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Is it really the job of a sports reporter to "get on board"? Why does everyone expect Adams to be a Vol cheerleader when his job is to observe and comment. Seems no good reporter would ever be "on board".

posters like mikey and lanna either
1) have limited ability to comprehend*,
2) don't like his writing style regardless of the message,
3) are overall negative people, or
4)think they are even funnier than adams and are egged on by folks like volswin, who think their comments are "hilarious."

Adams-bashing has become sort of a tradition for the same kind of fans who think a petition to replace the coach is smart, effective and reputable. these guys don't know how nonsensical they appear and probably don't care.

*the point of the article is to compliment thigpen.

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One of the better posts in this whole mess.

Your point on apathy is spot on. The huge sports market that San Francisco is gives far less support to Cal State-Fullerton basketball than Nashville does to Vandy. Far. Less.

Coach Zo's low profile personality combined with his offense that averaged 68 points in SEC play this year (opponents averaged 67) is really not going to make a big splash. This seems like Cal made a great fit for their academics and team character aspirations....not so much on the noise factor.

it's Berkeley, not fullerton. fullerton is near l.a.

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paying players is indeed a Pandora's box.

I agree that a scholarship, room and board, and up to $5000 in spending money is enough for an 18-22 year old. if professional sports is your goal, you can skip college in basketball and baseball.

college is not for everyone-- many athletes' education is a joke. there have been and still are minor and developmental leagues. go to Europe. those of you who advocate paying

college athletes remind me of the liberals in favor of unlimited entitlements to the young, the old, the poor, the "undocumented," the mentally challenged, the physically impaired, the minorities, the unemployed....

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since it's labor day weekend, I don't see a problem. only college football game on an early-season sunday night? talk about national recognition! yes, these other aggies will be tough, but that's better than playing ut-martin or Chattanooga.

great switch for boomsday too, although the accompanying price increase galls me. charge what the market will bear I guess. if no one shows up, maybe that $20 entrance fee will go back down.

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Wow, may have outkicked your coverage on that one if this wasn't way-too-common knowledge. Keep trying. Can't you follow the softball team or something and put your curse on them..?

even worse, he's put the curse on you-- through no real effort, he owns a big chunk of real estate in your brain, and it obviously bothers you on a regular basis. you can defeat the curse by not reading his columns, and thereby achieve peace of mind.

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yeah,'re trying to be funny...but you're not...get it..?

some people like Foxworthy, some like maher (I know it's hard to believe).

why don't u try commenting on the issue instead of your boring criticism of adams?

who do u think should start and why?

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I agree with your comment but it will be difficult for anyone to jump on a bandwagon that is being driven by a negative, sarcastic sportswriter. I think you know who I mean.

it looks to me like the only negative poster on this page is YOU. everyone else is on point. your act is old, tired and irrelevant.

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I was plenty amped about the call and thought at first it might go against Michigan. Worng again.

Give Beilein credit for setting up a defense that forced the ball into the right guy's (for them) hands at a perfect spot (again for them) on the floor. From that point Stokes would have to drive to the basket and offer a chance for their guy to "sell" the charging call.........which he did masterfully.

A better plan for tthe Vols would've been an immediate kickout from Stokes to a shooter with Maymon and Stokes heading for the glass. Didn't happen.

It was a great game.......if you didn't care who won.

I, too, thought the call was against Michigan.

and yes, if stokes had kicked it out, then got it back he might've had an easier path to the basket.

the irony was our lack of fouls prevented us from getting the ball back after fouling.

and finally, I felt that mcrae's and stokes's free throw misses through the game were a very bad sign.

overall, though, it was a stirring comeback.

very proud of vols, who actually ended up about where the preseason polls predicted them.

as for cuonzo, I heard that Marquette was going to come after him. UT better double his salary or he may be gone.

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Here's one who would have no problem posting under my real name if it were required. I am not ashamed of my name, my heritage, or my comments. Another interesting requirement would be to list the number of sports they hold season tickets for. That would give us a better idea of who the true Tennessee fans were and who were the imposters.

I was on the fence after cuonzo's first 2 seasons. I was doubtful after the T A&M game.

But then after a close win at Miss. State,

POW! on Vandy (biggest stomping ever).

POW! on Auburn (a two-fer, vital win and helped to get Bruce out of Knoxville-- although I do luv ya, Bruce).

POW! on Missouri. NCAA play-in game? Check.

Finally the win in the SEC tourney against SCAR and a tough enough battle against the nation's top team to get us into the Big Dance.

