a good coach, but she is too "nice" to be a fire-breathing, stare-mongering, ash-kicking coach, which is exactly what this laid-back team needs (ex-Glory and Meghan).

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols balance bad offense with bad defense :

The coaches have lost the team and vice versa. Players aren't buying what the coaches have to sell, and the coaches are selling something the players don't believe will work. It's an impasse going nowhere.

Written on Mike Strange: No omens, just a team buying into Cuonzo Martin's mantra :

Perhaps the Knoxville media should write about how bad THEY THEMSELVES are!

Written on Jarnell Stokes picks Vols says 'I’m going to be pushing to play':

Martin just did what it took Pearl five years to do. Let's enjoy Stokes while we have him (1.5 years). Scouts will see him in the NCAA's next year, won't have to come to Knoxville!

Written on Nnemkadi Ogumike, Toni Kokenis score at will against Lady Vols, 97-80 :

Stanford exposed our weakness in post play. Losing two posts last year really hurt (Brewer and Cain), we need mass under the basket, not just quickness. Give Baugh a break, she's playing on reconstructed knees. We need to develop the frosh posts, and play post-by-committee. Playing zone to stop NO played into Stanford's hands when their 3pt shots started falling.

Written on Tennessee upset by Austin Peay, 74-70 :

Just like Dooley, a "signature loss" before a "signature win", not a good sign. How long before Cuonzo loses the BB team like Dooley lost the FB team? Future looks bleak for the Big Orange.

Written on Da'Rick Rogers finds his Chi with yoga, excited by Worley :

As an athlete, I used to look down on yoga as just stretching exercises, but took some Vinyasa classes, where there is a lot of up/down and Warrior poses, and it kicked my butt. If I were Dooley, I would get the whole team in a yoga class once a week. Actually, the mat exercises used at UGA and FSU are very similar to yoga.

Written on John Adams: $20 Bulls a bargain for Vols :

Kiffin goes, Pearl goes, Hammy goes, so when does Adams go?

Written on Marlin Lane not pretty, just successful running the ball :

Lane gets to the LOS fast, and keeps his head up looking for a "lane". So far so good, will only get better!

Written on Rhyne Williams leaves UT to turn pro:

I saw Rhyne play at the Seascape Challenger. He was two points from beating Carston Ball, a top 150 player, and into the 3rd round. So it's time for him to give it a go. He has the strokes and power, just needs to further develop his footspeed and service return, and he'll have a good career. Surprising though, Steve Johnson of USC, who beat Rhyne in the NCAA final said he's returning to college.

Written on Mike Strange: John-Patrick Smith's parents finally get to see him play:

Great career JP, looking forward to seeing you out here in Palo Alto, along with the other seniors Boris and Matteo and the rest of the team to win UT's first NCAA tennis title!

Written on UT's SEC tennis streak ends at 17 matches :

I think the guys need a little rest, perhaps over-scheduled a bit>> SEC Indoors, Nat. Indoors, then roadtrips to UK/VU, Baylor, LSU, and now the Miss schools.... a bit much I think...

Written on John Adams: Confident for another shot at Final Four:

We've got a nice blend of shooters that makes a team defend the whole court. It's nice to have the threat of four players able to hit behind the arc- Angie, Taber, Kinna, and Meghan- to open it up inside the paint. GO LV!

Written on Focus on effort no laughing matter for Lady Vols:

This team is too good not to win a championship, they have all the pieces. If they just get that killer-instinct in the next two weeks, nobody will beat them.

Written on Lady Vols win SEC title, 77-44:

That was a Final Four team out there tonight. Was particularly impressed with the passing on offense when Brewer was at the high post. This team is jelling at the right time, let's keep our fingers crossed on injuries.

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