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Realistically, Oregon is a much better football team at this point than Tennessee - but it'll be interesting to see how the Vols respond to the adversity of playing such a talented team on the road - in a great environment - because under Dooley, the team was known for its colossal collapses....this will tell us something about coach Jones and his staff as well - it will not be a disgrace to lose this game so long as we are not disgraced in the process. Obviously, sure, you intend to win - but Tennessee is at least two full recruiting classes away from where it needs to be.

By Jones third season, we should be competing for the east - wish it would happen sooner, but with the offensive and defensive lines basically would take a lot to make that jump by 2014.

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hey Johnny Aint No....
your post - is right on the money. thanks for posting.

It's funny how fans that do not know anything about history take issue with posts like yours. Majors, in today's world, would have been fired in 1981 after losing to either Georgia or USC - pick a rout -

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in their demented world, this gives these losers street cred - street cred is another term for aspiring to be nothing more than a piece of human debris, dumped upon the garbage pile of history.

beating a defenseless person unconcious and stealing from them - takes real courage to go 3 on 1 against someone. you know you never hear of a 1 on 1 situation - because ultimately, these guys are cowards.

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there was no three point loss to Florida in 1993 - it was 7 points, 41-34.

Who cares?

Well there are errors like this in so many articles posted on this site. When errors are made it makes you question the overall information content of articles written. That is, if you care about accuracy.

No it's not the biggest deal - but there are so many things like this in these articles that it calls into question whether or not other items in the articles are true.

Nowadays, no one seems to care about accurate info, they're too lazy to get it right.

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very average coach - at best - three unimpressive years at Tennessee -

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One thing about the Saban bolting for the NFL, etc. Don't know about that - however....

Saban is 61 years old - doesn't look it, but he is. Next month if Bama wins, he'll have 3 national championships -

Spurrier will be 68 by the time next season starts.

Richt has been at Georgia for 12 seasons now.

Miles is always one play away from being on the hot seat.

I guess my point is - there could be some changes in the league at any time, you never know who will decide it's time to retire, move on to something else, etc.

Tennessee is in a pretty good position with Jones in that he's young and out to prove himself - the other coaches listed above, they have already proven themselves and may look towards another challenge or retire - these things run in cycles.

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Average quarterback, at best, surrounded by outstanding players and a great head coach. Alabama quarterbacks are not required to be anything more than average - but with everything around them, they don't have to be.

Not sure what the big deal here is - guess he decided to announce that he is returning rather than declare for the NFL and go undrafted....?

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I think we'd be better off with Worley - Bray is a slinger, not a passer. He's a 'stats' quarterback.

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hey - I remember Butch Jones - he was Cooter on the old Dukes of Hazzard show....right?

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hey....who is Butch Jones?
wasn't he Cooter on the Dukes of Hazzard?

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Better be right or we'll be back here in 2-3 years doing it again. 2nd time we've had to settle for what's left.

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Fulmer's weakest link was that he would not hire the best assistants available - as good as he was at UT, he'd have been even better if he'd have hired good assistants.

If he'd hire the best staff that he could come up with, maybe - in restrospect, things would not be any worse had he been allowed to right the ship. The last four years have certainly sucked.

Every program and every coach that has any longevity goes thru a down cycle. We could do a lot worse, and with each passing day it appears that the candidate pool is drying up.

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My List:

Bill Battle
Tony Basilio
Ray Goff
Brad Scott
Curley Hallman
Doug Barfield
Bill Pace
Ken Cooper
Fran Curci
Dal Shealy
Larry Jones
Emory Bellard
John L Smith

and the fan at the Auburn airport -

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Nice comments - at least they are not laced with screaming four letter expletives - perhaps he should speak to and coach his players with the same class and dignity that he projects to the media.

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Why is this 'SAD' ???
It's not sad, it's stupid.

Who takes a baseball bat to someone's car, then takes a shot at the car???

Don't judge her?
Good grief people - how'd you like for someone to shoot at you, then start beating your car with a baseball bat?

What if it were your daughter that Holdsclaw was shooting at? How would you feel about it?

It's not sad, nor disturbing - it's stupid....she could be in jail for murder today - she's probably lucky that it's just assualt.

