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Well the media sure sank its teeth into this one. I wonder how much money is being payed out by both sides to get their version of history on the front page or into the talk radio stations. Seems like a long time ago to be making such a big deal out of it. More than a few serious criminals have done their time and walked away to lead normal lives since all this happened.
Enquiring minds must really want to know badly. Rutgers couldnt hire the Pope right now without the medias approval. The news gets more Cheerful every day. Too bad there wasnt a pause button for time. (pick your decade) Anything would beat the lack of common sense in todays generation.

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I have a feeling Tyler was extremely humbled after not being drafted, and it sounds like he knows he is mostly to blame for that. I say mostly because of the joke of a coaching staff he had "teaching" him. I don't get as upset about the maturity issues as others seem to get. He was a 20 year old college kid. When I was at that point in my life, my biggest concern was getting the most amount of alcohol for the least amount of money. That's a far cry from being the QB of a top notch school under the spotlight. I think time and experience with life is what really matures you. If he truly commits himself to learning the game the right way, he still has the chance to be great. I think Alex Smith with struggle as the QB for the Chiefs. After one or two bad years, Tyler's physical abilities will be hard to ignore. A little football knowledge mixed with that arm is a recipe for a good qb.I hope and wish the best for Tyler. As I've said before, it does neither Tyler nor the university any good for him to fail. Good luck Tyler and go Vols!

Excellent post. Glad to see someone on here actually wishing a former Vol well without being so judgmental.

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Now that's keeping it real, and I think you nailed it. The fact that a source from the UTAD stated there were "academic" issues and "repeated plagiarism" tells me daddy is in denial. The UTAD would not risk lawsuits for slander and/or libel by making these allegations if they were not accurate.

Actually thats not keeping it real at all, in fact mixing in a leaked statement from a source, LOL! is not much info to go on at all let alone calling out a former player who may or may not be guilty of anything. The source from the UTAD, would that be the same source who said Gruden was coming to knoxville ? This whole scenario seems more likely created to draw some of the heat off of the staff after recent events. The silence by all party,s involved lends no more credibility to either side despite what some might think. Quite frankly I would be inclined to believe Trae,s father before I would the silence from the University. Maybe someday the real facts will surface instead of all this so called source nonesense.

Written on Father of Trae Golden says reports of academic problems are 'totally inaccurate':

The plot thickens.Seems to me lockjaw has set in on both sides for those that have any accountability, legal or otherwise. I still think
there is more to this than academics, I mean if that was really the only issue how has Trae managed to make it this far. Somethings being kept swept under the rug and Im not sure wich side is doing the sweeping just yet.

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Repeated, as in the University has known about this for awhile, therefore why all of a sudden does the lid get blown off this story. I bet there are some other things behind this story that are NOT being reported. Coach Martin is not behind this but I would be willing to bet there is a squealer out there somewhere that wanted Trae gone. (insert Sarcasm) Im soooo shocked that an athlete would do such a thing :) Gee I wonder if this happens anywhere else ? Im not buying into this story at all.

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No one left on the current roster can play point at Trae,s level, I remember only too well how those games went while he was sitting out. He wasnt the best defender but without his offense the Vols would have lost several more games than they did. A clutch free throw shooter who came through on many occasions to help seal the win.

Who exactly can fill the point position ? Jordan is not a good ball handler. Lopez ? I dont think so. Fact is unless we have someone coming in who can play the point at this level immediately the Vols will be in trouble next season no matter who we have down low. Look what happened to UK without a good PG. CCM better have a plan for this or he will be toast after next season.

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This doesn't sound right..If trae wanted out, he wouldn't wait til his senior year to transfer..There's something fishy in Denmark??

Exactly ! I know Golden had some slow games but he was the key to the offense most of the time.

Seems to be alot of changes taking place within the BB team, and as much as I hope to see the Vols succeed, there are some things that I would hope is not happening. Axing loyal players is one of those things. Not saying that is the case here, but other than grades why would Trae leave now after putting in so much time at UT ?

Regardless I wish the best for golden no matter where he ends up.

Written on Tyler Summitt interviews for Chattanooga opening:

Hope tyler gets this job and stays close to his family. Would be good for UTC and good for Pat. His connections will serve him well.The day may come when he comes back to knoxville and UTC would be a good place to get some head coaching experience along the way.

Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

Visited New Mexico State so im guessing he has been looking for another option for at least a few days. No matter who made the call someone had to be cut. I wish the best for Landry and hope he does well at the next level. Right now there is no way to pass any type of judgement on this decision Without Facts and with Martins job on the line he should be putting the most talent he can get on the floor or else he gets released as well. So I can understand this decision but dont necessarily think its the best way to win over recruits.

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You do love to pontificate. Why don't you get over your Dooley fetish? Does your wife know about your obsession?

You dont really think anyone would put up with a mind like that do you ? LOL!

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Coach Jones is doing an excellent job at recruiting. The UT brand sells itself when the fans and players are all in. I like how CBJ has worked to involve the Legacy players and opened the door for instate recruits, this brings back the Vol nation family attitude that was once part of the formula that helped the Vols be a great program. I firmly believe CBJ has us headed in the right direction once again and once all the pieces of the new team are in place I think we will be filling Neyland Stadium once again and the sound of cannons will be common once again by the river.

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I'm torn on the Bray issue. One part of me knows his lack of development and maturity was his own fault. I know his seemingly lackadaisical and somewhat careless attitude towards the game was a big factor in his not improving. It's obvious that he is not a student of the game, and relied on physical ability to play the game. That being said, a lot of his problems could've been addressed through decent coaching, and leadership. I mean, the guy had to deal with Dooley and the coaches that Dooley hired. Was there really any way to truly improve with the coaches he had teaching him? Did he ever have a coach that really took an interest in him, both on and off the field? It kind of reminds me of the Erik Ainge situation. He had a ton of talent, but had some maturity and off the field issues. Those issues all but disappeared when Coach Cut got back in KTown. He took real interest in not only improving Erik as a player, but as a person. Heck, two of the best qbs in the game(Peyton and Eli) still work out with the man. I would be willing to bet Bray has not spoken to a single UT coach since leaving school. Bray has all the physical abilities to make it in the NFL. Hopefully this whole draft experience humbled him, and changed his mentality to his approach to the game. He needs to find someone he looks up to in the profession, show some humility, and just ask for help. If I were him, I'd call Coach Cut or Peyton and just beg for assistance. UT is a proud family, and has no problem helping one of their own who wants and needs it. It does not do our school any good for our players to go the the NFL and become failures. I wish Bray all the best, and hope he has a great NFL career. I'm proud to be a Tennessee Vol, and I hope he is too. Go Vols!

Excellent post. I was beginning to think no one on this board even considers the fact that TB came in to UT green and basically had no decent upperclassmen QBs to mentor him, and seeing as hindsight is always 20/20 not very good coaches either from what I saw the last three years. I wish the best for young TB and hope he has better support in KC than he got in knoxville.

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This entire article makes me sick and is ridiculous.

Why on earth does an AD make $750,000 per year? And get $50,000 raises?

I am an alumnus ('95), but I stopped paying out the nose for season tickets when Fulmer was fired, stopped all contributions when Hamilton put us in the hole with Dooley's $5 million buy-out, and now I sincerely hope my kids decide to go somewhere else.

I will always be a Vol, but it's hard to financially support an institution that is so blind to real world economics.

Yes but just think, He is trimming the fat ! Just not his own fat ! Sort of like the Robinhood Theory but in reverse. Makes me wonder what the world is coming to. Im not a Hart basher but exactly what in the sam hill has he done to deserve a fat cat bonus on top of the $800,000 dollars he already gets paid. Coach Jones seems to be the one working the hardest to improve UTs image. Hart is a yes man to Cheek and the board and they must be printing their own money on the hill these days.Likely Scenario number 1:( Oh wait I forgot lets just cut some jobs and give raises ! Everyone still working here raise your hand if your in favor.): Sound about right?

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

Wish my CEO would throw an extra 50K my way just for doing my job. Wrong side of the tracks I guess.50 bucks would be a miracle for the blue collar working folks, yet all you hear about these days someone getting bonuses bigger than most folks make in a year. OK rant over !

As far as Im concerned, the only good thing about this is the so called truth squad will be pissed, and that I think is worth a good laugh.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

Most of the time I agree with the regular posters on this site, but all this trashing of TB is far more embarrassing than anything that kid ever did while he was here. Blah blah blah not mature enough, blah blah not smart enough.

