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What this says is there is some talent on the Vols so there is something solid to build on for the future. Go Vols!

Exactly. There's just not much depth. Yet.

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Yes, John, newcomers do sometimes step up in the SEC. No one knows that better than the Dawgs, and no one fears our newcomers more than Vol newcomers. How well both sides can still hear the sweet baritone of The Greatest as it still reverberates throughout Neyland and in stark contrast to the stunned silence of a 2nd rate John Ward. The only question this year is which Dawg will cement his legend by putting his cleat marks all over young Dillon, in the same way his daddy got it all those many years ago.

Here: Enjoy

After the SEC meetings, everybody knows your QB is afraid of Clowney. Only question is after which play will he take himself out?

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Too bad the Vols aren't a great team and have no prospects of becoming one. Those days have long since passed.

Your QB is scared of Clowney and since the SEC meetings, everybody knows it.

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It must be painfully obvious to you that Vols don't "care" about Dawgs. Three straight beatdowns, and a fourth one coming this year, make that pretty clear.

Any more arrests or convictions in Athens today?

your QB is afraid of Clowney, don't whine up here because of that.

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I smell a couple of upsets too, but is it accurate Kentucky's and Kentucky's wins over the Vols this year upsets? After all, unlike Jones and the Vols, they actually have coaches with major college experience and their recruiting classes aren't in a decommitment tailspin.

you better go check the police blotter back home there, lil fella.

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If I were a tide or gator or dore fan, I'd be more concerned about the local police blotter than what's happening at UT.

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Franklin's players sure are racking up police records like a good SEC team. Vandy has sold out and is nothing more than a pint sized Auburn now.

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Glad to see Jacques on the list. Gotta mean a solid summer.

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There is SEC talent on both lines. That is where it starts.

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Get over it. Voloffaith is just listing the obvious. Dooley damaged a lot of careers except his own. he managed to leave with an additional 5 million in his pocket. I feel sorry for all the players, coaches and UT and La. Tech fans that had to endure Dooley and his ineptness.

The whole thing comes down to Hamilton's hire of Kiffin.

Hamilton had months to make that decision and he couldn't have made a worse one. The Dooley hire was in like a 2 week window.

Quit complaining about Dooley and complain about how Hammy set UT football back 5 years with his lil Lane hire.

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Sounds like Lane is growing up this year similar to Corey Miller last spring.

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If this is the guy responsible for evaluating the Browns' players, he probably can't tell a football player from a goat.

Yea Butch hired him because he's an idiot.

Quality analysis.

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The offensive line is the key. They put their minds to run blocking and DeAnthonie Summerhill will be successful.

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Why Bray and Butch Jones were never a good fit:

"Name me a good football team whose quarterback wasn't a great leader," Jones said. "Usually your average to below average teams, the quarterback brings no leadership value. Everything is at quarterback as the coach on the field."

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I agree; Bray had his faults and didn't win in the clutch but every pass he threw had a chance to succeed and neither of these 2 QB's are even close to his talent..I suspect Jones will adjust and play to his strengths and last year at Cinncy he made a mid season QB change with good results

Bray was a loser here. Look how he played in clutch time against florida, MSU, Mizzoud, SCar and GA. He was pretty to watch but couldn't close the deal. Gruden pointed this out to him- "peaks and valleys." Bray and those receivers made it fun to watch but the only close one they won was Troy for goodness sakes.

Bray may have left because he didn't want to run a read option offense but I seriously doubt Butch wanted him around. As Butch says the QB leads the team, like it or not, and Bray is definitely no leader.

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Just watching Tyler Bray on John Gruden's QB Camp on Cable. They have both said some really great things about the Vols. I hope a bunch of 5 star high school players are watching because I can't tell you how much what they said can mean to our recruiting. GBO!!! VFL

First time I ever saw Gruden draw on the board and not the QB. Gruden even had to tell Bray what his progressions were, Bray was stuttering. Like Gruden said, Bray is a gamble.

Gruden stepped up like somebosy who gets it, Bray still doesn't.

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Good weather forecast. Large crowd would be cool.

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OK, CCM is a good man, the kind of man you'd entrust your kid to for 4 years. His values are sound and he has overcome adversity. His practices sound disciplined and productive.

But can he coach on gameday? What do his teams do coming out of a timeout? Do his teams adapt and adjust during the game, even coming out in the second half?

CCM can learn to be a better gameday coach, maybe not a BP but better than he is now. Assuming Stokes returns- he's less ready than the unready McCrae- then next year will be CCM's make it or break it year. Sweet Sixteen.

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Offensive line has got to be physical. They need to be able to run the ball consistently this year.

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Russell needs to bulk up, gain strength. She got pushed around bigtime underneath.

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I would imagine Tennessee won every tournament game where they scored 78 points prior to this one.

Defense and rebounding is what Pat preached. This team simply tried to outscore the opposition.

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either i'm missing something, or six from the OFFENSE is a high number?? ok, lemme type and think: bray, patterson, hunter, OL thomas, rivera (hopefully)... who's the sixth? i think that the writer meant to say that there'd be six from the ENTIRE TEAM that they expect to be drafted. the rest of our vols, sorry to say, will be free agents. but, hopefully successful pros!!!

go vols.


