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Rammer Jammer; Yeller Hammer;


Is it Parole Tide or Payroll Tide these days?

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The Orange and White looks pretty good on my Gray tees and hoodies. What the heck...if the Vols win wearing those unis, the negative reaction will fade. If they lose wearing them, this latest fashion statement will go the way of the orange Nikes of Coach Majors in the mid-1980s.

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Bottom line...if the Vols win in the new unis, the fan reaction will be more positive. If they lose wearing them, we'll all agree they look like cr@p.

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Bottom line...if the Vols win in the "smokey" gray unis, the fan reaction will be more positive. If they lose in them, we'll all say they look like cr@p.

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Remember when Nu'Keese Richardson did the same thing a few years ago? Of course, the difference there was he was proudly displaying a wad of wrinkled one and five dollar bills...not C notes.

You mean he got money out of that deal. I thought all he wound up with was a cheeseburger. Oh yeah, that was later...

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Typical Vandy. Who but those lunkheads would come up with 'Anchor Down' for a battle cry?! When I put my boat achor down that means, I'm not going anywhere. Or if I'm dumb enough to drive, its very slow motion.

I've been trying to figure that one out too. Of course, the Navy no longer has the rank of Commodore, so I guess we should just consider the source and be done with it.

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We should all quit doggin' on Morrison. It's just a doggone shame what happened to him. He was simply out late with friends, barking at the moon, and things got out of hand. Once he was released, he probably had a little hair of the dog to calm his nerves. I'm sure he's pawsitivly remorse over the whole incident.

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Yep, I'll admit it. I thought Crappy CommodeDoor was the lousy oddsmaker that always spouted meaningless manufactured stats, but now it seems it is likely Jeffy Flowers, with a bizarre turn towards Vanderbilt. (Who the heck would ever take an anti-Tennessee angle by supporting.... Vanderbilt?)

No legit CommodeDoor would ever think to make a reference to Bowden Wyatt, Jeffy! That sort of worshipping-the-past idolatry (you know, Wyatt, Dickey, and St. Phillip) is the exclusive province of Jeffy Flowers, cranky old bast**d par excellence!

I had the same thoughts as you did, RHR. But his cute nicknames for people, along with his bashing of former Tennessee players/coaches reveals him to be none other than Richmond's second-rate, no-good p.o.s. brother.

Good to see you again, Jeffy. How's the lobotomy healing?

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Ahhhh don't let him confuse you: Brett Maverick never actually attended Vanderbilt. He just drives past campus from time to time. Kinda like ToddyBoi, except Toddy live in Tuscaloosa and hasn't ever set foot on the UT campus.

They both should be labelled wannabe and/or neverwas

Some of you might remember on Brett's website from a few years ago that he had a UT Vols lamp in the background. I must say, it was a rather nice looking lamp. My guess is he still has that lamp. It may be in storage or in a back room somewhere in the Maverick mansion, but I'm sure he still has it. I'm also quite sure within the next few seasons when bUTch gets things turned around, that lamp will reappear on Brett's site.

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Jones can recruit certainly would have passed on Flowers LOL

CBJ would have loved Richmond. He'd have had Jeffy washing uniforms.

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As if the NBA was an option for him LOL!!!

It's an option...just not this year.

Thankfully, he and McRae had the good sense to realize that. Next year should be fun to watch.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Hi Jeffy. How's the lobotomy?

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So was he a jerk from the start, or did Kevin Stallings show him the ropes?

That's the $64,000 question. Which, ironically, may be the amount Franklin has to pay in fines this fall after he loses it during post-game interviews.

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Got to admire this kids love for the game. Play me anywhere, just play me. If it takes putting on pounds or taking it off, just play me where I can contribute. What a great attitude. My hat is off to you Mr. Hood.

Hood's attitude is what Tennessee football should be about. I like the direction this staff is taking with the players. Hopefully, Hood ends his career with the Vols in a bowl game.

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Jeffy tried that, he couldn't even get any action with himself.

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Personally, I don't care how much he or any of the other coaches are making. If they can coach the Vols back to the top of the SEC, they are worth every penny.

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I would love to see CPF back in coaching, and ETSU would be a great place for him to return. My parents are ETSU alumni and my dad lettered in football and baseball in the late 40s. There is still much admiration and respect for CPF and it would be a great chance to bring Bucs football back in the right way.

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Two things:

1) In Kentucky, if a couple gets a divorce, are they still cousins?

2) I heard that Kentucky is looking for a state slogan instead of the current finalist "The Land That Hygiene Forgot". Any truth to this?

Q: Did you hear about the Kentuckian who broke an arm and a leg raking leaves?

A: He fell out of the tree.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Nothing to see here. Jeffy's just getting the most of his one hour a day at the computer in the insane asylum.

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Tin foil hat and face into the wind with your mouth open?

