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We need QB that can run & pass - Sick of teams that we play defending 10 offensive players rather than 11.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

Great game!

Observations: Should pitcher have been replaced after we got 3 run lead?
Should 3rd baseman have been playing even with bag in the last innings? Should outfielders been playing at least 170' deep with wind situation? Would these be coaching mistakes? The home run that won game was a 175' fly ball that was wind driven. Give the Oakies and their 6'2" 245lb pitcher credit fopr the win. Today is another day GO VOLS love our team especially SS & pitchers.

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What a great guy I took a speech class at night in Oak Ridge with Ken Hudgens, Rex Dockery, Dick Evey, Johnny Mills. We all rode together from Bill Gibbs Hall. I really enjoyed that time we had together and the stories that were told by all.God bless you Dick Evey and may your soul rest in peace forever.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

Does this say that his scholarship was worth more than his pro status?

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

Nedd 6' 10" to 7'2" to play in paint.

Need players that can make free throws.

Need guards that can penetrate shoot and dish off.

Recruiting is the name of the game.


Written on Derek Dooley and fired assistants will cost UT an estimated $7.5 million:

There is no Coach or Athlete walking the face of this earth that is worth over 1 million dollars a year and if 95% had to get another job they would make less than $30,000 a year. What a shame this whole matter has gotten too!

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As we now live in a world of equality have no fear as OBAMA will be involved with the NCAA regarding an equal distribution of talent to make things fair for everyone in our society. It will be somewhat like what RUPP wanted to do in basketball with points for players of differnt heights being on the floor at one time to make things more even for all who play the game.

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Talk of the South Not About them GATORS but All about them VOLS - Florida has come along ways in basketball since their days of not being able to fill there 5,000 seat capacity Alligator Alley in the 60's.

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Good luck Jay Graham

Who did he recruit 4 or 5 stars?

Written on Vols flip Brown from Syracuse:

Let's take time to give a special THANKS! to all that have cotributed to this big mess!
Please tell me that records do not matter? Good luck! Coach Jones and staff

Written on Vols flip Brown from Syracuse:

President Obama needs to do something about eqality in college football as this is getting out of control. HA! HA!

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If you don't get the horses you'll have a hard time running in the DERBY - Recruiting is the name of the game in every sport - Winners want to play on winning teams.

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

No inside game - No big men - No defense- no controlling boards - No victory - Recruit big men - Big man game - This hurts man.

Written on Josh Richardson: 'It's payback week' for Vols :

Once again no inside game - no big man - no defense - no victory - Learn how to recruit 6'10" - 6' 11" or 7'

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The name of the game is recruiting in every sport. Until we get players that can play that are between 6'10" and 7' that can control the boards on offense and defense we will be a sub par program.

Written on Bama bashes Notre Dame 42-14 in BCS title game:

Talent 85% Coaching 15%

Written on Louisville upsets Florida 33-23 in Sugar Bowl:

Florida looked out of shape and seem to have no clue in this game very poor coaching and preparation.

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What about the Jackets?The most wasted talent in America is at usc.The proof was on the field.Preseason number one and you are beat by a team who got destroyed by MTSU.They have more 4 and 5 star players than anyone in America and they get their butts handed to them in the Sun bowl.They were bottom tier in the Pac.Could not have not happened to a nicer guy.Yes there is justice in this world.I have a cousin in Cal.and he said the fans are calling for Kiffins head.What a waste of talent.

This statement is so true about USC.
Wake up USC fans and let your Athletic Director know that if he doesn't fire KIFFEN and his good old boys that he needs to look for a job too! What a disgrace for a Coach. Also thanks wonder boy for setting our program back and for letting Mr. Boyd get away

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Life goes on! Jones has what it takes to motivate, develop good attitudes, momentum, moral, and he will find a way to be succesful in the SEC, Recruiting is the name of the game and right now Alabama,Florida,South Carolina, LSU, and Texas A&M are dominating the SEC.


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You have hit the nail right on the head the days of having a QB that runs like water are over - Cobb and Boyd were lost by Fulmer and Kiffin - Our program was set back 10 years by our incompetent administration and their poor judgement on hiring the right coaches

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Your bread needs to go back in the oven!
Florida's1st ever bowl appaearance 1958!
Florida's 1st SEC Championship taken away for cheating!
Florida"s starting teams under Ray Graves had their line ups made out by attorneys out of Tampa and Miami!
Florida has always had talent ;but many years could not win big!
Florida and Alabama have more than had their share of bad teams over the years.

