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Thank you John Adams!
Perfectly said!! I've said from day 1 Fulmer had his day, but our digression falls in his lap...100%. He quit, got lazy, got fat, felt because he had a few good years that the kids would come to chance. He's not that big of a personality to carry any program. He and many of his assistants were the laughing stocks of college football because of their girth. He was also guilty of not paying his coaches worth a recruiting means no success...thanks again Fulmer. We are where we are because YOU quit.

Great Post

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Rajion Neal needs to let his legs do the talking .

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I don't know which is the most disgusting Obama or Fulmer .

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Great , a tough player , will make a great Coach .

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Its people like you that should have stupid branded on their forehead .

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Blame Dooley he's the garbage can for you trash mouths on here .

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I do not think Bray could overcome the problems created by two words: Derek Dooley. The situation was a mess the entire time Bray played.

You actually stupid enough to think Dooley is responsible for Bray being a spoiled IDIOT .

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Bray reminds me of the dog that ran over the clift . The Indian said , Dog gone .

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This is fantastic , Lady Vols . I'm praying she will continue to do well .

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It will be hard to believe that Dooley lost to Vanderbilt and Mizz with probably 5-6 Vols selected in this year's draft. Can you say un-der-a-chieve-r?

OH , thats easy when your QB has a mind of A 12 year old .

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Firing Fulmer was the single biggest mistakes in the history of College Football. Just look how pitiful Tennessee has been since Fulmer is gone.

Just Saying

Fulmer needed firing , he started this down fall.

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Thompsom is something to watch , i did all year and we are lucky to get him . He makes things happen on he court . WELCOME

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Darius Thompson is a impact player , can make things happen on that floor. We are lucky to get him . WELCOME YOUNG MAN

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She carried this team all year , that a lot of weigth on you .

And by the way , they wouldn't have won 10 without her .

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pure and simple - not a big time player,
Killed us. so long.

She carried this team all year , that a lot of weigth on you .

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The Louisville game , Holly was watching the first half , not coaching .

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This team didn't QUIT , it got off to a bad start, but it didn't quit .

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Do you mean by point guard not being able to defend against other point guards? Possibly a valid point although I don't think everything was her fault.

But, if you were saying Ms. Massengale isn't a good point guard on the offensive side, didn't you read the article that said the team matched their scoring average from the rest of the year?

This game was lost (unfortunately) by a not-so-solid defensive effort. And, to lay that blame solely on Ms. Massengale is quite wrong. This was a team effort and the loss should be spread equally across all players.

Massengale can't handle the ball , she makes bad decisions . Ever point she scores , she wll cost you two . She's gotta improve or be replaced or this team to get where it wants to be .

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This was tough loss , got to get a good point guard . Massengle can't handle it .

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This kid is the whole package , i watched him all year . The VOLS are getting a great player .

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you people that complain about Massengale should know that maybe CPS saw something in her that Holly can not or will not see. She needs to be coached "up" a little but do the coaches have anyone to do it ? I am sure CPS saw a lot in her when she brought her in as a starter her freshman year. Where is our coach to bring it out in her now ??? Just asking

Well Messengale is not getting any better ,she just ant and can't get job done . She can't handle the ball .She makes bad decisions ,CPS made a mistake .

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Massengale is a waste of a scholarship. She cannot guard a paraplegic. They have to play a zone because of her inadequacies. She supposedly is a good ball handler and is proficient at running the offense. Darn if she has been good at either in the last three games. They have to play her because of the short bench, but as soon as they get anyone who can dribble and walk at the same time, they need to revoke her scholarship, or, at least, just set her on the bench. Unfortunately, today Williams and Simmons stunk, too.

I would disagree with Nell Fortner about how to play offense against an overplaying defense like A&M. Neither one on one nor screens are particulary effective against such. Rather one clears out the lane and back door cuts them.

You are exactly right .

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This was a tough loss , the seniors did great . Ariel Massengale is not a point guard , she can't handle the ball and makes bad decisions .

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Okay, not one else has said this, so i will.

What am I missing in the play, the two times Simmons went to the bench with foul trouble, the LV pushed the lead to double digits? Is Simmons on the bench like Rondo hurting his knee for the Celtics? A good, maybe great player that when not there allows the team to play better overall? The Celtics were 12-4 without Rondo, which was much better than their record with him.

While Simmons has improved her D this year, it still isn't really up to snuff and she can be a ball hog.

Where this team be without Simmons DA ,she's the oil thats keeps the motor running .

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Graves definately is the SEC freshman of the year.

Your right , also 1st team SEC .

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Whats with 1st stuff , probably ever school desk y'all set in , got your initials carved in it.

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The question is: why was his license suspended in the first place?


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if williams returns/ i hope she replaces massengale in the starting lineup.masseggale overrated and plays out of control

Massengale needs to play her position and Holly needs to coach and quit just watching .

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This lady is GREAT , keep working .

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Miss Williams has metally grown up , something our quarterback never did .

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90% of the people on this site ,must be having trouble with their spouse . I reckon you done been run in puter room and taking it out on somebody else ............

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Sometimes good things do happen to good people. Congrats to Coach Dooley.

Ant that the truth .

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Congrats Coach!

Its nice to hear a complement on this site.

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Massengale needs to step up-be the leader. My Lord she can't handle the ball at times. Thank God for greyhound and Meighan.

You got that right .

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Damn , this team is fun to watch .

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UT needs a strong, UT based AD to bring all the athletic units together. Mr. Fulmer, any Volunters for the job?


I wish Fulmer could get a job coaching in Hawaii , as far away as possible .

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Good win, but I still do not see what the coach sees in Simmons. I would not choose her speed, but recklessness and bad decision making over all that Kamiko Williams brings to the game. I guess it is that scary word "potential."

Simmons is the spark plug . Fun to watch her play .This is a fun team to watch , win or lose .

Written on Switch to zone in second half key for Lady Vols, 73-53 :

These lady's fun to watch .

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These girls are fun to watch , they are gonna get a lot better . They need more consistency out of point guard .

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Man , anything is possible .

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First -should have kept chaney

albert are mad cause you didn't get head coach ?

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Now let's approach Al Wilson-----i bet he could recruit Tee Martin under the table and be the best motivator money could buy.

Al Wilson one of the greatest to ever to play the game .

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I don't know much about Butch Jones. I do know this that the Vol nation needs to shut up and give the man a chance. He has a good core of players on the offensive side and hopefully we get some more defensive help from incoming freshman. That is more that Derek Dooley had when he was hired.

Good comment

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I think Butch Jones was a fantastic hire , i wish him well . The players getting what they needed .