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Written on Wall Street Journal: Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson had cocaine in car:

No wonder he acted like he did in the games this past season; he probably had cocaine in him!!!!!! Its funny how this is just now coming out, if it had been someone from TN it would have been all over ESPN!

Written on Dan Fleser: New report assesses the state of women's college basketball:

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This is college basketball, not the WNBA. The sport doesn't need a commissioner--that's an absurd idea. Which other NCAA sports have commissioners? I think the answer is none. Speeding up the game? Why? Don't the women have the same 35-second shot clock as the men? Yes, it would be nice if the women shot better-but that has been true for years, and there is nothing to do about it. I'm curious to know the shooting percentage in men's basketball--I'm betting it's not much higher. As for a 24-second clock, that's a very dumb idea that will only make the shooting worse!

You also so Right!!! Why don't Val Ackerman go back to where she came from.....and keep her opinions to herself! This is College Ball.....

Written on Guard Jasmine Phillips not returning to Tennessee Lady Vols:

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I don't blame her for transferring to get more playing time. If I was going to college to play basketball or any sport and found myself on the bench most of the time I would do the same.

I can't say I lost any respect for the baylor coach because I never had any to begin with. UT played Baylor every year that Griner was at Baylor and now that UT has the next big time player coming in she bails on the series. No suprise at all. She is all classless.

I couldn't agree more!! She never did have any class....

Written on Lady Vols swept in championship series, Oklahoma wins national title, 4-0:

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I was wondering if anyone else noticed that game 1 should've been a 3-2 Lady vols win. blown call at 3rd base that would've ended the game. I knew when it happened that it very well could cost the Lady Vols the National Championship. If that call was made in MLB world series that's all everybody would be talking about was that blown call. the announcers didn't even question it during the broadcast of the game. It's a D@#N shame!!

You are so right, if it had been MLB blown call they would still be talking about it. And if it had been reversed those BLABBERING IDIOTS espn announcers would have been crowing!!!! Yes, you are right the game should have ended Lady Vols 3 OK 2!!!!!!! They were cheated out of Game 1

Written on Sooners win NCAA softball title, top Tennessee 4-0:

That is all I've heard about is OK! ESPN announcers all they done was repeat theirselves about OU stories over & over!!!! ESPN announcers that covered the softball games were as worse as the umpires!!!!!!! I know it was bad about the tornados in OK... But Missouri and other places; etc. were just as bad, also and now Missouri is getting flooded! You never heard all those big mouths Beth M- and the other two mention anything about all those other places that were affected by disaster!!!!!!! Its like that was the only place that has ever went through a disaster!!!!!! Joplin Missouri was just as Bad

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

I wished Beth Mowins would go off somewhere and get under a rock! ESPN has some of the worst announcers!!!!! If they are for a one certain team all you can hear all through the telecast is all about that team....... It is awful about those tornados in OK, but they have been other tornados elsewhere that has been just as bad....

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

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blown call at third won't soon leave my memory

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that saw that BLOWN CALL! the game would have been over score 3-2 Lady Vols.

Written on Two runs and two Renfroes get Tennessee down to the final two in WCWS :

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I wonder if anyone makes umpires look at pitch location after games. If not, they should. I'm trying to remember if they showed a correct call all night. I also wonder where this guy thinks knees are located.
Nevertheless, I am a very happy camper tonight. Come on Huskies. Make me happier.

I have thought the same thing and some of the plays at first base, some of the runners beat out the throws!!!! I also think they need to put official reviews in softball like they have in B-Ball because some of the umpires blow calls. Go Lady Vols!!!

Written on Ivy Renfroe provides relief for Lady Vols, 3-2 :

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Two Renfroes better than one last night. Hope one can shut it out today. Had to watch with sound turned OFF, Too much Beth (maybe it's just me)

No its not just you, I get tired of hearing her mouth, too! All her and that one that was with her; all they could talk about was alabama & Jackie Traina.... They called an illegal pitch on the pitcher for Arizona St last week and I do not see any difference in the way she pitched and J Traina does and they never call illegal pitches on her....... Go Lady Vols One More Game and we are OKC Bound!!!

Written on Guard Alexa Middleton commits to Lady Vols :

Congratulations! Right Decision! Great to have you as a Lady Vol!!!!

Written on Will the Lady Vols make the Women's College World Series?:

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If they are not good enough to beat a mediocre Mizzou team, why bother wasting the energy and the money to go to the World Series?

You probably don't know anything about sports!It only takes one or few games to be off!!!!!

