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Written on Mike Strange: Brandon Fickey did it for 'Knoxville, team and Tennessee':

Like Kangyru said, UT does a great job in it's sports info department covering all sports. The livestream webcast of tennis with commentary is a perfect example. For all the grief the UTAD catches on this site here's something to be proud of! I watched the webcast from Virginia and it was a thriller. SID staffer Amanda Pruitt and guest commentator Marvin Thomas did a great job bringing the action to the webcast(although it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the audio equipment). Thanks for bringing it to those of us that couldn't be there, and keep up the good work! VFL, JK

Written on Mike Strange: Some schools do football and basketball right :

It's easy to say in hind site but it's more than just the coaches. Any good organization has strong leadership from the top that stays in touch with what's happening below - all the way below. That's what has hurt UT for the past 8 or more years. It remains to be seen if that is changing. Until it does UTAD will not recover. The administration needs to get on the same page and do what it takes to support a winning environment; and it's not just about money!

Written on Stokely nearly empty, memories remain :

As a 12 yr old kid I used to ride my bike up to campus with a buddy and we would slip into Stokley and shoot baskets on the Tartan floor until Bob Davis would come around and shew us out. Years later as an athlete at UT, I had a good laugh with Bob about that. On one of those trips we went into Stokley to find the seats pulled back exposing the track and Karl Kremser was practicing the high jump while a bunch of football and track athletes were playing basketball on one goal that was still up. Kremser had my buddy and me try the high jump which started my love of track and field. Lots of great memories there, from Ron Widby scoring 50 vs LSU, seeing Pete Maravich's magic and especially Ernie & Bernard taking it to UK! Oh yeah, and the sting concert wasn't bad either!

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

That's it? That's as hard a run at Gruden as UT is going to make? Hard to believe!

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

Remember how many times Saban said no before going to bama? Let's hope Hart is using the same playbook with Gruden. If the offer is right he will come, and so will the best recruits. That's just half the battle; it will be Gruden's job to handle the rest!
GBO - Gruden or Bust!

Written on Mike Strange: No speculation about Vandy's desire to beat Tennessee :

I don't care what Vandy's record is or what their motivation is or how much their crybaby coach feels disrespected by us - I don't care if a coaching change for us is likely, or not, - I just want to beat Vandy! We need somebody to remind our players what this rivalry is all about. Where is coach Cafego when you need him? I can tell you where he'll be Saturday - He'll be ready to jump up out of the grave and beat some commodore a...! GO VOLS! Beat the hell out of Vandy!

Written on Tennessee football fans paint positive message:

Some of the so called fans on here are just wimps! For those of us who lived through, and remember, the Bama win streak from 71 until we finally won in 82, we've been there before. We did't like it, but we never stopped getting fired up for the game and I can honestly say that every year I convinced myself that we were going to get the win no matter how big an underdog we were. And that's what it's going to take, fans and players that believe despite the odds, that we can get the victory. GO VOLS - BEAT BAMA!

Written on John Adams: Vols more road kill than road warriors :

in response to thevoice:

There was a glimmer of hope. I believe most on here befriended him during Florida week, during which he predicted a Vol win. I don't think he strays from the truth too much; just telling us what many of us don't want to hear: the truth.

No there is a difference in writing the so called truth or even one's opinion of the truth and being a constant detractor to all things Tennessee. But JA has become infatuated with himself now that he's convinced he was the one that got PF fired and orchestrated this train wreck. So now he delights in every misstep, every struggle on the Vols' road to regain respectability.
For those of you who don't remember back to 1976 it took John Majors quite a few years to get the Vols moving in the right direction (1 winning season in his first 5). The only things that are going to fix this deal are patience, persistence, and perseverance. Oh, and JA leaving town wouldn't hurt either!

Written on Turnaround for Hunter Reese to lead Vols past Ole Miss, 4-3 :

Great job by coaches Winterbotham & Woodruff, this was a huge win. Reese, a freshman, clinches the match, against UM's Lutjen who is a junior coming off a semifinal showing at the SEC indoor where he beat KY's Quigley, the #5 player in the nation! Despite a total rebuild after losing 5 starters from last years squad this bunch is showing they will be competitive again in the nation's toughest tennis conference. Great job Vols!
Also great to have the matches on live streaming video this year with comentary - some one in the UTAD is on the ball!

Written on Memphis knocks off Vols in tennis for first time :

This Vol squad will improve. They are playing with only their #6 player from last season's lineup returning (Jones) after losing 3 seniors and two underclassmen that turned pro during the summer. Tough to replace that quickly when your working with a limit of 4.5 scholarships. Coaches Winterbotham & Woodruff will get it done they have shown they can. Lots of new faces (including one January enrollee that has yet to play - Nagelstad), give them time to figure out the bottom half of the lineup. It might not be as good as the group that came in with JP Smith 4 years ago but in time they will find the pieces and coach up the rest. Go Vols Tennis - best male program on campus the last five plus years!

