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Looking at schedules S.C. HAS THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN THE EAST.FIRST THEY ONLY HAVE TWO TOUGH GAMES FLA AND GA If they beat one of them they will win it. And they play FLA at home and they don't play any tough teams in the west side. Now FLA has S.C. and at LSU
GA has S.C.and LSU at home and FLA in JAX.
But S.C. HAS THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN IT they lost two games on the road last year. Ga won it last year as they also only has two tough games and they lost one of them to S.C. but beat FLA and won it...

Written on Gibson leads charge for Team USA with home run:

Watched that game and so proud of those LADY VOLS We will sure miss them next yearm

Written on Mark Wiedmer: 'Pat XO' is a wonderful love letter:

Just finished reading SUM IT UP yesterday and then watched PAT XO and enjoyed them both. I was at the 2008 championship game in Tampa but never had a thought that that may be her last one.

Written on Peyton Manning, Kara Lawson film ads to support Summitt's foundation:

GREAT people doing GREAT things....
Just a reminder to those that have not read SUM IT UP go get that is one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Written on Funds need to be raised to raze Stokely Athletic Center:

Will they be selling the floor and seats if they are still there..or are they already gone.

Written on Lady Vols swept in championship series, Oklahoma wins national title, 4-0:

Thanks to all these seniors that chose to play at TENN. We were proud to see you wear the ORANGE and thank you for not only playing great ball but also for the way you conducted yourself on and off the field.

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Well we had a great run and beat some real good teams to get in this championship games. I think maybe we lost both games with that hard loss in the first one. Just hard to come back from a game like that. Got to give O.U. their due they were the best team in the country and proved it. These ladies are first class ladies and make us VOL fans PROUD...

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

WOW what a game...Ellen was great and they played a great game. That was a tough way to lose but no need to hang their heads..Come back tomorrow and go hard again!!!

Written on Lady Vols taking on Texas; Oklahoma to face Washington:

I think LADY VOLS wait for TEXAS as we were already there....

Written on Tory Lewis hits game-winning single in 7th to lift Lady Vols, 1-0:

This was a GREAT WIN... Yes we should have had a lot more runs but they gave up zero runs. And they will take this game into the next game as well..Only gave up 2 runs in two games to real good teams. Let's just be grateful we won as most of you know when you have a lot of chances like we did to get runs and you do not get them most of the time you lose on one hard hit ball. They did get the one hit they needed and that hit won the game. Washington got the strike outs when they needed them without giving up any runs...JUST GLAD WE WON now just move on to the next game this one is OVER...

Written on Lady Vols knock off No. 2 seed Florida; Washington next:

They beat a good number 2 seed today. It was a great win and FLA'S Rogers did have a real bad day and TENN just looked as if they really wanted it more. Scored a bunch of runs and left a bunch on base. If they do that every game they will be hard to beat.

Written on Lady Vols knock off No. 2 seed Florida; Washington next:

Darn those LADY VOLS...

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That is true but she missed them on both sides as well and the the first base ump missed a few also.. But hey we won just best not to leave it up to them and just win big...that was a great game to watch.

Written on UT men's golf team goes low to reach NCAA championships :

Well at least they made it in....Good round today

Written on A ray of sunshine in Vols dreary baseball season, 7-5:

Need to feed these guys some pasta and put some weight on them looks like they avg about 170

Written on Vols can't touch Hogs, lose 11-1:

They seem to keep getting sorrier as the year goes on was expecting some improvement this year

Written on Open-and-shut-case for Gibson as SEC Player of the Year:

YESSSSS!!!!!! Just a real good player period...

Written on Rainouts leave Vols stuck in 13th place in SEC:

Same as last year on the outside looking in....

Written on With SEC regular-season title on the line, Lady Vols run out of time :

The Renfroe girls just did not have it today..

Written on Lady Vols no-hit before bouncing back in Game 2 of doubleheader:

Hope we can get one out of the infield the next game

Written on Vols rally in ninth but fall to Georgia 8-7:

Left too many on base too many times and giving up the home runs did not help. SEC play has just been pure BAD

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I love Pat, but hasn't she made enough money over the years? Considering the financial situation the university is in, wouldn't it be nice if she did this pro bono?

She will only make 85000 so she is not breaking the bank

Written on Farragut's Jordan Cooper earns save as Middle Tennessee tops Vols, 7-6:

MTSU owns the VOLS!!! hard to think that they have better players then TENN. No improvement in baseball period.

Written on Arkansas ends Lady Vols' win streak at 19:

Lost it in the first inning when bases were loaded and one out..Fla lost to GA so we had a chance to go one up better on them. Better bring the bats for the next games.

