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Written on New SEC coaches play catch-up in recruiting:

in response to PUL4VOLS:

Can we all just agree on one thing please and throw out what Dooley didn't do, what Kiffin, Phil Fulmer, Johnny or even the General Did do? Let's agree the Volunteers still have a steep climb to get where we would like for them to be. Let's try to accept that even though we hate it. Finally, let's try to support our new head coach, staff, and team as this new chapter is written. Anyone who thinks this first recruiting class will be top 10 is just not paying attention. Time will tell where we are for 2013. Meanwhile all the belly-aching, reliving the lean years of lately, and comparing all the numerous star athletes by other SEC teams, is not helpful. GO VOLS!

Amen! Well said.

Written on Tennessee running back Quenshaun Watson away from team due to personal issues; return is uncertain:

Good luck Q. Hope all the issues work out to your good. Love to see you back.

Written on Phillip Fulmer feels good about new Vols coach:

Don't understand KNS or the fans here. I used to laugh at the taterdiggers in Tuscaloosa because no one was "The Bear." Someone even made up a song called "Diggin' Up Bear." We don't seem to be any better. Bear's dead. Fulmer's gone. Let Butch Jones be the head coach and forget about the past. Whether PF should have been forced out or not, HE WAS. Too late to go back. Let's get behind the new coach and our beloved VOLS. They need our support, not our reminising.

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

in response to volzcrushm:

Hunter, Patterson, Bray????? I hope they have the maturity. That one more year could mean a major difference. Regardless, good luck to these guys. It was great to have them at UT.

In 100% agreement. Would love to see them for 1 more year. I think it would make a great difference, especially with Patterson, (so much raw talent, but still raw). Do wish them well and hope the have great careers.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

in response to bigorangedude:

There are many amateur sportswriters here who can't imagine anything but a "Yes" decision because it's what they would do themselves. But we're in no position to judge Tee Martin, who's considering not only what feels right for himself, but also his family and his players. I can respect that.

Tee Martin - Once a Vol, and always a Vol regardless of this news. We will find another good coach to fill the role. I wish Tee the best regardless of which jersey he's wearing. He may come home someday when the time is right.

Totally agree!

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

T.J. Weist is no yahoo. I think he's put 12 to 14 receivers in the NFL over the past few years. If Tee doesn't want to be here then it's best he isn't, but to say he made a commitment to players at USC seems odd. Didn't he make a commitment to players at Kentucky oNew Mexico. I just hate to see him on USC's staff. If it were anywhere else I could live with it, but USC and Kiffin just stinks.

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

in response to GiveHim6TDTennessee:

The guy has won championships everywhere he has gone. He has a winning record. He is fiery, passionate, commands respect and demands effort. He is all about unity and family amongst the fans and program. He knows how to relate to people and has a sense of humor. He is 2-1 against Charlie Strong. He has followed the path of Brian Kelly who just so happens to have righted a program identical to our struggles. The players like him. The spread won Florida a NC... twice. He puts the best system in place for his players. He wanted to be here. He loves the tradition and knows how to see a program. He.... is the man for the job.

Well said. I like the fact he WANTS to be here.

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

I don't think anyone expected a Nat'l Championship run after Peyton Manning left, but Tee Martin stepped in and got it done. You can't predict what will happen with 100% certainty so let the man do his job. We might be very pleasantly surprised. I'll bet he has more wins and a lot better HC record than most of us.

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

I'll support whoever comes in. Just want someone who can produce a winner. 23-14 doesn't put you in the SEC championship game right away, but if he can produce that over the next 3yrs it is so much better than the last 3. I don't want to just settle, but it's getting late.

Written on Vols' search for Dooley replacement continues:

Been there. Done that. Have the visor. Still laughing.

Written on Vols' search for Dooley replacement continues:

This is beginning to remind me of a bad restaurant. The special today is great! Fish, no wait, we're out of fish. It's steak and it's great. No, we're out of steak, too. Not sure what the special will be and it's going to take a long time to prepare, but trust me, it will be great.

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

in response to dontfeedthemikey:

Jack Del Rio

Why not? Great idea.

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

in response to RoyaltyVol:

Its hard to get excited over a Kirby Smart or Butch Jones hire, though both are good coaches. Even a Bo Pelini doesnt interest me.I hope Hart has an ace in the hole.

At this point it appears the only thing Hart has in a hole is his head.

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

in response to BigOrangeRock:


Fulmer is gone. Elvis is dead. Move on.