Bray, Hunter, CP, Thomas, Rivera, and Austin Rogers.

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Was Ryan Leaf the steal of the '98 draft?

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You really think Battle would take that job? More work, tons of politics, dealing with those toothless fans, Battle's too smart.

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All those recruits on Family Day for a coach who preaches family. Butch practices what he preaches.

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Biggest problem was Releford- Golden matchup. Releford took Golden out of his game, harrassed him, beat him up offensively and shut down his penetration.

And yes it alarming to see the lack of adjustment on that high pick. But the real problem was the offense and how Releford handled Trey.

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It's going to be the most physical spring at UT in years.

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Jones consulted with high school coaches before hiring Gillespie. Not sexy but pragmatic relationship building. From what I've read, Dooley would never have done that.

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CBJ knows it's the line of scrimmage.

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It's all about getting Jarnell touches down low. He doesn't have to shoot but when he doesn't get touches, the offense is stagnant and perimeter. He has to demand the ball and they need to learn how to get it to him consistently.

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The offense will be no where as quarterback centric as it was the last couple of years.

When Bray screwed up Tennessee lost. End of story. Vols won't be as explosive downfield next year but they also won't be as reliant on the QB making big plays with his arm.

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Butch is a blue collar grinder. That should be appreciated by East Tennesseeans. Been awhile.

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Jarnell gets a touch, good things happen.

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John Adams wrote another article. John is tenacious in his efforts to strike that right chord of pessimism and gloom.

But more than that, John is white. And in this world of diversity, that can't be overlooked.

Yes John is a writer. John is a white writer.

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The entire university system and the Knoxville campus specifically are in the hands of folks who do not share the fundamental views of East Tennesseeans.

Can you imagine Andy Holt or Joe Johnson getting into such serious debt problems? That they would project financial prosperity to such an extent that they had no reserve?

Butch Jones does share those East Tennessee values. So did Doug Dickey and Fulmer.

But the real fundamental problem lies within the administration. East Tennessee has grown dramatically through the years but those basic cultural values should never change.

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Heard the draft gurus discussing the top 8 QB's- no mention of Bray. Guy's got the strongest arm and he's not in the top 8? Headcase deluxe and they all know it.

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This is the same Vol team that got beat by Memphis, Ga. and stomped in the dirt by Ole Miss at home and everyone is crowing over beating a weak Ky. team. I still say Cuonzo is a lower level coach who gets lucky every now and then. The guys played a great game today....probably the best of the year in spite of a weak coach.

I can only imagine how bad Tennessee musta looked and played in the national championship football game against that weak FSU team, how lucky they were.

Goodness, man, smell the roses.

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Get the ball to Jarnell.

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I do believe they will be more physical on both sides of the ball. Offensively the returning line can certainly be more hardnosed and needs to be given the loss of big play capability. Defensively they can't be any worse, and a spring emphasis on hitting and toughness is a guarantee.

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All good things go thru Jarnell, the more he touches it the better they are, he even runs the break better.

So why is it they ignore him half the time? He works for position and they throw outside and away from him.

Get the ball to Jarnell.

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Actually this class doesn't mean much. Next year's will. So quit whining and crying. UT fans sure have gotten soft as baby butts.

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11th in the SEC.

Let me repeat that, 11th in the SEC.

One more time, 11th in the SEC.

One final time for good measure, 11th in the SEC.

wow. Tennessee returns a ton of linemen for 2013, this is CBJ first class, he is establishing and repairing connections thru the state in preparation for the best overall recruiting depth in the state's history, and you're whining how some people rated UT's class.

I bet you took a poll before you decided your wife had enough stars.

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Moore and Phillips neither got off the bench. As bad as the team effort was you'd think they would have gotten an opportunity. They may be thin, but they're not even using what they got.

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It sounded like they gave up when Williams got hurt. Then in the last few minutes they just ran out of gas. Almost no help from the bench was a killer.

can't help if you don't play. ask holly why moore and phillips never got a second.

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Disgusting article I figure Adams was forced to write on deadline.

I can picture the half empty fifth of Jack next to his keyboard.

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They truly are painful to watch on offense. Bunch of dribbling and sideways passing, assuming they get it up court. Then somebody penetrates as the shot clock winds down and either charges, throws it away, puts up an off balance shot or passes it to somebody with 1 second on the clock.

I really do wanna watch but it really is difficult.

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Taking its toll? I'm actually getting headaches watching that offense. I swear the ball stays 15 feet behind the 3 point line for 30 seconds, if they get a shot at all often it's an off balance shot clock beater.

It's like watching Vol football defense. Regardless of the limited talent, they just can't be that bad, can they?

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They are as painful to watch on offense as the football's defense was.

I swear they get a decent shot attempt only about half their possessions.

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UT should ask him to come in as an invited walk-on, and tell him they will give him a chance to prove himself for a future scholarship.

Absolutely. Why not? If he declines, then at least you offered a local kid. If he accepts, who knows?

Seems like height is not as important in a spread and mobility is more important.