8inarow tried that. His braces scrambled the reception.

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General Shofner of the USMC played for General Neyland and was a very smart man.He would not have liked a stupid person using his name.

You're playing into Jeffy's hands on this one. He's not talking about General Shofner, but Del Shofner who played for Baylor in the 1950s and later in the NFL.

This is another one of Jeffy's subtle UT-put-down screen names. Baylor beat the Vols in the Sugar Bowl after the 1956 season, and he's slamming on none other than Johnny Majors. Johnny fumbled a punt that led to Baylor's winning TD.

Yet again, Jeffy is spotlighting unfortunate moments in UT football history for his own twisted pleasure, as he has previously done with Gary Wright, Karl Kremser, and Glenn Ford. He is a tool, plain and simple.

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I guess that means he's proud of the school books being sold by the players...? LMAO

Especially the ones that hadn't been colored in yet.

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Where is Professional Handicapper? He predicted that "Tuesday will see a tired team run off the floor." The Vols certainly didn't look like a team coming off a four-overtime game. Cudos to their strength and conditioning program.

Btw, Brett couldn't pick the winner in a one-horse race. Tiaking gambling advice from him is like trying to nail jello to a tree.

Just don't take spelling advice from me -- (really...tiaking)

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What kind of a strength coach uses a saw? He should have ripped the door off with his bare hands.

Get me a towel...just sprayed sweet tea all over the screen. I wish I'd thought of that.

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Where is Professional Handicapper? He predicted that "Tuesday will see a tired team run off the floor." The Vols certainly didn't look like a team coming off a four-overtime game. Cudos to their strength and conditioning program.

Btw, Brett couldn't pick the winner in a one-horse race. Tiaking gambling advice from him is like trying to nail jello to a tree.

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So who are we looking at to full the position? I'd like to bring Trooper Taylor back to the staff. Any other thoughts?

Now the question becomes...would Trooper come back if offered the job?

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They beat 4 subs in the 4th OT. The fact UT played a complete game and 4 OT's and nobody fouled out seems pretty iffy. A&M held on with 4 starters to foul out. Not really conditioning as much as 1st teamers beating second teamers. Tuesday will see a tired team get run off the floor.

A win is a win, Brett.

I forgot...with your "skill" in predicting the outcome of games, you don't see too many wins.

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Remember folks...if it wasn't for Tennessee, Texas would still be part of Mexico.

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I would like to hear Jay's version of this story before I form an opinion.

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Why focus on the end of the list instead of the beginning. Also My guess is if Bray, Bryce, and Janzen would have still been here they all would have been captains.

You may be right, especially about Janzen (weed and all). However, no one connected to the team seemed too upset when Bryce decided to transfer. And I honestly don't remember too many teammates defending Bray regarding his attitude. I might be a bit biased regarding Tyler, because I think he might be one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory who wore the Orange and White.

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Why are all ST guys like Darr, Palardy, & Brodus picked dead last? Not only are they crummy players, but they evidently have bad character as well. Let's make their schollys available to guys we can count on both on and off the field.

Also, I wonder how Da'Rick, Jansen, Bryce, and Bray would have done on such a list? I really like this approach because it allows the players to tell us whom they really respect and, just as importantly, whom they don't. Long overdue exercise.


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At least these guys got some money and a credit card. All our guys got was a cheeseburger.

That's all our guys wanted. They had the munchies.

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I expected a tough game at your place even with Noel, now i'm not sure what to expect from our team without him, maybe they play better or maybe worse. UT seems to br playing better since they quit calling fouls on Stokes for breathing..anyway i hope for a competitive game from our guys.

I have no doubt UK will come out ready to play. Your 7-footer has had more time with the first team now, and the team may be more focused to show what they can do without Noel. Btw, best luck to Nerlens in his recovery. He seems like a class act. I hated seeing him get hurt the way he did.

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i seem to recall a vandy fan crowing just the other day about how great it is to be a dore fan. where is he now?

If you're talking about the so-called Professional Handicapper, he's probably at a payday loan store to raise enough cash to cover his losses following yet another wrong prediction.

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Whatever became of the ceramic dog?????

It's probably right beside the freshly watered bamboo tree in his office at Jerry World.

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I find it funny that we had a administrative intern coaching football! Now I know why the football program was down this year. Why penalize the intern, atleast he tried to coach!

Maybe Dooley and the administrative intern should have switched jobs.

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So nice to be a Vandy fan.. longest football win streak in the SEC and good character kids..
Brandt Snedeker wins Peeble Beach this weekend, Vandy wins 9 Football Games, 3 NBA drafties, ranked number 2 in College Baseball, and David Price wins the Cy Young in the AL. Great to be a Dore!!