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Frankly, I could care less when Wiedmer believes that someone should talk to the media - who cares what the media thinks??

It's funny how these guys in the media stand on the sidelines and make demands of the 'doers' - so that they'll have something to write about and talk about....

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I guess 'explosives' is the cute buzzword that coaches use now....believe me coach, we get it, we are VERY WELL familiar with 'explosives'....we see several first hand every Saturday.

This guy talks and appears to be kinda clueless....

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Todd Kelly was an outstanding defensive END for Tennessee - he never played a down on any level as a defensive back - another case of a writer not doing his homework or having no real knowledge of Tennessee football history.

In addition, Kelly did not play for Chavis - Chavis was the linebackers coach during that time. Doug Mathews, Larry Lacewell, and Larry Marmie were Kelly's defensive coordinators.


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You can not give him one more year - this isn't 1981 - there's a lot more to think about now than 30 some years ago.

You fall further behind in recruiting, your fan base stops buying tickets - it can get a lot worse....which in turn, will take more and more time for whoever comes in next to turn it around.

The basics are in on this coach - he's not going to get it done, there is no sign that he is going to get it done.

It will cost more to keep him than it will to cut him loose.

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In response to some of the coaching change desires:

If UT goes after Kirby Smart - simply because that's all Dave Hart knows to do - because Smart has worked with Saban - this is a HUGE mistake.

Saban is Saban and is successful because of Saban - being a great coach does NOT mean that your assistants are somehow going to follow in your footsteps.

This infatuation with Saban assistants/associates is ridiculous.

We don't need the next Saban - we need the answer TO Saban.

Go back to the 1970s. Bryant installed the wishbone in the summer of 1971 and went on a tremendous run - he had talent, the plan, the formula, and won. He also benefitted from the league being down somewhat from top to bottom, but that's not the point.

In 1981, Pat Dye brought to Auburn a tough, hard-nosed, physical brand of football - and the league changed again, to a more physical, defensive league. He had tremendous success in the 80s. Georgia also had it's brand of tough, physical defensive football in the early 80s with the Junkyard Dogs of Erk Russell.

In 1990, Steve Spurrier stood the league on its head by throwing the ball all over the place - the Fun and Gun - in effect, an answer for the defensive dominance of the 1980s.

Tennessee was also out front as a leader in this too -

My point is - what Tennessee needs is not another Saban-esque clone - what Tennessee needs is the answer to Saban. Tennessee needs the next big thing in coaching.

You don't get that by chasing someone else's tail.

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I didn't catch whether or not Vinnie is a senior....or what class he is in - maybe I just missed it....

Anyway, if he's an underclassman, maybe he can be reunited with his dad next season and it'll all have a happy ending!

Hope so....then maybe we can stop someone with the new staff....

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Oh give me a break....well if it makes her feel like she's contributed something, go for it. So what?

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No, they can not.

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Well, he may not look at you, but it is pretty obvious that he can coach you - so good luck Darrington - your defensive coach may look you in the eye on every play, every day, but what he's having you do isn't working to the tune of 40 points per game....

Go play the game - we'll get a good defensive coach next year with the new staff - just hang in there....

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We do not need the next Saban-esque clone - or another person off that staff. Saban is Saban because Saban does what he does. Just because a coach comes from that staff does not mean that he can coach - Saban's success can be attributed to SABAN!!

The reason I say that is - Tennessee needs the counter-balance to Saban....just as Bryant installed the wishbone in the summer of 1971 - just as Pat Dye brought a physical, hard-nosed defensive style of play to Auburn in 1981 - just as Spurrier came into the league and set it on its ear in 1990....we need the NEXT thing, not an attempt to copy someone else's success.

If we hire a Kirby Smart - all we're doing is trying, again, to copy Saban. Let's at least ask a Gruden or someone similar if they're interested....just don't settle, again....

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So Chaney got a little pass many times is this that he's admitted to getting pass happy??

In other words, yeah, I know I'm costing the team a chance to win, but oh well, I'll probably do it again - ?????

This is why Chaney, like Dooley, isn't ready to compete at the highest levels of the SEC -

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Chaney, like Dooley, is out of his league in the SEC. Wish that wasn't the case but it is.

