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This time last year, nobody was talking about ND and no one heard of Manziel. I seriously doubt we have a team headed for a NC let alone playing in the SEC championship. Nor do I believe we have a hidden gem destined for a heisman. But like the beginning of any season, there are unknowns that come to life as the season unfolds. Here's to hoping the Vols unknowns are good ones. I'm confident last season was the worst we'll see for some time. And they will upset somebody this season. Game week is here! Go Vols!

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It won't matter. On September 17th, this offensive line is going to get blown away. Fowler, Powell, and Easley are gonna have a field day. This is not the team or the atmosphere you want your inexperienced QB making his SEC debut against. Especially after coming back from the west coast against a power like Oregon. Games three and four are gonna be ugly. Sorry if this hurts your kool-aid filled heart.


They may get whipped out west, but there is no way the Gators are gonna have a field day with this o-line. If the Vols lose to them, it won't be by much. So you continue your delusional thoughts till UT comes to town.

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Whatever happened to playing Bama every 3rd Saturday in October?

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I agree. the overall picture will become more recognizable after the guys get home from Eugene. For those of you extolling CBJ to get with it: Really! Intangibles are what they are and there are just too many of them this early into the season. Me? I'm fiercely optimistic.

Exactly. Finding the starters for Austin Peay isn't that critical. The first two games will hopefully allow the coaches to find their playmakers. I don't care who starts, I care who gets the job done. I guarantee whoever starts at QB will not be the only one taking snaps this season.

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It's now less than two weeks till kickoff. My mind is fully focused on what lies ahead. I could care less who, what, why. I'm like a kid counting down the days till Christmas. Fulmer's demise nor the last two coaching failures are going to plague my thoughts of the excitement coming our way. Go Vols!

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Anybody know Marquez North's 40 time? Just asking to see if he can stretch the field. I know I've been reading about his size, but just wondering if he is burner on the outside.

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Stop acting like you're a seasoned troll. What a lame comment.

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Won't help. 4-8.

Go comment on your beloved Gator sites and quit wasting your time trolling.

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Who cares. The size of the stadium doesn't bring the team wins.

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Maybe in Butch Jones opinion, this is the best coaching staff in the country. Who are we to judge what they can do here at TN? Everyone's got an opinion and that was his. He knew most of the coaches that he wanted to bring here before he even stepped foot off that plane, so that wasn't a premature assumption. I will continue to support our new head coach and the staff he assembles. I hope he shuts up all the cry babies with unrealistic expectations and proves them wrong on the field next season.

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the bottom line is...The best butch jones team couldnt compete with the worst dooley team last year.

how is this an upgrade?

So should SC fire Spurrier since he lost to FL this year?

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I'm all for him keeping his offense staff in place and bringing them to Knoxville. That's less change and learning for the coaching staff. They can avoid disagreement, confusion and learning curves and focus on teaching it to the players. I just hope they get some good coaching on the defensive side for us.

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ESPN is saying we are now interested in Kirby Smart and Butch Jones, who turned down an offer at Colorado. Maybe we'll have a new coach by Christmas...sigh.

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Is it possible for you to not mention Doolaid or Dooleave for once? You have this love affair with Dooley that sickens us all.

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They spend another 3 million on his buyout just to get him, no thanks.

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You have some sick obsession with Doolaid. Why don't you Dooleave this site so we don't have to waste space for you lame comments?

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Never thought much of the idea of Gruden. I like Dan Mullen. He's proved he can win as a head coach in the SEC. Isn't that what we want?

I agree Dan Mullen would be a great fit. But I have my doubts they can lure him to Rocky Top.

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Am ready for sure to have the position filled. Just hope if he does get it, he will not bolt off if offered a pro head coaching job. Program needs a little stability for a while. Hope he does keep some of the staff (Offense side, not defense) That way, if for some reason he is a one or two and done there will still be some stability. Whatever happens, ready to see UT begin climbing back to being a competitive program. IT IS GREAT TO BE A TENNESSEE VOL. GO BIG ORANGE.

I still don't understand why everyone thinks if Gruden comes to TN, that he will leave in a few years for a NFL coaching job. He has that opportunity now.

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I can't say whether I want Gruden to come to TN or not. But everyone seems to feel if he did, it would be short lived. Why would he come here when he already has the opportunities to go to the NFL now? Why would he take a college coaching job over a pro job that would easily offer more money? If he does become the next Vols head coach, I would think it would be more than just a few years when he basically has his pick right now.

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This hopefully eliminates two of the prospects I didn't want at TN.

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Found this link:

Alot of speculation of course. I'm a fan that would like to see him as our next coach.

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Youre in competition with Kentucky and Auburn at the moment for a head coach. Good move by Hart getting out there in the field quickly.