Not one comment about how poor the leadership and staff situation was during his time here.

Fact is, reading the BS the usual trolls write is easier than seeing Vol fans turn against this kid. No wonder he left ! Its like watching a bunch of Vultures on this site sometimes, some of you just cant get through a day without taking a parting shot at a former Vol.

Written on Mike Strange: Phillip Fulmer: SEC dominance began before seven-year title run:

No sense in rehashing what could have been. I guess its always the easy way out when news is slow at the office. Jones will straighten out the football programs recent decline no matter who is pulling the strings as long as he continues to recruit good kids who really want to be a Vol and are willing to put in the work to get it done.

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Whatever he decides I wish him the best. Stokes has presented himself with class while at UT. Never trash talking and always humble, he will mature into a better player very quickly. He helped put a beatdown on calipari,s kitty,s just like he promised. And with very little College experience he has had to take the lead role inside with Maymon out. And regardless if he stays or goes fans should try and wish him the best. He is a Vol and deserves nothing less.

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Accurate description of Roll-Troll-Roll, Chatterbox.

Hey we go into the wild blue yonder..........and then at 10,000 feet, let this troll free fall.

Go Air Force and Go Vols

Or just drop a few LGBs on the troll, or a Maverick in case he tries a fast getaway. On second thought forget the LGBs. Watching it all on closed circuit TV would be priceless.

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Bray could have been one of the greats if he had had better better coaches to help him develop. I dont think any QB Ive seen play in the last couple of years could have performed any better under the staff and the circumstances he had while at UT. Did he have some issues that could have been handled better ? Sure ! But you can say that about every kid at his age. I find it comical that so many adults on this board start preaching maturity when they have 40 or more years of hindsight to use as a gauge for what constitutes maturity. If Bray gets into the right program and has good leadership to look up to, he has the potential to go far in the NFL.
I dont much care for Gruden or any other media hound who thinks he is the final word in football.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Witch Doctors sentence structure makes far more sense than the BS you keep posting with your many usernames johnny boy. Its only been a day or two and your back here spouting off about your favorite subject once again.

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Yeah, Muschamp wins more games in one year than UT wins in two, I'm sure you would just HATE to win twice as many games a year. And based on how our respective programs look, that fact is going to be true once again. Will UT beat anyone other than Austin Peay, South Alabama and Kentucky? ROFL.

Louisville is in kentucky right ? LOL! How did that work out for ya ? Post season got you down ? Oh well I guess you still have gymnastics. LOL!

Written on Order of protection was taken out against Yemi Makanjuola:

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In more positive news, TitleTown put another trophy in its overloaded National Championship Case when the Gators Gymnastics Team won on Saturday in LA.

There are only 5 schools in the country who have won this title, 3-from the SEC. UF, bammer and ga. The others are Utah and ucla.

I know you all will send your congratulations to UF for another fine accomplishment.

Gators Gymnastics huh,,,now thats funny !
Congrats to the gators Gymnastics team.LOL !Ha Ha
He He LOL! Swamp lizards doing backflips, who would have thunk it ? Thanks for the laugh.

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I hope things improve by the fall. The local projected walk on could have done better than these two did in this game. Worley will get picked alot if he doesnt stop telegraphing his passes. A decent running game will be crucial this year with our limited play makers on offense.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

Good Luck to Yemi, I hope he does well wherever he ends up. Someone on CCMs staff thinks the new big guy is worth a shot. I see no reason to doubt that until proven otherwise. As for Stokes he has a ways to go before he is ready for the next level. I just want to see Stokes and Maymon on the floor working together, but Im not too sure that is going to happen the way things have gone for this squad.

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in response to SevenT:

Sophmore from Coalfield? Just gotta say WOW....Perhaps there is a 8th grader out there that should be given a shot? My how desperate UT has become.

Just Saying

No Robert Morris on the UK 2013 FB schedule ? LOL!
I guess eastern kentucky is taking on the heavy hitters for you,,LOL!

Just Saying

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Working towards his goal instead of settling for a free ride says more about this young mans character and work ethics than any article ever will. It would not be too surprising to see this young QB become very successful at the next level when the opportunity comes.

