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I really like Martin. His recruiting is very good, and he is steadily building a very good program at UT. I don't think we can ignore that, but we need to see what this year yields as far as W/L and his team for the future. Pearl was great for Tennessee and I'd love to have him back, but we can't ditch Cuonzo at this time--he's doing a good job of building and getting some good recruits. Am I wrong in this, my real non-troll Vol buddies?

Makes a lot of sense to me and Iam pretty sure Hart does not have the b#lls to thumb his nose at the NCAA and revisit the past..Short of a TOTAL melt down of a 20 loss season; Martin isn't going anywhere. I have watched every BBgame for the last 8 years and frankly most of the games we lost the past 2 years were simply because our guards came out and shot 15 for 45 while guys like Pope or Henderson were on fire lighting us up. That's not to say we never lost because of bad defense or bad effort but we lost to Mercer because the guards shot a dismal 13 of 44 while they were shooting 50%

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What a moronic post! Have you seen any of the recent recruits? Get your head out of your azzzzzzz!

Good call Bad..It's obvious tomkitty follows Vol basketball about as much as I follow womens track and field

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I think Tyler Bray's getting rid of the ball in 3 seconds had a lot to do with the low sacks. You remember Tyler Bray, the guy you only cheered when he failed to get drafted? I fail to remember the people we ran up and down the field on in the running game for three years.

You can spin this any way you want it. He was the worst coach in the history of UT according to the only measurable that matters (record book) and a complete fraud.

Won't argue The worst coach part but your venom over Dooley in post after post after post is exhausting.The record book has Nothing to do with the fact that under Dooley and Pittman a Green freshman OLine has become probably the best in the SEC..The rest of the Vol nation knows this and are proud of it but you always find a way to discredit the few good things Dooley did..I guess the next thing you'll say is Dooley had nothing to do with bringing in Patterson and Hunter both undisputed 1st round draft picks. In your eyes I guess Patterson got to UT because he got off the airplane at the wrong airport

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Past Vols teams that have had stellar Olines like we have this year put up awesome numbers. Would like to see a back average 7-8 yds a carry, and it's not unheard of.

I think it was a Nebraska team back in their glory years that had 3 backs that averaged better than 6 yds/carry.

I realize we will not gain those numbers against this year's schedule--brutal as it is. We can, however, rely on our running game to pick up a third and three. The past few years, 3rd and 3 was a passing down.

This year I predict we are gonna have options on 3rd and 3. Might face less nickel back defenses this year. go Vols!

Great post South..The way defenses are now 7 yards per carry would be quite the miracle. Iam curious who holds the NCAA record for average yards per carry..My guess would be Barry Sanders who averaged an unheard of 238 yards per game in 1988. I have a very cool book about the history of college football with pictures that dates back to the 1881 Yale team with Walter Camp.. It has a very cool picture of Red Grange in the 1924 game vs Michigan..The caption read that Grange ran for 265 yards on only 6 carries in the first quarter which is 44 YPC. Grange finished the game with 402 yards and 6 TD's..Totally different football era in 1924 but not hard to see why he was a legend. Totally agree about the 3rd down. With Chaney as the OC; 3rd and 3 meant a slant call.True Championship teams can pick up 3 yards running on 3rd down

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You're "love interest" would have complained if he had Bama's roster. The seniors on this year's squad had to be untaught the bad fundamentals that he taught them his three years.

Come on man!! Nobodys reworking bad fundamentals on our Oline that gave up almost no sacks last year while Tiny pushed Clowney around all over the place..Are you actually saying Dooley hiring Pittman was a bad move. No love here for Dooley but he did some good things and didn't leave Butch with a bunch of zero talent freshman

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5 chances for a huge upset this year. They'll beat someone(s) they aren't supposed to beat.

How great would it be for us to go to Oregon with a great game plan and dominate the Ducks for an upset..NOBODY is giving us a snowball chance in h#LL but an upset would set college football on it's ear

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You can keep that 4-19 SEC foundation. I want no part of it!

