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You Ga fans arrogance astounds me, your worst years against us Vols was in the 1990's (still not too bad for you, mostly winning seasons) you guys did not beat us. . . NOT ONCE! In our darkest days (since playing in the SEC championship 2004 and mostly losing seasons) our record is 4-5 against you. And three of our four wins were by no less than 18 pts in games you were supposed "slaughter" us in. Whether we win this one or not, your best days are behind you, hope you enjoyed them! Don't forget to add the vinegar to the bag ;-)

Excellent post - love that last line.

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I'm not sure about all the previous comments regarding Worley, or his backup. All could be very accurate. I was calling for him to play more the last two years.

Yes, as ludicrous as it may seem, Worley would have been a better option than Bray. I get the fact that Bray has an NFL caliber arm, but Bray never actually managed the game. He always let raw talent make up for lack name it. And then we would loose against teams we shouldn't have lost.

I'm all in on Worley and think he will be very good for the next couple of years. IMHO.

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I hope Tajh Boyd wins the Heisman Trophy. Poetic justice. Nuff said.

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How old is this article? I thought I saw it on the 247 site 2 weeks ago.

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Wow, there are some really funny posts on this subject. UT does no good for itself scheduling more than two - if that many - tough outside of conference opponents. Fans are happier for their weekend with the tickets, etc... but the team is not.

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Look at our basketball surprise. Bad schedule will keep you out of the dance.
Strength of schedule outside the conference will be more and more important in football too.

First sentence, correct. Second sentence, what are you smoking. Two completely different processes for selecting post season opportunities.

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I heard James and Smith on the radio early this evening. What enthusiastic and highly articulate young men these guys were. They are very excited about getting the bad taste out of their mouths by playing hard and intense. I also think they are very realistic about the season.

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Considering the situation..Pearl should have and staff should have been retained by this administration. What the heck is the ncaa gonna do? Uconn held onto to their coach in the middle of the allegations swirling. Bruce Pearl brought UT out of the dark ages and back to relevance in college bball. He should still be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep. I haven't seen (or written myself) a negative post toward Hamilton in a long time, but, he's the gift that keeps on giving. A book or case study will be written about him someday. The AD that brought down a top tier athletic program.

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I don't understand all the rehashing of this story, but I wish Bruce nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

Me too. Is this a summer doldrums article?

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Your either a game ready SEC QB or your not and Worley has yet to prove he is..This reminds me way too much of the Crompton days.Kiffin did manage to make somewhat of a QB out of him but that was after a lot of losses!!Worley got his true test when Dooley put him in out of desperation against Vandy. His first pass was right into the belly of the CB.A lot of people said that was the WR's fault but what I saw was a simply a CB with decent inside position. I don't recall if he did much positive after that but keep in mind that was with NFL WR's and an Oline with 4 sure NFL prospects. There is little or no learning curve for SEC QB's if your a Junior that's had 2 years to hone your craft. Jones is not one to baby a QB but he is also not one to give a quick hook. Munchie had a lot of chances to prove himself last year at Cinncy but when he threw a wounded duck into the end zone for an Int. on a pass that would have won the game Munchie boy promptly spent most of the rest of the season riding the pine. Iam normally an optimist but all of us get the sense this team is hungry and ready to win and the last thing we need is 5 senseless losses at the expense of a JR QB trying to get his cr%p together..Been there done that !!!!!!!

I hear you and have a tendency to agree with you. The one wild card for me is that all we have seen from Worley heretofore is either mop up or dire circumstances with the benefit of perhaps the worst coaching in school history. I like the attitude and the body language, always have. I'm looking forward to what a good coach can do with him. Admittedly, I'm a bit hopeful as well.

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Oh I get it. You're the bright one on the board. LOL!

Good one. I was thinking he should try reproducing himself, but that may be a bit too intellectual for him.

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Climer is not clever, but if you read a few lines and close your eyes, you can see Climer laughing in the background. The Pee Wee Herman remark is right out of the John Adams journal of 'How to Sound like a Nerd when Trying to Inject some Humor.' We UT fans have Wiedmer, Climer, and Adams all working to belittle UT Sports. I would think that each of the guys mentioned cost us at least one 4 or 5-tar recruit per year. If a similar writer in Ohio would belittle Ohio State, the Dispatch would have them reassigned in Shreveport, Johnson City, and Corbin, Ky. Don't get me wrong and start telling me I want news through orange colored glasses...not true...I want factual news (good and bad)& (positive or negative)...I just don't want things construed into a clown face and waved directly at UT.

Well said and spot on with the lost 4/5 star recruits - especially since that Linebacker from Illinois chose Iowa over Tennessee and specifically mentioned the negativity of the local papers as one of the reasons.

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Unbelievable. I didn't count but thought I saw two positive comments and the rest not so much. DA-JA is a joke as a sportswriter.

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Does anyone think we lose that game if Fla St 1st team QB s not hurt and unable to play? No one was happier than I with that win but I was not impressed with Fulmers play calling. I know Sanders was OC but I'm sure Fulmer was holding back the reins most f the night.