So, now like all good fans, let's shut up the negativity.

I'm happy to sign my posts, but season tickets is not a good requirement for this column. The reasons all fans don't buy season tickets are obvious, mainly the cost and the hassle.

It's still a buyer's market, Dave Hart. Improve parking, lower prices, and in Neyland go back to 18" seats! Tennessee has done well, it now seems, with the football, baseball, and men's and women's bb coaching hires. Time to make a change in track. Softball, swimming, tennis-- good shape. Watching from the comfort of my living room, DVR remote in hand-- priceless.

Jack Maples.

Visit Maples Motor Inn in Pigeon Forge (on the web at (What the hell, shameless plug!)

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with that little accent thing over the a.

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Yes, the Lady Vols are capable of losing to anyone on any given day. The other team just needs to double and triple team Izzy and let the idea of being in a tournament guard Simmons and, wallah, the LVs cannot score.

isn't French something you do with your tongue? I think it's "voila."

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I can never be so happy to see a conference player of the year graduate.

Simmons could help her team so much more if she took half the shots and applied herself on defense. I know she doesn't believe that. I'm not sure if she could even consider it.

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what a fun week!

the vols have played 2 of their best games of the year.

bruce gets a job where we can watch him do his thing (and remove him as a distraction in Knoxville).

cuonzo has the job security he deserves.

our players are exhibiting maturity and confidence.

the lady vols seem to have a nice path to an elite eight matchup with Louisville (revenge motivation, just like mercer).

it's about time, vol fans!

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I was thinking about all the energy expended against iowa, the minutes the starters had to play and play at 100%. if we make it through today, there might not be much left in the tank for duke. hopefully moore, reese and Thompson can improve on their production from Wednesday.

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even if they go no further, this was an important game for cuonzo, the players, and the fans. if the seniors can keep it up I think we'll win Friday.

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Him proclaiming WAR EAGLE hurts - I think in his heart he is VFL

bruce seems to be 100% in whatever he does. he was all Tennessee when he was here. he is all auburn now.

ut administration was terrible in how they handled the ncaa mess, but most universities would have fired bruce. and as a poster noted, bruce's program had peaked and was on the way down. high-profile signees who couldn't get (or stay) in school and lack of player development were two obvious shortcomings.

nevertheless, i'll never forget the enthusiasm and fun he brought, as well as our highest national finish in history. good luck bruce, i'll be cheering for ya in every game except one next year.

and MORE IMPORTANTLY good luck cuonzo and our team tonight and forever. we shouldn't forget that our coach is a winner in life and coaching (20+ wins each year at UT) and most likely will never get us put back on probation. I don't agree with his coaching sometimes, but I think, hope and pray he continues to improve in his profession like most all of us.

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hey adams...let Fleser do his thing....hard to believe the whole UTAD hates you, but that's what you want, right..?

this attitude does no good to anybody. why not focus on the subject like the post that followed yours? because you have nothing intelligent to say. (and my post is as much of a knee-jerk as yours.)

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I'm not a member of the John Adams-Bashers Club, but dang, this column makes me think about joining. Tennessee plays a terrific game and all Adams can come up with is a column focused on poor Vanderbilt's inconsistent play? Let's not give the Vols any credit for outstanding play. Let's just chalk this one up to Vandy's "confusion." Seriously, this is an story I would have expected to read in Nashville's Tennessean newspaper.

gvx has 4 articles on the game (haven't seen the paper yet). obviously they can't all say the same thing. get a clue.

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stokes-- gone. of course, maymon, mcrae, and barton gone.
cuonzo--? ( I vote for "gone." sorry, cuonzo. you didn't get it done when you could've.)

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good article. the bozos who criticize john adams only perpetuate the image of ut fans as naïve and ignorant haters. too bad we can't rise above the image of Alabama and Kentucky fans.

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I predict another first round flame-out in the N.I.T. this year. Go vols!

let's put it this way-- any post season win (sec, ncaa, nit, cit) will surprise me.

unless the vols go to the big dance, i'm ready to cut ties with cuonzo. too bad, nice guy, but if he can't do it with this team, he can't do it.

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vandy fans have had their fun, and that's okay with me. (although I absolutely hated our last 2 games with them.) no they can go back to battling ky for the cellar, as the vols begin their inevitable ascension.

