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Lock your man up and drive!

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Well they are certainly on the right track from good to great according to the police blotter metric...

I'll be interested to see if Peabody's good to great "fan base" will represent in Neyland. In the past 25 years it has been no more than player's parents and band.

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There's one play I wish Tiny HAD held Clowney.......

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There is no place I would rather be on a fall Saturday than the high church of college football Neyland Stadium.

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Well I feel safer with him in lockup.....Sounds like a serial killer, possibly 3 murders and at least 2 attempted murders and every detective in 4 states with a random shooting case is salivating. Wonder how many criminology courses he took at FU. Perhaps that is where he got the idea to rent a car to drive the dude a mile from his house to execute (and smash his phone and disable his housecurity after the fact, which achieved nothing by the way). Is he smart enough to keep the gun? Good work FU, Urban and Tim.

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UT Scheduled fall break the same weekend as the South Carolina game this year instead of the open date, insuring plenty of student tickets would be available to sell to SC fans. This will increase the coffers but also give KNS writers something to take shots at when a large number of people wearing red descend on
Neyland stadium.

USC never sells their entire ticket allotment anyway, they won't be buying student tickets. Makes no sense that Mizzou would really add costs, we didn't add a SEC game, I can't imagine it costing more than going to Arky.

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Evan, Vickers is from HAVELOCK, NC. It is the home of Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station.

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For the record it was Burlsworth (Brandon). He died in a car accident a few months after the 98 season ended.

and they are filming a movie about him on UofA campus right now.

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See you boys Friday night and Sunday in Carytowne.

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I've never wanted so much for someone I personally do not know to get their fullest possible bonus.

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Go ahead and brag about all those trips to the Final Four Bruce took you to.

A school that was caught cheating as bad as Pearl did, has no room to point fingers.

yeah you got me ... Pearl's giving a hotdog to Aaron Craft and telling the NCAA he didn't is much worse than Worldwide Wes paying some kid to take the SAT's for Rose and getting the entire seasons worth of games vacated in the NCAA records books.

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You asked the question.

1) Playing with the #3 recruiting class in the Nation this year!
2) D.Rose & T.Evans, #1 NBA draft picks!
3) Sellout crowds in the FedEx forum.
4) NBA scouts at every home game
5) SEC ha, Big East next year
6) NCAA tournament banners hanging all over the ceiling, and not for the women's team.
7) Playing for a school that has made it to the Final Four three times!
8) Not having to wear orange!

Shall we continue this silly exercise off the top your head?

Just having fun with you!

#7 - Officially that is 1.

you can't brag about cheating.

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Josh has a pretty high opinion of his team and tradition that is not based in fact (neither Strength of Schedule or frequency of large market TV exposure). Leadership decisions based in fear rarely succeed. I suspect that boosters will soon tire of his lack of spine and juvenile reasoning. Until then they'll be known as the Memphis State Cottontails and their mascot little Josh the quivering bunny.

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watch you don't trip over that tail between your legs.

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hold your space on the blocks, break on the ball and wrap up.

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I like the attitude Coach! Millions of dollars in gleaming new facilities, over a hundred years of tradition and the best (and hungriest) fan base in the country. We are starving after 5 years in the wilderness but we got your back. Go get some bigtime recruits and let's play some football!
ps. Win your Home games, Protect this house. The General's statue has been rusting in shame.

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Dear Coach Jones, you now have 100,000+ seat stadium, brand new multimillion dollar facilities and the entire Big Orange nation and tradition behind you. These are the keys to the Lamborghini. Now kiss the wife and kids and go convince some 17 and 18yr olds to drive us to championships. ps... Win your damn home games.
GBO, Section XX3

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Integrity? We are gonna beat Bama, Florida and you are going in the first round to the NFL. That is ALL you have to convince them of. These are 17 and 18 yr olds whacked out on ADHD drugs, video games, twitter and sexting. Integrity is not in their dictionary. All Saban tells recruits is " you will win the SEC and play for the NC at least 2 of the years you play and I promise you'll never see the inside of a cop car regardless what you do". #epicwin

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Neyland Stadium is my church.

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Let the idiots keep running up the betting line and bet the house on Florida.

Go for it. I am sure Vegas will even take your fire ant infested trailer as collateral.

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Muskrat said: "We'll have our hands full"..That's exactly what their strategy will be..A hand full of jersey hoping the zebras ignore at least half of them, but 15yds beats the heck out of 6 points..GBO!!

Yes like last year the only way they'll be able to stop 11 and 84 will be to risk a penalty. Also look for helmets being pulled off and "injuries" to rotating D linemen to slow down our no huddle.

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But there's revenue from the additional home game that wouldn't have been there. I'm not crazy about that decision either, but there's much more to it than the casual fan can weigh. The PR wasn't great but UT isn't losing money on that deal.

Agreed, it was an additional home game (8) for one season. 100k in seats, $50-$60 a ticket = $5mil to $6mil per game not counting the concession sales and Bookstore. Yet it still brings down the revenue %'s which factors into the AD's office raising ticket prices ($70 for FU, UA, UM!!!). Still don't understand why we are paying home and home teams. If this is a reciprocal payment it shouldn't be listed here.

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Why did we pay UCLA and Oregon when we have a home and away deal? Do they pay us the same for LA and Autzen trips? And wasn't Wyoming a home and away where they sold their home to Titan's stadium (possibly a 2 for 1)?
So if I do the math correctly the full cost of the embarrassment and bad PR of buying out UNC is $2,150,000.

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Hope all the healthy backup WRs get at least a half of work in this week.

Nash got the start last week at HSC.
Nash Nance 16-39 169 1 2

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Guts? Show you got your eyes open. He grabbed his arm and the ref was right there looking at him. Absurd.