Your obviously missing the point. Dooley lost tons of games but most of this teams core players and leadership are in some part credited to Dooley.. Those Oline players Dooley put on the field as freshman are now the best line in the country and Iam quite sure Jones isn't complaining he has no talent to work with on both sides of the ball. Dooley had green freshman while Butch has veteran starters

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Gotta love the situational drills..Good for the freshman progress especially the 2 minute drill..It's not a new concept;Bear Bryant did it in the 60's..My favorite Butch Jones moment was last years game tying drive by the Bearcats against Louisville..While Cards were busy celebrating victory on the sideline Cinncy drove 60 yards in 30 seconds on 3 plays to tie the game. Granted some of those passes Munchie threw were one in a million miracle catches but the look on Strongs face was priceless. Worth watching on you tube

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Tip of the hat to Kiffin/Dooley for signing the
#8 rated class for 2010 Incoming freshman were...Hood..Fulton..Pair..Stone..Revis..James..Miller..Neal..Hunter..Brewer..Carter..Toney...Sapp..Propst. These guys earned their stripes and are now the core of Jones team. Guys in that class that did not make it or see it thru..Eric Gordon..Nash Nance..DaRick..Matt Milton..Jarod Askew. I guess the point is Dooley did an alright job laying a foundation for a team that are true VOLS!!!

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I think it's very safe to say Jones had Worley penciled in at the start of the fall but like most coaches he played the open competition card to get the most out of his QB's and to keep them all happy but Ive been wrong a 100 times and Petermans strong arm and tight passes might rule the day. Sometimes I can't help but see Worley as Crompton 2.0

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I think people under estimate Ferguson. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that kid's gonna surprise some people.

I tend to agree. I love the way he moves the pocket and throws bullets on roll outs. Seems to have the physical tools down but a QB MUST know his fronts,make reads on DE's and safetys and so forth. Very hard to do in the SEC as a freshman with only 4 weeks of camp.Riley is also working with less than 50% of the play book

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Lots of good posts here and I agree it seems like a knee jerk follow the crowd reaction; especially when your talking about a 10 year old kid. In the 90's I went to many UofM fan days that were held on the field of the Old Orange Bowl and met some football legends there. I got to meet LB Jesse Armstead who went on to have a long career with the Giants..Jesse was hands down the most vicious hitters in Canes history but was so humble and soft spoken you could barely talk to him.He was a total pussycat in every way..One year I got the autograph from this doofus; nobody frosh TE who looked like a lost mutt. Turned out to be Rob Chudinski who is now Head Coach of the Browns.

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Dyer now plays for Louisville

I think Rumble meant former Vol David Oku. He had over 1000 yards for Ark State last year.This will be Oku's SR season

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Utah state just went 11-2, and Arky State just won the Sun Belt, correct? Not quite the patsy team we are facing in Austin Peay.

I like UT's scheduling with a solid OOC team every year (Oklahoma, Oregon, etc)

You are correct..3 years ago I started watching Utah State games because I had some of their players on my fantasy team and they got my attention when they almost beat Auburn. Last year they were 7 points away from a undefeated season and finished in the Top #20..They got so good that Wisconsin hired away their coach Gary Andersen

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If you don't think that this is a "make or break" year for need to get your head out of the sand.

If this team went .500 barring any big injuries I would agree Martins in trouble.I can think of 10 coaches that could take this team with a healthy Maymon to the Sweet 16. Sean Miller; Thad Matta; Pitino; Smart and definitely Tom Izzo. Never been a big fan of CCM's motion offense but with McRae being a free styler we are seeing less of that. Martin has proved you don't have to have a roster of 4 and 5 star guys to win. Cheivous and Moore weren't on anybody's radar and both are excellent utility players that can be plugged into all kinds of situations. Martin's next recruiting class will tell us all we need to know. Guards are easy to evaluate but these power forwards he signed to replace Maymon and Stokes are very intriguing.One is raw but plays the whole game with his elbows above the rim and the other has a pretty good 12 and 15 foot shot that because of the offenses and camps he's been playing in,it's gone unnoticed by the big school recruiters

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Pretty even trade off. Barton a little better passer but don't see him matching Golden scoring wise. Golden had his share of big games like 32 at A&M and hung 25 on the Shockers. Golden was pretty clutch from the free throw line late in games. Barton does have a certain space on the floor he loves for knocking down 3's. He's also a pretty dependable shooter when your in those last chance; 10 seconds to go shoots. I think we all remember Trae's awful record putting up the game winning shot

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We started the SEC schedule last year with a lot of back to backs with Ole Miss and Bama and a KY loss sandwiched in which put us in a 1 and 4 hole. The opening SEC schedule this year is a little better..That 1 and 4 hurt us in the big picture. This year Bama and Ole Miss will be down and we only play them once

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The Jones regime has done everything right thus far. Now we will find out if they can do the really important stuff- Coach. There is talent on this team. It needs to be coached up. The secondary is a concern but Smith and Walls both came here as top dogs. They need to be coached and show it. If we can get a pass rush I think the DBs will be ok.
We have the Oline to dominate everyone but ALA and SC. If we dominate the rest offensively and run well we should go 6-6 or 7-5. Even 5-7 with improvement week to week will show coaching talent. That is what I want to know. Can they coach em up?