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Thompson was not the only freshman to be exposed defensively in the game. Hubbs also continues to struggle on that end, and Davis' shortcomings on defense may be one reason why Reese got so many of his minutes. The team's apparent lack of concentration in the last ten minutes or so was somewhat troubling, but there were a fair number of subs playing big minutes during that stretch. I think the Vols showed what they had to in their vastly improved ball and player movement. They actually ran a number of set plays that resulted in scores or at least in meaningful attempts that should have been scores. The main issue all along for this team has been consistency of effort and execution. They showed both of those for a longer stretch last night than they have in some time. Let's just hope they don't lose that over the holidays.

Speaking of which, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members of the board. Conversing with you all is one of this old man's great joys these days. See you all in the New Year! Let's hope it is kinder to us Vol fans than the last few have been!


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vol fans have endured a long drought of success. don't get your hopes up for next year. more patience will be required.

in the meantime, hopefully we can savor top recruiting classes and the occasional upset in our tough 2014 schedule.

...and regression in the vandy program as franklin runs off to...texas or penn state (if Obrien leaves)

sure hope the offensive line production gets better, even as this year's linemen go on to the nfl.

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Every play is subject to official review in the SEC. It happens in every game. Tennessee lost because of poor coaching. Yes, jones is no Saban or he wouldn't be at a sub par school such as Tennessee. I see the typical fan blame game is turning toward poor officiating. Never where the blame truly goes and that's to poor coaching and poor execution. Poor execution is a direct result of poor coaching. Robinettes was coached by a great coach in high school. George Quarrels. Period. One more loss and Tennessee will be the worse team in the SEC and not the best of the worse. Gotta laugh, can you lower your silly car window flags to half staff?

a hater, huh? fans of this team are no better and no worse than those of whatever school you support. this university is no better and no worse than any you might have attended or support.

you must really have no life to get on this board and criticize a program when it's down.

a psychologist would have a field day with you.

oh and just wondering how successful your team is this year? I gotta laugh too.

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most vol fans know this started with mike Hamilton's hire of kiffin (bad) then dooley (worse.) fulmer was going down slowly and painfully, but if Hamilton went all in for cutcliffe, briles, sumlin or malzahn, would we be better off now?

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vandy's offense doesn't scare me. if we can find the rushing "lane" we will "dobb" their pain and "neal" in victory. I also hope that palardy just kicks and punts it to or over the sideline.

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not as informed on lady vols as most. how do you think simmons would react to not starting? does she have the mental toughness? I know she is a streaky shooter.

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along with the baseball coach hiring, the bruce pearl betrayal will go down in vol history as 2 of the worst screw-ups by the worst athletic director in UT history, mike Hamilton. what a disgrace. even worse was his million-dollar parachute.

folks, the incompetence has not been entirely flushed. those who approved the "retirement" settlement for Hamilton are still in power.

Written on Tennessee, Virginia Tech could smash attendance records at Bristol in 2016:

wow. sorry, guys, but I AM impressed. if the tickets are reasonable, I would consider going. way to go, butch and hart-- our previous administrations didn't have the guts to pull the trigger (except to buy out north Carolina).

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i am so happy that the adams haters have left the building!

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in response to MadMax49:

Vols wasted a week of practice on Oregon

and UT fans have wasted a lifetime on John Adams articles.

know the definition of "insanity?" doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I can only assume you are insane if you think you have wasted your life and keep reading adams's articles.

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Mental conditioning is crucial against all teams, Ducks included. Get with the program.

i thought switching to a subscriber-based site would cure us of the know-it-alls, and to a large extent it has. I know you think mental conditioning was crucial against Austin peay, but I disagree. get with the program. or not.

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tale of two games:

team one: a storied, once-elite program plays at home against a mediocre visitor led by one of college football's most feared offensive gurus who beat a lower-tier sec team last week. result: 52-20 victory

team two: a storied, once-elite program plays at home against a mediocre visitor led by one of college football's most feared offensive gurus who lost to a lower-tier sec team last week. result: 10-7 loss

coach of team one: butch jones

coach of team two: lane kiffin

Written on How They Scored: Tennessee 52, Western Kentucky 20:

tale of two games:

team one: a storied, once-elite program plays at home against a mediocre visitor led by one of college football's most feared offensive gurus who beat a lower-tier sec team last week. result: 52-20 victory

team two: a storied, once-elite program plays at home against a mediocre visitor led by one of college football's most feared offensive gurus who lost to a lower-tier sec team last week. result: 10-7 loss

coach of team one: butch jones

coach of team two: lane kiffin

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oh that we were playing southern cal next week instead of farther up the coast!

