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I know it is only practice but I do not understand why we are so bad on special teams. Palardy will supposedly have kickoff, punting, field goal, and PAT duties. We also have struggled on the return game over the yrs.

Hopefully this yr will be different as field position will be critical this season since our offense (mainly skilled positions) is so green. I can't figure out why UT has struggled in most areas of special teams. Thoughts?

Mainly because this team is basically horrible, with the exception of the OL. Our LB's are slow, other than AJ, our secondary is woefully lacking and our special teams is a work in process. We still have no depth and when you take off the orange glasses you will see we are still mediocre at best.

I love Butch Jones and what he is doing, but attitude and motivation will only take us so far. We have to have 2-3 years of solid recruiting.

Best guess is 5-7 or possibly 6-6. We play 5 of the top teams in the country and we have 3 toss up games. This sounds like a 6-6 best case unless some of the toss-ups have injuries.JMO

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I saw a lot of slow play and bad angles being taken last yr. by the LB's. Hope the additional experience and the coaching brings much better results this time around. I think the sleeper in the defensive group could be Sapp. Hope they all come to play!!

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Anyone heard about the status of Barton lately? Will it be into Aug before he shows up?

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Don't know where ZZ had math class, but according to Rivals, only 27 of the top 50 remain uncommitted. Of the top 100, there are 48 uncommitted. UT will get a fair share of these.

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For the trolls (ZZ, 7Teeth, etc). Based on the rivals list, the following linemen and linebackers have been committed:

UT - 8
Ala. - 8
Ole Miss - 6
LSU - 4
Vandy - 7
Fl. - 6
Aub. - 5

So it appears UT is in the lead even in the SEC for the so-called grunts. We are also signing a significantly higher number of skill players. UT is still on the list for 3-5 of the rivals 5* players, so there is still a lot of skill out there to be had.

Of the remaining 10 - 12 players that UT will commit, most will be 4 * players and possibly a couple of 5 stars. In the end, I expect UT will be top 3 in the SEC, which is not bad for Jones' first year.

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Wow, a whole page of comments without anyone mentioning that Pearl will be back next yr after his show cause is over, or "its Hamiltons fault"? OOOPS!!

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Gonna be a few more big names coming this weekend! Stay Tuned!!

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Took the job at 67. Nothing wrong with a peaceful setting in a place you love!! Way to go Woody.

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IMO Jarnell simply has to get more aggressive in order to have a high degree of success this year. Maymon will be only partially effective if Jarnell does not pick up his game. Our NCAA tourney future will only go as far as Jarnell goes.

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no big thing, we offered one of the Berry boys a scholly when he was 13

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Doesn't matter if we have the 49ers offensive line if the defense yields 600 yards and 55 points per game! We couldn't score fast enough to keep up with the other team last year. We better put some emphasis on improving our defense from last year!!

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Actually, 7 was pretty much on line with his post. Wonders never cease.

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Anyone know why so many ex UT hoopsters are in the area (Chism, Tyler, Dane,etc)? Do they work in the area or just what is going on with that?

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Very cautious optimism. Don't expect the old Maymon, Vol fans.

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Once again our posters are trying to kill the messenger. You can't state the obvious on this site without all the idiots calling you a negavol, etc.

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I wonder who will be the toughest opponent of the first three? Western, Peay, or the Ducks?

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Hey, John! He's not from Memphis!! Just kiddin'!

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I think we will know for sure this season whether or not Cuonzo is our coach of the future. If he can't win big with the lineup he has available this yr., he can never win. This is his make or break year in my opinion.

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Really? You think so? A talented guy from his program is now playing for UT when he could just as easily be playing for Memphis doesn't bother Josh? Not to mention the rabid Memphis fan? Think again, misfit.

Do you think Memphis kids who grow up rooting for the Tigers don't notice that Barton - a three year Tiger - (not to mention a certain 5-star Memphian recruit) are now playing for the Volunteers? Do you think Pastner doesn't care about that, given all his caterwauling (get it? Tigers=cats=caterwauling?) about playing the Vols vs recruiting opportunities for UT in Memphis?

Doesn't matter where the kid is originally from anymore. He is a three-year Memphis player that talented young Memphis kids have identified with for three years and are now seeing him giving up his remaining year of eligibility he could have given to the Tigers to play for The University of Tennessee.

Could have cared less? You better believe he cares a lot. You say you are earth bound? I'd say more like space cadet.

In addition to what you said, VL, the Tigers also had Tariq Black who left to go to Kansas. I think he is from Memphis. Does this send a message to the kids that if you don't cut it, Josh may send you packing, regardless of whether or not you are a Memphis kid? Maybe. Josh just got a million dollar raise, though, and I think with Josh changing conferences and starting to recruit more nationally, there will be more Memphis kids leaving home.

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I have seen Barton play for several years, living here in Memphis. He is a very good player that will be of immense help to UT. He is just not on the same scale as Jackson, which not many are. This is a very important piece of the puzzle that UT needed immensely. This probably saved Cuonzo's job for at least one more year, depending upon Thompson's development next year. With Barton added, we should expect Sweet Sixteen this year.

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Will he be eligible to play this Fall?? Moving from one D 1 school to another; I thought he would have to sit out one year.

he is a graduate student. Doesn't have to sit.

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It would be great to find a nice JUCO PG but this late in the game that train has left the station and we have no scholarship to give..Martin's plan was to groom Thompson under Golden but that's out the window and the pressure is really on this freshman!!!Thompson made it clear he came to UT for early playing time..He got his wish

actually we do have an extra scholarship to give. Golden opened up another scholarship.

