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Isn't it funny how all these losers fans of other schools get on here and do whatever it is (mostly show their stupidity) they do. I think its funny becasue I have never even thought about going to another schools site to get at other fans....Wow, if your that jealous guys (or girls) just move out of your mama's basement and get a real job and become a real schools fan...just because we've been down for a bit don't mean we'er going to stay down and to see you guys on this site whining like you do just kinda' makes me laugh at what a pathetic life you people know seven t and the rest of you morons like left or right...or whatever...

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Hey Da'rick... Why don't you stay in town long enough for the KPD guys to get another shot at you? Why don't you go up to one of them and kick him and then not run off this time. That ought to be interesting.

Really...really....that was called for you idiot!

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The problem is Trae Golden...when he is on, the team is on...when he is not and nobody else is they are pretty terrible. But the reason I say golden is because he is either great or in 8-9 point game on an off night and that kills the team. He is not consistent enough for the Vols. I really don't like the guy very much as a player because when he s*xs...he really s*xs. I am hoping next yr we get a better point grd because Trae Golden is not going to take this team anywhere...he def will not be playing in the NBA and probably will have a hard time playing overseas. The guy absolutely kills this team period!!

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Don't care how its done...just beat the beegezus out of the other team!!

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There are a few givens in life: death taxes and Tennessee losing to Alabama

And little losers that nobody gives a s*#t about that have to go to other teams websites so somebody (they think) will notice them...poor poor little boy! Such an annoyance....much like that of a splinter!

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It is not going to be very much longer untill TENN is back at its rightful spot atop the SEC in both basketball and football with the coaching staffs we have in place. I would hope to have these two staffs around for yrs to come and bring glory back to the Tenn Vols Nation!!!

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UT Vols signee says, "We don't stand a chance. I'm not sure we will get in, but if we do I say we will wont be able to do any damage. Well probably get knocked out first game."

Another lame article with such insightful opinion from a teenager

Your such an idiot moron. What the heck was that post all about. Go crawl back under your rock so you don't ruin someone else's day okay...sheesh, what a whiner!!

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Here's a hamilton hater but I still like the hire. I still think coach Zoe has got to bring in better talent but he is doing a good job and I like what is happening along with Jones over on the football team....IT seems like it is finally getting back to being happy about being a VOL Fan!! It would be sweet though if we could win a chanpionship in I would love to see that at least once before I pass on and I am only 44.....

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Go getem' coach Zoe. Bring that talent in and get us to a 1st champinoship. To do that, you got to bring in the best talent!!

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I'm happy for the win but the 'bandwagon effect' amuses me to no it the same one most of you used with Kiffin and Dooley...maybe some new paint?

Some good things about the season include the fans support has been remarkable especially considering how uninspired we have played at times...secondly the players are playing better as a team, despite having a coach who is lacking in so aspects of coaching...beginning with communication, leadership, recruiting, ...and I'm sorry but he's dumber than a box of rocks....

You have no basis for what you are stating! This is what agravates me the most is when some limp brain moron gets on hear and spouts some garbage that they have no idea how to back up with facts....just another idiot spouting off typing before they think about what they are going to DA in my opinion. Just plain stupidity!!!

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This coach seems to understand what it takes to win...where ever...period. I am all behind this guy because it seems like he has the right approach and knows what it takes to field a successful team. Man! Is it football time yet. I am not sure you guys have read up on this Imani Cross..but the guy is repping 500 pnds in squating...isn't he a linbacker? Tenn may surprise some people this coming yr!!

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Wiedmer says "you know who you are" as if he told me so. Yes I am one of those skeptics who has criticized Martin all year for having a listless boring personality, and for heading a boring uninspiring brand of basketball. I also have pointed out the fact we try to dribble out of double teams and don't pass enough, and don't play zone d enough so why not at least try. I have also pointed out that Keady did not win a single national championship in 25 years yet somehow the press keeps pointing to the Purdue brand of basketball as if it is proven and we should aspire to be like that era that Martin played in and teaches.
Guess what- I have not changed a single thought process. I love watching the Vols win, and not giving up. But I do not waver from my feelings about the Martin brand that was exhibited all year. I do not think it is likely Tennessee can win a national championship with it in 25 seasons. Purdue did not with decades of chances. Why would Tennessee?
So yes, Wiedmer, I know exactly who I am.

