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Looks like they reversed course on that whole pay wall nonsense. How long until the trolls figure this out again?

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Sounds to me like Dooley got what he wanted all along, millions of dollars and now much less stress.

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I have already prepared myself for some turnover among the commitments if the loses start piling up. The good news is there are a lot of legacy Vols making up the core of this class, and as long as they hold true, we should be on our way to closing the gap. On a side note, I personally couldn't care less if Kiffin gets fired or not, and certainly will not be setting off fireworks if he does.

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"If you don’t go out and play, they don’t eat."
Does this comment irritate anyone else? Made by someone who make's 3 Million a year referencing a staff that make's 6+ figure salaries??? I get the premise, but still.

Absolutely. This guy is getting paid generational wealth, his grandkids will never have to work just from the money on his current contract. Not to mention the way these contracts are set up, coaches get paid REALLY well to fail, Dooley is a perfect example. I've been a fan of Butch so far, but he should never compare his situation to someone who truly does face the possibility of going hungry if they lose their job.
Go Vols!

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Speaking of Krystal's, I heard you frequent them in Alabama and pretending to be passed out/intoxicated.


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Are the players in Oregon and Colorado allowed to light up as much as they want now, or do the schools still have to try to enforce a drug policy that conflicts with the state laws?

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Seems like a pretty clear case to me, why is this litigation taking so long? Too bad the lawyers will get more money than the former players will ever see.

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I can understand blacking this out in East TN to get more people to attend, but to black it out in Nashville, Jackson and Memphis is just stupid. They are leaving a lot of money on the table when they do that.

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I think there should be an early signing period. I agree there is probably a ton of time and money wasted trying to retain commitments that could have been signed, or trying to recruit players committed to other schools. Let the players that are certain sign early and get it over with.

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They should all be open, not sure why they were ever closed to begin with. I can go to any high school around and watch their practice, and right now I can go to any pro camp and watch their practice, so why not open them all up?

Written on Govols247: Four-star linebacker Kevin Mouhon's commitment makes six in a week for Tennessee:

This is great, but I hope we are saving 2 spots for some very special twins.

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I will meet my seats for home Game #4, on October 5, when a real opponent comes to town.

For instance, on Sept 28, I can drive 150 miles each way to see UT play South Alabama, or I can stay home and watch it on HDTV, plus watch LSU v Georgia and Texas A&M v Arkansas and Oklahoma v Notre Dame. It's an easy choice. You can say I'm not a real Tennessee fan, but unless you've seen nearly 250 Tennessee games in person, as I have, I won't give much weight to your opinion.

This! From about 1982 - 1999 I was at every single home game, never missed a one (1994-1999 as a student / grad student). Then I moved too far away and was forced to watch on TV, all the while sick that I wasn't able to be there. But a funny thing happened that I wasn't expecting, I realized I was more than just a TN fan, I was a college football fan. I got to see so many other games, great games I never would have gotten to see had I been at the UT games all day. So, now that I live in Nashville, I go to 1 or 2 games a year and spend the rest at home enjoying college football, all of it, not just TN.

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

I agree with most of the comments, at least the ones that aren't pissing matches. The student section has had massive empty sections since the first season they started charging extra for seats. I can't believe what is so obvious to everyone flies right over the head of those in charge. A precursor to any decision regarding students should be: don't do anything that could result in fewer college students at a college game on a college campus, period!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Can't argue with that, and we do try to make a couple of games a year as well. Most of the time we can get tickets for less than face value, so what does that say about the real value of the games?

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Count me as one of the fans no longer buying season tickets to the football games. It's sad that my children won't get the same experiences I had going to the games with my parents, but they have priced the average family out of going. My couch is really comfortable compared to a metal bench, and my HD TV is top notch. Throw in my surround sound, DVR to skip all the commercials and create my own replays, ability to follow all the games, not just 1, no line at my bathroom, $.25 drinks instead of $6.00 (I could go on and on) and it's hard to justify going to the games. Yes, tailgating was fun, not to mention some of the other, um, "scenery", but even with all that, it's still just no longer worth it to me. I don't think even a winning team will get me back to season tickets.

