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What UT fans just do not comprehend is that no matter how big the stadium is and how powerful that T looks on the uniform, this is a totally different program than they were used to seeing regularly beat teams like SC and GA. Listen to some of the interviews of the coaches on YouTube and it becomes apparent that these guys are going to be eaten alive in the SEC.

No one in their right mind would willingly trade Coach Fulmer and Chavez for what is in charge now. Current UT alumni will regret it to their graves if they do not give the Great One another shot.

There is a village somewhere in the world looking for its own idiot.. I have submitted your name...

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SevenT accomplished his purpose.. see all of us that responded to him....sad...i wonder what his boyfriend is like..

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I am surprised Berry hasn't been cut

Your boyfriend must have made you mad this morning...Berry.. all pro as a rookie.. the only palyer on the defense that played every snap... his rookie year as well as last year..

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Vandy beats us twice in 45 years and they hold on to last year like they perennial conference champions.. when you think of national and conference champions.. Vandy is the first team i think of... because they have never won either.

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Vandy has that tough schedule too... play harpeth hall and ensworth...

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as i understand it.. they are still going to play the is belle meade these days..still talking about how great dan mcgugin was?

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This Troll/plant professes to be a fan of kantutsy not chomper land............

Then we can stop and name all the great Kentucky quarterbacks..Tim Couch... lol...

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You can't blame Manziel for sleeping through a camp-lesson from a boring, has-been like Peyton Manning. Besides Manziel has the Heisman so what does he need to learn from Peyton?

Lets name all the great Florida quarterbacks.. hmmmmm. i cannot think of any.. i am sure there are some...

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Last night, I drank my Doolaid along with a few shots of Johnny Majors and smoked Kiffin blunts.

I listened to the Florida St./Bama version of “You Cheating Hart” while having a conspiracy plan in the form of a Gator tattooed on my Cheek.

Now I am deeply in debt and owe everyone money, and all my ex’s are filing lawsuits against me.

This morning, I read from “The Book of The Truth Squad” where the stories of The Greatest and his disciples made me realize I betrayed Coach Phil Fulmer, Coach Butch Jones is the second coming of Dooley, and I am delusional, a sunshine pumper, and a sycophant.

It is written that unless I start posting apocalyptic comments with multiple screen names about the UTAD that are totally unrelated to the GVX articles others are commenting on, then I am destined to burn in Hades along with the rest of the VOL NATION who dare to say anything constructive or positive.

Gosh, now I feel so guilty for being a supportive VOL fan all these years. I must’ve been hallucinating. Boohoohoo.

Not nearly as guilty as i feel reading your post...blah,blah, blah.. that would have made more sense...

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Guess I am just a little out of the loop on this one and obviously the article doesn't enlighten me with any other info...I assume this is a Kentucky signee? Sounds like he was in a terrible accident, but hopefully will make a full recovery. That being said, you posted an article that doesn't really say much.

Why are surprised? You mean KNS actuall has articles that say something..

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It occurs to me that -without- really top notch receivers, Bray's numbers wolud crash had he stayed at UT.

He's just an ugly blip on the history of the program now.


UT '81

The fact is... he did have those not understand the hate on this guy..

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DLINEMAN DLINEMAN DLINEMAN DLINEMAN! For Goodness sakes Vols need several DLINEMAN this year. Quality game changing offensive coordinator nightmare D lineman... Gonna have to be both Juco ready to step in and the HS studs who can contribute early ..

Have you contacted Coach Jones ? I am sure it has not occurred to him. Better yet, maybe you can take over recruiting.

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Losing that 2001 title game to LSU was the biggest disappointment that I have had in over 50 years of following Tennessee football. A chance to play in the Rose Bowl against a Miami team that we most likely would have beaten just absolutely destroyed any confidence I had left in Fulmer. I sat there and couldn't believe the coaching mistakes made in that game.

The worst,and most costly,loss in the history of UT football.

Amen to that. I think LSU had to use a backup quarterback...

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Talent...he has it.

Experience...he doesn't have it.

Smarts...he couldn't run a read route.

Self discipline...does he have it?

Would make a better running back than a WR.

He ran away from tackling when turnovers and interceptions occurred.

Will probably be successful as a returner, because he doesn't know how to catch a ball.

I am inclined to think Minnesota knows more about evaluating talent than you.

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does PMS have you down again?

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

Wait til the natering nabobs of negativity read this...