Written on Vols force five turnovers in six plays:

anybody wish we were playing southern cal instead of Oregon next week?

Written on Vols force five turnovers in six plays:

we wore em down in the second half. I was disappointed in Worley and the offensive line in the first half. if this had been Oregon it would have been 35-0 at halftime.

keep the faith, players, go hard for 4 quarters. be patient, fans, this season may be a roller coaster.... no way it will be as bad as last year. go vols!

Written on Justin Worley says circumstances of game prevented him from getting into rhythm :

offensive line didn't punch enough holes in the first half. blocked punt. etc.

let's hope the team improves, plays with 4 quarters of heart, keeps the embarrassment factor low. the fans must be patient. I was surprised to see the upper deck so empty. go vols!

Written on John Adams: A UT fan will switch sides Saturday :

someone pointed out the other day that most of the nega-vol trolls have left the building.

too cheap to pay? a subscription to the kns is cheaper than buying daily. guess they don't live in the area. too bad! not.

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in response to RoadTrip:

So John Adams is an expert on talent?! That is hilarious! Just a typical, uneducated, sloppy article.

just as you are amused at adams's article, I am bored with your response.

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in response to WaltGoVoIs:

Someone should be looking to hire John Adams, or not.

Bruce Pearle? - when all we can think of is "IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!"

John has recently had nothing better to do than bash a coach who's been gone 4 years, and now this? There are a few milestones to cover before March Madness, John.

Maybe your idiotic and untimely rant results from the fact that all your football sources told you to stick it, John.

I am asking - is your boss happy with the drivel you produce?


UT '81

someone should be looking to hire walt. or not.

john adames? when all the other readers wish to respond to a thought-provoking situation that will create a large amount of controversy when it occurs.

walt has, for a long time, nothing better to do than bash a writer who was demoted years ago, and now this? there are a few more articles to be written before bruce pearl is hired, walt.

maybe your idiotic (but predictable) rant results from the fact that everyone who knows you tells you to stick it, walt.

I am asking-- are readers of this site happy with the drivel you produce?


UT '74

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if you think articles bringing praise, encouragement and optimism would make the players and coaches better, you are as ignorant as many of these posters.

you people who criticize adams are just like him! negative, critical, sometimes sarcastic, holier than thou!

it brings to mind the old saying, "the things you love about other people are the things you love about yourself. the things you hate about other people are the things you hate about yourself."

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71-3 would be nice, although I would hope the second stringers would be in for the last 3 tds. we will need to develop depth on both lines and in the secondary.

and before the blather begins, let me be the first to say, "john adams! taking every opportunity to slam our team! once again bringing up our lack of playmakers! bringing up ancient history, our passer and receivers having graduated! 2 criticisms against only about 6 compliments? hack! go back to lose-iana! let's get some decent writer in here, maybe vol2ny, mother Teresa, wilt 69, devolved or oldsnore. I give u a D- for simply stating the obvious while getting in every possible dig against the team you hate: the Tennessee vols!"

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in response to Olddogsrule:

More smarmy word vomit from John Adams whose only goal is to instigate more smarmy word vomit from posters.

I'm beginning to believe Knoxville and The University of Tennessee would be better off if the News-Sentinel just went bankrupt and we no longer had a major print journalism source as bad as the Knoxville News-Sentinel is.

They could do a lot to correct this if they'd move johnny-boy into obituaries. One obit by John Adams and an irate family would take care of the rest.

john adams gets a decent paycheck for writing his "vomit." that's his primary motivation.

what do you get for writing your infantile word vomit?

please submit your vomit to the kns as an oped. maybe they'll print it and you'll have a new career replacing adams.

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in response to tomkats3242:

Now you know why the KNS hired John Adams. Sorry newspaper and sorrier writer. Wish both could be banned from UT campus.

your sorry comment about a sorry writer (who had nothing to do with this article) simply makes everyone who reads your sorry comment sorry that you bother to read the sorry newspaper and make your sorry comments. please go back to your sorry life and stop making everyone sorry that you have such a negative attitude. if this hurts your feelings, well, i'm sorry.

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looks like butch jones is doing his best to catch the wave.

Written on Leap of faith for Tyler Stepp at ETSU:

7.79 meters? us old timers can't figure out how good that is. 25'6 11/16"? yep that's outstanding, especially for a white boy from jeff county! go tyler!

Written on John Adams: SEC's short-term schedule matters, too:

tiny seats....parking miles away...outrageous ticket prices...
but if butch can start beating some good teams, it just might be worth it.