I'd recommend he complete the search VERY quietly as to avoid the public embarrassment of having the first 3, 4, 5 candidates say "no thanks."

That set Dooley back in my opinion, because it was common knowledge he was far from the first choice.

Having said that, I think Bob Stoops is itching to get out of Oklanhoma. I could be wrong, but I think he'd listen.

They can keep Stoops. He's proven what, he can win against cupcakes and occasional top 25 teams? No thanks.

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Keep Dooley!!!! Y'all settle down, he's a year away!

No matter how hard you try, you're not funny.

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Tebow play always works on TN defense. Gettin' ugly.

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Once again the defense comes out after halftime adjustments and manages to play even worse!

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If they lose to Vandy, I say Hart fires Dooley Monday. No need to let him finish out the season with no bowl bid.

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Dooley has been fired!

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I have a pretty good feeling that they go 1-2 in the final 3 games.

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Jim Chaney lost this one for us. You got 3 timeouts and we're running the ball well. Keep the ground game going, the worst that happens is they hopefully make a field goal and settle it in OT.

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Seriously, did Doo fumble it?? Did Worley fumble it??? How is it not Brays fault? Are you his mom?

It's Chaney's fault. Run the damn ball with 3 timeouts.

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We don't watch a new game every week...nothing but reruns.

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Bad call negates a turnover that would have been in our favor. Dang.

That was bs. No way that was a horse collar.

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Another 3 and out to start the game, unbelievable.

And we give up another 4th down play. Next play, TD.

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Everybody does. No one knew who Driskell was until they played us. Over the last few years our defense has been on more opposing teams highlight reels, ESPY Awards (that was special teams on Arkansas punt return last year, but still a pitiful display of tackling and effort), Heisman highlights, etc. than any other school in the country (by far). I realize part of that is because of us being on national TV every week, but still. Good grief.

I was thinking similar thoughts. Every game you hear opposing players with career high stats. That says it all about our defense. And unfortunately our offense is headed in the wrong direction as well. Second half of the season will be easier, but will anyone care?

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Do we get to be on national T.V. again next week?

I'm sure we'll get an ESPN 2 slot with one of the awful female announcers.

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Not to mention ESPN and the SEC conspiring too. Vols should have won!

Your sarcasm is dull. Hope you don't make a living as a comedian.

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I think Neyland Stadium should have $1 drafts. Would bring sellouts and everyone could be plastered while watching beatdowns.

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Can't even beat the spread. Maybe we can hope for the Vols to lose all their SEC games and leave Hart with a no brainer.

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If Bray comes back then the job should not automatically belong to him. Give Worley and Peterman a shot.

Totally agree.

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Bray will be back next year. No NFL team is going to draft him with the year he's having.

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So you're saying that we should just shut down the offense for the half because Hunter dropped one?

How is that comment suggesting they shut down the offense. Hunter drops a pass and it probably cost us at least 3 points.

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Alabama will come out with a long grinding drive, score a TD and the Vols quit again. Hope I'm eating crow later, but I doubt it.

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Wouldn't mind having the trouble maker Da'Rick back. Hunter doesn't have it this year.

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I was hoping for the 12 o'clock slot so we could get the butt whoopin' over with early.

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Vols ranked in SEC:

Bray: 6th in QB ranking, 1st in Total yards, 1st in completions, 1st in TD passes, 8th total yards nationally.

Neal: 1st in attempts, 2nd in total yards

Hunter: 1st in number of receptions, 2nd in total yards

CP: 8th in receiving yards, 28th in rushing yards (8) Carries, 6th in Kickoff return yards

Morre: Tied for 1st in interceptions, 2nd interceptions return yards


So don't be a hater

Go Vols

If we only had similar rankings for our defense, we'd be undefeated and looking good even against Bama. Still happy with the offensive side no matter what the haters think.

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I don't know why everyone is complaining so much about the running game. Considering we don't have top recruits at that position, I think it's fair to say they've steadily improved and we ran the ball well against a solid Georgia defense. After last year, how can't you be pleased with the progress in the run game at least. Quit complaining that we don't have a 200 yard rusher a game.

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The problem with this 3-4 defense is that they are not AL, the Vols don't have the talent to run it like they do. Until the get the recruits, Sal will have a hard time getting his scheme to work.

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Listening to SEC Audibles, all the questions for Dooley were about GA and all the questions for Richt was about GA. Keep the focus on them and maybe we squeak out an upset. Go Vols!

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My only concern is looking ahead to Georgia. Everyone wants an SEC win, not a cupcake win. Let's hope they remained focused and work on their problems against a lesser opponent. Go Vols!

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The most disturbing thing I've noticed is the attitude from the coaches. Everything out of their mouth is words like hope, might, maybe, etc. Not once have I read where they use positive reinforcement, stating words like know, will, yes. No wonder the team gave up so easily.