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Your bread needs to go back in the oven!
Florida's1st ever bowl appaearance 1958!
Florida's 1st SEC Championship taken away for cheating!
Florida"s starting teams under Ray Graves had their line ups made out by attorneys out of Tampa and Miami!
Florida has always had talent ;but many years could not win big!
Florida and Alabama have more than had their share of bad teams over the years.

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Dooley could win in the big least!!!!!!!!

Your bread is not quite done!

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Hart could not sell opium in an opium den.

He has screwed up the entire coaching recruitment, if Jones is the selection.

In addition to being substandard for a position as demandin gas Head Coach of UT,---which was a greatly respected position until Hamilton and Hart got through mishandling everything about it-- ButchJones does not exactly inspire anybody who knows anything about football. He is Derrick Dooley with a little bit less rich kid ambiance, and a little more of the work ethic of Fulmer, without actually working as hard as did Fulmer, and also without the recruiting ability or the coaching ability of either Fulmer or Cutcliffe.

Jones will be eaten alive by Florida, Bama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Vandy and maybe Kentucky, and Georgia and also A&M and LSU. And sooner or later, he will face them all...

If you thought Battle was bad...get ready for Dooley Light.

Hart does not care. He just proved it.
And Cheek is his partner in slime.

UT is now the offical laughing stock of the SEC...

In short, Hart needs to be fired. If Hart makes Spring practice as a UT employee, the Board of Trustees needs to be replaced---all of them. And because Hart needs to be thrown off the side of Neyland Stadium's pressbox,
Cheek should be pulled down the river by one of the Vol Navy boats to use as catfish bait.

This shows that both of them have utter contempt for UT, our traditions and absolutely ZERO loyalty or respect of The University of Tennessee.

One more thing: Fulmer beat the phooey out of Hart's program, and Alabama, and was beginning to hold his own against Florida, when Craphead Hamilton fired him.

Fulmer is better than Jones, better than Strong, better than Pellini, better than almost every coach that Hart has been reported ot have interviewed---based on Fulmer's track record. And he is as good as every one of the rest, including Gruden.

What Hamilton, Peterson, Hart and Cheek have done to UT is almost criminal---and all should be sued to regain the monies paid them.

Just that simple.

Jones has no business being UT's head coach. Just like Cheek has no business being chancellor.

Can you explain Why? Fulmer has been offered no coaching jobs?

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I believe that Fulmer is the right answer for this program!

The Rock has spoken.

Your bread is not done!

Written on Derek Dooley 'madder than I've ever been' over defensive breakdowns:

Recruiting is the name of the game!
We have been taking rejects from Alabama,Georgia,LSU,South Carolina,Florida,Florida State,Miami,Clemson, and others for over 5 years.
Tough times are still ahead of us Thanks to Phil & Lane and little Hammy! Boy! tht truth burns.

Written on Final: Georgia 51, Tennessee 44 :

Fulmer & Kiffin set Tennessee Football back about 10 years.
Recruiting is the name of the game.
You have to get race horses to be competitive with race horses.
Tennessse needs defensive ends that can play defense-We also need cb's that can play like cb's.
It's hard to say you have a great defense when you give up 51 points to any team, We will go through many more tough years before this mess is cleared up.
Sorry! about the truth.

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Please be advised that with the talent that Kentucky is getting every year that a GORILLA could Coach there team to 20 victories. They should win it all!

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Basketball is a big man's game -We need players down low that are tall 6'10" - 6'!!" - 7' along with what we have plus a point guard that can penetrate and dish the rock. The game with Mississippi was a poorly called game and we also played poorly overall. Go Vols! and we will not be ranked pre=season # 11 next year.

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I am a Tennessee fan - If you really think in your mind that recruiting 4's and 5's and being able to evaluate talent is not so important to being successful in the W column then take a look at Kentucky's basketball team and Alabama,LSU,Florida, etc. in the real football world.

Written on Georgia beats Tennessee, 57-53 in overtime :

6'10" - 6'11" - 7'0" Any questions - Recruiting is the name of the game!