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

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so your saying Hart should have taken over a broke athletic department and left it to continue to bleed money ? Next time you decide to ramble on you should at least take a moment and think about what your talking about .Try this link

You are so right!!!!!!!

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

It has been nothing but trouble & disaster ever since Dave Hart was hired at TN! One of the best strength and conditioning coaches and those stupid jerks fire her! What man have they got in mind for that job!!!!!! They just keep bringing TN on down.

Written on Kamiko Williams picked in second round of WNBA draft:

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Congrats Kamiko! Sorry you weren't chosen Taber as you were as respectable a player as any in the 2nd or 3rd round.

You are so right! I guess she didn't look tough enough. Taber will be great in whatever she decides to do. Congrats to Both!

Written on Peyton, Ashley Manning donate $500,000 to Pat Summitt Foundation:

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The Mannings are a class act.

Yes! YES! Yes!!!!!! We need a few more like the Manning'

Written on 'Nerves' factored in Meighan Simmons' struggles:

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In any team win as a team and lose as a team....Simmons was no more responsible for the loss than the coaches and several other players..

Right! It only takes one game to be off!

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

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Mulkey should go watch a replay of how she acted. It was almost like she had those refs in her pocket the whole game and when they couldnt throw the fight at the end she blamed them.
Im so glad ESPN will have to move on and talk about someone else for a change. Diggens is the last ESPN golden girl left out of the trio that espn has talked about non stop.

I agree with you 100%!!!!! All ESPN has done is talk about Diggns-Griner & Mulkey!!!!!!

Written on Even after limiting Creighton, Lady Vols want more on defense :

Yes!!!! DEFENSE & REBOUNDING!!!!! Go Lady Vols!!!

Written on Former Lady Vol Kellie Harper fired as N.C. State's coach:

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I don't remember Kay Yow's last teams doing all that well either. Someone will pick Kellie up, she has the smarts and the basketball DNA to be an excellent head coach somewhere.

I don't either! The only time I remember, when they had Summer Erb they went to the Final Four and that was it!!!!! Yes! Kellie will end up somewhere.

Written on Lady Vols say Isabelle Harrison's impact is 'huge' :

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That's exactly what I was thinking T.V.

I thought the same thing! These bracket pairings for the NCAA tourney get worse every year; it is who they want to win or think they can win and put teams where they think those teams can win! It was kinda stupid to send TN all the way to Oklahoma City if they win when their could have sent them to Norfolk; they didn't want them in the same bracket as Notre Dame. And then those big NCAA tourney members get on ESPN explaining how they went about putting teams where they put them! All Big Bunch HogWash out of their mouths!

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

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You stop Griner by not stopping Griner:
-play her man-up, and don't foul...but don't let her pass to cutters or open 3's.
-box her off the offensive boards.
-guard the hell out of everyone else
-screen her, back pick her, etc.
-make her run around screens to even go up and down the court.

What you want: make her take every shot. If she can personally score 70 points, more power to her. I don't think she can.

Right! Let Grin-Man do all the scoring and shut everyone elsedown!!!1 If Purdue plays a good game & hitting their shots they can give Grin-Man a game!!!

Written on Lady Vols know they need to improve defense heading into NCAA tournament:

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It just seems like after every loss or close win they talk about defense... but it doesn't seem to ever get better. I doubt they are going to make their players better defenders in the next week or 2.

Well if it don't, depending on who they play one game will be all they will play!!!!!!

Written on Texas A&M takes one away from Lady Vols in final minute, 66-62:

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Massengale is a waste of a scholarship. She cannot guard a paraplegic. They have to play a zone because of her inadequacies. She supposedly is a good ball handler and is proficient at running the offense. Darn if she has been good at either in the last three games. They have to play her because of the short bench, but as soon as they get anyone who can dribble and walk at the same time, they need to revoke her scholarship, or, at least, just set her on the bench. Unfortunately, today Williams and Simmons stunk, too.

I would disagree with Nell Fortner about how to play offense against an overplaying defense like A&M. Neither one on one nor screens are particulary effective against such. Rather one clears out the lane and back door cuts them.

Nell Fartner is a Ding-Bat anyway! What does she know! Is that why she gave up coaching, to go from station to station thinking she knows everything!!!!!!! I wished she would go off somewhere and flea herself!!!!

Written on SEC sweep for Lady Vols: Warlick (coach), Simmons (co-player), Graves (freshman):

Kamiko Williams deserved to be reconized as well! She was just as good 6th Woman of the Year as the ones that was chosen!!!!!! Go Lady Vols!!!!