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John Gotti could find no evidece of fraud..

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I was really interested in this story...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Been reading the KNS for 22 years now and I've never understood the hate thrown towards Adams article after article.

Most of us have never understood the hate he has thrown at UT.

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Wow , there are more draft analysts on this board then in the entire NBA . I guess all they need to do is read these threads to know if their ready or not .

Well said. I have always said..if a UT coach wants to be successful.. They need to check here

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I don't think it is the same thing.

The difference is that the police in the Duke Lacrosse and the DA both knew that the only "witness" was the "victim" and that she had a checkered past and was completely unreliable.

The DA decided to arrest the players anyway to make a name for himself during an election cycle.

Right now this is less about the alleged armed robbery and assault and more about the actions of the Auburn administration. There isn't a "crime" at all and there is no publically elected official trying to make points with the voters.

Also I don't think all the alleged sources are drug addicts with a history of arrest for solicitation.

Point was let it play out before we send Aubur to the gas chamber..

Written on ESPN levels new set of allegations against already-embattled Auburn:

Remember the Duke laCrosse team...let the story play out..

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Cornwell isn't a Vol yet, so I wouldn't get all that excited. Besides he is from Norman, OK. I think Bob Stoops might have something to say about where this young man plays his college football! we should not at least try.

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Where are all you guys saying Dave hart was in b'ham signing the contract?

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PMS got you down today?...or.. maybe you can find an old dog to kick...

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It was fun to watch a bunch of sleep walkers play basketball.

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I usually do not make comments but how embarrassing can it be..cue the kats retribution from the way we bashed them for losing some school called morris

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The charge drawn by McRae at the end was clear as day.

Glad to see Martin finally put Stokes on the bench, was not helping.

Defense lapsing again all over.

I thought we won

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Does not look like Fulmeristas are ever going to go away.

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T. Martin is being praised as one of the outstanding young recruiting assistants. I think this time next year he will regret not taking the job eith us. Looks like Kiffin may be on his way out next year..sorry to hear that..and i know this is article is about Jay...

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Wow! I wondered where he would go.

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We'll just have to wait and see............Talk is cheap...

You should know

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He could sign 25 5* players and you would complain..

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Is this the worst recruiting class ever?

No.. One of the great pumpkins classes rated 35..

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Need a coach of the status to recruit elite athletes. If UT is serious about returning to national status in football Jones needs to be fired today.Waiting a few years with mediocre teams will not help.SMU proved it takes recruiting the athletes and results are quick.Alabama proves there is no chance an SEC school with the TV contract the SEC has could ever get the death penality.

Nice to see someone so positive

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Vols need to avoid these guys for a few yrs. Another SEC loss in the making.....

Such a positive post.

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UT came very close to getting Jon Gruden. It came down to salaries for assistant coaches. But Dave Hart dropped the ball and let the deal fall through.

Charlie Strong would have been a good hire but Hart blew it too. Now we are stuck with Butch Ball. He is better than Dooley but not going to fill up the stadium.

It is better to keep your mouth shut and look like a fool than open it and remove all doubt

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What in the heck are you talking about, he was on his way to being fired at La. Tech, but UT got what they deserved by hiring a bottom feeder Head Coach. Good Guy...Yes.... Head Coach....No!!!!!!

You cannot prove that statement.. My information through Tim Brando is he was well thought of..

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I wish this Fall was going to be different. Jones will do no better than Dooley on-field: beat Austin Peays & get racked up by Oregons, Floridas, Bamas & SC's. I am ill at ease from what I have seen. Here's why:

a. A widely respected friend-a friend among Cincinnati powerful says people there were stunned when Jones left. Jones had assured townies, school & players how much he wanted stay, a few weeks before bolting.

b. Here, Jones proclaims he will have the best coaching staff in the USA. He hires his from Cincinnati, without talking to several available widely respected, nationally known coaches/coordinators.

c. He claims he has wanted to coach here all his life. Strange for a Michigan guy---especially one who wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

d. He says UT can win the SEC with Tennessee H.S. players, which East, West, &---to a lesser degree--- Middle Tennessee fans, want to hear. Within two days Phillip Fulmer, who could have said nothing, says Jones has never recruited nationally, but must, he is to succeed here.
When he left, Jones made sure to take one of UC's committed recruits---a 2-star lineman. Maybe from UC or Central Mich., a 2-stars is national recruiting. Not in the SEC. SEC Coaches doing that when leaving, are not very well thought of.
e. Trust is apparently not bedrock in cultures that he comes from.

