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Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

This board sounds full of gruden leftovers. Mad cause an unproven coach in college didnt want to come here. Some of you are worse than bama or dawg fans. If you don't like our coach please go elsewhere

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

how many times does someone have to say no for you all to understand what no mean's, it's dead all these rumor's obviously were false and your source's were just pulling your string's and having fun, good grief I wanted Gruden, but he obviously said no, and I heard one for myself on mike and mike and no it wasn't smokescreen, it was a flat out no followed with, he wanted to keep the job he had.

Written on Gruden, Haslam, Browns shoot down Memphis report over UT deal:

I love the vol's and the fan's, but how some of you got he was coming from him saying no in plain english confuses me. I listened to it live, and watched it several time's over on dvr. He said no to both. period. I want gruden, but I am fluent in english. He may be lying to cover it up, but some of you are saying he didn't say no to the ut offer and sorry to bust your bubble, but he did. I'm sure it's on the web by now look it up. In plain english when asked if he had a offer from ut he said no. I am not trying to be a dream killer, I'm just afraid some of you will kill yourself when he's not the coach. Again, I hope he's the man, but nothing in his interview even remotely hinted he was taking the ut job.

Written on Tennessee interim coach Jim Chaney says he'll learn on the job this week :

I just hope they don't beat ky, and dave hart is dumb enough to think chaney is the man and give him the job?? I would say not, but who would have though hamilton would have hired dooley to start with and then give him a raise after his first yr, which was a losing season.

Written on Jim Chaney takes over as interim coach, focused on Kentucky:

in response to vq4nfo:

Rumors have Lane Kiffen being fired at the end of USC's season. Why not give him another chance to redem himself? If not then we do need to get Phillip back. Or promote Sal to head coach and get a new DC. Or get the Kentucky coach that was fired or Auburn's coach when he gets fired. No rush. It will give the posters a chance to vent for a few more months and give the recruits a chance to change their minds.

That's why it's not good to listen to rumor's on the internet and actually watch the new's. Before UT announced sunday that dooley was fired, I mean by about 8 am sunday morning, the usc AD released a statement saying kiffin would be the coach at usc in 2013. That was first thing on sport's center sunday morning.

Written on Mike Tirico steers clear of speculation on Gruden’s possible return to coaching:

Regardless of what may happen, today was the first morning in near 4 yr's that i've woke up with actuall hope for Tennessee football. Now it's up to dave hart to keep that hope alive and make the right hire.

Written on Jim Chaney takes over as interim coach, focused on Kentucky:

I agree most of the fan's wanted fulmer out, thought a dynasty was coming with kiffin, and have been nothing but bitter blaming fulmer for the phooey kiffin caused. Granted the program had went down some, but it was nowhere where it's been the past 4 yr's. The biggest thing I loved about fulmer, he was a homer, he loved the vol's, and I doubt they will hire another in our lifetime that will feel the same way. They may get a good coach, but if he's not a vol at heart, he'll do what kiffin did and well here we'll go again. I hope I'm wrong and a good coach come's and stay's, but I guess time will tell.

Written on Vanderblowout: Tennessee loses to Vanderbilt in Nashville for first time since 1982 :

If dooley is still coach this time tomorrow night, then I'm sure dave hart and himself are trying to destroy the vols. There is no way they beat a worse ky team next week with the moral they have right now.

Written on Tennessee, Vanderbilt preparing for kickoff before sellout crowd :

in response to DeltaCharlie3:

You should be used to it by now.

i don't know who u pull for but do they suck that bad that u have to post on a vol's site? Or do u?

Written on Tennessee, Vanderbilt preparing for kickoff before sellout crowd :

Gonna be a long nt for us vol fan's i just hope they don't get blowed out

Written on Derek Dooley: Dave Hart 'told me he had not made a decision' :

in response to frblalack:

The smart thing to do is allow Coach Dooley the opportunity & the respect he deserves. If UT can win out, then let's give Coach our complete support. If we cannot beat Vandy and Kentucky, then probably all the naysayers & negative posters & supposedly "fans" will be happy. Coach Dooley is a CLASS ACT, a genuinely fine representative for our university. If we'd have made a few critical catches, or a few less fumbles, or a few more field goals then we wouldn't be having this discussion. Yeah, the missed defensive assignments have been atrocious...but they can be corrected. I remain hopeful that Coach Hart will honor the contract with our Head Coach. Keeping in mind the circumstances Coach inherited; let's see how the rest of this season plays out.