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in response to VolzsFan:

How did you make that leap? Who cares what you think? Here is the reality. I am, as most should be, in it for the entertainment value. When they have leadership do some of the most ignorant things ever I am done caring. They don't why should we? You can be a step and fetch it fan if you like but I am not a blind follower. Many aren't. The Hall of Famer Phil era was the greatest in school history when you consider all factors....and there is no close second. If you are a UT fan I would think you would enjoy relevance, packed stadiums, great schedules, almost 10 wins per year on average for 16 years, more future NFL players than virtually all other schools, etc. etc. etc. I enjoyed worrying about the rankings, the BCS formula, who is beating who. I enjoyed being the top destination of College Gameday.

Guess what? All gone. None of that will ever be back at this school. So, be a UT fan all you want. Go support mediocrity. I was a fan of a special era led by a special Hall of Famer.


Alot of us enjoyed that era, but wallowing in self pity and refusing to move on will only lead to more misery. Maybe you should grow a backbone and get over it. Its history and you cannot live in the past. Move forward and support the team or go find someone else to listen to your complaints. Vols fans that really care about the program and the kids that play the game can see past the last few years to a better future. Apparently you cannot. It must be tough living without any hope of a better day ahead at Neyland stadium.

Written on Coalfield lineman Zach Stewart commits to Tennessee:

Gonna be a hoss by the time he gets to Neyland. Ive heard some good things about this kid and another classy move by Coach Jones.

Written on Tennessee leaves door open for Marlin Lane's possible return:

You gotta love all the crystal balls on this site, not one of you knows that he is not doing what was ask of him and yet here you are giving advice to the internet world on a KNS sports article thread.
How about just waiting to read some FACTS before making up accusations or calling for a hangman.

Written on Darius Thompson signs with Tennessee basketball:

This Kid will have an immediate impact on next seasons team. I think the Vols will be loaded pretty good if Maymon returns healthy.

Written on Rawane Ndiaye commits to Tennessee basketball; Vols now two scholarships over limit:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

I think this means Stokes is adios..

You may be right but I hope that is not the case. For whatever reason the Vols seem to always lose the key players just as they are about to put together a solid group.

Written on Jordan McRae still going through the 'process' of getting ready for NBA:

in response to vut5686#1405392:

Headlines sort of misleads this rehash of old news. He went through the process. He wants the NBA. The NBA does not want him right now. The sad part is that he entertained those ideas. Although he had a few great games, all those watching those games could have told him he is not ready to bang it with the big boys. IF he works and IF he has a productive year....maybe. IF he does those things, WE have a chance to be better.

Nothing sad about taking the time to consider his options, after all its his future. I think this kid is just being smart and weighing in on his future. I cant imagine anyone working most of their life towards a goal that would not do the same, in fact I bet most would do the same thing if they had to consider a possible chance for a six figure income. It has nothing to do with what WE want or need to win next year but Im glad he is returning and doing so with class.

Written on Kamiko Williams picked in second round of WNBA draft:

Good to see Kamiko get to continue her basketball career, she has really stepped up her game and deserves this opportunity after overcoming injuries and becoming one of the shining stars on this years team.

Written on GoVols247: Florida WR becomes ninth UT commitment:

in response to Prostar:

Why isn't vac being banned for posting "threatening" comments? Hey, KNS, don't you think it's time you started enforcing your policy?

They should wait just a bit longer, I havent laughed this much in a long time. I must say its been a hoot reading all the responses to the mentally challenged individual who calls himself the @VAC.

@VAC I just want to thank you for sacrificing your rather meager knowledge of anything,so that we could all have a good laugh.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin named Tennessean of the Year:

He might as well get this one, since he is losing everything else. LOL! No recruit or player with any other option will want to play for him anyway after he has made a fool of himself so many times lately. Sounds more like
the selection committee is trying to sooth Franklin,s bruised ego.

Written on GoVols247: Florida WR becomes ninth UT commitment:

Reminds me a little bit of Patterson in the way he moves in the open field. Not sure why his stock isnt higher, but alot of really good talent slips under the radar. Jones must like this kids potential. If this class keeps going at the current signing rate, the Vols will have their slots filled before the first kickoff this season.