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I wasn't quite making that accusation. Nothing I have ever heard about Donovan would suggest to me that he would try to sabotage a kid's career. I had other reasons for preferring that Jarnell get in some concentrated work on a few key skills rather than worrying about balancing travel and summer school, with practices geared toward putting together quick-and-dirty game plans against opponents nobody knows.

Not that there is not value in that, but I'm afraid all this international play is the "big-boy" equivalent of AAU traveling teams, which I relate to the decline of fundamental skills in basketball generally. They also subtly erode the sense of the "specialness" of college ball. It's hard to get up for 75-100 games a year, especially if you are also trying to go to school and have a life, so after awhile no game seems special. Maybe this is all just the ravings of a loony old man.

+1 on that last thought.

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I suppose this is what Franklin meant by "not settling".

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Did you ever stop to think about how many extra offensive possessions Sal's defense gave the offense that led to all that proliferation. Didn't think so. No, we are much better off in the long run to have that head case gone. He won't last as long as Jon crompton In the NFL.

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100% correct - VP. It's simple really. There are some good sites to use as a benchmark. Nebraska is one. Ohio State is another. Neither of those two sites would ever allow Adams to spew his venom under their brand.

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Don't need to read a word this AH writes to understand his only purpose is to degrade the volunteers and their fans. Adams is the original POS.

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Got my flights and hotel booked for the game. Still need to find a B&B or other accommodation for Willamette wine country. Go Vols - roast the duck.

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NO...NEVER...This was awful...The win was nice but the jerseys were awful...Tennessee's colors are Orange and White ONLY (Baseball needs to figure that out)...also it was another Kiffin thing so another reason to never do it again.


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Bottom line, Bray made mistakes and now he realizes just how big those mistakes were. The answer to the last question says it all to me. If he had it do over, he would have have stayed, buckled down and learned how to prepare and execute using those incredible physical abilities he has. But, alas, he can't do it over and he has to move. Best of luck. Here's one Vol wishing you the best.

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Dog days of summer are a little early this year. Reading this article was 2 minutes of my life that I will not get back.

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Numbers shouldn't be our main concern, quality should.

Amen. Top 5 or Top 10 doesn't really mean anything. We need high quality folks who can compete in practice.

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Nice - good-luck in the league.

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Actually Mahelona (RIP) was not the last. Albert Haynesworth went 1st round, 15th overall in the 2002 NFL Draft to the Titans.

Right after big John Henderson if I remember correctly. Wonder how the heck they missed that. In fact, I think we had 3 of the first some number picks that year. BTW, I was in Hawaii last year and mentioned Jesse's name and watching him at UT - you wouldn't believe the overwhelming positive reaction I got from the locals. They were proud of him.

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You know, this could be really big in the recruiting trenches. Good for Coach Jones. I've already booked the hotel and will book the plane tickets this weekend to Eugene. Not really expecting a win, but gotta support my Vols in a place considered as tough as Neyland Stadium to win.

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I wonder how Bray has done on the Wonderlic test? I've not heard anything and for some reason I'm thinking he would not do well. He reminds me of Brett Favre but not as much talent. IMO, he never really liked the fact that he was at TN.

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Someone posting as "candyland" at 3:02 p.m. on April 20 on the original Yemi story mentioned the order of protection. It appears that KNS followed up on the tip from a poster.

Kind of reminds you of Tiger at the Masters. Still, no big deal, no guilt, no charges, nothing to do at all.

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Nothing to see here. Move along....

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Wow, surprising comments so far. I look forward to a Gruden Grillin'.

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Yes,Adams gets paid to write his opinion and show his arss while you and others show your arss for free.What is your point?

Dude made his point eloquently and succinctly. It was obvious to even the casual observer. Your point is less straight forward but still intuitively obvious to that same casual observer. You are a John Adams fan and don't appreciate people stating the truth about him. Adams is a rabble rouser because it's easier to do than be a gifted and insightful reporter. Regardless, you are entitled to your right to respect JA no matter how unintelligent it appears to even the disinterested observer.

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Vol Pile - I like it. I think this will stick. Would like a little better news about the receivers. I'm sure that's the crux of lackluster quarterback play.

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Selena Roberts is an Auburn graduate and hates the football team. In fact, she hates men in general.

She wrote a number of columns on the Duke Lacrosse Case and none of them were true, with Roberts making up things out of whole cloth. I have no idea if the things she alleges in this article are true, but Roberts and the truth are not always partners.

(I am close to a couple of attorneys involved in the Duke case and can say with certainty that Roberts and her former employer, the NY Times, definitely encouraged outright fabrications in that case. Maybe everything she alleges at Auburn happened, but until someone else who is more credible comes up with material, I am going to be agnostic on it.)


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Once upon a time, live schrimmages were the only way to really sort out the men from the boys. I think this group of Vols could use as much live action as the rules allow.

Sean Connery, right?

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Bad post by Ediot. Good job coach. Keep it rolling. However, I do miss Pearl. I'm hopeful CCM has them ready to play at the beginning of the season next year.