First of all, its not the same place, not the same coaches, not the same players and on and on. Perhaps the philosophy is the same but it seems to be getting results when results need to happen. Hope we can win a NC and I hope Martin is the one to do it but you can't compare the two and it is pointless when you do. Though glad to hear you know exactly who you are.

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I have to agree with creekroad. I have read you many times John, and you have a knack for the negative part of the program, than you do the positive. You seem to delight yourself when Tennessee loses a game or something else negative happens in the program. You have a character hangup, no doubt about that. Maybe because of your childhood...who knows! You will meet the Lord soon, and He knows all about you and what makes you enjoy the dark side of things. I think I know why, but I will let Him tell you......

Listen, not sure what this beef you people have with John Adams as I have never thought any different of him than he is doing his job. And, when I get on hear and read things like you post, it just confirms that he is really good at his job actually. Stiring the emotions is a big part of journalism and from what I have read from you bozo's posts...he certainly can stir the emotions. Give the guy a break, he does what he is supposed to and real journalism is not going to please every body all the yeah, I think John is doing a good job and telling it like it is...sometimes he agravates me to and that is a part of a good journalisms repatoire(sp?) Get over it and quit bashing him without any substance to back you up!

Written on John Adams: Role players play a major role to back McRae :

Good article there John!

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9willbeajerk SevenTisaJerk bwahahahahaha

Frigin' awsome!!!

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"It is clear Tennessee can't hang with Florida schools in any sport."

Jay Graham

You really are just a piece of S*#t you know that. Your time is coming and man am I going to goad you every chance I get. Why don't you go away and just stay on your own it because you secretly wish you were a part of the Vol nation who's history and tradition wipes the floor with lizzard scum? To bad, we don't want you but you can always go play on the interstate...that might work!

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Yeah, who cares what those idiots think....just trouble making jerks.....wouldn't mind others on the site if they wer not just plain annoying individuals who enjoy rubbing people the wrong way. Pathetic people really.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Usually I wouldn't respond to a post like this cause they are favord...but your just a jerk stiring things up and its gonna be funny when the game gets played and it goes a lot closer than that.

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Tell me he can coach in two years. You will be off his bandwagon then. Wait and see. Good win for vols today, but Martin cannot coach.

More stupid, idiotic comments from morons that have no idea of what they are yapping about. Some jerk with a keyboard tryin' to make a name for himself that is still failing miserable. Got an idea, Get your self up, get a job, move out of your sisters basement and do something with your life instead of bashing the coach who just kicked the s*&t out of KY today. You'll feel a lot better about yourself.

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This was a first for Tennssee basketball. This team actually looked like a basketball TEAM today except for the cheap shot at the end of the game. Thugs will be thugs. Now if they can continue, they might make the NIT. GBO

Your an idiot...the heat of the game and the guy made a poor decision but it does not mean he is a thug...probably has more class then you. Oh, by the way, the cats might get their arses kiked in the NIT by the Vols again so I wouldn't be running your pie hole that much. Looks like we may make the NCAA tournament and it looks like maybe your kitty cats might not seeing how they don't have any "coachable players" and got the beegeesus kiked out them today in Ktown... Come back for some more if you want it! You could see the look on Poythreus' (sp?) face, he wish he would have come to play for the VOls instead of KY..Bwuuuhahahaha!

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You would think with all the "prophecy powers" of seven t that he would be able to tell that he is going to look like a fool and not post anything.....guess his prophecy powers are a joke just like his postings.

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There are no guarantees in life except Death, Taxes and Kentucky beating Tennessee

Just Saying

Keep coming with these moronic thoughts of yours seven t, its funny to see you get sh*t shoved back in your face.