Written on Jordan McRae announces he won't enter NBA draft:

Glad to see he has decided to stick around. The Vols will need him next year to make it into post season play. Too many times these players end up getting played by the media and managers who only want to cash in on talent that isnt ready yet. Jordan needs more time and UT will need his experience next season.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin says 'people are offended' that he stands up for his school:

That picture of Franklin is hilarious, no doubt the the finest moment in the dores history and probably his last based on his words and actions since then. No wonder his recruits are jumping ship. Imagine having to deal with a coach who has the mentality of a six year old.

Written on Auriemma ties Summitt with 8th title as UConn crushes Louisville, 93-60:

in response to orangecountyvols:


Notice this troll Mike from CT is the only troll on our site from his bandwagon team, U Conn.

Think about this. Had Tennessee won this thing, I wager the huge majority of Vol fans would be here discussing the game and not running our mouths on the Husky site. Wait. They must not have a site.

We know their games are pretty much a setup.
Played either in Storrs, Hartford, or Bridgeport.

Anyway, in closing........this troll is so beside himself winning something. He was pretty much AWOL from our site while Notre Dame was taking his bandwagon team behind the woodshed 7 out of 9 games, 3 of 4 this year.

What all this amounts to is this........this guy, we clearly know is a troll, and extremely insecure at that. Is he the same troll who calls in on the Sports Animal? Could be.

I know Jimmy Hyams and John Wilkerson have to keep a cool head to avoid telling him where to go. Another insecure idiot.........that one used to call himself "Small Mike." Sounds the same as this troll here doesn't it?

We can congratulate Connecticut on their championship. Deservedly so.

We cannot however extend any such thoughts to a jerk who crawls in here
showing his rear end.........

I too have wondered if this isnt the same jerk who seems obsessed with starting those same comments about Pat and Holly everytime he calls in. I honestly dont know how they put up with it on a local radio show.

The Lady Vols will get more championships and Uconn Mike will disappear again.

Written on John Adams: UConn one big victory shy of Lady Vols:

in response to VolzsFan:

Whatever.....he has more Final Fours. He will have more National Titles. A better winning % in the regular season as well as the tournament. He wiped the floor head to head with Pat and did all of this in less time than she did. Not to mention he did it in a better era without the benefits of outlaw transfers the way Pat built her teams.

Get it through your head. In every, not some, category Gino is the better coach....PERIOD!!!

Gino is still a loser, Period!No matter what he achieves he will NEVER be Pats equal in any category. In fact he has spent most his career chasing Pats record, and only after her departure from the game does he even get a shot at tying her Championship wins. But he will never measure up to Pat in terms of class and what she did for womens BB.

Written on Little separation in quarterback battle after scrimmage:

The amount of work being done both on and off the field really highlights just how far the program had slipped in recent years. The new staff seems to be doing everything they can to coach up the current roster and have improved several areas by leaps and bounds. Incoming recruits are going to improve it even more

One thing seems apparent, the new staff is doing everything they can to get it done. Might be the hardest working staff we have had at UT in many many years.

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

in response to Theo:

The coach? Which coach? You mean the one that coached a team picked to finish fifth in the league to the SEC title? You mean the coach that was chosen SEC COY? You mean the coach that is on every national COY short list? You mean the coach that landed the number 1 recruit in the nation and two others in the top 25? You mean the coach that was an All American at UT and has given her entire adult life to the Lady Vols? You mean the coach that Pat Summit personally groomed and selected as her successor? You mean the coach that brought the best recruiter in the country home? You mean the coach that managed to retain one of the best game planners in the business? That coach?
Yea, that coach. I smell cattle.

Bingo, I think your dead on with manure_man.

Good post !

Written on 'Nerves' factored in Meighan Simmons' struggles:

in response to TrackVol1975:

I hate to see people who probably cannot dribble a basketball piling on this young lady. There probably is not a person in the building who wants to succeed in big games more than Simmons, and here is hoping that another year of maturity will be the key.

And she did hit four treys in the second half that really helped the team, so it was not as though she didn't show up. As a former UT athlete, I just do not like to see fans making destructive comments about the players, and especially those who hustle and give their all. I'm sure that nerves do play a role and some athletes do focus better in the big contests, but nonetheless this team would not have made it as far as it did without Simmons, and I would hope people don't forget that fact.

