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Written on How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

And these ratings of classes mean what? someone saying that this player is a 5 star and this one is a 3 star...........and 5 yrs from now the 3 star is an NFL player and the 5 star never played a lick. such subjectivity.
Means nothing - there is talent there - A-.

Written on Dallas Cowboys hire Derek Dooley as wide receivers coach :

Hope the John Adams gazette doesn't have ANY MORE articles about Derek Dooley........he's gone, forget about him.

Written on Auburn names Garner defensive line coach:

yeah we might still have doofus, who can't coach his way out of a paper sack.

Written on Stokely nearly empty, memories remain :

Memories. Graduation at SAC. Monumental games there - my 1st game was the night Ron Widby scored 50 to set the then-UT record for points in a game; and a FR named Pete Maravich playing in the Freshman game beforehand. Ahhh, this is TRULY then end of an era. And we need another university presidents such as an Andy Holt!!!!!!!

Written on Jones tells Vols to 'Be the best':

Waste no time and hit the ground running. GBO

Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

in response to 76Hoosiers:

Great article. After being a Vol fan for 40 years, I have to agree that it is a sad day to see the "reality" of having to settle on the 5th choice.

you're name says it all........Vol fan for 40 yrs? which 40 years 1890 - 1930???? uh, watching the press conference today, its time Adams changed his profile pic - he looks like he was writing in the era I mentioned you must have come from????? hmmmmmm.
Coach Jones is a solid hire - take ur troll a@$ back to hoosierville or wherever you observe whatever and pls do so soon.

Written on Vols' search for Dooley replacement continues:

we have seen a circus the past couple days. We really don't need that - however, it is what it is. I don't understand why we now do a knee jerk reaction and hire a guy who has attracted offers from Purdue and Colorado. We don't need to hire anyone right now! step back and keep searching behind the scenes. Get the best guy out there if we have to wait. Someone who REALLY wants it and brings the experience to the table along with his name. Roman of SF is a great example. Go ask him before we sign up another 3rd tier coach such as Jones..............we are just hiring a coach to hire a coach..............might as well bring Dooley back...............

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

what is going on up there? we get played by a 3rd yr HC who has done an admirable job in Big East. we let him take the offer and screw around with it for a couple days so UL's attys can rehash his contract and raise his salary. we have been played again.

Written on Vince Dooley 'knew' his son's firing was going to happen :

GlennFord - hmmmm. 1st off lay off the phooey that Derek only got what he has because of daddy. I wanted him gone after UK loss last year; however, he stabilized the mess that Kiffin left. Perhaps tht was ultimately the only reason he was hired - perhaps not. Bottom line: he is in the coaching profession and maybe not HC material; but perhaps a very good AD again. Leave him alone.

Written on Mike Strange: Justin Worley awaits coaching decision and Tyler Bray's decision :

Bray isn't ready for the NFL - attitude and negative reactions when things get tough will get him a ticket home when trying to play with the big boys. CP has the athletic ability and Hunter needs to fine tune after the knee injury. but Worley should get an even shake no matter who the new coach is - good luck son.

Written on Vanderblowout: Tennessee loses to Vanderbilt in Nashville for first time since 1982 :

also, first time we have EVER been 0-7 in SEC play in football. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if we don't win next week, first 8 loss season ever for UT.

Written on The Mighty Quinn: Vanderbilt's WRs vs. UT's secondary a key matchup :

this is absolutely pitiful. I never EVER thought we would be sitting 0-6 in the SEC and staring 0-7 down the barrel of the gun. Thank you Mike Hamilton, you are a total idiot. And thanks Derek Dooley for not having the guts to TRY to get something done during the game........poorest clock management last wk and end of both halves. THEN do the fake FG! hmmmm.

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

we all forget we had 38 sec end of half - with MO getting ball to start 2nd half. 3 t/o's and Dufus doesn't call a t/o and in fact just let clock run out with MO in 4th and 4 situation. didn't force their hand - didn't try to get the ball back and TRY to score with our offense playing in a very hot mode at time.
Anyhow - it IS time for a change and Cheek and Hart need jettisoned first. we don't need these two joksters making this important decision - they are no better or brighter than Mikey boy when he brought this garbage into the UT fold.

Written on Cuonzo Martin eats 'humble pie' at SEC Media Day :

oh trolls - you would love for UT to still have Mike Hamilton as AD - well, he's gone and has done his damage and we are turning the corner - CCM was NOT one of his hires. Dooley is last remnant of Hammy's phooey - soon to be rid of him as well.................and UT basketball is very relevent now.

Written on Derek Dooley takes aim at Tyler Bray's performance, says QB will be benched if not improved :

too little too late............Dooley should have had that idea planted in Bray's head long ago - Worley is ready to go if Tyler isn't getting it done. Could have used him in a couple games already to see what he could do with the 1st team in a game. I know, the coaches see the players in practice - we don't. But you have to give it a shot if nothings working.

Written on Poll: What must happen for the Vols to beat Georgia?:

somewhere we have to find a defense against the run, because UGA will run it down our throats all day long.................I don't see how this team is going to win a game in OCT playing like they did last night. someone has to step up and be a leader - close ranks and come out breathing fire SAT afternoon. It can be done; question - will it? I sure hope so - GBO

Written on How would you grade Tennessee's performance against Florida?:

if you notice we have gimmick offensive and defensive schemes. flavor of the month. a coach who should go back to mid-level college teams. he doesn't have it at this level. no adjustments. tired of the same ole same ole.