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I don't buy into this theory that for us to catch up, the other teams have to somehow come back down to our level. This isn't some race to the bottom, this is the SEC. It's time for us to rise to the challenge and stop whining about the level of competition. Also, this isn't some game of chance as Adams puts it, this is a game of skill, and to win we have to once again get the level of skill it takes to compete. So far Jones seems to be able to do that, I just hope he can keep everything together through what will almost certainly be a challenging season. Go Vols!

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The Erik Ainge show is the best on Knox radio in the AM no doubt for two main reasons: 1.He knows more than D/J/H put together....2. His station actually stays on the air for more than three minutes at a time! Example: Sports animal 9:00am-9:10am all commercials ...Return for two minutes to talk and play seven more minutes of commercials...Return and take ONE phone call for a total of two minutes then play seven more minutes of commercials. I timed them one morning and from 9am to 9:37am they were "on air" talking for TOTAL of six minutes.....That is why I stopped listening to those guys.....Besides the bore-fest they supply....(except for "NO YOU BACK UP!!" :)

104.5 the zone in Nashville is even worse. I used to listen to them on the way to work, but I was hearing 18 minutes of commercials on a 22 minute drive, and the 4 minutes of actual talk was pretty stupid.

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Unites States Sports Academy, please tell me that's made up.

Written on NCAA director of enforcement headed to Auburn:

Looks like Aubie is going to try to keep the NCAA weak by hiring away all their staff into cush jobs in the athletic dept. Probably not a bad strategy given the potential of the death penalty if some of these accusations are true.

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Why the Broncos, Peyton? Why? A true Vol for sure. It's just painful to see him in a Broncos uniform. Anyone but the Broncos.

The answer to this question is simple, an opportunity to win championships. He would have gotten a ring last year if their safety hadn't done the one thing you're not supposed to do in that situation.

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Oops, just re-read the story, now I see the connection. I wouldn't count on this amounting to much though, it didn't involve free BBQ.

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This is a bit off topic, but hot news nonetheless...Will Muschamp is probably being grilled by the media about this right is a HUGE allegation...check it out:

If this goes south, it could even destroy the Gators never know.

This is about Auburn and Gene Chizik, why would anyone be asking Muschamp about any of this?

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Oh no, I hope no one took pics at that BBQ.

ha - was Bruce Pearl there?

Written on Day 1 of practice under Butch Jones features sunny skies, music, intense coaches :

Does anyone know if Butch Jones has a different policy regarding press access to practice? I'd be nice to actually get some reports on how the team looks.

Written on John Adams: Vols turn rivalry topsy-turvy :

I haven't enjoyed a UT basketball game start to finish like that in a long time. Way to go team, now go and do the same thing to Florida!

Written on Behind the scenes with Butch Jones and UT's coaches: Jokes, stories and pronunciation work:

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"I do hear that UT spent a lot of money on a football practice facility, but you don't hear much about that AND you don't see any good videos of what's inside. I heard that they were not showing much because not much is there. It seems they are afraid that the UT fans will go berserk when they discover that 40 million dollars was spent on a workout room and cheap offices."

There is a virtual tour of the new facility at Try checking it out and stop spouting nonsense.

This would have been a better reply:

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Forget the Seals, sounds to me like they need to bring in SouthPaVol to speak to the team.

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Too bad Monte didn't give him a shot with the Cowboys, he could have been another Bill Bates.

Written on Tennessee football support staff will make $1.425 million in combined salaries:

I don't see how 1 man is worth as much as everyone else combined, I don't care who he is.

Written on Cowboys hire Monte Kiffin to replace Rob Ryan:

Has this guy never heard of retirement?!?! Or maybe he realizes pretty soon he'll be supporting that son of his and his family, so better keep working.

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No we don't. We need pro style, a GREAT one.