Written on Poll: Who do you want as UT's defensive coordinator?:

It would be nice to get an article on all former Vols in the coaching proffesion by KN... nah that's not gonna happen, they're just gonna wait to see who DD hires and then dog him out for not choosing someone else!

Written on Poll: Who do you want as UT's defensive coordinator?:

Chief is not going to come back to be DC, HC maybe, but not DC. Bennett and Spangler both have great experience and background, I actually like Spangler better, he has ties to one of our most important recruiting areas (GA). Randy Shannon would have more wow factor for recruiting but at this late date how much is that going to impact this years class? Whoever comes in better get here quick and bring some DL horses with him.

Written on Knoxville product Reggie McKenzie filling legendary shoes with Raiders:

I wondered why Reggie's name didn't come up when we were searching for an AD. Here's a great example of a Tennessee Grad, knox - native no less, with a stellar background that has always demonstrated an unquestioned love for UT and would be a great hire. There's nothing wrong with a fresh approach from outside the family but it's also nice to have a Tennessee man who knows football without question. I hope Dave Hart turns out to be one of our best AD's ever but I also hope Reggie is on the short list the next time around.

Written on John Adams: Ron Polk already has pitch :

Ron Polk is a meticulously organized workaholic. I coached Tennis at MSU when he was the Baseball Coach and he worked all kind of odd hours into the night. He had every detail of every day mapped out for his players. I would come back well after midnight from an away match and there would be Polk in his office. He sent me Christmas cards for over 6 years after I left MSU. Most of all he loved Baseball.
I got to watch his teams with Will Clark, Rafael Palmeiro, and Jeff Brantley - they could play! Yes, I'd say he would be a good sounding board at the very least. This may be the first time I've agreed with Adams, scary!

Written on Vols take California's best shot, but still win, 4-2:

Great win by the Vols after dropping the doubles point. It will be a tough road to the title. The Vols must beat a 6th ranked GA team for a third consecutive time this year, then face a USC team that defeated them in last year's final and is going for a 3-peat. The probable finalist from the other half of the draw is an undefeated UVA team that has seldom been challenged this season. But this team has shown a lot of fight so don't count them out. Good luck to Sam, Chris, & the boys. Go Vols!

Written on Melrose senior Chris Jones wants immediate release from Tennessee:

Well let's see, if Coach Martin has already used his one permissable phone call for the week as per NCAA rules, then he can't call again for 7 days. So unless Coach Martin has an untraceable cell phone to make the extra calls, like Calipari or Calhoun, he has to wait if he wants to make his next call within the rules.
This doesn't reflect well on this kids upbringing or the advice he is getting from his coach. The top kids probably get so many "extra" calls they think someone is diss'en them if they aren't exceeding the call limit.

Written on Cuonzo Martin plans to meet with Kevin Ware, family after Final Four:

Glad I didn't see any quotation marks in this article; since Ware has been released it would be a rules violation for Coach Martin to speak specifically about him. The last thing we need is another witch hunt like the one that got Pearl bounced. Meanwhile Auburn, LSU, UConn, Ohio State, keep handing out the cash and favors; I guess the NCAA boys don't have a road map to Lexington! Still burns me that Pearl got reamed all year for lying about a bbq while Calhoun gets a pass from the media for letting players get paid via a third party that used to work for him! I guess justice isn't really blind. Just hope Coach Martin can put all this junk behind us and get us moving in a positive direction. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee names Cuonzo Martin coach :

Wow, lots of racists on the boards tonight, luckily most of them are trolls. I think Coach Martin will bring some much needed toughness to this team. Looks like a great find! Good luck and Go Vols!

Written on David Climer: Pearl looks to be on his way out at UT:

Sorry, but I can't take all this sanctimony about Pearls rules violations any more. I coached a "minor" sport for 17 years in the SEC at three different schools. If I had a nickel for every secondary NCAA violation I saw committed (knowingly) I'd be retired, and a wealthy man. And it's not confined to the SEC. Is that cheating and lying? Well of course it is. I worked for at least 7 different AD's and I can tell you that almost to a man their practice was deny, deny, deny, and self-report nothing. One liked to say "there are a thousand coaches trying to find away around the rules every day". Another called a Department wide meeting when a state rival had a player cough up some payola details to make sure we didn't gloat. The message was "loose lips sink ships" and "there but by the grace of God go we". I once saw a Football Coach come out of his office and get in one of his player's shiny new BMW with the license plate ISAKQBS on it and drive off, never to see that player roll up in it again, and never a word in the press. Of course the player went on to a Pro Bowl NFL career. I saw a player who would later become an NBA POY pull into a gas station driving a brand new SUV worth way more than his family could afford. I could go on and on, we could talk suitcases full of money, $40K summer jobs, and even more unseemly details. I hate to burst any bubbles out there but the NCAA is almost powerless to prove the real offenses being committed so they settle for the nickel & dime stuff to make themselves feel better about it all. This is what it is, and don't think it started a few years or even decades ago because I talked to an 84 year old recently who described the extra benefits he received coming back to school after WWII!