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life - GoBigOrange!

you must be a troll or don't watch the games or just hate tennessee. few catches? few less fumbles? who have you been watching play? this team has been outcoached every game with the exception of 2 and that was the first 2, since then even the akron and troy coaches out did us, we got lucky. wasting 2 timeout's and playing for ot should show u he can't coach period

Written on Poll: Do you think UT has made its decision to fire coach Derek Dooley?:

he's dont, write it down spidermonkey has spoken

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

There is nothing more that need's to be said about dooley as a coach, vols will need a miracle to beat ky, vandy will beat them bad you all who think dooley just need's time know nothing about football period

Written on 5 Big Things against Missouri :

in response to vq4nfo:

Missouri has only scored a combined 38 points in the last 3 games. Wonder how many they will get tomorrow?

I hope I'm wrong, but I'd say 45 with franklin almost propelling himself into the heisman watch

Written on 5 Big Things against Missouri :

5 things, i would say all 5 big things should be defense. 1-5 defense period

Written on Sal Sunseri fine with Derek Dooley being more active with defense:

Whooo!! Dooley is taking over the defense! mizz will not score one single TD on the vols saturday!!! They may score 10-15, but not one single one!!

Written on After wild win, Tennessee facing questions as final 3 SEC games loom :

The only question is will they at least beat ky? mizz and vandy are loses for sure, ky is up in the air. I love the vols but, even if they get ahead the defense or coaches will blow it mark my words.

Written on UT's 'embarrassing' defense goes from bad to record worst :

The only and I mean only game we have a slight chance of winning is kentucky, and that's not a given seeing how they beat the vols last year with a WR starting at QB. We could score 100 and give up 105, pathetic.

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

in response to IdahoVol:

Dumb comment. We have lost to 5 ranked teams but have Missouri, Vandy and UK left. Finish 7-5 and a bowl. Not saying that's acceptable but to say we won't beat any of those three is crazy.

idaho, we will more than likely lose to vandy and mizz, troy will give us fit's and I can only hope we beat ky, I hope I'm wrong, but seriously doubt we get more than one conference win this year. We can't stop anybody, period. The offense can score 100, but we'd give up 110

Written on Poll: Do you approve of the job Derek Dooley is doing as coach of Tennessee?:

I just wonder how the folk's who keep saying we are improving every year under dooley explain how 0-5 3 yr's in a row is improvement? No moral victory or close game phooey, they can't win record proves it? why? coaching.

Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

Yea!!!! We got another moral victory, maybe, just maybe we can get a win vs troy and 3 more moral victory's in conference. I know personally waited all winter, spring, and summer, for moral victories. Why didn't dooley challenge the fumble? Why does a coach call their last timeout when the clock is already stopped? Answer-- they can't coach. All you who say we aren't true fan's who don't back our team, I back my team. They just need some coaches and probably 3 of those 5 would be wins

Written on First: South Carolina 7, Tennessee 7 :

I'll honestly be surprised if vols win another game, we will not be able to stop troy. Let alone, beat vany at vandy or stop mizz, or ky. I love football but will be so glad when this season is over, so the hurt will stop.

Written on John Adams: Argument can be made South Carolina is better job than UT:

in response to suttree:

Fulmer still owns some of this mess. No way would Hart ever go getting himself caught up in the past with a big family name . . . he's been there already with Bobby Bowden.

You have to think that Hart has been getting his ducks in a row since Kentucky. The move should be made after Kentucky. With SC a stretch and Mizzou and Vandy looking iffy at this point there is no greater good served by pulling the trigger now.

......and CaveMan...... If you are questioning wearing your UT hat then by all means put it in the trash. You probably should never have been wearing it in the first place.

Fulmer has nothing to do with this mess, everybody is gone who he had anything to do with. Coaches, player's, where u even get that i don't know. People like u are what lost him his job hope u are happy now.

Written on Justin Hunter says no hard feelings following Derek Dooley's criticism :

in response to StoneJackBaller:

You're a complete idiot. Did you even read the article you posted? First of all, it was from April. Second of all, according to the article, he obviously loves Tennessee. Thirdly, nothing was said about what he would or wouldn't do.

You're a real genius.

Hopefully Gruden won't wear the orange pants when he's coach.