Written on Lady Vols can't come back against Kentucky, 61-60 :

It's tough to play 5 against 8 - This game was poorly officiated and some one from the SEC's governing office needs to look at film and hold these officials accountable for their calling with poor and pitiful judgements and handling of this game. The truth hurts but it's a fact win or not.

Written on Orange Bowl blowout not enough to eliminate Kevin Steele as possible UT target:

West Va had Clemson so spread out on defense that it appeared that no one was on the other side of the ball to play any defense and the scoring of 70 points backs this up. Dooley needs to get a copy of the film on this game as he might learn a lesson or two about offense and defense. Please1 hire some good coaches!


Written on Jeronne Maymon still optimistic for Vols :

6'10" - 6'11" - 7'0" Any questions? Control the boards and you win games

Written on Vols battle back to beat ETSU, 66-63:

6'10" - 6'11" & 7'0" ANY QUESTIONS?

Written on Vols rally from 11-point deficit to beat UNC Asheville, 72-68 :

6'10" - 6'11" - 7'0"
Any questions?

Written on Vols fall at College of Charleston, 71-65 :

Once Again!
Defense wins games - Recruiting and ability to recognize talent is the name of the game - 6'10" - 6'11" - 7'0" any questions?

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Defense wins games (man to man and zones) need to be used.
6'10" - 6'11" - 7"0" Any Questions?
Start recruiting Division 1 players with desire and heart to play a full game.

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6'10" - 6'11" - 7'0" Any questions?

Play defense!

Written on Vols fall at Oakland, 89-81:

Defense wins in every sport and game.

6'10" - 6'11" - 7'0" Any questions?

Written on The Streak ends at 26; no bowl game for Vols:

Once again my friends : The days of recruiting a quarterback that can only throw are over in the SEC. Only recruit quarterbacks that can run and throw. Wake up Mr. Dooley you've got to re-organized your coaching staff are you will suffer the consequences and I'm not the only one that recognizes thjis situation.We need players that want to give their all for tht University of Tennessee.

Written on Halftime: Arkansas 21, Tennessee 7:

Once again the days of having a quarterback that can only throw a pass are over in the SEC - Who calls the plays in what seems to be easy 1st down situations and what type of offense does Tennessee attempt to run? Someone needs to be held accountable besides the players.
If you want to play football come to Tennessee especially if you are a head hunter that can tackle. We need to bring back the monster man and bring him to the game in a cage on the back of a pick up truck and then make an announcement that they are unlocking the cage and he's about to enter Neyland stadium. Be nice to see players that want it so bad that they can't hold back their dedication,commitment,sacrifice, attitude, leadership and ability to play like a winner in every way.

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QB's that have a problem running and throwing will not be in demand in the SEC - Please recruit complete athletes at QB

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

Here's a positive note with a few observations -
Any outstanding recruit that wants to play right away needs to sign with Tennessee -
Please do not sign any more quarterbacks that do not have the ability to run & pass as the days of having a mule who runs like water at quarterback in the SEC are over - It's like playing 11 against 10 - Very soon my friend the Coaching staff at Tennessee will be held accountable for what we are seeing om the field -

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Name one player that Kiffin supposedly "ran off" who has started for a major college team

How about Mr. Boyd for Clemson?

Written on Third Quarter: LSU 24, Tennessee 7:

Once again the days of having a quarterback that can't throw and run in the SEC are over.

Written on Tennessee-Georgia Report Card :

Defense makes teams win in everything football,basketball,baseball,ping pong,marbles, pick up sticks, etc. When a team has trouble sacking a quarterback and contaning one they are in trouble and this was definetly the case against an average Ga, team.
Mr. Boyd of Clemson who was committed to Tennessee until wonder boy Kiffin ran him away would have been the type of QB that could help a team move to the next level. Having a QB that runs like water (straight up & down) is like playing 11 against 10 and that my friends will not work in the SEC

Go Vols! It will take a few years to recover from the mess we've had UT.

Written on Third Quarter: Florida 30, Tennessee 13:

A huge,huge, huge disapointment.
Ingredients for success:
Talent,Coaching,Momentum,moral, and attitude.
Florida has always had talent and their current team could be coached by Mickey Mouse and they still could win 8 games. I hope their Coach Donald Duck doesn't have a stroke when things really go bad for the gators.