Written on NCAA outlines allegations to UT:

What a joke! In the NCAA's letter to Chancelor Cheek it refers to our Athletic Director, Dan Murphy, WTF? Come on at least proof this phooey before you send it out! It may be time for the BCS schools to withdraw from the NCAA. I wonder what they would do without the Golden Geese?

Written on Mike Strange: Appears Pearl put on notice:

Strange, are you local media guys rooting for Pearl to get nailed? Did you read the NCAA's decision on Calhoun? How could they do more to Pearl? Extra benefits vs a barbeque? Come on! Oh, and Vandy trolls - go away. If you think basketball was bad wait til our tennis team gets ahold of you!

Written on John Adams: ESPN loses its leading man in Pearl :

I'm so tired of these pollyannas calling for BP to be fired. His rules violations were not insignificant but were minor, obviously his poor decision to lie about it before coming clean has made a mountain out of a mole hill - but as someone else metioned, he has owned his mistake as few coaches ever do. If you are blind to the money circulating around on the recruiting trail, and the violations dealing with academic fraud that are going on out there that the NCAA can't, or doesn't want to get a handle on and think BP's punishment fits his crimes then you are out of touch! This has become all about IMAGE for the NCAA; their chance to LOOK tough. Get over it; I'm not embarrassed to have BP as our coach and believe he'll get this team turned around despite these penalties.

Written on Adams: Dooley knows 2-5 won't get it :

Wow, trolls and idiots abound at these odd hours! BamaMam, if you had a pair you'd be on an Auburn site talking trash, but you're too scared of Gus and Cam. Volnot, you better take that history degree you got at the Gadsden Walmart back for a refund, it's defective.

Written on Adams: Can't count on much progress :

in response to TennesseeTuxedo:

Progress in football is not something that can be measured by the naked uneducated eye, as John Adams thinks, especially against another top 10 opponent. Unless you understand the nuances of each position;s fundamental skills, you have no clue whether progress has been made. Did Mr. Adams watch the footwork of the offensive line from game to game? Did he watch the pad level and gap responsibilities of the defensive line from game to game?

UT's is in the position it is in because some good ole boys put their insider status ahead of the good of the football program for so many years. True freshmen are only going to improve so much as 18 year old kids playing against 2nd year freshmen, 3rd year sophomores and 4th year juniors. Alabama started one true freshmen. We played 24 freshmen last night-many in key roles at key moments of the game.

Whether Mr. Adams knows it or not, there is a huge difference between the play of a 18 year freshmen against a 2nd year freshmen, a 3rd year sophomore, and a 4th year junior.

Finally, intelligent words in print. Maybe KNS could hire you tuxedo.

Written on No slip-ups for Rhyne Williams in singles:

Looked to me like it was Arevalo that didn't come to the net to shake hands, not sure what was going on there. Williams could win this thing if he keeps his composure; JP & Davey survived a shaky start, maybe that will be a catalist for them. Still two titles out there to win, bring'em home. Go Vols!

Written on Vols hold court, will play for national tennis title:

These Vols are the real deal. There's no stopping this express; next stop National Championship! Go Vols, dispose of the Trojans!

Written on UT to play Southern California for NCAA men's tennis title:

Awesome performance, well done men! One more to reach your goal, let nothing stand in your way!

Written on UT overpowers Baylor to reach NCAA tennis semis:

There may be no bigger home court advantage in any sport than the one UGA enjoys in tennis when the NCAA's are in Athens. However, if ever there was a Vol tennis squad up to the task, this is it. Go Vols! Open up a can on the dawgs!

Written on UT overpowers Baylor to reach NCAA tennis semis:

If you're a Vol Tennis fan in Knoxville or anywhere close to Athens Ga, go down and see that match vs Ga, you will not regret it. The atmosphere will be electric and the Tennis Vols will need all the support they can get to get the W in front of 3,000 barking dawg fans. Go get'em Vols!

Written on Baylor is playing up underdog role against UT in tennis :

This team is primed and poised for a NC. It will be a UT vs UVa rematch in the finals on Tuesday with the Vols winning the rematch. And don't be surprised if JP & Davey win the doubles title and Rhyne wins the singles for a sweep of the event - you heard it here first - Go Vols!

Written on Baylor is playing up underdog role against UT in tennis :

This team is primed and poised for a national championhsip. It will be UVa vs UT in the final with the Vols winning the rematch. And don't be surprised if JP and Davey win the doubles title and Rhyne wins the singles sweeping all three titles. You heard it here first!

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