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Marlin Lane is the best back that we have - and we need a big time back because we don't have one. There were holes available and lanes to run in last Saturday, but many are missed because our backs just don't have that vision that the great ones do. And, to this point they don't run particularly hard either - Jay Graham is making a difference - by the end of the season the guys should be better.

But for this week - we're not going to sprout a running game just because we want us to - and suddenly have Florida on their heels because we are running the ball. Our main component will still be the pass, that's just who we are right now.

The key may be how well our defense can play field position with Florida. We can't give up 3rd and 7's - things like that - and expect to win.

The kicking game could not be more slanted in Florida's favor.

It's going to be a tough game to win - regardless of how much you want us to win....we think we can win, they know they can win....after all the trying and hype, we need to win one of these to get our guys on the plus side of big-game football.

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There's an outstanding in state kicker, Ryan Jenkins, at Mount Juliet high school just outside of Nashville. Routinely kicks thru the end-zone on kickoffs - last Fri night, hit a 49 was called for illegal procedure, backed him up 5 yards - and he nailed a 54 yarder. This isn't a one time thing, he is very accurate.

Perfect opportunity to get an in-state prospect that can help us.

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Nothing in this article that a 3rd rate dolt on the street couldn't conclude on their own if they have the ability to think.

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You all making excuses or claiming that Tyler Bray is being picked on by the media need to take off the orange glasses for a moment.

Tyler Bray is acting like a fool - pure and simple.

What if your daughter had been in the car that he was tossing beer bottles at? And one shattered on her, leaving her scarred or blind?

What if he had run over someone with the jet ski? Or even a glancing blow - and the person had been knocked unconcious and drowned in the lake??

You people that simply want Bray to play so that UT can have a better chance of winning are really pathetic.

The thing is - had he not thrown the beer bottles, there would have been no complaint.

Had he not rode the jet ski practically on top of someone, again, there would have been no complaint.

Kids being kids??

It is the responsibility of the TWRA to keep the waters safe - this is their job. Had someone been hurt, people would have been screaming, 'why isn't the TWRA around policing the waters?' Evidently, Bray did this right in front of TWRA personnel.

I'm as big a UT fan as anyone - but I refuse to excuse stupid behavior like some of you are doing. You'd yell the loudest if it were a player at Alabama, Florida, or LSU. Kick them off the team....arrest them....what the heck is going on down there??

It isn't being negative - again, if he'll stop doing stupid things, we'll stop hearing about them.

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This is one of the most important positions on the staff. Of the article, all well and good, lotsa good cliches in there.

The key element concerning whether or not this football team is improved in the strength and conditioning area will be seen when it is 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 and we need a first down running the football.

Last fall, we could not push MTSU, Montana, or Buffalo off the ball and run successfully.

So, past the feel goodisms in the article, the only measuring stick will be when it is on the line, can our guys get it done.

We'll see.

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How utterly stupid - and we are to believe this guy has assumed some sort of enlightened leadership position within the football program.

Real mature guys - grow up, be men - stop talking about being a man or a leader and actually become both.

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#14 is wayyyyy overpaid considering what we're getting for the money.

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Why? Why should the league add a ninth game? For the media?? So they won't be bored watching a game against Troy or Georgia State?

These great media Einstein's just have everything figured out don't they.

What about the other side of the argument? Tenn, in another year in the future, is undefeated and moving towards its final regular season games against Troy, Vandy, and Ky....and this could be Ala, Fla, whoever - but instead of Troy, UT has to play at Texas A&M.

The guys in the media have the luxury of sitting back on the sidelines and criticizing the 'doers' - the coaches and ADs don't have that luxury....they must produce, especially in this league.

Who cares if the Big Ten plays 9 conference games? Heck, they could play 15 and a good team can walk thru that league.

This league is tough enough to win without having to play nine games - it was good enough without adding A&M and Missouri too - but it's too late to change that. Adding TV markets?? Ok, but the ratings for the SEC games of the week were already higher than any other league.

Everyone is chasing the SEC - we don't have to change anything, they do.

Ultimately - who gives a rats *** what the media wants?

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Seeing Kesling in the picture accompanying this article reminds me of why I am so grateful for games being on TV.

There is no worse play-by-play person for football in this league. He makes countless errors during the games from incorrect down and distance, incorrect quarter of the game, incorrect yard line placement - it's just a comedy of errors.