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This game is Tennessee's super bowl. Quite frankly I don't expect Tennessee Dols to put up much of a fight.

Kentucky 71 Tennssee 58

Tenn almost beat them at their place with Nerlens(sp?) so what makes you think they can't win at home genious? Really get sick of monkeys like you posting stupid garbage with no intelligent way to back up what DA's like yourself are saying....

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Dude just shut up and give it a rest! They deserved some down time and thank goodness they didn't have to put up with DA's like you! Who cares what Saban and his sstaff were doing...why don't you run on over there and be a little water boy for them! Give it a break!

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Jones seems to be a nice guy and I hope he can sustain enough success to be here 30 years.

This program needs stability and winning in the worst way.

Yesterday was a real kick in the teeth though.

I don't think so, these guys can play in the SEC. They want to be here and I thought it was a good signing class...Bell was a kik in the teeth perhaps but he didn't want to be here and his parents apparently didn't want him to come here so forgetem'. All-in-all for the time they had, not a bad class at all.

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Or until a better job opens up....

Always one in the crowd!

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I don't think most of you understand what this coaching staff accomplished in a month's time...just one month...and getting a top 20 class. Remarkable especially with the last four or five year history here at Tenn. A full year under their belts and people are gonna be amazed at what this staff can do recruiting wise. Still, the biggest thing this next football season is to win some upset games and show the recruits Tenn is on the right path. Would love to see Florida, Geaorgia, SC, and Bama go down somehow and don't give me that phooey about it can't happen. I think Tenn though talented, got rid of some me first jerks wearing the O&W and I think next years team is gona be much better. Predicting 8 wins right it!

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Would have rather had Bell than Dobbs in my opinion but I will take Dobbs seeing how we need a smart running QB with a rocket arm. No way we compete for the top spot in the SEC with this class....hope I'm wrong but doubt it.

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The fact is, Tenn is not going to get these 5* and high 4* players until they start winning on the football field. I think Jones is going to do it but really I don't expect Lawson, Ford, Bell or any of the other highly rated kids to come to the vols. Next year can be a different story but we got win on the football field for us to get these players. If we can win some bigtime games, then the Univseristy will sell itself and these guys will want to come play for Tenn...that is what it boils down to...don't get me wrong, I want these guys to surprise us and come to Rocky top but I don't think its going to happen till we start winning some footbal games.

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It is difficult to understand the continued criticism and bitterness against Coach Dooley. He will never read these comments and they will
not affect him at all. But, they will be viewed by the public as beneath the character of Vol fans everywhere. Vol fans are some of the greatest in the country. Let's reflect that in our comments about Coaches, players, and each other. I trust we will not dwell on the past, but will look to the future with a positive spirit.

Great comment and it is sad to see that some of the fans are being "redneck" about the whole situation. Dooley did improve the team and made a horrible miscalculation by bringin in suseri though I wonder if the players were just not smart enough to grasp the concepts of that defense. Dooley will be a better pro coach than college coach because he wont be dealing with immature student athaletes that think they own the world and that they are owed something. He will be dealing with grown men that will connect with him alot better. Watch and see if he doesn't help lead the Cowboys to another superbowl. Go Cowboys and Go the way. The foreskins and RG 3 will be a non factor because this too wil pass and the NFL will bury this read option junk.

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Anybody with a 1/4 of a brain saw that the alabubba dude jumped into stokes....good job on the refs for not calling that and who cares what an alabubba fan thinks, they lost the game!! Anyways, is Jimmy Dykes just plain against Tenn, anytime he calls a Tenn games it seems like he wants to get all cuddly with the other teams bench. Give it a break dude!

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Wrong...! His players were happy for him...very happy...and i,ll go out on a limb here and say they still love the guy...! Bolt....BS you seem to have a motive with your garbage....! I think at this juncture he has made a really good choice with keeping the coaches he knows and bringing in a few SEC...Thig n Martinez as well....look at the recruits that are here this weekend and next that we probably wouldn't even had shot at.....except....! For the moves he and his coaching staff have put together. I'm not going to caring on any further with someone who has no ideal what football and recruiting is about...! Give this Team and coaches a chance and keep your fly trap shut John....! Adams....! JA

Sikem' seabass...beat the phooey outa' that terd!