It's a little late in the game to be coaching up Walls and Smith on how to rush a QB..There are about 5 or 6 basic techniques that all DE's use to get by the tackle or a double team.It's not overly complicated. Even if past DL coaches were idiots; all you have to do is watch some of the miles of game film of all the DE's the SEC are sending to the pros. Your either working at your trade to get better or your not. Shedding blockers isn't brain surgery

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Hard not to be no#1 when your recruiting is more like a draft. That OTackle Kujo or whatever his name is; is basically a tall gorilla in a football uniform. Will be interesting to see what RB's they throw on the field from Saban's 7 deep roster of 5 star RBs. I found it ironic that Derrick Henry who could have been Johnny RB at UT broke his leg in spring practice at Bama

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Good point, but UT plays Austin Peay in 2 weeks, hardly a real test to KO the season. They actually can use the APSU game as an organized scrimmage.

Scrimmage/Dress rehearsal take your pick and it will be interesting to see which QB's get in the game. Watched a lot of Rileys film and he has a talent for buying time by rolling out and throwing an absolute bullet.He also throws hard and accurate off his back foot when the defense is closing in..The Hilltoppers will definetly test our defense and aren't the pushover fans perceive. The RB could start for any SEC team. He was a dual threat QB:Mr Football in KY. He does it all!!! His all purpose yards stats are UNREAL. He came up just short of breaking Eric Dickerson's All purpose record that has gone totally unchallenged for 3 decades

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Agreed..UT can't possibly be as bad as they played on defense last year (talent or not). Sumlin came in and took marginal talent down to Bama and beat Saban. True his QB won a Heisman because of it, but coaching was a vital part. If Mike Sherman were coaching Johnny Football they get dusted by Bama last season.

Sometimes a HC is only as good as his staff. No way Fulmer wins all those games without Cutcliffe and Chavis. Dabo Swinney hired an unknown OC Chad Morris and is winning big..No way Chizik wins a NC without a perfect storm of Malzahn and Newton. Jancek scares me a little; mostly because he going to get the kitchen sink thrown at him with all the talented skill players and good SEC OC's who will find our defensive weakness and attack it. Stopping the run is 50% of the battle,along with a better rush but our secondary was horrible last year and outside of tackling better; it may be just as bad. We had the Mizzo game in hand until the 3rd quarter when Pinkel finally saw our secondary couldn't even cover a in route and started passing for huge chunks at will

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Jones is doing something neither Dooley or Kiffin could have ever dreamed of and he's doing it on multi levels..Dooley totally lost his players when water started coming in the boat. Can't help but recall that LA Tech players said they had a total change of attitude as soon as he left.

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The gray uniform screams out for a matching gray helmet with orange stripe. If you are going to make a major change, then make it coordinate color-wise.

I'll go along with that..Gray and white doesn't work..Iam all for a little change but I think they really missed the mark.. What I hate are the orange pants. Iam sure it has no relevance but all my memories of the orange pants are of us losing big wearing them

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I don't mind a tweak here and there to stay modern. But I would hate to become one of these programs where you never know what they are going to wear from week to week (a la Oregon, Maryland...)

Shoot, I didn't even mind black jerseys on Halloweeen. Just please keep it simple and respect tradition.

Like the attitude and feel the same. Knowing Jones and Athletic dept. I wouldn't expect anything flashy especially since we aren't a Nike school. Our young players want to look good and modern not like Red Grange. Oregon takes it way too far but their players and fans love it probably because they don't have much of a long term football tradition..Before the early 90's Oregon had like ZERO national televised games

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Less heralded guys like Commings ;Shawn Williams and Ogletree had big impacts. Jones was a freak with his 14 sacks but truth be known Ogletree had far more tackles

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I think the Oregon game could be interesting. Iam not sure how the heck you make a game plan for them on defense and losing Kelly will not hurt them at all. Stanford gave Jones the blueprint but this Mariota kid is close to being on the same level as Manziel. Sometimes though early in the season teams like this that are ranked so high and so full of themselves have games where everything just goes wrong and starts to unravel and the harder they try the worst it gets.