Written on Lady Vols have SEC regular season wrapped up, but drama still remains in meeting with Kentucky:

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If the Lady Vols have proved anything is that they are the most talented team in the spite of the injuries..if they play their best..they will beat UK..

I think so too! If they play like they are capable of playing, they can get a win! And if the game is halfway officiated right!!!!! Go Lady Vols!!!!! Lets play like this is another senior night for us!

Written on Lady Vols win SEC, but Ariel Massengale, Isabelle Harrison injured:

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Burdick I have been on you all year. But tonight I appreciate you and thank you for giving your all for UT.

Freshman of the year: B. Graves
Player of the year: M. Simmons
Coach of the year: H. Warlick

I AGREE 100%!!!!!!!!! GO LADY VOLS!!!!

Written on Mental makeover in second half allows Lady Vols to save face against Arkansas, 60-54:

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This is the worst ballhandling LadyVol team I have ever seen. They will get killed in the NCAA tourney. Massingale was bad as usual.

They can be a better ball handling team, they just get to fast and try to force the ball into to many tight places!

Written on Mental makeover in second half allows Lady Vols to save face against Arkansas, 60-54:

Defene and rebounds Lady Vols...take care of the ball. Good win try to stay in the conference. You girls can play better than you played today,

Written on Isabelle Harrison may play against Arkansas:

I hope she does get to play! but I hope she is not rushing it! We really need her in the last two games!!!! Go Lady Vols!!!!!! Good Luck Izzy!!!

Written on Jarnell Stokes on sophomore surge since Cuonzo Martin stood up for him :

Its about time the officials started letting him play, because the other teams were litterally tackling him. They should have been on the football field instead of a B-Ball court! Stokes was getting fouled and he was getting the foul called on him!

Written on John Adams: Surprise: Lady Vols ahead of last season's pace :

SEC Coach of the Year! Holly Warlick
Freshman of the Year! Baasharra Graves

Written on John Adams: Surprise: Lady Vols ahead of last season's pace :

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I'm not sure how this works but can the Lady Vols get a medical for Carter? She played only 7 games.

If I am not mistaken, I believe that I heard them say she would get a medical redshirt, she would have a extra year of elibility.

Written on Lady Vols meet Warlick's challenge to compete in close of LSU game :

Yes! The inside players! or whoever gets a rebound needs to be stronger with the ball! Proud of the Heart & Desire in a close game!!!!! Taber Please come out of your shooting slump!!!!!

Written on Kenny Hall won't be suspended following arrest:

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Why couldn't the cops handle this without grandstanding? SMH.

They wanted to show more authority than they had! It was probably one of them Big Know it All cops!

Written on Lady Vols caught in the Eye of the storm against Missouri, 80-63 :

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Fact. Holly is not a head coach.

Is that what you are basing your facts on: One bad game that Holly is not a coach; You're probably not a coach either, nothing but a SCUM-BAG COUCH POTATO! When you lay out the plan, players has to execute!!!

Written on No timetable for Isabelle Harrison's return after knee surgery :

Izzy we would love to have you back this year, you have become such a valuable part of this team! Don't rush your rehab to get back on the court, even though you would love to get back. You have improved so much from a year ago! Get Well Soon & Best Wishes on a Speedy but Excellent Recovery!

Written on With Notre Dame on the horizon, Lady Vols assess improvements, shortcomings :

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Want to beat ND??

1-focus on McBride and the other ND players.
2-let your ballhandler be whomever Diggins is NOT playing
3-play loose off of Diggins...a hand in her face, but don't body on drives.

Look, you know the ref's in the women's game suck to high heaven. Do NOT put the game in their hands by trying to rough up Diggins.

Secondly, she gets away with murder on defense.

Diggins is the NCAAW "face of women's basketball". Let her get her points...but work liek hell to contain everyone else.

ND WILL be good on D. I think, though, Harrison and Graves can score..if they are composed.

This will be a game, though where Kamiko and Simmons REALLY need to play extra cheap fouls, no extra passes. The more you pass, the more ND can turn you over.

Holly, this is your game to make your mark.

Diggins gets away with anything on offense & defense. When they do call something on her it makes her mad! ND are the about the rudest,despisable team in Womens B-Ball

Written on Georgia brings balanced, deep team into Knoxville to face Lady Vols :

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I like the shorter bench. Of course i don't like to see Draya and Burdick out but if the players are playing well and not winded let them play until some adjustment need to be made or someone is in foul trouble. This is not a time to experiment. Ga is going to play a lot of players but I don't think they've seen a good defense like ours so far.