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Coach Saban received 525K in bonus for winning the SECCG and BCSCG. All of the money was donated to Nicks Kids. The foundation he and his wife have for under privileged kids. Guess CNS is all about the money lol...... Roll Tide
and you boys will not win like Alabama in your lifetime, your kids and grandkids lifetime.

Shut up, get off your sister or mom, and get the heck off our site. Your time is comming when we'er gonna be making fun of your program. Oh wait, I'm already maken' fun of you. When I get on hear wich is occasionaly, your always on here running your d**k hole,,,must have a pretty pathetic life, loser!

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The top brass at Tenn has driven this once proud program into the dirt. I know missing maymon is going to hurt the team becaus Stokes is a is it that he was rated a five star player. Not sure about Conzo Martin...yeah good def but we can't score at all. How do you go from scoring 80 or 72 to to not scoring at all? Anyways, hope Butch Jones can do some good things with the FB program or Tenn might as well join the wac confrence...

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Best game ive seen from Yemi to date and good thing too since Stokes was getting handled pretty good by their big man. This was a much needed win after the last two games. Whatever Coach Martin is doing to improve free throws was surely working tonight, 80% from the line is pretty darn good any day.

Great win !

Yeah...Stokes...why is it that when we get a five star player, they really do not look like they should have recieved a five star ranking at all. Stokes looks to me like he should have been ranked a four star at best. He has no "smooth" to him at all. Make no mistake, I am glad we gat the guy just because of his size but to me, it just seems like when we get a five star player they always underperform for some reason. Maybe its the orange or something I don't know. Kentucky's five star players (even thought they are not winning a lot...yeah!) look like five star players. Anybody else wonder this?

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I got some stats for you there Mr. unprofessional whatever, PF just became lazy and his coaching started to show that. His recruiting also started to dropoff and he couldn't keep his players off of drugs either yet they still played and lost a championship game for us (aka Eric Ainge). Anybody could have predicted the screwup hamilton made when he brought dooley in but yet he was our coach and we got behind them and supported them which is what a true fan does. At one point PF was doing good but he was not all that great at the end. YOu really need to let it go because the PF era has ended years ago and there is know reason to still hang on to that unless your a total freakin' idot which could explain you very well. Every thing else you predicted has not come to pass...anyone with any sense could have predicted the junk you did but didn't need to to show how smart they thought they were. The Vol nation really doesn't need a pathetic whiner like you around really 'cause it just gets annoying plain and simple. Now you can get on board and start supporting who we have now or just like every other poster wants you to do, just go away and hide so you don't get continuously laughed at...seriously dude, think about would really make a lot of people happy if you just went away!

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And Fulmer won a national Championship while Chavis has won National Championships at two schools. Cutcliff coached Peyton and Eli Manning to the NFL elite status. Trooper Taylor won a national Championship at Auburn. Kippy Brown won a National Championship nad coached in the NFL playoffs last year. Much better than any of these coaches yett they all have one thing in common, they were sent packing by the University of Tennessee.. How is that working out for ya? You now owe 9'6 million in buyouts , you are broke, you are at the bottom of the Conference, went 1-7 in the SEC and now are praying these guys can somehow match what you already had. Lack of loyalty has decimated a once decent program. Karma has come home. Vols for life? Ha ha
.. Ask T martin why he siad no way after watching Chuck Smith get run out of town also.