I hate to jump into the middle of a good fight, and as much as I would love to see a new coach. If by some chance ( which it will not happen) the vols fire dooley. Gruden will never be coach at tennessee, guarentee that one. He probably would be great, but not gonna happen.

Written on Vols' slump could put Dooley's future in question:

in response to VolinCalif:

Naa. I quite thinking behind the hedges. Then MSU threw me into a hole and Bama filled it in.

That is about as well put as I have seen volincalif,

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

in response to VOLnChattTown:

How the heck do you go into half time driving the ball with 2 timeouts while watching the clock expire??? These kind of ridiculous mistakes have proven the inability of this staff to manage a game!!!

my point exactly, it's nonsense, he can't coach. He couldn't win at university of nowhere, and i'm shocked that people want to give him another year.

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

Well like i saw at the georgia game dooley is not a coach. Before half we could have done something with 2 timeouts and he didn't use them? We will never beat a ranked team with him, and have a good chance of not winning another this year. Good guys don't mean good coach. If UT waits around we'll be stuck hiring another dooley. Auburn or kentucky will get petrino or whoever and we will continue to suck. If they keep dooley the stands will be empty next year, mark my word.

Written on Tennessee defense rebounds after ugly first half only to succumb in final drive :

in response to knoxchatter:

Relax need to work yourself into a dither...I don't think you have anything at all to be worried about.


Written on Tennessee defense rebounds after ugly first half only to succumb in final drive :

I hate to say this, but my biggest fear for ut football is that they somehow by luck beat bama next week. Then they will freak out and give dooley a big extension cause he beat #1 bama

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

I'm afraid to even talk smack to kentucky fans, I honestly can't say we will for sure win another game. We have the talent I believe that we should have even beat florida, but we need a coach. If tennessee keeps dooley they might as well move to conference usa or something cause that's the only teams he has a shot at beating

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

in response to born2ride:

Dooley record is 4-15 in the SEC.

The only teams Dooley beat are:

Vandy (Twice)
Ole Miss

Those are the WORST BOTTOM TEAMS in the SEC - along with Tennessee thanks to Dooley.

Dooley has never beat a ranked team.

He has never won a game on the road.

Dooley should have been fired after the Kentucky loss.

Why is Dooley still coaching here?


I had hopes, but it's obvious even from his old school he can't win. I had faults with fulmer, but usually he was winning 8-9 games a year. That's better than 5

Written on Tennessee experiences highs and lows in 51-44 loss to Georgia :

in response to orange_eVOLution:

Are you really picking on Dooley's body language? Really?? I was at the game, too. I saw a team that fought through adversity instead of caving in when things looked almost out of hand. Get a new perspective, man.

i agree the 'team' did it without much help from the head coach i like dooley but you all on here have been talking bout bray's body language when dooley is a bigger leader than he is i have a good perspective of our team but our coach needs to learn how to lead

Written on Tennessee experiences highs and lows in 51-44 loss to Georgia :

I was proud the vols hug in there what i wasn't proud of was dooley. I was at the game sitting field level with a great view of him the whole game, he acted as though he could care less. Sunseri was tge one in the huddles during time outs i seen dooley clap more during georgia td's than tennessee's. I have supported him from day one but to personally watch him fold his arms and have a look like he'd rather be at his parent's really bothered me.

Written on Evan Woodbery's game-by-game look at Tennessee's 2012 schedule :

in response to AlcoVOLic:

Missouri absolutely should not be overlooked if they really have been averaging 10 wins per game over the last 5 seasons...that's well over 500 wins in just five years!!!

That's an amazing stat we need out of this game badly cause i guess that would be 10 loses if we don't win

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Vols clearly look better, but is it better enough?:

in response to TheBlue:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I know "theblue" is not a name meaning you are a kentucky fan, and I know a kentucky fan wouldn't be on a vols page talking smack about our football team since they haven't beat the vols in over a quarter of a century. Tennessee is getting better, after what they have been through I'm glad it's not worse. It don't always happen overnight if your a fan be a fan to those who claim to be vols and do nothing but bad mouth the team and coach I don't post much on here but some of you all need to move over to nashville and cheer for vandy your making real tennessee fans look bad.

Written on Erik Ainge says he was 'addict' while at UT :

in response to powellguy14:

Well, I guess that does explain that ugly interception at LSU.

I've been asking people for years if they remember that int and nobody does. You are the first person besides me to talk about it I wish I could find the clip on youtube but can't, it was funny. God Bless the guy for trying to clean it up.

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