The absolute worst. Thank goodness the games are on TV so we aren't sentenced to listening to Kesling.

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A trademark of Smith's Michigan State and Louisville teams were - lack of discipline.

By that I mean too many penalties, dropped passes, missed assignments, poor execution - I can not begin to list all of the games I'd watch and be amazed at how often Smith's teams shot themselves in the foot unnecessarily.

Personal fouls, false starts, that kinda thing.

Not an impressive hire if true - but then again, we know all about being put in a pinch and having to make a hire at a difficult time....

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One of the reasons for the non renewals of season tickets is the price - the average fan is being priced out of the market - it's a crime what's been done to the west upper deck of Neyland Stadium - the more things like that are done, the more the stadium loses its personality.

Ticket prices - too high.

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Again - a quality column requires a lotta effort - you Adams detractors are forgetting, he's not gonna put a lotta effort into columns like this.

During media days or on any given day, a reporter might interview 5-10 different players. A reporter can write articles off that one days worth of interviews for the next month if he tries - without having to do any additional work....just refer back to that particular day and pull out the next person interviewed or the next quote - articles can be written around single sentence quotes.

The point is - John Adams is not a lot different from today's typical journalist - there's not a lot of work or effort put into these pieces. To them, they think it's clever or funny. To other journalists, same thing, they think it's clever or well done.

To the general reading public, collective rolls of the eyes - that's why there is such a disconnect between the public and the print media....the print media still write as if it's 1975.

A better work might be explaining the difference between the 3-4 and 4-3....why is one better than the other....does it take two years for the players to grasp the 3-4?? if so, why so? Spend 15 minutes on the phone with some 3-4 experts - how important is a big nose tackle? why? can you win or be effective without the big nose tackle? why or why not? examples of such....

Rather than that, Adams chose to say - hey, if this guy eats a lot, he'll get bigger!!

Tell us more Mr Science....

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Ok, to all of you John Adams bashers...

Most of you have probably forgotten more football than he knows types don't do research, investigative, in depth analysis anymore - this is what they do. His work is no different than 95% of those in the media.

To do anything else requires work - it requires independent thought, it requires critical thinking. Most just don't do that any longer. It's easier to take one or two things and write 15 articles about those topics and just change a few paragraphs or quotes around.

Don't concern yourself with John's work - it is what it is - he's simply doing what he knows.

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What Rogers doesn't understand yet is that NFL observers are paying more attention to character than ever - your stock can fall hard and fast if you are perceived to be a diva or a head case - If he doesn't get it, he stands to lose a lot of money and opportunity.

This is what coaches are talking about when they discuss 'maturity'. You can't go off on someone when they correct you. You can't get mad and take your toys and go home. It's hard for some of these kids to take criticism or even commentary on what they do.

It's the difference between Justin Hunter and Rogers.

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Here's a thought - who cares what David Climer thinks?? In fact, why does anyone care what any of the people in the media think? They're the talkers, not the doers.

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"I'm really pleased with this offseason, as proud as I've ever been of a team," Dooley said. "One of the best offseasons I've ever been around. But on Monday afternoon, I'm going to be miserable, and I'm going to tell you how awful we are.

If they are awful in year three, it's no one's fault but the head coach - it's his job to go out there and coach them up and improve - and if you tell a bunch of kids they stink every day, that doesn't help either....and they start believing it.

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Regardless of the reasons Russell left....I didn't and don't see it as much of a loss - neither position he coached really tore it up last year. I'm not a Dooley supporter or detractor, but I do believe the current coaching staff is head and shoulders better than the previous staff. Too little too late?? Who knows....

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Well - it may be true, it may not. Seems like everyone who screws up in a high profile job talks about receiving threats. Looks like if there were this many threats someone would be arrested for making a threat every once in a while. Emails, phone calls are very traceable - letters not so much, so perhaps that's where the threats were coming from

There is a nut fringe out there in any sport - and any fan base has those nut jobs - there are also a bunch of administrators that are incompetent in their chosen fields who like to portray themselves as victims when they lose their jobs. I don't have a clue as to what happened with Mr Hamilton -

The best thing that has happened for UT is that Mike Hamilton is somewhere else doing something other than running UT's athletic department.