Written on Lack of big plays leaves Tennessee baseball stranded against Longwood:

What went with all those big stories about we would be playing for championships in two years with this coach.

Written on Bittersweet: Florida defeats Florida Gulf Coast 62-50:

Glad to see we still have a SEC team in it.
CBD is a good coach and maybe they go all the way.

Written on It wasn't pretty, but Lady Vols top Texas A&M, 8-6:

They are playing a very good team. Got to get the hits at the right time. Yesterday their pitcher thru the ball straight down the middle to every player on her first pitch and got ahead of our hitters most of the game. Ivy got some real big outs with a lot of their players on base.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

What we saw last night and again tonight was two teams that did not want to be in the NIT.
Got to blame that on COACHING. KY thought all they had to do was show up and TENN spent the week crying about the NCAA.Got to give a big hats off to those school coaches and players they were ready to play and win.

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

Play every game as if it was Baylor got to get to them first. Also a lot more practice on the 3's would help. Just look forward to playing Baylor to be the best you need to beat the best...

Written on Florida's Lauren Haeger hits two memorable home runs to down Lady Vols in softball:

They were smarter in last innings they walked Gibson and we pitched to their best home run hitter.

Written on Florida's Lauren Haeger hits two memorable home runs to down Lady Vols in softball:

Well we played 6 games against number 1 and number 3 we won 3 lost 3 and all of the last games went past 7 in. We had a great chance in every game and I think these ladies did real well. Look forward for great things this year!!!

Written on Ole Miss upsets No. 13 Florida 66-63 for SEC title:

No way in heck I could pull for Henderson in that game.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

Not a good day for VOLS men lost softball lost and baseball down 5-1

Written on Texas A&M takes one away from Lady Vols in final minute, 66-62:

A&M has a good coach hard to beat him two times Our team just did not have the hot hand like they did in the last game. Heck man our Baseball team won our Softball team won and our Men won good day to be a VOL..

Written on Lady Vols turned over and around by Kentucky's pressure, 78-65:

Well like they sat WE LOST THE BATTLE BUT WE WON THE WAR..Ky had their day and deserved the win. With that many turnovers we should have lost by 30. Good chance these two teams meet again and it should be a good game. Got to be proud of these young Ladies as they have sure been better then they were picked to be.

Written on Lady Vols have SEC regular season wrapped up, but drama still remains in meeting with Kentucky:

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L-Vols about to get a lesson in beatdown at Kentucky today.

Just Saying

Are you saying a regular beat down or a beat down like the men beat KY. I will take a loss and keep the championship rather then a win and lose the championship and that is all KY can get. But they always have next year!!!

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Oh, and I forgot to add...going back to the beginning of the year, when the same people praising Martin now were sending the moving van to his now have him locked down into a contract extension.


It don't matter who the coach is at TENN they will beat billy d when he puts up his schedule he looks down to TENN and puts a big L

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

All the coaches stay tuned to WIIFM - WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME!! Now the weather here in FL is great and maybe he gets a good raise so he made the decision to leave and both he and the VOLS move on. Don't know what his buy-out clause is but sure FL.STATE knew what it was and will pay it.

Written on Tennessee outlasts Texas A&M 93-85 in 4 OTs :

Daddy's boy got his points but I will take GOLDEN AND THE WIN!!!!

Written on No. 8 Kentucky women beat No. 10 Texas A&M 70-66:

I was wanting TA&M to win so all we would have to do is beat TA&M even if we lose at KY we would still win SEC way it is now we may have to beat them both

Written on Kenny Hall says road wins will come when mental toughness increases :

They do dribble a lot but the bad thing about it is the other 4 just stand and watch them dribble

Written on Chase Headley still considers East Tennessee a 'special place' :

Good to see these guys come back and be a part of VOL family,,

Written on UT to honor Pat Summitt with banner at Thompson-Boling Arena:

A banner!!! why not a statue!!!!

Written on Meighan Simmons' big second half leads Lady Vols at Auburn, 75-66:

Simmons hot hand won the game but boy we just gave the ball away a lot of times.This is another good win I think times in the past we lose this game.

Written on Florida lineman Jessamen Dunker charged with stealing scooter:

Hey the kid just didn't want to walk to class.

Written on Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols looking for balance :

One more player with mcrea and we would have won this game

Written on Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols looking for balance :

Why did they stop moving in circles when they had the ball they had a player wide open for a easy basket...

Written on USC fires basketball coach Kevin O'Neill:

Bet he was cussing when he went out the door!!!!