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You failed to mention that Georgia lost almost everyone from their starting defense of last year! Also...I'm not convinced that the Gators are going to be all that good, sooner or later that streak has to end! But I'm really concerned about all the injuries our team is having to deal with. Why are we so banged up already?

Big reason GA has a winning streak going is the QB's are good and don't make mistakes and Richt is recruiting at such a high level. Also in years past the RB's have been pretty average. Now they have a 2 headed RB beast just like Bama has a 5 headed RB beast. On the plus side they lost 7 starters on defense but they won't be replaced by nobody freshman. IMO there is no way to replace Jones,Ogletree and CB Sanders Cummings. If I remember right the Vol game was where Ogletree returned to the line up and he changed the whole complexion of the game and defense. None of this matters if our defense doesn't do a total 360. Our secondary was awful against them. We were making a serious comeback until Murray hit Bennett with a TD pass with no Vol DB within 25 yards, Bennett could have hop scotched untouched to the end zone.

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The Vol upset blueprint is fairly simple..Play good on defense,wire to wire and get turnovers; Convert all turnovers to points; Win the kicking/field position game; No more than 40 yards of penalities; 150+ yards rushing

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That's a relieve. Calling it a sprain though doesn't sound accurate..No matter though because this kids such a hard worker you can safely knock 10 days off that 6 weeks..IMO Vereen is a sure fire one man wrecking crew in the not so distant future

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What a surprise, the resident gater troll was the first to respond! Too bad the gaters lost that WR for the season, what a shame.

I find it amusing that loser9 can't respond to actual factual posts about the Gators like me;Beare and some others who actually know about all the teams in the SEC because in reality I know more about the Gators roster and depth chart then he could ever dream of

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Driskel just lost his most talented target for the season, so developing chemistry with new personnel may take some time. That really concerns me, NOT!

I had heard DeBose was having a great off season and camp. Also RB Matt Jones will miss all of fall camp and those ringers they bought for the OLine are still not 100%.. The gators did finally recruit 4 big time WR's and I think they are rated the no#1 group signed in the nation..Will be interesting to see if their top guys RB Taylor and WR Robinson are the real deal

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Driskel's return has zero effect on the Vols game. It will have plenty of effect on FU's games after they play the Vols. He will be like a scared rabbit after the Vols pound him again and again. He will be lucky to finish the Vol game. It is what it is and what it is, is a beat down coming his way. Can't wait to see big Dan slam him into the turf. Yep that's the way I see it all ending up....

I really hate those running QB's and the way OC's design those sneaky plays that let QB's like Driskel and Shaw scamper untouched down the sidelines.Makes the LB's and CB's look foolish and it's just a matter of time till somebody like Clowney beheads them. Probably see less of that from Driskel because Muskie Boy doesn't have much of a back up QB

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I have to admit Dooley's team seemed snake bit to me..No doubt big players should play big time when the game is on the line but during those comeback drives against GA and SC I just felt bad luck and bad plays were bound to rear it's head..Who knows what kind of shot in the arm confidence the team might have had by beating LSU and Bama when the game was all but in the bag. Palardy getting a second kick blocked was inexcusable and the LSU play isn't much better

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I don't understand the point of this article other than to rehash the negatives of a lost three years of UT football and to be happy the culprits are gone. Is this what they call filler?

JA tells us how lucky Jones is that the riff raff is gone. Yep, Dools needed to go. Loser. The bad boys would never have been recruited if Jones had been here. Had they snuck through his vetting process, they would have been cut from the team way before they became lasting distractions.

Can we quit wasting space and get busy with the current roster and coaching staff?

Just a slow sports day mind friend; which explains all the articles over the summer that are just rehashes of previous articles..I don't envy the staff during summer dead periods but if Iam a writer I would do numerous series of past Vol teams like Neylands unbeaten,unscored on team..Maybe Bowden Wyatt era and my favorite Vol teams under Battle 69 thru 71. I think VFL's would love it..Simple concept and I think it shows badly these writers laziness and lack of creativity

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On the web link above; 10 disappointing nfl rookies..Hunter and Patterson are both on the 10 list but mostly because the QB's throwing to them can't pass

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Coach Jones doesn't select his QB based on the shake 'em up factor. He makes QB decisions on which player behind the center gives his team the best chance of winning. Leadership, effectiveness and protecting the possession. Not "let's see what happens with this un!"