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It is extremely hard to win at any level of basketball without a top notch point guard. They are comparable to a football QB. You can win with competant, but it is much easier with a Manning or a Brady. UT does not have anyone comparable to them and it too much to expect a freshman to be that (there is the occassional John Wall, I admit). Therefore, doing anything much better than a 20 to 25 win season, losing in the first round of the SEC tournament (again), and winning one or two games in the NCAA is building oneself up for a big letdown. Come down to earth by reaching reasonable expectations, or come down with a thud when the team drops you and your expectations - they always, always do.

Don't know about that. Alabama won several NC in football without a "name" QB.

Good to hear Martin confess a lack of evaluation on staff. I am beginning to wonder if the coaching staff evaluates properly. Case in point the signing of Ndiaye (spelling?). IMO we would have done better looking at the JC to replace Big Mac.

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Just isn't a lot of talent outside the OL. Gonna take some time even with a coupla good recruiting years. 6-6 is best we can expect this year.

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DLINEMAN DLINEMAN DLINEMAN DLINEMAN! For Goodness sakes Vols need several DLINEMAN this year. Quality game changing offensive coordinator nightmare D lineman... Gonna have to be both Juco ready to step in and the HS studs who can contribute early ..

There is a 4* lineman out of Ga. that is supposed to make his announcement on Thurs. He has UT as his favorite at this point, can't recall his name. Maybe this will start the grunt commitments to start coming in!

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My mistake. Thought there was a separate thread about tyler bray.

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See ya, traitor.

what say you now, Goober?

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Yea Butch hired him because he's an idiot.

Quality analysis.

That one really cracked me up!! Good one!!

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How long are the idiots gonna continue to bring up Dooley killin us (or Hamilton or Fulmer). Get over it already!

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Coach says he may be able to return before spring practice ends. Things will be fine. Why all the speculation? Bunch of women gossiping on this board.

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When will some of you guys stop cryin' about Hamilton and Dooley? Man up! Please!

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I've heard Kiel is still available!

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Who will be the first idiot to blame Hamilton for this one?

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Article says he is a combo guard. Is that going to translate into him being our pg?

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More proof that McRae certainly wasn't POY in SEC like many thought he should be. He just isn't consistent enough. Borderline first team All SEC. Real players produce when the game is on the line. We don't see that from any of our players (even Stokes at this point).

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Problem is that most games are now decided by a "couple 3's and free throws". We don't seem to be able to master the fundamentals like most good teams (occasional zone defense, clutch free throws, substitution patterns, etc.)

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Witch Doctor agree! Witch Doctor think this team over achieved without Maymon. Witch Doctor say NOBODY thought in Jan. this team would win 20 games. Witch Doctor say the troll and miserables are only here when we lose and no where to be found when we win. Witch Doctor say they post some of the dumbest stuff...tells on themselves, if been a blast tonight calling them on it!
Bones never lie.
Witchie also miss Kurt Cobain, Pals and Ridgewood BBQ!

Sorry, Witchy, but I did predict 20 wins on Jan 6 with SEC record of 13-5. I sure didn't expect losing twice to Ga. and Alabubba, though.

I am disappointed but this is about what we should have been. I don't expect an invite because I think the Ala. game was possibly a play-in game. I expect 25 wins next yr and a top 4 seed.

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I like Jarnell's attitude and I agree with him. If he had gone after rebounds the first of the season like he did the last, we would have won 2 or 3 more games. His inconsistency in the first half also cost him 1st team votes.

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Is there anybody else out there that would enjoy reading 10 or 15 consecutive posts which do not refer to Dooley or Fulmer?

That is ancient history - lets stick with current events, please!

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NBA is a tough nut to crack..So many think they have it but don't even make the D league. Chism, Lofton,Prince and J. Smith all were great Vols and game changers but never really sniffed the NBA..Tobias Harris has been with the Bucks awhile and I don't think he avg.s. 2 or 3 PPG. If he gets to see the court at all

Since his trade to Orlando, Tobias is playing quite well and averaging 25+ minutes per game.

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There are several conferences that are poor this year besides the SEC. About 15 different teams are actually on the bubble and can get in this thing. Stay tuned for an interesting 10 days.

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We have no prayer if McBee, Richardson, Golden all shoot like they did on Sat. Pack 4 in on Jarnell and then we score our 55 pts.

We have to figure out a way to get Hall involved or get golden to play more one on one with penetration drives.

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More than anything, what hurt is that if UT had won, we most likely would have gotten a double bye in the SEC tourney and our chances to win the tourney would have been about 75% better. We have about a 1 in 10 chance of winning it now. Big difference!!

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Everybody keeps talking bad matchups. I don't know that it is the matchup that causes McBee to shoot 0-8 or for Golden to shoot 1-10 and for Richardson to shoot airballs. Seemed to me that it was a pure motivation issue.

Another NIT bid coming and a probable bad showing because the players will be thinking about how they blew another season.

If Martin doesn't go far into the big dance next season with the lineup he will have, it will be his last. Not saying I agree or disagree.

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Tremendous game, and happy to eat crow!! Didn't think we could do it after an exhausting game this past weekend.

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I have read on other websites that it is not about the money, it is a difference in offensive philosophy. I like coach Graham, but there are other good coaches available. Hope we go after Trooper.

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UT would do the same thing. We have, what, 4 greyshirts in this yr's class?

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There is a reason the gators are ranked 5th or maybe 4th now. It would be nice but how can you expect an unranked team that is lower ranked than Middle Tn. and a bunch of other mid tier teams to beat them. They have more NBA type players that are quicker and they have one of the best coaches in the country.

Would like to see an upset, but I don't think it will happen this week

Fla 74
UT 67

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

eggzactly what I was thimking!

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Sorry I read these posts. My fault, thought this was a Butch Jones thread, not a Fulmer/Hamilton debate.