Dude who hates his life: Chill out please, you have maybe, maybe been right one time in all these predictions you come on here and blaab about. You have been proven wrong however on numerous occasions yet you still come on here and post B*&%S*&# THAT YOU HOPE SOME HOW COMES TRUE SO YOU CAN THINK YOUR SMART OR SOMETHING BUT YET IT NEVER HAPPENS. You continually embarress yourself with your continued stupidity and you think people think of you as if you know something. If I were you I would just stop posting because you just coninually show how pathetically stupid you are time and time again. Why don't you just go away and stay gone because you just annoy everyone when you post. Seriously dude, just go somewhere and hide so that you can live a life without being laughed at all the really bring it on yourself and I don't feel sorry for just annoy me and everybody else with your stupidity so just go away and make everyone else happy and dissapear!!

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No Better than Coach Dooley, in fact, probably not as good. Big opportunity to bring Fulmer back to the VOLS is over for the last time.

Way to go HART (A Hart F...)

No wonder Vol fans get laughed at with ignorant fans like you out there. Fulmer? Really? God you people are just pathetic. Tenn got the right man and a way, way better choice than PF! Maybe AD, but not a coach. That train has come and gone for the better. You must be part of the loser fan bunch that sits quietly and pouts in the stands when the players need some energy (if you actually go to a game) and wonders why there isn't more noise in the stadium. The fan base would probabely be much better off without dumbazzez like yourself. Idiots like you should not have a keyboard!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Yah, like you really know what went down....your as ignorant to the rest of this as all the rest of us are. You don't know squat so quit acting like you do. Welcome Butch Jones....was going to put the initials but couldn't bring myself to. Now that you are our coach, we will be behind you 100%...You better win though!

Written on Cincinnati AD: Dave Hart was "first class" throughout process:

MOst of you whiners just need to shut the f up! What do you think is gonna happen, just because your upset about the hire they are going to automatically fire the guy...NO!! Your whining means absolutely nothing so STFU and wait and see what happens with the guy 'cause you don't have any choice. Might as well be a fan instead of just pouting all year long while the rest of us root for good things to come Tenn's way. Some of you people are just too stupid for your own good!!

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in response to doubledeuce22Q:

Nobody has to be worried about us making any kind of a post-season run...we could play Nashville diesel college and they could probably beat us if they just run a zone all game. I learned in organized basketball when I was 9 years old how to break a zone...and it is not by passing the ball from top to wing to other wing to top until the shot clock is at 6 seconds and then hurling up a 2 cent shot. I am extremely concerned not only that this happened, but also at how after the game CCM said that he was really proud of our guys, but that the shots just werent falling. I know that there are some young guys who need to hear some positive thoughts, but also,they need to realize that they are NOWHERE closer to being able to play against a zone as they were in the pitiful performance in last year's SEC tourney when we did the smae thing against Ole' Miss. I promise that this is not the last that we have seen of the zone...anybody watching film on us should run it. Also, one last thought...have we ever actually worked on something else that I learned when I was in grade school basketball called the BOUNCE PASS? Stokes was 100% from the floor and shot only 2 times. Pitiful. Give our most dominant player the ball! Of course you cant throw the entry to the post over the top of a team as lengthy as G'town. ZONE PENETRATION AND DISH OFF...BOUNCE PASS...and oh yeah, FREE THROWS! I know that was tough to read for some, but that game was sure tough to watch for a die hard UT fan who knows a thing or two about the game of basketball.

The problem is this team just turns stupid way too much. Especially Golden when in the las few seconds as you so wittingly pointed out, a nice BOUNCE pass would have gotten it to HAll and maybe he would have been fouled. This is why I am not that high on CCM...I mean why are you not saying to the guys..."BOUNCE the pass to him then if you can't get it over the top. I was thinking the very same thing watching the game. Golden is too scared to take the ball and penetrate when it is needed and then to stupid to Bounce pass to a an open Hall who has had a knack for hitting the 6-10 foot jumper and possibly getting a foul. The problem with this team and it has been since Golden was ordained with the starting point gaurd jo is frustratingly Golden himself in my opinion...what I watched Friday night was just stupid basketball from our point guard. I totaly agree with you, Where is the bounce pass and DUDES! usee your freakin brains for once. It seems we all ways wind up with the "dummies" or "low whatever sport it is" IQ's from these guys. C'mon MAN! IF we can see this then why can't CCM or the rest of the guys. I understand that it is different being in front of guys that are 6'-8" or 6'-9" but that is what the dam bounce pass is for morons!!!!