1) This week we learned that his mentor, Kelly, at N.D. , whom Jones followed at Central Mich., then Cincinnati---as Kelly got better jobs---does the same kind of you-gotta-cut-the-cards when he talks.

Having proclaimed love for N.D., Kelly then interviews at Philly. Then we learn Notre Dame football under Kelly has covered up lies by his premier player---lies designed to get support from those who bestow post-season honors.

2) Also Jones told John Adams, for this article, a story which embarrasses the President of the University of Cincinnati, but makes Jones look prescient.
My take-away:
a. Jones tells everybody what they want to hear.
b. Jones tells things to make himself look good that make others look bad.
c. Phillip Fulmer, in the meeting w/Jones, could not have missed discussing how mentally NOT tough & undisciplined Vols were w/Kiffen or Dooley.

Jones needs backing of Fulmer and former Vol players; so he hires a popular says what Fulmer wants to hear...says everywhere in Tennessee what they want to hear...tells recruits and parents what THEY want to hear. Jones does so to position himself. Jones is no reincarnation of The General; he is a masterful politician.

This guy gets multiple million$, plus his mid-major staff raises of 50%, his own contract makes him richer than the town he came from, regardless.

No wonder he tells everybody what they want to hear; Cheek, the Pres & Hart certainly told him what HE wanted to hear.

That will work until Oregon takes the field. Maybe Jones will have figured out by then what Oregon wants to hear.

Really uplifting post.

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First -should have kept chaney

Butch should have consulted you.

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Gators hope he stays.

Yes.. i would hope he would not wind up like all the other gator quarterbacks.. i am trying to think of one that ever did anything in the NFL... just cannot think of one..

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Having said that... i agree . Bray would be better off staying another year.

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Keep in mind Mel Kiper had Ryan Leaf picked over Peyton Manning.. also said Russell Wilson was a reach in the third round.. remember.. he never played or coached... i never understood how he was considered to be an "expert."

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The same place Butch Jones got his journalism degree.

I am not aware of Butch Jones trying to tell John Adams how to write a column.. do you?

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What sports reporter/commentator doesn't think he is smarter than everyone else?

I understand.. they KNOW everything..

Written on John Adams: Fitting system to players could serve Butch Jones well :

Somebody remind me where John Adams played and then later coached...

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Al Wilson, one of the main reasons we won the crystal in '98. I have been posting and pleading to bring Al back ever since he retired from the NFL. The guy is smart and he just has GAME. If a player misses a tackle due to one arm tactics and not much effort, Wilson would light them up just like he did when he was the UT Captain.

Also, I wonder if Scott Wells and Chad Clifton would be available to coach up the O line. They have championship rings on several fingers.

We need an actual, sure enough, dedicated KICKING coach plus a dedicated special teams coach. I look at a staff, and if they list a coach as, say, tight ends and special teams coach, I know that they won't be very good at special teams or tight end.

You guys that say bring in Al Wilson are wrong and here's why. He has never coached.. has stated in the past that he does not wish to coach. But.. i guess you want him brought in whether he wants to or not..dumb...

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If Jones dumps the O line coach, Darin Hinshaw and Conklin, he will be making his second, third and fourth mistakes since taking the UT job. The first will be having told us that he was going to have the best staff in the US if he brings so many from his staff at Cincinnati. His O line coach may be great, but making a good O line go through their 3rd position coach in 3 years - especially after finally having the kind of year that their talent suggested they should have been having all along - would be ... unwise. Dumping Hinshaw, the recruiting co-ordinator for the kids UT has been in contact with for up to 3 year would be .. risky. Dumping Conklin would be getting rid of probably the most promising coach on Dooley's staff. No, Butch, if you want success, you really need to reconsider this.

If Butch wants success he should definitely seek your advice.

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Dear Coach Jones:
First welcome to the University of Tennessee. I am writing this to you because i know you want to be successful.. In order to do that, be sure to log on here every day.. it is here you will find out who should be your assistant coaches.. who you should recruit ... who should be playing what position.. in other words. all you need to know about coaching..there may be a way to set up a communication system so some of these so-called UT fans can tell you what plays to run.. how about that for experise..

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Better than 800% winning percentage. You shouldn't be allowed to post messages on this site.

Nor you...