+2 Ironically you will never see these Simmons bashers after those games she scored high in. I think putting blame on one player is ridiculous.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Alot of bad comments being made about the players and the coach that gave us a great season. It really is sad to see so many classless post by supposedly LVs fans. We are fortunate to have a great Womens BB program that is second to none and yet an Elite Eight finish gets trashed for every ridiculous reason some of you can dig up.

To the Einstein who blames hart for everything all the way to the wannabe consultant who thinks we should have hired the coach that Holly beat this year, just brilliant.

Louisville played an outstanding game to take out Baylor. Most fans including myself did NOT think they could repeat such a performance but they did. I find it amazing that people put the loss on the LVs when they lost to a team that is playing even better than Baylor who had already beaten the LVs this season.

Had this loss been to Baylor I doubt most of the fire this coach, get rid of that player, fair weather fans would even be here whining about it.

Thank goodness for the few regular LVs fans who actually post things worth reading here or else this site would be nothing but trolls and armchair hart bashing critics of everything the University of Tennessee does.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

in response to tovolny:

Hey, there is comedy here that is hard to resist at first thought. However it is so obvious that it's really not that funny. I saw no clever comedic remarks. For comedy to be genuine, it has to be unique and take you somewhat by surprise. The attempts that I read were all very predictable. Besides, Fulmer is doing something very worthwhile, This is Coach Fulmers doing a good thing and showing his good side. ETSU is very fortunate to have a solid, knowledgeable, and serious person to reestablished the Football program.

I agree ! I think its a classy move on his part to help ETSU get its program back on track. Anyone trying to make comedy or insults out of that needs some help getting their life on track as well.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Got out hustled the whole game. The fact that Schimmel was able to take it right at our post pretty much sums it up. The Lady Vols desperately
need a leader handling the ball next season.

Congrats to CHW and this year team. Next year might be the one to win it all.

Written on Lady Vols adjust their NCAA focus to Louisville:

Balanced offense across the board seems to work really well for this group so thats what I hope to see. I would be really surprised to see the Lady Vols give up many 3s in this game because they have stepped up their perimeter defense immensely down the stretch and have faced several teams that live by the 3 with good success. My guess is that the Louisville coach knows that so I expect Louisville will try something different than they ran against Baylor.
I think Kamiko and Meighan can create some turnovers against their guards, I noticed baylor got several picks and that could be a could defensive strategy to turn up the pressure and just do what the LVs do best wich is score off of turnovers and transition. I may be wrong but I feel like the multiple offensive threats the LVs have will be too much for Louisville to handle. After watching the GA,Cal game im very optimistic about their chances to make the final if they continue to play like they have been.

This time last year I was one of those who had some doubts about coach Warlick bringing it like some of the other popular choices as coach. Coach Warlick has exceeded my expectations and has done an admirable job all year. Lady Vols fans are lucky to have this coach and the quality teams we have had even in the worst of times we can always count on at least the LVs for a great season. We owe all that to Pat and now its time to continue that legacy.

Go Lady Vols!

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

in response to Mike_In_Storrs_CT:

The refs have been disgracefull for this entire tourney. Even the Espn commentors couldnt beleive it the other night during Uconns game. This is what gives the sport a bad name, when you have these morons calling the games. None of them do the job correctly. But at least that big obstacle in Baylor is no more. I would have laughed if Mulkey took things a little farther last night and actually physically confronted and hit one of the refs. For a second it looked like she would. Its also funny if you remember what Griner said on selection night. "let the games begin" . Well now she can go home. I always said she was a one-dimensional player.

Baylor played the worst defense I have ever seen them play. The truth is they (and their coach) came into that game thinking it was going to be a cakewalk and Louisville caught them sleeping. I think had they been playing a top ranked team their defense would not have been so lazy. By the time they realized time was running out, Louisville was already smelling blood and went in for the kill. Extremely gutsy play by the Cardinals and probably a game that will be studied by many underdogs for years to come.

I have heard many folks say that Griner could not be stopped, that that would only leave other players open but somehow Louisville managed to triple team by collapsing in on her space to the point of taking her ability to move away completely. I noticed they used their feet instead of their body to trap her and it was very effective and quite different from what Im used to seeing in a double or triple team.

Mulkey lost that game not Griner, most coaches at that level would never wait until the end of a game to wake up and change their plan but she had been coasting on the play of Griner for too long and it cost her team a shot at the big one.

At this level any team can win on any given night, and thats the best part of the game.