Good call..The take charge QB in the huddle will win the job but if he's smart Jones could throw Riley or Dobbs in the game to add a run threat and shake up opposing defenses. Miss State did it to us 2 or 3 times last year in the middle of a drive with their dual threat QB. If I remember correctly it took that kid about 2 or 3 plays to put up 7 on us.

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No lack of talent in this group..Pig has a chance to have a huge season. Will be hard to keep North off the field..Beyond that anything is possible. In the end it will be the WR that is moving the chains, Ive noticed Butch really likes screen passes, SEC LB's pride themselves on blowing up screens. It may work once and possibly twice but SEC LB's are smart and well coached, and screens usually go for lost yardage or worse unless Jones has a new wrinkle

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john, your obsession with hotel reservations comes in second to downing the Tennessee sports (not just football) program. ENOUGH OF YOUR DRIVEL ALREADY!!!
Why haven't we heard from you about your beloved LSU program and coach that allows Jeremy Hill back on the team. In case you aren't aware of it johnny boy, Hill was put on probation for a sexual relationship with a 14 year old. He then violated that probation by punching a guy out and the judge, who must be an LSU fan, didn't put him away. So Little Les Miles puts him right back on the team because that's what the team voted. Apparently he won't miss any time this season. Guess that's 755 yards and 12 touchdowns talking through Miles' mouth or his other end!

I agree he threw a full out everything you got roundhouse sucker punch then proceeded to celebrate with his buds..I like the idea of deferring to the student body council for the punishment. I forget what school it was that the student council kicked a football player out of school for such a thing and I salute them

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I hate to see Jacob Carter not getting reps. This kid is a winner. He gets open AND catches the ball. He is the definition of a possession receiver.

Nailed it..Dallas has also done everything asked of him. Sometimes the fastest WR isn't always the best. Neither are flashy but still get the job done

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Iam really looking forward to all the possibilities at WR. I think Pig Howards gonna have a big season..Beyond that anything could happen. Kind of have to look back at what Cinncy did last year to see the possibilities on offense..Jones was a run first offense and used about 5 WR's. One was Kembrell Thompkins who you might remember as a Vol prospect. The Louisville/Cinncy game was excellent last year..I'll never forget Louisville scoring on a 64 yard pass to go ahead with under 2 minutes left..Major celebration on the sideline that was quickly interrupted when Cinncy took 53 seconds and 3 plays to score the tying TD..The look on the Louis.. players faces was priceless

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Somethings gotta give here..17 team sacks is just a few more than Clowney had by himself. Let that knuckle head Troy QB sit back there and throw for 500 yards and never touched him one time. Sentimore was the only one getting in the backfield but I guess he thought his 4 sacks was a sure fire ticket to the NFL. Looking forward to Vereen taking some heads off

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Pickett..142 yards on 69 carries?? That's so bad it must be a misprint

Written on Raijon Neal says running back battle is 'wide open':

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Oh, that's his mother. I was worried our RB had a tattoo of Peggy Hill on his bicep.

Looks like Rosa Parks to me

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Biggest difference with this team for fall camp is player attitude and confidence!! 100% turn around in that respect.Players have talked over and over about the program feeling like a family and how they are in great physical condition. Like all coaches Dooley tried to be a motivator but as the losses mounted the team gave up on Dooley and Sal constantly screaming at players did NOT work because the defense had no confidence in the system. IMO the kids are hungry and tired of losing. Most of us remember remarks LA Tech players made about the total change in player attitude and morale after Dooley left. The Oregon game will be very telling. In just the third game we will be walking into a buzz saw with an insane home crowd.. Not to mention the #3 team in the nation stacked with talent led by a running QB Mariota with an offense that's totally impossible to predict and game plan for.Question is will players hang their heads if we go down 21 points by halftime or fight it out. A 4th quarter comeback for the upset would be a historic win for the program

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Another keen observation by Adams.. Coach Jones could not be in a better position..his history indicates he and his staff get the most of the talent on hand..the talent level actually exceeds expectations..ample room for optimism or pessimism seems correct to me..interest in the season seems to be heating up..I see the "have to" win game as being W Ky..don't take Petrino this one and I think 6-6 is the minimum..and if they do get the signature win they desperately need..Jones should be Coach of The Year in the more thing ..It is time for Walt to give us his prediction..