Careful Professionally Handicapped (by your lack of humility), it has taken a very long time for the Commode Dores to open this wide. The fall, when it happens, may be too much for you to take. Why, it might even make you dust off the UT lamp that you once had clearly visible on your website and display it yet again. Have a nice day, try not to lose too much money this week.

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Not sure about the panties but I would bet no Jorts were on the scene.

Speaking of jorts, Florida must be ticked. Bama is stealing their to speak.

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If Jay's wife took four small children to Disneyworld by herself she is truly the hero of the family. She could probably coach the defensive line. Wrangling four through Pirates of the Carribean would be experience enough.

If she can keep four children happy and under control in the chaos known as Disney World, forget coaching. She's ready to be the next AD.

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Recently while in Destin I saw a man with a Cincinati sweatshirt on. I jokingly said "we got your coach". Then I asked him what he thinks about our new coach. He said "he's a GREAT coach"! He said if Jones can recruit in the SEC we have only good things ahead. He didn't think too highly of their new coach Tuberville. I think folks at Cincinati think so highly of Jones they actually are hoping he will do well for UT, even though he left them. That says a lot, a lot!

If CBJ and his staff coach as hard as they work, things will be good again in Big Orange Country.

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If Jones can coach he can build the program. If he can recruit he can build the program. Today we don't know what he can do because he, just like Dooley, took over someone else's team and someone else's recruiting class and did his best to hold it together and add to it. I for one will let him coach a couple years and put together his own recruiting classes before judging him.

Remember Vol fans, if recruiting was all that mattered there would have been no need to get rid of Fulmer. It's preparation, game management and player development that I want to see from Butch Jones.

Very well said

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

About like passing out at an intersection while operating a car is a class at UF.

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Great post!! While at a coaches conference in Nashville, Coach Butch getting the entire Volunteer staff (except for one whose wife was sick), and having about 50 Vol players from years past who live in the Nashville area over to watch the BCS CG. Establishing Volunteer family connections, talking and learning Volunteer tradition and lore and recruiting from Vols For Life who made it happen. You'll love this article from Volquest. Why is this story not on kns site?

Why is this story not on KNS? Are you's a positive story.

Now if someone had been pulling over after leaving that gathering, KNS would have been all over that with all sorts of wild speculation to follow over the next several days.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

She was frowning because she was afraid Barrett Jones was gonna stomp A.J. into the Miami turf the next time he mouthed off. Note to QBs everywhere: don't p!$$ off your center.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Remove it if you must, KNS, but the comment never gets old.

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Everybody saying good post to dc charley and commending him I would suggest go back and reading some of his post this year.




"the term "prima donna" has come into common usage in any field denoting someone who behaves in a demanding, often temperamental fashion, revealing an inflated view of themselves, their talent, and their importance

Pretty much sums up Florida's defense!

By the way I won't go troll some Florida site like this pathetic loser lives for because I don't have to the florida troll's are here 24/7

That's exactly why I was commending DC for his comments. He and his Gators were humbled and he knew it. He ran his mouth earlier in the year when they won, and now he has to eat crow after UF got taken behind the woodshed. At least he took it like a man, unlike the other trolls regurgitating their same old crapola.

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And it wasn't that close. Great job to Strong and staff. So glad he's at Louisville and not somewhere in the SECe, namely Tennessee.

Florida got out-coached and out-played, period, on top of having 5 weeks of bowl prep hearing about how good they were and how Louisville wasn't worthy. Plus, the dynamic of Strong staying at Louisville serving as a boost for the players all = a perfect storm for the disinterested Gators. Still, 11-2 is an outstanding season and I'm proud of Muschamp and the season he had. Program is headed back in right direction.

Happy offseason everyone. See ya around soon once the SEC basketball slate heats up.

Good post DC. No excuses, no crying. Thanks for that.

I understand now why CCS stayed at the 'Ville. With a QB like Teddy Bridgewater, that's more than enough to build a team around. They have a chance to have a very good 2013 season. Good luck to them.

As for the Gators, they did have an excellent season, rebounding well from the 2011 season. However, Florida has way too much talent to cheap-shot people the way they do. Last night's officials (don't remember what conference) didn't flag the Gators as much as they should have for obvious personal fouls, but it was still better than what SEC fans are used to seeing from our inept striped-shirt crews.

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GO VOLS who made it, even though I see no point in the PROBOWL!

I'm not into the Pro Bowl either. I just like seeing anyting positive involving UT players, past or present. Congrats to Peyton, Dustin, EB, Arian, Witten, and Mayo for representing the Big Orange Nation with class.

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If my math is correct, Sunseri will be making roughly $1 for every yard his defense gave up in 2012.

He should be paying UT $1 for every yard his defense gave up in 2012.

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i bet you have a picture of his jock strap on the ceiling over your bed .

And autographed Tebow and Meyer jorts hanging from the bed posts.