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Witch Doctor say one route or another Martin has found a way to keep the talent level as high, if not higher than Pearls. Witch Doctor say now match the wins and get team deep into NCAA and the "Pearl returning"talk stops Bones say...
Bones never lie.

If you are correct about the talent level being as high or higher then you should acknowledge that coaching is nowhere near the same level.

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At least Ndiaye won't be a one and done. The fact that Ndiaye was not dominating at a lesser level doesn't bode well for UT fans. Desperation move.

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I guess we won't have to worry about one and done.

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The inability to make scheme changes during the game is Coach Martin’s most troubling short coming. Other issues such as sloppy play and the low basketball IQ exhibited may or may not be due to Martins leadership, could be a team hard to coach. However his record and skill set certainly don't justify a salary increase or contract extension.

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Inability to make scheme changes during the game by Coach Martin defines him as an also ran. May be a great person but not why he's getting the big bucks.

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Maybe not the only thing to baffle the coach; the thing that baffles me is the inability to make appropriate scheme changes during the game.

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Effective coaching requires game strategies to change in response to what happens on the floor during the game. Doesn't happen. That's why UT will be watching the NCAA.

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Poor ball skills, no basketball smarts and poor coaching. Only one way to salvage this sport; D1 caliber coach.

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Poor skills, low basketball IQ and poor coaching can only be fixed with different players and coach; mental toughness is not the issue.

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They're hard to watch. Lack of skill and basketball smarts combined with poor coaching; a deadly combo.

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It's all the things mentioned and poor coaching. It's called working the refs; get in their face. On a seperate note I like Bobby Knight but he kept saying things that were wrong during the game, time for him to go.

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Wade Houston redo. No coaching help for the players when they are floundering.

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Really? The Vols would be undefeated in all sports, if not for the KNS writers? And you are amazed that people can't see this obvious truth that is staring them in the face?

I think you are confusing cause with effect. You see, when the teams suck, the writers tend to write about the sucky performances. You may have noticed how unflattering columns appear in the paper after (not before) the teams lose on the field or court. That's a clue which one is causing the other. See how that works?

I don't know "underthehill" but I'm guessing you don't get sarcasm.

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They got beat by a mediocre UK team. Biggest problem is coaching but not all the problems are a result of coaching. Buzz or Wade Houston ball again. Not fun to watch; waiting for the next mental lapse or a brick to be launched.

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Unfortunately they have balance; all phases of the game are pathetic.

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A "solid" performance, translated (not as bad as usual), playing another mediocre team just won't cut it. These guys continue to make bad decisions, can't handle the ball and are poorly coached. A recipe for failure and no fun to watch.

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It's not just they aren't winning it's that they are painful to watch. Poor skills and poorly coached.

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No offensive scheme is on the coach. Lack of offense and ball smarts are due to poor coaching and incompetent players.

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What's with all the sky is falling talk? We've played one SEC game! The basketball season is much longer than football, and there is more time to turn around a season. One game can make or break a football season. Not the same in college bball. Poor defense, missed free throws, these are all correctable mistakes. Cuonzo's leadership last season led to runner up in the SEC when no one picked the Vols to come anywhere near that. I've got faith in our guys to turn the defense around. That's our mojo. CCM teams play solid defense and rebound the ball; they may not be as flashy as Pearl's teams were, but after last season, and so far up until this game, it seems they are better disciplined, particularly in defense and rebounding. Give it time folks! The Vols will get it turned around. It's a long season.

Is this the only game you've watched this season?

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Considering all the offensive issues this team has why would the coaching staff not force them to work on something that should be fixable? They talk about lack of team leadership; the coach should lead.

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The major problems are they can't shoot, don't take care of the ball and have no viable offenseive scheme. The first 2 are on the players. The lack of an offensive scheme is all on the coach.

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A timeout near the end down 4 and the coach draws up a 3 ball; do they not keep stats? If he didn't draw this up he should have exploded.

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Once again UT is unable to attract the elite coaches. Hamilton's legacy lives on.

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This is not a new phenomenon, these guys just can't shoot and they are not getting help from a coaching staff that appears unable to provide a viable offensive scheme against a zone. Passing the ball back and forth until the shot clock runs out is not working.

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Decent defense with no offense. Either the team is incapable of following the offensive game plan or they don't have one.

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Sadly more of the same, looks like rerun: decent defense but no dependable shooters.

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It didn't just look like they quit, they did quit.

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Pop. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst
That's the air going out of us, again. Raise the price on tickets?

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Asking fans to keep buying tickets for higher prices each year while the program is in the tank shows the administration has no respect for the fans. They have priced the average fan out of the market.

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Congrats to my second favorite team; the one that's playing UK.

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The reason they lost was because they're clueless on offense but that bad call still possibly changed the outcome.

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May have been the only one in the family that could write.

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Dribbling is an issue but a more troubling issue is poor decision making skills which is much harder to fix.

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I have always enjoyed watching basketball but because I at least expect them to be fun to watch even if they don't win I can't stand to watch this team play. When you watch you just sit and wait to see which facet of the game is going to fail.

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We as fans can only hope they haven't hit their stride as a unit. Unfortunately at times during the game play seems to degenerate to a one on one it's my shot mentality. Defensive lapses, inconsistent shooting, and poor decision making skills are hard if not impossible for any coach to overcome.

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The only reason to lose money on a bowl trip is all the VIP free loaders that tag along. A great deal of the football revenue has been lost due to extremely poor decisions made by people who are management wonks.

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From the good news side of the ledger; if they can turn it up a notch they can beat four no-name teams. Tells you where the program is.

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The real problem with being "Stuck in mid-major status" is they aren't winning those games. Playing half a game is not going to win many games. Poor decision making is probably the hardest thing to overcome but combining that with poor ball skills and no clutch shooters is a recipe for continuing disappointment. However on the bright side I’m no longer expecting them to win every game.

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If they play a 40 minute game it will be a Christmas miracle.

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Pearl is a better coach than Martin, however most of this is not Martin's fault. These players did the same last year; often no effort and shooting that is unpredictable.

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It's like the CEO of a 10 employee company wanting the same salary as the CEO of Boeing. Let's hear it for Title 9.

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What does it say about Tennessee football when the "HIGHEST OF HIGHS" is a win over Cincinnati?

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The only constant is the inconsistency. Bad decision at a critical time is the hallmark of this team.

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The team plays defense and shoots well part of the time, not good enough to be in the running for anything. Like last year's team just less talent. I'm not a Martin fan but from what I've seen he's not the problem.

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We lost to a very good Oakland team tonight in their crackerebox gym in what Greg Kampe called "the biggest game in their history". Trae didn't play well with only one assist and Maymon wasn't sharp. But this team is growing up quickly and I think they will beat Pitt Saturday. Oakland is a very good and well coached team. They beat Houston at Houston, (Houston beat Arkansas). Not many will go into that little gym and beat them, especially when they shoot (about) 32-35 from the stripe. I'm very excited with how Zo is building this team of no names. You can just see Mcrae getting better each game. We WILL beat some folks.

What game did you watch? I'm not a Martin fan but this wasn't on him. The players looked inept at critical moments and that is unlikely to change. Poor decisions and inability to keep in front of Div 2 players and getting out rebounded does not give much hope.

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Paaathetic. F in all facets of the game.

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Reality check coming.

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Interesting over half think the VOLS will win yet most of the post are the negative voters.

Hopefully if you are a UT grad you didn't major in math.

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Deeepressing. The Vols are unlucky and bad, a deadly combination.