Excellent post!! I watched Cinncy a lot last year and one thing they did was play well in big games. They beat a very physical and underrated Syracuse and they had Louisville beat but Munchie threw a wounded duck for an int in the end zone sealing the loss.All this was with 3 star kids that were well coached and played hard..Good example was their RB Abernathy.He was probably a low forgotten 3 star that turned out to be a punishing go to RB.Your right about WKU. Petrino's no idiot and once again they have one of the best RB's in the country

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Mike, I think your last line is the strongest: "A D-lineman or two could also get in the rotation." Our greatest need is a pass rush. It's gotta happen; and it will happen.

I think out of this class, the freshman that rises to a starting position first will be on the defensive line. I am excited about the incoming three defensive ends, and thinking like cream in fresh milk, one will rise to the top.

My left-handed prediction: Either Vereen, Carr, or Miller will start by the Fla game. Go Vols!

I like your thinking but with some many SR's across the line I doubt a freshman cracks the starting line up that soon..The front four last year just couldn't get off blocks and I can't count how many times teams broke big runs off the corner based on just ONE good block..Hurries and sacks by the DEs were nonexistent. That absolutely must change along with containing punks like Driskel and Shaw who love to make a run for the sideline for 20 yards. I think Stripling has the players to change that. IMO if Vereen keeps progressing like he has;how do you not put this kid on the field. He'll play for sure against APSU and he might kill their QB.Unfortunate Carr and Miller missed spring. As a SR Miller had 24 sacks so this kid must be doing something right

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Ohio State is #2 due to their schedule. Ohio State goes 7-5 (tops) if they played UT's schedule. They do not play 1 team that was ranked b/w 1-19 in last year's season ending Sagarin rankings. If you wonder why A&M got a first place vote, look at their schedule. Their third toughest game is Ole Miss. They can go 10-2 and not be very good.

What I find interesting is Meyer and Sumlin walked into teams that were practically ready made NC contenders just STACKED with talent and a nice schedule to boot. That in turn made for great recruiting opportunities!! Butch has had to revamp the whole recruiting mentality and inherited a nightmare of a schedule

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Recruiting isn't over until all the scholarships are gone. Martin is still in on several good big players. In any case, there have been many great teams in college basketball history that have been on the short side of most of their competition. If you have taken a close look at most of the Vol players, you have seen that there are some long-armed guys on that squad. It isn't important how high the top of your head is from the floor, it's how high you can reach and jump or how much floor space you can carve out. Not having a lot of conventional height on the team might be just what it takes to loosen Martin up a bit and let the guys run and press more.

Nice take John. We have a tradition of guards that are 6'4" or better and it has served us well. Iam not overly concerned with point production in the paint in the future but we must have a big body to defend the post. Last year players like Murphy;Holloway and Patric Young were invaluable because they took up the scoring slack when the outside shooters had bad games. Pops and Cofer both are seen soley as rebounders and defenders. We invested a lot of time in Yemi and losing him wasn't in Martin's future plans

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We have got JR's and SR's across the line on both sides of the ball and that does not happen often. Just hope that's not wasted on teaching a JR QB what he should already know. Worley or whoever has little or no time to hone skills in game situations. Oregon's fans are even more insane than Auburn fans. Not a good place for QB not fully in charge of his game

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With AJ in the middle, I'm all about our defense. What's got my eye, though, is the pass rush from our DEs. Vereen showed a burst of speed at the corner that we haven't seen since L. Little.

If possible, I am in more anticipation about the other two incoming DEs, who combined for over 50 sacks last year. Carr and Jaylen Miller are gonna be hosses. If these two work out, Vereen may end up upright, with his speed.

All three of these freshmen are gonna push for playing time early, and one will start by the Fla game. The exciting part is, at this point there's no telling which one it will be. Go Vols!

Agree. Sacks were nonexistent last year and the front just never got off blocks. Whatever we were doing off the corners wasn't working either..I thought it was a misprint reading that J.Miller had 24 sacks as a SR..If they let Vereen in the game he might kill the APSU QB