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

in response to VolzsFan:

It is idiots like this guy that seriously makes UT a national laughingstock. A legend, a Hall of Fame unanimous first ballot coach, the greatest run in school history, top 5 all time in the SEC, respected by his peers and voted as CFA President....and you treat him like trash.

He needed to go.....
and take his 10 wins on average with him.
All the future NFL Hall of Famers will not be coming here.
All those SEC Title games with him.
The only legit National Title in school history with him.

Dude, coaches look at what a school does. Several have said to Jimmy (that is agent Sexton to you knuckleheads) that if Phil could not make UT happy than no one can. No one wants to go to a mediocre program with fantasyland expectations that treated one of their own they way they treated Phil.

Pay attention. This is and will always be going forward a place for those that need a job (KIffin) or need a break (Dooley). That simple. The best hire in America would have been James Franklin. Instead it will be a guy that needs a job (Davis) or a break (Fadora).

That is so funny and pathetically ignorant to say it was time for him to go. I guess all that winning and all LOL!!!!!!!

Hey, are you enjoying your change yet??? LOL!!!!!

I have no problem with Fulmer until 3 or 4 yrs before he left. You apparently have no problem with mediocrity.

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

in response to guitarch882000#661629:

Hart....please don't take any advice from the "expert fans" here....Our "fan base" of couch coaches.....along with an over critical ,over analyzing local sports 99.9%...of the problem here.....and has made this place an unattractive coaching destination for anyone.......Win championships every other year or your fired.....yeah....every coach wants that hanging over their head.....Outside coaches have to see Fulmer's record and say to themselves...."Wow...if they can fire a guy with that kind of I really want to go there?".

I'll give you that mistakes have been made, but Fulmer needed to go. It had been ten years since winning the national championship and he had become extremely complacent. He was happy to have "won more than we lost." Recruiting had gone to pot. Was the right replacement hired or the one after that? NO, but we don't need to start dreaming of the good old days of 7-4 or 6-5. Fulmer wasn't the answer either.

Written on Florida confirms hiring Charlie Weis, adds Dan Quinn :

If I'm not mistaken, Charlie called the plays and basically served as offensive coordinator during part or all of his time at Notre Dame. How did that work out? He had what was supposed to be the greatest high school quarterback recruit to ever come along in Jimmy Clausen. He may be able to get through to guys making millions, but I reserve judgement until I see him crank out a decent college offense.

Written on Simms no fan of sharing time:

I hope Simms does well while he is in the game. If Bray gets in I also wish him well. Don't give Simms or any other QB problems for not wanting to split time. He is in or out of the game because CDD and his staff think that is whats best. I'd hate to have a QB who didn't mind giving up his position to someone else part of the time. If he doesn't think he is the best man for the job, he never will be. Good luck Matt. Go Vols!!!

Written on Season-ticket sales sag as viewing trends shift :

I'm 6'5" and my 58 year old legs don't bend far enough to keep them out of the ears of the person in the seat in front of me. My 20" wide butt doesn't fit on the 15" wide seat Neyland now has. I love the atmosphere at the games, but I don't go any longer because it's just too damned uncomforatable.

Written on UT commit Stanley now 'open' after USC visit:

in response to DukeDeLuca:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

A simple "AMEN" should suffice.

Written on Chavis in line for big raise at LSU :

Don't even talk about Chavis coming back. When he was here and we went into the 4th quarter with a small lead my gut started to gurgle as I watched him go into that, "we'll give you the short passes, but nothing long" stupid defense and watch a good team march the ball down the field 2 or 3 times, ten yards at a time. I've seen it not once, but 10 too many times.

Written on Derek Dooley bio:

He's got a better winning percentage than Lamo had when he got here and everybody is PO'd he left. Give the guy a chance. He's got the pedigree, a law degree (for NCAA rules)and a kid named Peyton. I say, "Welcome Coach DD."

Written on David Cutcliffe to stay at Duke:

in response to GainesvilleVol1:

Name Kippy Brown today! Let him start on his staff, and find a "coach in waiting" to groom for the future like Muschamp, and put him in charge of Offense or Defense. I don't know who I would go after, but there has to be a lot of up and comming assistants out there. Please put an end to this, fire Hamiliton, and let's get on with our recuriting and rebuilding!


I agree 100%. Kippy is the man. He has some
connections and can use current staff to help fill out. Groom someone and plan for a big future in 4 or 5 yrs.

Written on Kiffin: I don't know of any wrongdoing:

Check this out. The media is worried about a girl traveling 170 miles to a football game and this gets hardly any media attention. Haven't seen it on ESPN.

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