You are SO-SO-RIGHT!!!!!! If the Lady Vols keep up their Defense like they did against SC & Rutgers; mark up another conference win! Go Lady Vols!!!!!

Written on South Carolina riding wave of 'huge' victory over Lady Vols :

If TN plays their defense like they did against Rutgers they should come out a winner!!!! Also, I hope they have decent officials for the game that calls it both ways! The W Virginia- Oklahoma game last night; OU got away with turnovers GALORE!I hope Staley changes her expression, she either looks like she is about to cry or she is constipated! The toughest game that SC has played was Stanford. GO LADY VOLS! PLEASE HIT THOSE PERIMETER SHOTS!!!!

Written on Lady Vols have tall order against Baylor's 6-foot-8 Brittney Griner :

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Yes, Gender testing.


Written on UT's Cheek: No plan yet for funding coaching buyout :

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Cheek is incompetent and should be fired. He is as responsible as Hamilton for this mess.

You are so right!!!! He doesn't know how to fund this mess!!!!! Just raise tuition! or demote or fire some of the women employees and give the ones at the top a raise!!!! Instead of firing & hiring coaches they need to fire some of the top executives! They are making a mockery of UT!

Written on Chamique Holdsclaw in jail in Atlanta:

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It is easy for those who know not sin to cast stones. Let us recall that Chamique has been battling severe mental disorders for years -- some forcing her to leave the game. Too bad she doesn't have a physical injury, perhaps a torn ACL. Then all of you would pray for her rather than hate her.

You could have not said that better!!! That is whats wrong with this country today, to many ppl that thinks their perfect want to cast stones. That is whats wrong with this Country today; to much hatred!!! and to many Know-it-Alls!!!

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

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What a waste of time that read was.

I could not agree more! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME THIS READ WAS!!!! Why in the world would UT want a coach that has been fired from a university & one that don't have no morals! Excuse me! They are only interested in winning!

Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

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The staff is here to stay. Accept it, support them and hope for the best...

And Dooley, if Tyler doesn't get his head out of his arse...BENCH HIM!

That's just what we need to fire another coach and pay them up in millions to be somewhere else! Where in the H-- did they find all of these FINE ATHLETIC DIRECTORS!!!!! Before firing Philip Fulmer they should have given him one more year instead of jumping the gun so quickly, it has been a mess every since! So all these Know-it-all-fans that thinks they know so much, lets finally support Dooley; at least he's trying to make something out of the team! And if Tyler Bray don't get his act together put his A-- on the sideline!!!

Written on Poll: How would you grade Tennessee's performance against Florida?:

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Not so fast my friend. There are still 9 game left on the schedule and 8 of them are winnable so if Dooley can get things together, then UT could still finish with 8 wins. I think 7 wins keeps him even though it would be disappointing only winning 7. There will be lots of fans unhappy, but I think the payout would be too much for Dooley and the 7 new asst coaches to fire them unless UT has another losing season.

When the players are given plays they have to execute, instead of shooting theirselves in the foot! If they had played in the 2nd half like they did in the 1st half they would have won! TN made FLA look better then what they are in the 2nd half! They are (TN) going to have to start playing 40.00 minutes and quit stopping themselves! They could have beaten FLA!

Written on Oregon sends Lady Vols home from WCWS, 3-1:

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Thanks to the Weekly's for a good season. Winning the way to the WCS is something many teams have not experienced. We've played against the best all season, and we've beaten quality teams along the way.

We did not bring our A-game to Oklahoma. The best teams have slumps too. We had ours at the wrong time. Lady Vols are first class, winning or in defeat.

You are so right! We did not get hits when we needed too! Still had a Great Season! Post Season is not the time to struggle! Most teams don't even make it to the WCWS. As they say learn from this experience, work to get better in the off-season! Go Lady Vols!!!

Written on Lawyer details Debby Jennings' departure from UT; legal action considered :

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This is what happens when you hire a bunch of moles from Alabama.

You are so right! Sounds like it is still a BUNCH OF STUPID IDIOTS trying to run UT. And they don't want the women doing better than them! They are running the University in the ground everyday!!!

Written on Jolette Law: 'It's an honor' to join Lady Vols staff :

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Fired for underachieving, and the Vol Nation welcomes, how the mighty have fallen...


Written on Kentucky outplays Lady Vols, 5-3 :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Since when is KY got domination over TN in all sports, you BOZO! Dream on! Domination in my book you have to beat a team twice to have domination! The lady vols b-ball blew KY off the court at TBA! Now is that domination!!!!!