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You trolls need pacifiers just like your crybaby coach. come on up to Neyland in two weeks we'll put you down for your nap.

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They'll play at Cincy, Atlanta and Charlotte this year. Not a bad drive to go see them for most of Middle and East Tennessee. I'll be in Charlotte the day after the UT-Mizzou game.

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I'd like to know who the front 7 for Goal line D are. Certainly these 4 are well over 1200lbs (Couch, Hood, McCullers, Sentimore). I guess some combo of past D line performers Walls, Bohannan, Fowlkes, Smith, Miller. If you put Walls, the frosh Phillips and soph Carson the goal line could be pushing a metric ton.

D-Line depth goes a long way to stopping 4Qtr offenses. sure have missed it for the past 3-4 years but I love it.

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Arky would have been 35-7 or 35-14 if coach had left Worley in. And a one score game if 21had caught 3 3rd down drops. I fully expected them to push for another score at the end to avenge the 2000 game. As for the scheduling UGA would have had a 5 loss regular season with our schedule. But no excuses, you play in the SEC to play the best and win. It just sucks that they get 2 short putts in a row.

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in this day and age of debit and credit cards $4800 cash is serious money for a bunch of teens. 25 years ago i doubt my entire floor in hess hall had $4800 cash an entire quarter.

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5th? 5th in the East? Mr Lathers, Tiny, AJ, Dallas this is your wake up call. The media knows we have talent they just don't think you're tough enough.
Get pissed son and do something about it.

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Got to call china and order a ton of muschamp pacifiers, they'll sell like hot cakes.

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NICE! I look forward to successful careers from both. XX3 row 7 in the greatest stadium in college football and 109 row 7 in BofA. It begins in one month; 17 home games and 1 Atlanta road trip. 3 doubles (Triangle to Knoxville on Sat., Knoxville to Charlotte to Triangle on Sunday) and one reverse double (Triangle to Charlotte on Thu., Charlotte to Knoxville to Triangle on Sat.). It may be hard but there is no place I would rather be on a Saturday in the fall than Neyland stadium and third row of a NFL game is a delight. If only I could parlay it into a paying job.

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I'm with ya Volsgurlincharlotte. I'll be driving down from the triangle for some Tennessee football on Friday night (sect 110) and Braves beating the Phillies on Saturday (behind the Braves dugout). I do have 2 extra tix behind the Phillies dugout.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

right, if "coaching circles around" means crying a hissy fit every time a flag was thrown on his defensive game plan of mug the receiver every drop back.

come on up Sept 15, the stadium will be full of pacifiers.

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So when we beat Kensucky this year we can claim a season sweep! And Coach Martin, Re: Mizzou- If you can't get to the Elite 8 you are not one of the top 5 teams regardless what the pre and regular season polls or Dance seeding says.

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Al is correct. After 11 went down, Every pass play had Def holding or pass interference. Bray should have been credited with 85+ yds due to the penalties called and if college had the same rules on PI as the pros.... mark it at the spot of the foul.

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And he plays the dirty birds in Atlanta the Monday night after UT-UF.

Written on Peyton Manning airs it out and looks good:

UT-Mizzou on Sat. Panthers-Broncos less than 24 hrs later in Charlotte. I'll be there.

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Can't wait! I'll be the Big Orange T in the middle of the wufpac caravan on I85 from tobacco road.
UT-State on Friday night and Braves-Phillies on Saturday day.
They got some talent. Big redhead Glennon has a NFL arm and O'Brien puts together solid teams. If they play like the end of 2011 and we play like the start this will be an exciting, high scoring game. I expect our WRs and RBs in space and the UT secondary to be the difference.

Throw the Ball Down the Field!

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seeing as how Peabody's season ticket sales are driven by the visiting SEC teams the more apt comparison would be the 2010 season when they had UT, UF, LSU and SC at home (3 travel WELL and one less than midrange). Not 2011 when they had UGA, UM, UK and Arky (one travels sort of well with 2 midrange). At mid August, 2010 Peabody had sold 15,042 season tickets (with an interim coach).

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Climer, All of the UT family knows this and none of us care about your "opinion" either way. So pi$$ off.

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He has 3 things the Hogs need:
1. He wears a helmet when he rides his Harley.
2. He knows how to beat Bama (albeit a Saban-less Bama)
3. More than likely he doesn't have a textual relationship with a bimbo (although the texas bottle blondes and other mountain girls in Arky tend to make you re-adjust your priorities).

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Don't blame the Pig game on the D. The blame begins at the top with AD Hart and the Band. Can anyone tell me the last time "the Band" (I have removed "The Pride of" when referencing the Arky game) did not attend a SEC game? For that matter tell me the last time they didn't travel to any game. But a League game, Smokey? UNacceptable. I was there on the 12th row behind our 6 cheerleaders and 2 Mascots. And don't even try to tell me the AD (and Vice Chancellor) who we just signed to a $3/4 of a million dollar a year deal didn't have the power to make it happen.

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Of course he "likes math", he IS the Count.

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I hope his agent was smart enough to take his full percentage on the front end of that contract and not year by year for the whole deal.

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Ha, Booger County claims another one. I was in Arky 3 weeks ago. Outside of Clarksville on the way to Fayetteville they have a billboard with 2 giant Bobby Petrino's on it. Kind of confusing. I asked why they needed 2 pics of the same guy on a billboard. Now the 2 faced comes out.

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Were Calipari's A10 CoY in 1996, ConfUSA CoY and Naismith CoY in 2008 vacated?

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Only 32, 49, 61 and 62 should be retired.
All other football lettermen were allowed the ability to graduate and chase their glory on fields and industries of their choosing.