Okay - let's compare results. We had Peyton Manning, by any measure a GREAT pocket passer. 3 great seasons, 1 SEC Title and a blowout loss in a potential championship bowl game to, wait for it, a running QB. Then we had Tee Martin, a dual threat QB who could run when needed to get the first down. How did he do?

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I'm pretty sure the fans with bags over their heads don't want their names called out over the PA System.

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As far as I know, there has been no mention of trying to buy out of this game, so why even write this story? A couple of seasons ago we were completely dominating the Ducks until mother nature stepped in and gave them a chance to re-group. Yeah - in typical Dooley fashion the game got away from us in the 2nd half, but I fully expect to be competitive with them next year.

Written on SEC won't suspend Alabama's Dial for hit on Murray:

He should not only be suspended, but UA should have been fined for that hit.

Written on Mike Strange: Butch Jones dreamed of a job like Tennessee :

What was up with that random "UT did not succeed in pursuit of Gruden" comment? Also, if this was such a dream job, why is it costing so much money to get him to take it?

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

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All right boys and girl, time to turn our attention to Jim Mora jr. right now he's taking is hanging with a highly talented him the $$$$

I wanted Mora 4 years ago and posted it twice on this board. Of course I was immediately branded a complete fool, who's right now???

Written on Status of Auburn coach Gene Chizik in limbo:

Not in limbo any more - just got fired.

Written on Tough to read Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray when it comes to his NFL plans :

Watching these interviews of Bray is like watching an interview of Bill Belichick, short, snippy responses with no real information. If he does come back, I hope it's an open competition that gives Worley a fair shot to win the job.

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How about Bill Callahan?

Someone has forgotten the disaster that was Bill Callahan coaching Nebraska.

Written on Cutcliffe says he's staying at Duke in 2013:

Say what you want about Cut, but kudos to him for not just using the UT opening to get a pay increase from Duke. How many times did our beloved Pearl do that to us?

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

Pretty funny they aren't even going to let him coach the KY game, so even if we win Dooley's record shows a winless SEC year. I think once Dooley realized his job was in jeopardy, he mailed it in. Why deal with this headache when you can get paid $100k per month for literally doing nothing??? That's what I really hate about these buyout deals, they are counter productive!

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

After the USC game today I was looking through my old posts, and sure enough, back in 2007 I posted that we should hire Jim Mora, Jr to replace Fulmer. Too bad I wasn't in charge, these past few years could have been a lot different.

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

Looks like Kiffin and crew might be available for hire. We could probably get that whole staff virtually free if they have contracts from USC that continue to pay the difference in salary.

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Actually, I think Tennessee will have to beat both Vandy and Missouri.. With the university's financial situation the way it is; they will want to give him another year. Big changes will come irregardless. I think Sunseri is gone and a new defensive coordinator should be brought in. Honestly, I'd love to see them throw alot of money at John Chavis. Can you imagine this offense paired with a John Chavis defense? It's enough to get me excited... But I know some Vols fans want the whole thing blown up... I just don't necessarily think that is the answer. But what do I know...

I love Chavis as much as anyone, but I had some serious deja vu last night during the LSU / AL game. LSU defense stuffed Ala all night, then when it mattered most they went prevent and gave up the winning drive. Sound familiar to anyone???

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I sure am glad Patterson plays for us, can you imagine him running around in our secondary. On another note I can't believe people criticizing Chaney the team scored 55 points.

You can bet Sunday - Friday he's running through our defense like a greased pig.

Written on Poor defense lets Troy down once again:

I'm with everyone on the Defense, but we all should also agree that Cordarrelle Patterson put on a show today. As awful as this game was to watch, at least seeing the way that kid played was worth the price of admission. He would be a heisman candidate if this team was any good.

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I hope he had a good insurance policy, because that really looked like a devastating injury. Lattimore was obviously aware of the seriousness given his and the team's reaction.

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I'm starting to think the students have the right idea with their new alcohol ingestion technique. I may have to try that to withstand the beating we are going to take on Saturday night.