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If you only had a brain you'd understand the Wyoming loss is forever at the feet of one Mike Hamilton and his biggest booster at the time. When Fulmer was forced to hold the press conference announcing the end of his UT career before the 2008 season ended, the team came completely apart. Anyone who has ever been a part of any kind of team knows the players play for their coaches. Even players who may not have been close to Fulmer knew the whole staff was about to be obliterated. The Wyoming game was a direct result of the press conference, just like the basketball team's loss in the first round of the NCAA Tournament after Hamilton knifed Pearl in the back.

I hope UT will get its act together and regain its status in both big time sports, but the way it treated two great coaches was unbelievably shabby. Even though Hamilton is long gone, Karma has been killing us ever since.

Well said, but as dude said previously, haters gonna hate. Best wishes to a great coach and an even better man.

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Don't schedule Wyoming..

Really. That's what you're going with?

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Dang - get ready for the Cardinals. They played a good game.

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Well the Vols basketball team does'nt look so bad after all, Wichita State, whom we beat is in the Final Four, Florida is stil in it, so good work VOLS! So if we can keep Mcrae, Stokes and company, in comes Hubbs and the other recruits, get a big seven footer, we'll be looking good! GO VOLS!

If FL wins today, I wonder how many other teams that didn't make it to the dance beat two of the final four teams? Just sayin.

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Please don't remind me: Any person remaining at that school that was involved in the decision to hire Sal Sunseri at the salary level they did should be relieved of their duties by the close of business TODAY.

And while I'm at it (CHANGE OF TOPIC) -- If it took a public outcry for Jimmy Cheek to withdraw public funds for SEX WEEK (for which the school has now become a NATIONAL LAUGHING STOCK) he needs to be gone from The University Of Tennessee IMMEDIATELY.

Are you really saying that Sunseri would have been a good decision at a lower salary? Not in my opinion. Hiring Sunseri was a bad decision even if he paid UT. The ripples of his disaster will be felt for years.

One more question - what is Sex Week? I know I live in the Midwest, but never really heard of it or it's NATIONAL notoriety.

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I am a vols fan stuck in bama. All I hear on the radio is how bama and auburn basketball fans want bruce pearl. As they radio hosts put it he rejuvenates dead programs. they are actually talking about letting barbi coach another year at auburn just for the chance to hire bruce in 2014.

CBB will be one of the hottest commodities next year. But I'm not jumping off the CCM train yet. This guy may not be Bruce, but he respectable.

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Witch Doctor say here comes the comments of the "little people" like KENVOL..only here to whine..Witch Doctor say enjoy your little self!
Bones never lie.

Just checking, but are you whining about Kenny? Ah, doesn't matter anyway. This team has surpassed expectations. We should be proud of them. Stokes is a man who's only getting better. Jordan has come into his own and will continue to grow. Regardless of what post season tourney we attend, this team will the team to beat next year.

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I liked coach Pearl, but I'm very happy to have Coach Martin now. This guy is a winner, and he'll prove it over the next 2 or 3 years.

Unlike Pearl who proved it in the first year? Not sure I get your comparison, but I too liked Pearl and like Martin. I would like to see the team better prepared to start the season next year.

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Last Spring before Peterman got injured he was pushing Worley hard for the 2nd string qb spot. With both athletes starting with a clean slate Peterman may have a slight edge over Worley this time..

It's really hard to make that comparison. Peterman was working with what against what. Same for Worley - he actually outplayed Bray in spring just looking at the numbers. The good news it should be competitive. I like the looks of both these guys and they certainly seem to have their priorities in order. That alone is a welcomed improvement.

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Glad to hear about Ex Vols hanging about. Now bring on Missouri.

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I don't know much, but I'm thinking Worley will surprise a few folks. Agree with earlier posts that throwing him the mix as freshman against good defenses with no support was tough. I'm betting that experience has made him stronger. The comparison to CJ Leak is ridiculous.

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In addition to the Kansas game, the most memorable play for me was last year. I can't remember who it was we were playing, but we were supposed to lose. Coach Martin and his style were on the hot seat. We were starting to turn it around and the team was playing better defense. McBee went after a 50-50 ball. Both he and the other guy got there about the same time. McBee was much smaller. A wrestling match ensued and McBee wouldn't let go of the ball. He came out of the dust-up with the ball and his hair flying and players moving in to separate them. Martin called a time out and looked over at McBee like a proud poppa. That was the toughness he wanted to see and think McBee has embodied that toughness every since.

Good luck today Skylar - leave it all on the floor.

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What the He77 is CSS and how come almost no one gets it ?

Seriously? I live in Wisconsin now, but back when I lived in TN CSS is College Sports South and almost everyone who has cable has access to it. Now, in WI we don't get it, but I can usually pick it up on the internet or always go to a sports bar, have a few pints and yell and scream with the other basketball fans watching their favorite team. If I go to the right place, I can smoke a cigar at the same time. Got a pretty good Fuente in the humidor just waiting to be smoked.

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Not sure I agree with the first two comments. I think JM has grown in confidence and with it, the ability to move around and through screens, to elevate above typically shorter defenders, and confidence in his teammates for being in the right spot at the right time. This is a warranted discussion for JM.