Written on Dooley, Muschamp on Saturday's Vols-Gators contest in Neyland:

any fan of either team that doesn't think its a big game for both teams are either mindless, or trollish (twobits?????) it's a conference game and an eastern division game ...... very big on both sides to win this one. BGO!!!!!!!

Written on UT: Game-day ticket scalping being cut off near stadium, arena :

how about some innovative ticket sales where you have overage and sell them at half price 2 hrs before k/o and get the stadium filled. unsold tix are lost revenue; thus, $4MIL deficit.........jeez, you think the Braves selling upper deck seats for a dollar mid week doesn't at least put people in the seats and MIGHT buy some concessions? Bring the fans back with incentives not price gouging.

Written on Davante Bourque dealing with family issues, unlikely to return to Tennessee football team :

I have to agree with Keepitreal. This kid has a free ride and a chance to get a solid education - to provide for his familys future. I was drafted into the Army. I didn't have a chance to go home but 1 wkend while I was at Fort Knox. I didn't want to be there - but I had to make it work.
This kid NEEDS to grow up and man up - either in Knoxville or wherever. He is considered an adult and its time to be one - remember, he has a child that he has to think about.

Written on Tennessee’s off-campus training camp begins in Johnson City:

oh I get it.................ur name is REALLY John Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a putz.

Written on Tennessee’s off-campus training camp begins in Johnson City:

bodeane u just plain dumb you know that?

Written on Alabama opens camp having already passed 1 test:

and we care about this in Big Orange Country because???????????????

Written on Vanderbilt promotes Dan Cage to director of operations :

and who cares in Big Orange Country?

Written on Chick-fil-A kickoff tickets set to go on sale June 1:

jeez wish the trolls would take a hike........if you are a fan of another team, just stay there. we don't need stupid comments from trolls/idiots/fools.

Written on Dave Serrano: 'I’m not proud of the product we are putting on the field':

Mike Hamilton - thank you for destroying the men's athletics programs. You should be proud sitting in your sky box seats this season. you are a chump.

Written on After sweep, Vols out of SEC tournament :

if it were so simple........take the 4 sky box seats and permanent pass from Mike Hamilton's clutches - he's the jerk who created this mess in the athletics dept. And he gets a luxury setting every game to witness what he has created.

Written on Vols focused on Ole Miss/Auburn winner as pundits boost UT to 'bubble' status :

in response to 10seVol85:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

well we have Capilary on our side evidently because he said so on CBS after they thumped UF. TENNESSEE is an NCAA tournament team - pretty much his words.

Written on Vols focused on Ole Miss/Auburn winner as pundits boost UT to 'bubble' status :

well, UK would have to lose to UF because Vandy is in our bracket.
We win 1st game we play, we play winner of the Vandy/Miss St/UGA pairings.

Written on Report card: Tennessee vs. Auburn:

Crompton and Foster and Fulmer - all F' question.

Time to clean house guys, now, today immediately - right after the Fulmer show...............enough is enough already.

Written on Adams: No review needed to make QB change :

clean house...................Fulmer is too arrogant to listen to outside influences sometimes. Look, you gave Crompton more than enough chances to succeed. He don't got it and probably never will. Clawson? Jury's still out, but neither of you geniuses have the rocks to make a change, lets get someone in there that will/do.

Written on None:

and while UK has the "best arena in the world" Billy Boy wants something more exciting???????

sounds pretty lame to me.

Written on Adams: Oklahoma No. 1 ... couldn't win SEC East :

well, he can have his love fest with UF and UGA all he wants. They still have to win it on the field and I personally think UF's defense and lack of a healthy Harvin will do them in, and UGA isn't that great - hence 35-14 against us last year. Sure, we beat them early (??? 2nd wk of OCT isnt' early anymore!!!!!!!) UGA can again be had. But that is why they play the games.

Written on Play or redshirt? UT to use most of class:

Get Gerald Williams cleared, please! and make him the MLB and move Ellix Wilson to strongside LB - these two and Rico McCoy - what a trio they would be!

Written on Old Spice will make Pearl sweat:

man, lets see - this is a great article about the basketball Vols. Who needs a comment about the pigskin here - looks like we will have a grade A schedule this season to showcase the up and coming talent at UT in roundball. This will be a chance for the kids to really put it together and see where they are early on, and what they need to work on.

Written on Calkins: Missing subpoena latest incident to plague Fulmer:

well once again, the NS shows its true colors - and they ain't orange, or support orange.

Written on Dates against Memphis, Gonzaga set:

Bruce keeps adding quality opponents to the slate - I think the Big Orange will be ready.

Written on None:

Good Lord - sign an extension, give the man a huge raise and make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to even THINK of leaving. We love u thing to happen to UT basketball since Coach Mears.

Written on Poll: Who is the greatest UT men’s basketball player of all time?:

King was the best.............period.

I got to see all of these guys play at UT - and I would say Grunfeld is a close 2nd. Houston right after that - Ellis then. I love Chris Lofton, but he still has two tournaments to possibly take this team on his shoulders (if need be) and etch his name right up there. No question Lofton is also very special.

Written on Morgado strikes out 12 in debut:

let's give coach Raleigh some credit, and time, to put together his type of team. The decision was made, so now lets get behind the baseball team and see how it all shakes out.

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