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in response to amyinsparta:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Wow! Someone with some actual brains on here.....didn't see that coming!! Thanks Amyinsparta

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in response to GlennFordsFoible:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It amazes me that there are morons like you and the poster you replied to. What a bunch of idiots you must be. Hart didn't sabotage anything because you stupid embaressment, Gruden was never coming to Tenn. You people are what make up the ignorant part of the fanbase and the scary thing is, you yourselves actually believe the %^&* that comes outa' your mouths. What a pathetic life you guys truly must lead. Comment all you want, I want be back to read any of this stupid *&%$ from any of you idiots!

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to Katphan29:

If Gruden comes to UT, he'll stay around. Its not like he is downtrodden and looking to make a name for himself and then move on. Good luck luck!

WOW! Someone could come up and bash you people right in the face with a chainsaw hammer that rooooarrred "Gruden is not coming to Tenn" and you Bozo's still wouldn't get it. Lets try this one more time for those that don't believe in actual reality...GRUDDEN IS NOT COMING TO COACH AT THIS UNIVERSITY, THE UNIVERSITY OT TENNESSEE. HE DOES NOT WANT TO COACH HERE PLAIN AND SIMPLE......GET OVER IT!!!

Written on Geoff Calkins: Josh Pastner good at many things for Memphis, just not coaching:

Wonder if that Austin Nichols kid will change his mind and come to Tenn....or did he sign already with them. How would that work anyways, would he have to ask for and be granted a release and then there would probaably be restrictions like "you can't go to Tenn?"

Written on Kamiko Williams shows flash of brilliance in Lady Vols' rout of Alcorn State :

Uuuhhh? IT's Alcorn whatever....whooo big freakin' deal. Just wait till they have to play someone with as much talent as this team has or better coached team you know, like the first one of the year. This team is not going to do anything special except come up short time and time again. Don't hate the bringer of truth. This team will not be able to compete with Uconn, Baylor, Duke, etc...need I go on?

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

in response to VolzsFan:

The fact that you think anyone would make UT relevant in 5 years makes you one of the fantasy land expectations fans. Tenn was not relevant in the vast majority of it's history pre Phil. Why on earth would anyone think they will be relevant for decades at a school with leadership issues, money problems, expectation problems, NCAA problems and most importantly an in state talent problem?

You all wanted this change. I told everyone the stupidity of it all. You got it now embrace it. It is what you wanted. Enjoy another 5-7 or 4-8. That is your future regardless of who they hire or what you want it to be. might as well go live in a cave know, dark--that way you can just shrivel up into nothing. The sky is falling...the sky is falling...all are doomed...all are doomed. Glad I am not you or that I don't live in that miserable world you've created for yourself.....move along people, anything this nutcase has to say is insignificant, nothing important here folks...move along!

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I wonder if the new coach will have the power to take some scholarships away. I mean as in take away the scholarship from the player that should not be on the football field unless its the prcatise squad. I don't know about most of you but what I saw on the field equated to some extremely low football IQ. What was it then, extremely bad coaching...don't know that I have ever seen that bad of a coaching job....really, if that is the case then how did that coach get the job in the first place. But then you say, well what about Sunseri....well he has some titles as a coach and he sent quite a few players to the NFL it just the player not buying into the system, or should the guy just flat-out not be on the fiel....or is the coach really that terrible. Anyways, if it is the player is it too harsh to take away that young mans scholarship because he is not holding up his part of the bargain??? Because from what I saw, and some of you may bash me for saying this but, there are some guys on the field and I am not going to say names but those of you who watch know who I speak of, that should just not be allowed to play until they figure out what is going on....take a scholarship away and give it to someone that has a descent amount of awareness to them. Just wondering?

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Can't wait to see David Pollock make an idiot out of himself again. GBO!!!